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1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  White Beings: The Energy of Judgment
3.)  Just not by appearances
4.)  Better Than Hope
5.)  Financial Self-Esteem: Raise the bar
6.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day

Isis' Message of the Day -
The action of dreaming is soul travel in the realm of consciousness.  There are many who travel together in these dreams whereby they commute from place to place with one another.  When you dream your soul travels outward from the body to that which is called the inner plane. When entering into the inner planes you enter one of the spiritual levels within consciousness. Within consciousness there are many sub-planes and many different divisions of each of these planes, and within these are many rooms or areas.  As it has been said; "In my Father's house are many mansions." The Father's house is consciousness.
I AM ISIS a "Spritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones. Everyone is a part of God/Creator. Every plant, tree, animal, rock, insect is part of God/Creator. When one opens the senses to experience God in all things, there is beauty that appears. Appreciating all of God's creations fills one with the magic of what is all around. You are blessed to live in a world that is filled with the vibration or essence of God/Creator. Bless your hearts.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"  *   * 

White Beings: The Energy of Judgment
Channeled through Natalie Glasson
We, the Celestial White Beings bathe you in our heavenly pure white light, let the purity and simplicity of our light wash over and through you. We hold the qualities and love of the Creator and we wish to share these with you now so that we may all link as one, binding our energies in unity. To link our energies and to share our light with you is such an honour as you are all special souls of love with numerous wonderful and glorious gifts and abilities; you are the Creator after all. We, the Celestial light beings see you as your truth and love you as the Creator.
There is so much that we could share with you, so many words that we could say to inspire wisdom and spiritual achievement but today we wish to come forward with a channeling concerning the energy of judgement. There are many meanings to judgement it can be to form an opinion, to guess, to estimate, to criticise, to think, to review or to build an authority over another or about yourself. With the word judgement holding so many meanings and references it is important to truly understand our meaning of judgement. 
To master your energy, emotions and mind there is a need for you to evaluate and review your own energies, intentions and feelings, therefore understanding yourself more fully and realising in which areas greater care is needed or greater focus upon positivity and the light. To review your energies is a positive action that allows you to release baggage, unneeded habits and belief systems. Essentially you are brushing away the mud to reveal the beauty and perfection within you which is naturally your truth. Positive evaluation of one's energy brings forth positive results of growth and self understanding. This cannot be labeled judgement as it has no negative connotations or energy but is simply a positive action of growth. When we begin to evaluate the energies of another in the same way this can be helpful for our own perception of energy but it can also be seen as an act of judgement. One must take control of their own energies before they hold the right to evaluate the energy of another, even then humans on the Earth have such personal and individual spiritual and physical experiences, meaning that as a human you can never truly connect or understand the feelings of another human due to the physical separation. It is important to remember this and realise that a person's spiritual development is their own unique journey, as an onlooker of this you can only truly support and encourage another, rather than judging their energy believing this will inspire their growth. There is a very fine line between judgment and positive assistance of one's spiritual growth.
The way to ensure that you release the habit of judgement is to ensure that you always exist within and as the light of the Creator and that all actions, thoughts and feelings towards others are born from love.
Sometimes people can be inspired by the Creator or their soul to think a judgemental thought and express it to another, but this is usually to instigate a new surge of growth. They may not even realise their position but their actions will have a positive effect on the other person, maybe even offering a period of clear thought and clarity because it was guided by the will of the Creator. Judgment can be so harsh when we come from a place of fear or pain but judgment is needed on the Earth because it is a process of thought which offers greater understanding but only when its core energy is love of the highest vibration.
It is important to analyse your own energies, the energies you experience in your reality as these are an expression of your inner equilibrium and presence as well as reviewing the energy of the Earth wondering in what way you may add to the positive light of the Earth. Judgment has been given a negative meaning but this is because a power or ability of understanding has been used as a tool of pain and suffering for many. This must now be dissolved and we must begin to alter the meaning of judgement as this will alter the energy of the Earth.
If we imagine that every person on the Earth is judging themselves for half a day, judging the world for the rest of the day and this is occurring every day then the negative energy that is being built is tremendous just from this one action. When you judge you are not seeing a person through the eyes of love but through the eyes of fear and separation. Judgment must be replaced with an action, feeling or thought of acceptance and understanding, with a love and a compassion for another. Remember that you can view yourself through the eyes of fear and separation if you allow yourself to, but this will only cause you further feelings of division from the Creator. It is important to vow to yourself that whenever you look upon yourself or another that you view from a place and through the eyes of love. Your eyes, body, soul, emotions and mind are naturally loving, when you allow them to be, it is simply an acceptance of the love that you hold and can share with others that is needed. With this existence the energy behind judgement dissolves and becomes positive and so the words, thoughts or actions of judgement alter and follow a path of expressive love to all and yourself.
It may seem unusually to think of altering a word and its meaning but we must remember that everything on the Earth holds an energy. Every word that you use and take for granted in your reality holds an energy that is either positive or negative, when used it adds to the energy within your being, reality and the Earth. Negative words and their actions such as judgment, hate and fear all hold a powerful energy because they have been used over years with every person adding their energy and negative experiences to the words. Every time we think or act in fear we are adding to the energy of fear on the Earth, we are also collecting the fears of others from the past into our own energy, essentially doubling and empowering the energy and influence of fear on the Earth. Imagine if we were able to detach from the energy that the words and their actions hold so that there came a point when we used the word fear or said a judgement about ourselves but that the negative energy behind these words had been completely released so that they had no power. Imagine if fear and judgment became a concept of the past and we only offered loving assistance and support to each other; imagine the power that love would hold. When we say the word love to ourselves we can feel its power and the energy of love that exists on the Earth from the past. If you say fear, hate or judgement to yourself try to evaluate if this holds a greater strength than the word love. Truthfully it is love that holds the strength as love is the truth of the Creator but the illusions of the human mind can allow fear to be perceived as the powerful energy as it holds a great hold upon many. When you can feel the strength of love you will be able to acknowledge that the energy and presence of love is building within and around you.
Our message to you through this channeling is that your actions and thoughts can heal the world as well as aiding your mastery and connection with the Creator. We wish for you to love all as you love yourself. If you don't believe your love of others holds a great strength then you must look within you to see if your love for yourself is true and committed. Often when we hold judgment or fears of or towards another it is because we are unable to love ourselves wholeheartedly. Love yourself wholeheartedly and you will see your thoughts and actions towards others change. It is important to also realise that energy is created from every action and thought you create; this energy acts as building blocks to your own reality and charges the energy already in existence on the Earth.
This is something that we hope you will agree needs deep contemplation to understand that every word you speak and think affects the energy of the Earth and your reality. The responsibility lies with you; this has always been the case but as you are evolving now there is a need for you to become aware of this and accountable of your own energy and the building light of the Earth.
We are here to assist you in this project, we are here to lend our light and love, just simply ask us to pour our pure white light into your being and we will come to your side.
With celestial blessings,
We are the Celestial White Beings
May you walk in the love and light always,
Natalie was born in 1984, UK. Over seen by Archangel Michael, she now works as a channel for a vast variety of spiritual beings and Masters in the spiritual hierarchy. Through her website  she shares the channelled messages of the Creator’s helpers to expand the awareness of humanity and assist in the raise in energy vibration of the planet.  She offers a service of channelled readings from Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Unicorns and Fairies.
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Just not by appearances
by Neal Donald Walsch
September 2010
My dear friends...
We were talking here last week about the life experience of Change, and I made the statement that. . . Nothing changes for the worse. Everything only changes for the better. I said, "That's a pretty big statement, and I understand if it's hard for you to believe. Yet it is true. And next week, we'll explore that here."
So let's do so, yes?
Let's start by stepping back a little from this enormous idea and give it some basis in physics. Yes, I said physics.
All of life is a mechanism, and like all mechanisms, life operates on energy. Unlike most other mechanisms, life is the energy on which life operates. That is, it feeds on itself.
And so, stars implode and entire star systems disappear into black holes; and so, earthquakes and tornadoes and hurricanes ravage the earth; and so, big fish consume little fish; and so, humans are born, live their lives, and die-ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Yet the energy of none of this-none of it-disappears, but merely changes form. Energy is never, and can never be, lost, it can only be transformed.
It is through the transformation of energy that light is produced. It is through the transformation of energy that heat is produced. It is through the transformation of energy that electricity is produced. It is through the transformation of energy that gravity is produced. It is through the transformation of energy that everything is produced, including Life Itself.
Energy acts upon itself. The transformation of energy produces energy in formation. Energy is life's information. Life is always in formation. It is forever forming itself into something it was not before it became what it is. It is through the becoming that life breathes life into Life Itself. In simple terms, this is called change.
Yes, there's that word again. . . change.
That is what life is all about. Life nourishes life through the process of life itself, in which life changes its form a hundred million times in the blink of an eye, a million million times in seconds, a billion million times in a minute, and more times than Time Itself can count in the time that has passed since counting began.
Change for the worse is literally impossible within the expression of energy that we call Life. That's because Life Itself can fundamentally alter itself in only one direction: the direction that evolution requires; the direction that expansion demands, the direction that keeps it flourishing. Things can only change for the better, things can only improve, because "improvement" is the only Nature of God.
Put another way, God has no intention of doing Itself in. Life is God's way of proving Itself to Itself. The process by which It does this is called Improvement.
But wait a minute! Who even says there is a "God?"
I do. But I am not using the word God as many other people do. I do not use the word to denote or describe a huge Super Being existing somewhere in the cosmos, exhibiting proclivities and tendencies, needs and desires, frustrations and emotions identical to those of humans. I am not talking about an Entity Divine who has needs that must be fulfilled or else, who presumably has a temper (or, at least, a determination to punish those who disobey), and who also has, presumably, a penis, and, presumably, fair skin, and, presumably, no wife, but One Son.
This is not the God I am referring to when I use the word "God."
I am referring to the Source of Supreme Intelligence manifesting itself as the Pure Energy that we call Life itself. I am referring to the Largest Manifestation of a System That Replicates Itself in Smaller and Smaller Versions Through a Process that Empowers the System Itself to Exist and to Expand. I am talking about the biggest undifferentiated stem cell in existence, from which life in all its forms emerges.
Indeed, in my understanding and experience the words "God" and "Life" are interchangeable, and in this equation evolution is the constant. It is the ever present mandate of Life Itself. It is the continual, the unending adjustment, adaptation, and alteration of All That Is. No adjustment, adaptation, or alteration contracts Life, but can only expand it. No adjustment, adaptation, or alteration diminishes Life, but can only enhance it.
Life evolves to higher and higher levels of complexity. Life could not devolve if It wanted to. It is incapable of doing that. Now, it is true that life can look like it is devolving. Changes can look like they are not "for the better." But, in fact, change can only be for the better or it would not occur. All spiritual masters know this. That is why all spiritual masters teach, each in their own articulation. . . judge not by appearances.

The wonderful information I am sharing with you here comes out of the insight in When Everything Changes, Change Everything. And next week, we'll look at more thoughts and ideas from this remarkable text-a book than can truly change your life.
See you then!

Love and Hugs,
Neale Donald Walsch is a modern day spiritual messenger whose words continue to touch the world in profound ways. With an early interest in religion and a deeply felt connection to spirituality, Neale spent the majority of his life thriving professionally, yet searching for spiritual meaning before beginning his now famous conversation with God. His With God series of books has been translated into 34 languages, touching millions of lives and inspiring important changes in their day-to-day lives. * ( * 
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HEAVEN #3589
Better Than Hope
September 22, 2010
God said:
Hope is something, but it is not enough to sustain you. Hope is just a glimmer. It is better to know than to hope. Hope has a disclaimer with it. Hope says that maybe something you want is going to happen. Maybe. It could. It might. There’s a chance, if you’re lucky. Hope is more like holding on to a thread.
A thread of hope is better than nothing. Hope lets a little light come in. Even to have an idea of a blessing to come is a good thing. Yet hope is a weak thing. Better to pull the shades up all the way.
As it is, hope carries a percentage of doubt with it. Can you imagine My saying to you: “I hope you get over your cold. I hope you pass your test. I hope there will be world peace some day.” A little lukewarm coming from Me, wouldn’t you say? So is the wimpiness of hope.
If I were you, I would carry much more hope than the word hope gives you. Hope is lack-luster. I know a better word, more like a marketing word. It is sure to wake you up. It is sure to put stars in your eyes.
Desire is a word that carries more zip with it than hope. Desire is a wonderful word that exhilarates. I am all for your desiring all that you desire. Who should desire all that you do desire more than you? Desire is stronger than limping hope.
But there is another aspect I must point out, and you may not like it. You do not have to have everything you hope for! You do not have to have everything you desire. All your desires do not have to be fulfilled. You may think you would like total fulfillment of desires, but, you know, you have heard of poor little rich girls who get everything they want. Desires fulfilled so rampantly are not so fulfilling. This definitely is so when your desires are all about you.
So now I emphasize four more points:
1. Know that you can be in good standing, and still all your desires may not be fulfilled. It is not a bad mark against you when your desires are not fulfilled the way you would like or as soon as you would like.
2. You may want to expand on your desires. If you desire a new dress, odds are you will have to go to a store and buy it. If you desire a happier home, desire that you find ways to make your home happier. If you desire to make a home run, desire to hit the ball hard and to run fast. Desire is greater than just making a list of your desires.
3. Along with being a desirer, you want to be an appreciator. Here is a very good line: “Thank You, God, for all the blessings You are about to give.” “Thank You, God, for this meal.” “Thank you, Mom, for this meal.” Ah, beloveds, even if you can say: “Thank You, God, for this ache in my heart,” that is far better than feeling neglected or sore about it.
What if even heartache is a blessing? It has to be. In heartache, a different kind of opportunity is being presented to you. A different vision is being presented to you. What is the gold in even heartache? In years to come, you will see the beatitude of it. What brings heartache, beloveds, but a lack of comprehension and vision? Heartache will whisper its greater meaning to you, even when that may seem impossible. Even heartache has hope with it.
4. No longer fight so hard. Be easy-going.
Dear Lady of the Light,
Your beautiful writing about the Statue of Liberty  *  * Thank you so much, dear friend. Gloria *
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Financial Self-Esteem: Raise the bar
by Cheryl Richardson
September 2010
While cleaning out old files last week I came across an article from Money Magazine about the secrets of achieving your money dreams (even on a modest income). The article focused on the strategies of people who had created a net worth of one million dollars or more. The common denominator in each success story was the commitment to pay careful attention to how they spent and invested their money. As a result, every person had acquired a high level of financial self-esteem – the key to creating and sustaining wealth.
High financial self-esteem is the result of handling your money with wisdom and maturity. When you develop good money habits, use these skills to care for the wealth you already have, and maintain the discipline to live within your means, you increase your level of financial self-respect and confidence. This opens the door to more.
You’ll know that your financial self-esteem needs a boost by the number of times you answer "true" to the statements below. The higher the number, the greater the need for new behaviors that will make you feel better about yourself and money.  Here we go…
I charge less for my services than I know I deserve.
I feel guilty or bad about how I spend money.
My checkbook is never balanced properly.
I buy gifts for others even though I can’t afford them.
I have a tendency to pay my bills late.
I’m too embarrassed to let anyone see my financial situation.
I rarely contribute to charitable organizations.
I add to my debt without knowing how I’ll pay it back.
I have trouble asking for money owed to me.
I blame others for my financial troubles (parents, banks, credit card companies, etc.).
If you scored high, please don’t beat yourself up.  Most people struggle with money, especially in the last couple of years during these tough economic times.  However, even prior to the financial downturn, our online community surveys showed that "stress related to money" was a burden most people carried.  This means that there are a whole lot of people reading this newsletter who feel badly about how they handle their money.  And here’s the problem with that scenario: chronic shame or guilt about finances only creates a state of poor thinking and this type of thinking is like a magnet for more financial trouble.
So, to turn your financial future around, you’ll need to raise your financial self-esteem.  This means focusing your energy and attention on the new behaviors that will set you up to think wealthy thoughts.  Over the years I’ve learned that when we feel good about how we handle money, we naturally trust (and allow) ourselves to receive more.  This frees us up to embrace the abundance we rightfully deserve.
In order to improve your financial health, you’ll need to slowly and systematically add the good habits of fiscal discipline.  And the way to get started is by answering the following question:
"What’s the one thing you know you need to do to improve your financial health that you keep putting off?"
Notice the first answer that comes to mind (it’s usually the action we most want to avoid and the one that most needs our attention).   If your answer is "I don’t know," then find a professional who can assess your overall financial situation and make suggestions about where to begin. Since most of us never received basic training about money, there’s a good chance that not knowing where to begin may be stopping you from moving forward. Contact your accountant or financial planner for guidance and direction.
Maybe you do know what needs to change. If so, taking action is your key to raising your financial self-esteem. For example, you might need to increase your fees, contact creditors about a debt repayment plan, hire a bookkeeper to get your accounts balanced, or find a smart financial planner who can help you create an investment plan that’s right for you and your family.
Although you might be tempted to put your head in the sand hoping that your financial troubles will go away, don’t do it. Get on track by completing the “Take Action Challenge” below and watch how quickly things turn around!
Take Action Challenge

Start by taking action on the answer to the question above.  You might need to stop using a credit card you can’t pay off, get your taxes in order, set your bills up on an auto-payment plan, or renegotiate a loan.  Be brave enough to tackle the tough steps first!
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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, you are the Lord creating your day, and you will rejoice and be glad in it. And all of your soul group rejoices and says, “Yeah! He’s got it, he’s got it. Hold onto it.” Because truly the Father/Mother/God/Goddess/All That Is desires, the Christ being of you desires—de sires = of the Father—desires to be all that which you are in joy, in fullness, and to live life in fullness.
Do I sound like a cheerleader giving a pep rally? Yes. It is because I am sending you forth to be the extension of that great divine energy. It is because when you are fired up about something, it is contagious and others will catch it.
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