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1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  Jelaila's Weekly Messages: Mid-2012 Update
3.)  Council of 12: Connect with Your Inner Divine Feminine
4.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
5.)  Galactic Federation of Light: Self Awareness, Advancement & Vice Control
6.)  You Are in a Higher Place Now
7.)  Archangel Michael: Be of One Mind, One Heart, and One Dream

Isis' Message of the Day -
"Happiness is intrinsic, it's an internal thing. When you build it into yourself, no external circumstances can take it away. That kind of happiness is a twenty-four-hour thing."

~ Leo F. Buscaglia ~
How everything and everyone is connected. See this!
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones, Life is so full of distractions. You distract your self in so many ways. Take time to reconnect to the joy of truly living. Enjoy the quiet moments. Enjoy the noisy moments of riotous laughter. Watch sunsets. Hold hands with loved ones. Walk silently through the forest. Swim in the oceans. Enjoy life. Live it. Bless your hearts.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"  *   *    

Jelaila's Weekly Messages: Mid-2012 Update 
June 4, 2012
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Here we are at the first of June.  Do you recall your thoughts about this time way back, say ten years ago?  Has it turned out the way you anticipated? 
Though many thought we'd see more earth changes (California was supposed to have been under water by now), I wasn't focused there.   It was Nibiru and her crossing that I was more focused on.  So, now the videos are out clearly showing Nibiru and her orbiting moons and other retinue, but they are being suppressed by the Powers That Be (PTB).

I thought that the PTB would be overruled enough by now to allow more awareness of Nibiru and her mild passing, but that does not seem to be the case.  Instead, there appears to be a big scare campaign underway (without referencing Nibiru) about the end of the world and what we need to do to survive it.   And, they are using alternative media to promote it.  Had the PTB used mainstream media, those who are in the alternative movements would not have listened, but use our news source and many of us will listen!  I gotta admit that that was pretty smart on their part.

With that said, I don't think that the PTB will be successful in the end.  June is shaping up astrologically and astronomically to be a game changer.  A lunar eclipse and Venus transit combined with a even more powerful period of solar flare activity is going to shake things up in a big way.  In fact, everything and everyone is going to be affected to a lesser or greater extent. 
Expect to see communication glitches due to the electromagnetic grids being hit by the CMEs (coronal mass ejections).  If you don't already have good battery back-up systems and surge protectors for computers and other valuable electronics, now is the time to do so.    
On the personal front, expect to see major but good disruptions in your relationships.  Solar flares combined with lunar eclipses tend take emotional clearing to a whole new level, bringing to light the hidden or denied issues in relationships.  Moreover, they provide heretofore unavailable levels of support to finally resolve and heal.

Example:  My family is going through that very thing on the wake of my younger brother's death and funeral.  The events surrounding Keith's discovery (he had been missing for 9 months) and subsequent burial brought to the surface an issue with one of my older brothers.  That issue has been the main reason that our family was unable to fully bond and remain that way.  Though it has been painful, I am grateful that this situation has finally come to light and in way that allows it to finally be dealt with.  (I had given up hope years ago of it ever being resolved).  Now, my oldest brother, who had been oblivious to the issue, now "sees the light."  As the new head of our family since our father's passing, he is taking immediate action. Yippee!

On a global front, we are hopefully just a week or so away from seeing that global financial reset I've been telling you about.  This will bring to an end the decades of economic slavery we have endured.  Expect to see a new form of money being used here in the US (US Treasury Notes).   And yes, the Federal Reserve will be dissolved as part of the new system.

In closing, though mid-2012 has not turned out exactly as I expected back in 2002, in some ways it far exceeds it and  I am thrilled.  Yet this year is only half over so keep the faith, continue your emotional clearing, and hang on to your hats cause this ride is about to get even wilder.

In service, 
Jelaila Starr *  email: *  

Council of 12: Connect with Your Inner Divine Feminine
Message on June 5 During Venus Transit through Selacia
Today, as the planet Venus makes its final transit across the sun until 2117, is one of those historic moments so captivating and so full of promise that people across the world are tuning in. It's getting the attention of sky watchers everywhere, including people who know nothing about the shift in consciousness now under way.
Rare events like today's Venus transit can be appreciated visually - the unique crossing seen far and wide. The real significance can be found on an inner level, however, as the event helps humanity shift into the higher vibrations of love. Deep within your being, you remember your role in this shift - you know beyond a doubt it's the most important factor in why you are alive now.
Spiritual Fuel for Your Journey
This transit, with its focus on a return to the heart and divine feminine, is a vital catalyst for you and your dreams for a new type of reality. You and all of humanity are receiving spiritual fuel to help bring the divine feminine into active expression. The more consciously you connect with the inner meanings of this, the greater your ability to tangibly sense the true potentials of these times. Your enhanced awareness will help you to make the optimal use of these energies, and to take needed steps in your life.
It's not enough to simply visualize peace and a loving world. It's not enough to tell people you know that you want the world to change. Conscious and consistent loving actions in the world are needed. Simply by being alive now, you have opportunities daily to be more loving than the day before. Your love, whether self-appreciation replacing self-doubt or kindness towards others, sets in motion a loving force that goes out into the world. You know this, of course, but it's not always easy to remember and do this in present time when you are challenged.
The Birth of a More Loving World
The birth of a more loving world - with the divine feminine in active expression - is not something you help create in one day, or even in one lifetime. Indeed, you have been moving towards this point for a very long time. You have had numerous lifetimes learning how to be more loving. In this life alone, you have had a multitude of challenges, each of them potentially teaching you about love.
As you read these words, you may be reminded of one or more of your experiences. Perhaps key people come to mind, too - the ones who have pushed your buttons or triggered your self-doubt.
Letting Go of the Grudges
Do your best today to let go of any grudges. Find a space within your heart to love everyone and everything without condition. If you can, find a few moments sometime today or soon to focus on this - inviting the potent energies of the Venus transit to help catalyze a powerful release of old grudges. You are moving into a time when you can no longer afford the grudges, the hate, and the blame. Your own forward movement, from a spiritual perspective, is at stake.
Today, with both the Venus transit and the aftermath of yesterday's full moon and lunar eclipse, you have a potent mix of beneficial energies to help you let go of past hurts. These energies, unfolding today and continuing in a wave produced by the awakening heart of humanity, can help you to become free - at last.
Sensitivities and Energy Shifts
Due to the current expanded energies, it's possible you will feel more sensitive and that you will be processing a more substantial release of old patterns than typically. Go especially gently with yourself - and with others - right now.
This is a highly unusual and volatile time for everyone on the planet, and this includes other species. If you have pets, you may notice temporary changes in their behavior. They are impacted by the energies in general, and also by your changing energies. Therefore, you want to allow for this.
All Can Become New
All things can become new with a new view. This includes your relationships, your work, and your experiences with both mundane and spiritually profound activities. The new view must come from inside of you - it is you who create it. Consider what new vision you want for your life. What is your vision, what does it look and feel like, and what are you willing to do to bring it into active expression in your life?
The month of June is still new and only now beginning to unfold. It will be a potent month, with abundant opportunities to shift the Earthly experience. What will you do with June and the blessings, to be all that you can be? How will you contribute to a more loving world?
Divine Changemaker Role
You are encoded as a divine changemaker to be at the forefront now. Trust that you are resourced for what you need to do next. Trust that you are being intuitively guided to participate in the greatest awakening of consciousness ever experienced on Earth.
As you continue the journey of discovering your divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings.
We are The Council of 12
Copyright 2012 by Selacia - *
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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
If you are asking for healing of the body, know that truly you already have it. Then allow the mind to direct you to go to certain facilitators, certain nutritional ways which can be, in the outer, helpful. But know that, first of all, in the heart, you already have healing of the body. It is already done. Then the mind will direct you with certain guidance to go and speak with certain ones, and you follow whatever they may offer to you if it feels in resonance with what would be healing for you.
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Galactic Federation of Light: Self Awareness, Advancement & Vice Control

Self awareness and advancement: We would like to speak with you today on ways in which you can further your growth and your advancement while you are here in this physical plane. What you can be working on and focusing on is ways to better accrue knowledge, wisdom and experience throughout your day. How this can be done is through a coordinated effort to share with each other ideas, concepts and your experiences with each other. To do this, interaction is required, and this interaction can be facilitated through the means of the tools that are already at your disposal. The Internet is your source for a wealth of information, and it can be utilized in so many advantageous ways to further your growth and expand your consciousness as you do the work that you have come here to accomplish.

We see so many of you using the Internet in many different ways, and we do see those of you who are getting the most out of this experience, though we do see a number of you not getting out of your time on the Internet what is possible for you. We would like to see improvements in this area by seeing more of you focusing on the subject matter that will bring to you knowledge and wisdom that is of greater importance to you at this time. There are so many interesting and worthwhile subjects to read about and discuss amongst one another, however, the time to indulge in many of these topics and discussions has passed. It is now a time to focus on only the subjects that will bring to you the most you can get from this experience.

We would like to see you focusing on subjects that will expand your consciousness in the areas of spiritual evolution. We would like to see more of you focus less on topics and interests that do not have the capabilities to facilitate this kind of growth in your spiritual awareness. There is such a wide range of different topics that will work to better qualify you for advancement up through the multiple dimensions of this universe. At this time, we are taking notice of what we shall call 'deficiencies' in fundamental spiritual understandings and awareness. We would like to see more of you focus on this and turning back a few pages to the basics of spiritual understanding and awareness, starting with the rights of others and how important these rights are to honor and respect, namely in the ways of free choice and freedom of expression.

We see many of you at this time who are demonstrating that they have not yet reached this fundamental level of understanding, and we say to you that you are building a spiritual house on top of a faulty foundation if you do not first reach this basic understanding. We suggest to you to better strengthen your foundational structure by better understanding the sacred rights of free will and choice, and work at respecting the boundaries and rights of another. We see quite often those of you who trespass on this sacred right of another by outspokenly condemning their views and opinions. This will not do if it is spiritual ascension through this multidimensional universe that is your goal. This behavior must be corrected, and corrected before you begin to amass more advanced spiritual knowledge and wisdom.

One cannot put the cart before the horse, as you say, and placing advanced and complex spiritual wisdom before you, before you have learned one of its most basic fundamentals, which are the rights of others, is a flaw that will lead to problems up ahead and a stunting of your spiritual growth. We suggest to you today to forgo all the advanced concepts, meditations and breathing exercises, yoga, Zen, and all other advanced concepts and focus on one thing and one thing only, and that is when another speaks or posts throughout your online social networks, stop for just a moment and take a long deep breath, and while you exhale think to yourself, "Will I honor this soul’s sacred right of free will and choice, or will I choose to trespass against my brother or sister and condemn him or her for their choice and right to exercise their right of expression." If you could do this each and every time you are poised to offer a reply to what another has just expressed, you would be doing yourself and this other soul a great service.

We are all here, in part, for spiritual growth and advancement along our journey, and to judge another and condemn their thoughts and freedom of expression is not assisting them on their journey in any way and is also not assisting you on your journey. Instead, this can be likened to a head on train wreck when two locomotives meet on the same track. This is certainly not conducive to either locomotive, and this is certainly not what will lead to a positive outcome for two souls who are also traveling upon their journey. We thank you for your efforts in this regard, and we will be looking for improvements in this area immediately starting today. What we would like to see more of are those of you who outwardly express that you honor and respect the views of others at all times and welcome always their views and opinions on any subject they would like to discuss. This is the way of the higher dimensions of this universe, where all beings respect the sacred rights of another and their choice of expression, no matter what that expression may be and whether you agree with this point of view or not.

No one is asking you to ever take on the perspective of another. You are only being asked to honor another's right to choose their own perspective and express this choice in any way that they see fit, as long as it does not intrude upon the rights of another. This very basic and fundamental right is the cornerstone of the foundation of this entire multidimensional universe, and it is here at this very first block that we want you to focus your attention today and as you move forward, and we would like you not to forget our discussion today and this lesson on this extremely important spiritual virtue. Thank you, and bless you all.
Now we would like to speak about Vice Control:
Vice control: It is your job to adequately contain the feelings that may arise in you that lead you to recreations that do not serve your higher good and your purpose for being here. We do see a number of you partaking in the use of mind altering substances, and we say to you at this time, “Does this serve your higher good, and does this recreation serve our mission here in this world at this time?” What we ask of you, our Lightworkers, is that you refrain from such activities that promote negative responses within your bodies and which negatively affect your health, your vibrational level and your work here. What we would like to see are those of you who do partake in the use of recreational and even some prescribed drugs to cut back greatly or even abstain absolutely from this use that is doing much harm to your physical, emotional and mental vessels.

The use of these mind altering substances is not, on its own, what we, the Galactic Federation of Light, are concerned about. What we are concerned about is the effects these substances can have and are having on you, our teammates, who have been charged with certain tasks that are needed to be accomplished here on our shared mission. We do see the use of some of these substances hindering your performances on several different levels. What we would like to see is your performance of your tasks to improve sharply in the days ahead, as time is running very short and it is time to put aside all these limiting distractions and time spenders and get more involved in the work that you are here to do.

There are many individuals who are here on this planet at this time for different reasons. If you have found yourself to this message and to others like it, in all probability you are here for a very specific purpose. You are here to accomplish tasks that are part of our great mission here. You have been selected out of countless others who expressed interest in this assignment, and you have journeyed here from places far away only to be here for a short while and assist in our mission to restore this planet to its pristine condition and support her and her people in their time of great change. May we suggest that it is no longer time to partake in these mind altering substances? The time that you have had to wander this world taking in her beauty, her charm and many things that were new to you are, for now, over for you.

What it is time for is for you to be connected with you your teammates that are also here for the same reason you are, coordinating your efforts, and completing your assignments adequately and in a course of due time. Do you understand how important your roles are here in our mission? Do you understand how important our mission as a whole is here in this world? Do you realize that it is not only this world that will be affected by our mission and whether it is successful or not, but worlds throughout this entire galaxy and beyond throughout this entire universe? Considering how vast the effects of the outcome of our mission is here, could you find a way to curtail your use of mind altering substances and find more time to busy yourself with the tasks that you have signed up for and have been entrusted with before your current incarnation? If you could find a way to do this we, your teammates, would be overjoyed, and your efforts in this regard would be so greatly appreciated.

There are many of us here on our side of this immense project and we too have had to make certain sacrifices to be a part of this mission. We too have left behind many of our loved ones, our careers, hobbies and interests, and journey here to orbit in our trajectories around or near your current planet for many long years away from the worlds that we call home and the people that we call family and friends. You too are asked to make certain sacrifices as the time for your experiments with many of the things a 3rd dimensional physical world has to offer are, for now, a thing of the past, as the time has come to focus on your assignments many days ago. The time for completion of many of these currently uncompleted tasks has passed, and it is safe to say that some of the tasks that are your responsibility have now entered into overtime and it is now time to complete them. We ask for your sincerest efforts and complete focus on the current issues of operation as we cannot afford to fall behind, as there are many important and involved tasks that await just up ahead for us and we need to have our plates cleared before we take on new responsibilities that will see to the successful completion of our shared mission.

What we are seeing in several cases is recreational drug use that borders on addiction. This is a very serious matter, and this matter must be addressed by those of you who are experiencing difficulties with your assignments due to these habits and tendencies. It is your responsibility to find a way to curtail these vices and accomplish this as soon as you possibly can, as we do not have the luxury of waiting for you to grow out of this through time and through experience. What we see as necessary is an abrupt halt to these practices and begin a new, sober and better focused way of life which will allow you to better focus your attention on your assignments and complete them on schedule and satisfactorily.

Each and every one of you reading these words is part of our mission, and as such it is required of you, according to your agreements with us, to one day awaken to your responsibilities and take it upon yourself to drop whatever it is that you were immersed in and begin to focus a great deal of your time and energy on your mission and even focus entirely on your mission, depending on what your particular assignment is and how much responsibility your particular assignment or assignments call for. It is now past time to do this. Mental clarity is of utmost important for you and for our mission at this time. The use of mind altering substances clouds and fogs the mind. The use of mind altering substances beckons your attention and leads your focus into directions where you will not find your purpose or our mission here.

The use of mind altering substances is greatly habit forming and this habit that is steadily growing is demanding more of your time, energy and focus, and this is what we cannot have through the ranks of our crewmembers who have been assigned the roles of incarnated workers of light. Based on your prior histories, your work records, your successes and your achievements, you were selected out of countless others from countless other worlds who wished to earn assignments on our mission and travel here through incarnation and experience the physical vessel on Earth and carry out the responsibilities of their mission. It was you that were chosen over many of them. It is an honor and it is also a privilege to have been selected to join our team to carry out this mission.

You have been blessed with the opportunity to incarnate as a human here in this beautiful and challenging world that has gifted you with so much new knowledge and experiences that will take you such great distances on your journey throughout this multidimensional universe. You do not owe anyone anything for this but yourself. You owe it to yourself to take from this experience everything that you can possibly take with you, and one of the least valuable experiences that you will cherish for eternity is the instances of your recreational drug use. This is not a valued experience, as it is more of a waste of valuable time, energy, effort and funds.

We do not judge you or look down upon any of you who have chosen to partake in these mind altering recreations, not at all. We do not make any judgments whatsoever about any of you in any regard. We only wish to make it perfectly clear to you that there has been a time here on Earth for you where it was more appropriate to experiment and engage in such activities, as you are on a personal journey as well as here on a mission as a member of the organizations that are here. We only say to you that this time to experiment and to see and experience all of what this world has to offer is over. It is now time to get busy on the main reason you are here and have been selected to be here. We hope that you can understand this and see this from our point of view.

We would not be bringing this up to you and discussing this with you unless we do see this as a problem for a number of you. We do not wish to interfere and interject with the way you live your lives, as this is beyond our wishes and desires. We only speak to you today of this problem because we see it hampering your assignments that you have been charged with, and we feel a life change for many of you is what is called for and will see to sharp improvements of your job performances and your mental, physical and emotional capabilities. We thank you at this time for reading our message today, and we also thank those of you who are experiencing challenges in this area to think about what we have said today and make a decision whether you wish to continue on with your mission here or whether you wish to continue the habits and tendencies that are not bringing to you results that we would call adequate.

We thank you for considering what we feel is an appropriate step for you at this time, and we look forward to seeing improvements in the areas that you have been assigned. We understand that making a life change such as this is not an easy task at all, and we offer our support to you in every way that we can and also remind you that you have many brothers and sisters around you who are also your team members who have also journeyed here with you who will lend you their support, their expertise and their wisdom to help you make this change in yourself that will see to a change in the way you carry out your assignments on our mission of love and service to this planet and all her people. We will do all that we can to see you through this period in your life that may be challenging, and we thank those of you who will make the decision and make the efforts to seek the change that we feel is so important for you and our mission at this time. Thank you.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light.
Received by Greg Giles
I am a Starseed, incarnate of the Indigo Ray and channel for the Galactic Federation and my Star Family from the Ashtar Command, an 11th dimensional Osequeq collective from the Star System Tauri C; Amanda, Arisa, Rona, Jella, Morgana, Sophia, Germana, Capella, Jackie, Romana, Angela, Patricia, Anthony, Gifta, Maria, Mercula, Pierca, Ramulete, Augusta, Chevron, Thomas. I have incarnated at this time on assignment to advance my education and assist this planet and its people in their time of ascension to a higher dimensional existence.  *  

Heavenletter #4213
You Are in a Higher Place Now
June 7, 2012
God said:
There is no fault, and there is no excuse.
You cannot walk on tiptoe through life. There is no fault, and there is no excuse, and yet mistakes are made, and regret and guilt regrettably are left in their wake. Do not harbor your errors. You have to let them go as well as you have to let go of others’ errors.
Nor are you to make excuses for yourself. It’s true that you didn’t know any better. Now move on.
Be a proponent of good will. Have good will toward yourself and others. This is setting your rudder right. Set your rudder right, and all else will follow. You steer through the shoals of life. Good will is your rudder.
Do unto yourself as you do to others. There are no others. There are no neighbors. It is all yourself. Do not offend, and you will have no offense to be contrite about. It is not all right for you not to befriend yourself.
The finest thing you can do for yourself right now is to jump out of the past and no longer coagulate there. You are in a higher place now. You are setting sail for new ports, and old ballast is of no use to you. It is garbage. Throw it overboard.
You have carried too much with you for too long. Part with what must be parted with. Letting go of the past is letting go of a pattern. You are making room for new, and new it is. There are new days for a reason. There are new days so you can move up. Too much luggage, and you have to fuss with it.
All that you possess possesses you. Be done with the past, for it holds you back, and you are someone who is to move forward. You are taking a new path now. You are leaving ego behind. What is ego but a collection of the past, mementos put here and there on an étagère? Some mementos are scars. Let mementos go.
The past was a lesser time. The present is a greater moment.
There is no past to go back to anyway. The past can only be a shadow. Be in the daylight of today. Let the sun come out in your heart. Let the past be bygones. All the past, all its treasures and all its woes, for all the past can be is a passing fancy. The past is an idea as the future is an idea. Ideas are recollections or foretellings. This very moment as it is marked on Earth in time is all there is, and it moves so fast. The present picks you up, and, then, it puts you down, and another moment takes off with you.
In Truth, time does not exist. None of it does. Eternity exists, yet Eternity is not a collection of time. Clocks do not tick in Eternity. There is no telling time. There is no feeling it, and there is no telling it. Non-time is not like time whatsoever. It bears no resemblance. Time is a chamber. Timelessness is a field of fortune. It is like Vastness. When time and space are not, and they are not, there is Vastness. We could say in comparison that time is like school when you were a child, and timelessness is like school when it gets out, and you are free. No clamps on you any longer. Vastness is free of form and free of time.
Your natural habitat is Vastness. From Vastness you came. And to Vastness you go. Vastness is yours. Unboundedness is yours. Fly.
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Archangel Michael: Be of One Mind, One Heart, and One Dream
Channeled by Ron Head
June 4, 2012
We will begin this morning by pointing out a change which has occurred in all the reliable channelings at this time, something that has changed from possibility to probability, something for which you may take a great deal of the credit.

Up until now we have told you over and over to visualize and focus upon smooth and peaceful transitions from the old to the new.  There was, and there continues to be, a great amount of negative energy emitted into your surroundings by those who intend to keep you in thrall and those who know no better than to believe them.
When we look upon the light quotient of your planet now, it is increasingly probable, due to your concerted and combined efforts, that the changes that must occur now, although precipitous and monumental, will be accomplished with no undue destruction and loss of life.  We urge you, therefore, to continue upon the path you have travelled so far and forge further bonds between you, enveloping your entire family of light, and indeed your planet, in your love and peaceful intent.
You do love your magic workers at this time.  We tell you that your Harry Potters, Gandalfs, and Merlins never worked such wonders as you are performing now.  During this next few weeks, the opportunity to bring unconditional love and light into your world in ever increasing abundance will exist as never before.  Do this and your reason to fear for the future will be banished into a barely remembered history.  Hold this love, peace, joy, and hope firmly in your hearts and let it overflow into every corner and crevice in, on, and around your planet.  Such magic is your greatest strength, dear ones.
Be of one mind, one heart, and one dream.  Support each other and allow no word nor image to cause you to deviate now.  The next two days offer a new opportunity to hold massive meditations and visualizations to lift the frequencies on your earth once again.  You have already begun to organize them.  We shall support your every effort.  You will also notice more and more your personal abilities to feel and use these incoming energies to good effect.  Drink them into every cell of your bodies and welcome the changes they bring to you.  You are becoming marvelous creatures.  Enjoy the new you.  From our perspective, you are quite dazzling.
Tomorrow will be another fantastic day, dear friends.
Ron Head

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