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+Breaking "NEW" Boundaries+
{ We Must Go HIGHER! }

Creativity brings a new beginning for "time". When you are creative, you break the monotony of
time. Everything becomes fresh and alive. Creativity brings along with it a new round of enthusiasm.
Both creative and procreative impulses in nature are associated with enthusiasm. When you are
enthusiastic you are closer to the creative principle of existence.
Deep silence is the mother of creativity. No creativity can come out of one who is too busy, worried,
over-ambitious or lethargic. Balanced activity, rest and yoga can kindle skills and creativity in you.
- Sri Sri

2010 "ClickMe"

Discernment can work in two manners. One is, before you make a decision and once afterwards. Right action, right living has more of an opportunity to be expressed when you discern a situation. In this case, you are giving forethought to what the opportunities for action are. You are weighing, sorting, sifting, examining, analyzing the various options for action and which has the best reward for your decision. When you do this ahead of time you are actually living through what you will do in the future, after you make the decision and take action. You are giving forethought to the value of each option and how it pertains to you and how it gives value to your life and to others and which is the best course of action. 

Discernment afterwards occurs during the process of reflection. You have had an experience and it may be good or it may not be; it may be productive or unproductive, in any case you can make it into a productive situation even though it resulted in failure or a wrong outcome. Reflecting on your experience gives you wisdom. Wisdom does not come forth easily, does not reveal itself quickly, but only through the process of discernment. You obviously were presented at one time with options for action. You chose one, took action and it may have turned out wrongly. Now you must reflect upon that wrong decision and the outcome of that decision which was disappointing. You again discern the options that were available and what caused you to choose the one you did and why you did not choose the higher option, one that would result in positive outcome. 

If you are unable to discern between the options and discern the wisdom involved in your wrong choice, then ask for assistance from your guides or guardians, from Melchizedeks, the midwayers or from Christ Michael. If you are unable to receive assistance in a clear format to yourself then ask a wise friend to assist you for clarification of the options, the one you chose and discern how it became detrimental to you. I hope this assists you. This is the major thrust of your lifetime here as a mortal on a material world, to have experiences and to sort through them.

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