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1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  The Healing Waters
3.)  SaLuSa: Your Ascension is Already Written in the Annals of Time
4.)  Words from Simeon
5.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
6.)  Healing Available in the Present Moment
7.)  Being Who You Are

Isis' Message of the Day -
"The strongest force in the Omniverse is the LOVE FORCE which is radiated through the Essence of the feminine or GODDESS energy of the Creator.  First, the masculine Essence of the Creator  brings forth  "SEEDS" of new creation within ITS mind, resulting in a Divine Blueprint which is then enfolded within the LOVE CORE or the emotional nature of the Goddess Essence. A wondrous and magnificent process is thereby initiated resulting in creations beyond your greatest imaginings. You, as humans, are one of those magnificent creations."
~ I AM Archangel Michael  ~
Through Ronna Herman  * *
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All that emanates from the Godhead is in a state of love.  Love just is.
I AM ISIS a "Spritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones. Blessings to all. We stand before you. We do not stand over you. We stand with you. We are here to bring comfort to you. We are here to bring the messages of God/Source/All That Is. We are the holders of light. We shower love upon you. Know that you are worthy of the love we have for you and more.
Love. Such a simple word. Babies cannot survive without it. Adults do not thrive without it. Love's value is priceless. It brings joy to life. Love is the reason to live. The more love you have in your life, the more your life shines with radiance. Love is all around you. Notice the love in your life. As you focus on the love that is there, the more love shows up. Rejoice in love. Bless your hearts.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"   * 

The Healing Waters
by Alec Christos Gabbitas
July  20. 2010
Healing the Waters has been, is, and will now continue to be, the number one priority on this beautiful planet, where we are surely blessed to be during these truly mammoth changes, both energetically and physically. There is by far a greater percentage occupying of the oceans, lakes and rivers, and it is little wonder that we are now needing to be yet more vigilant and caring, regularly focusing our divine and highest loving intent, aspiring to keeping the seas and waterways 'crystal clear and in pristine condition!'
The interim 'capping' of the failing Gulf Of Mexico well has been heaven blessed as the 'power of light and love' by both on and off planet mentors, had merged  magnificently with Hu-man technology and created the much sought breathing space. Further indication of up and coming procedures will have a need to be acknowledged and embraced as this still delicate situation is nurtured with but infinite care. There has been an immense and resounding 'hands to the wheel' scenario as the melding of heaven on earth combined, showing just what truly can be achieved, for the onus and the spotlight shone most expectantly on Hu-man kind.This awesome combination of all light workers and beacons of light, proved most effectual and the time is now, to pause and reflect, and delicately measuring any further ensuing moments of truth.
Healing the waters! How often do we take these mighty natural blessings for granted. How often do we peer through 'the glass darkly' and perceive not the fuller and lighter content, but more as the half empty and/or the cloudy lesser! How long are we, as a planet, going to misuse and abuse  these precious and so necessary commodities? How long will it take us, as an up and coming unity conscious-ness, to truly value that which the beloved planet, Mother Earth, has always and ever provided for us? Is it not now truly time to look deeply at this still most delicate situation and to so deeply realise that WE HAVE AN INNER KNOWING, DUTY AND DIVINE RIGHT TO HONOUR BELOVED LADY GAIA. AND OURSELVES!
Is it not now time to readdress our motivations and realise that erring mankind is, by grasping and grabbing all that his greedy little hands can, creating nigh world catastrophic disaster, destroying whole ecosystems and annihilating so much natural beauty and sabotaging any future that there might be left to see? Is it not yet crystal clear and blatantly obvious that now, hopefully, surely we have narrowly missed an unprecedented calamity that might not have been reversible. Let us remember those words that the BP man wearily stammered, with such an incredible depth of soul... " PERHAPS NOW CAN I GET MY LIFE BACK!"
Yes, perhaps everyone might start gathering up the loose ends, and plenty too there surely are, and God Willing, may all blessed to be on this fair planet also breath the deepest sigh of relief seeing what they too can salvage and learn by getting their lives back. Surely now, with the likes of Barrack Obama and in  other worldly wise 'new leaders' coming to the fore, will this absolute lunacy be regulated and morally de-controlled, affording NO MORE SHORT CUTS  AND NO MORE RISKS! Life is far too precious and the blessed Mother Earth does not need or deserve such calamities, and nor those upon and within her.
Let us all, with one loving accord and pureness of heart and soul, place our highest divine and loving intent once more to assisting beloved Lady Gaia, and all those that have suffered and are affected also for perhaps a decade or two as these 'healing waters' will in turn be healed and blessed, kissed n' caressed with the pure love that flows their way. THIS IS CLEARLY A MIGHTY WAKE UP CALL FOR EVERYONE and as this scenario progresses will the attention  for all and everyone - with heart - become more attuned and supportive to an unfolding scenario that will bring the power of love and light to the souls of so many dear ones. 
There will come a day when the usage of fossil fuels will surely be phased out but those times 'will be when they will be' and that maybe is not quite at this  moment of now time. Many possibilities and very many options - and yet many that have been stealthily bought out and hidden away, denying their true green usage and to support their own self seeking monetary gains. Time will allow the re-emergence of alternatives and that time is NOT that far along the road. Greener, cleaner, lighter, easier, eco friendly, pleasurable, all things are most surely on track.(The scribe himself witnessed two Tesla cars silently speeding along a converted viaduct, especially designed for the testing of said cars, and they were indeed sweet, silent, swift and simple as they touched 85mph in 7/8 seconds. There are a sequence of battery top-up points at normal petrol garages to date, but not as yet offering too great a journey possibility).
All things in their rightful time, and at the rightful place and pace, and the more that we all get into this rapidly expanding Unity Consciousness, the speedier it will be an inevitable conclusion, and we will be welcoming in these eco-friendly green energies that will be an inevitable and rightful course in days ahead.The winds of change are incessantly blowing away the dross and the discarded as with the broom that ever sweeps clean, there is always a wisdom and a certain necessity for pace and poise as purpose is always prompting for change.
Feel the inbreathe upon the planet, feel the pregnant pause - allowing for the tide to change it's direction - ushering in a new birth and a new incentive for all upon this wondrous planet to once more re unite in the manner that is now the birthright of each man, woman and child. The birthright of cetaceans, fish, bird, and animal or in whatever manner shape or form they might be.For all are truly
emerging out of the old and aged and re-emerging into the Oneness and this Oneness is the rebirthing back into the sacred and royal Unity Consciousness.
Be still and know that I Am God, be still and know that I Am, be still and Know, be Still, BE ...  Namaste, 
Alec Christos Gabbitas.. the Universal Mind and an ever Unity Consciousness * (Please copy and share in entirety affording full credit to it's source).  *     

SaLuSa: Your Ascension is Already Written in the Annals of Time
July 21, 2010
Pride has its place in life and there is certainly nothing wrong with being proud of your achievements. In fact where some individuals are concerned it comes from the desire to be cleansed on all levels, as part of becoming more of the Light. Cleanliness and tidiness is a sign of a mindset that desires to present that person as looking to bring perfection into their life. It is caring about self and having respect for the temple that you call your body, which is your physical vehicle throughout life. Thought as always is a creative power, and as you envision yourself so you manifest what you want to be. When you begin to live in the Light you draw harmony and balance into your life, and it is part of your transition to a higher level of expression. However, it does not mean that those who carry no such aspirations are without spiritual understanding. Seeking upliftment is a stage that you go through when you do not feel at ease in the lower vibrations, and it will come to all in good time. You cannot really avoid it as the energies being beamed to Earth, are raising your level of consciousness higher than before. With it comes a desire for beauty and harmony in both a spiritual and physical sense.
In the course of the changes coming to Earth the mass consciousness will dramatically change and people will see what is around them in a different light. For example you will move into a preference for new designs particularly in building, and the traditional square shapes will give way to those that are circular. Materials used will be more natural, and you will advance to organic materials such as we normally use. Of course you do use natural materials, but you also cover large areas of the Mothers Earth’s surface with concrete, and it stops her from breathing. You will know already that we build our Spacecraft with organic materials, and they are programmed with levels of consciousness that makes them self-proficient. Visitors to our craft have noted how the crews can interact with them to a very high degree. Naturally when we can move amongst you, we shall share such knowledge with you so that your advancement will speed ahead.
There is much for you to learn that needs revising in light of the truth we shall bring. It is to be expected that some of your beliefs and theories are inaccurate, and what we shall do is enable you to make a quantum leap into the future. There is as you might say a lot of catching up to do, and also the development of many good ideas you have already been working on. Nanotechnology is one example of what you have seen as a desirable advancement, and it will come into being. It is unfortunate that so many advancements that could have benefited Mankind, have been deliberately hidden away to keep the status quo where profit is put before your well-being. Yet massive amounts of your money have been invested in new technologies for military power. While these policies are followed, you are clearly not going to see peace come to your world. However, that is soon to all change and the war machine will grind to a halt and be dismantled. We shall bring you peace and ensure that all weaponry is neutralized by our higher technologies. We are coming not to perpetuate the old life style, but introduce you to an easier and more satisfying way that will restore your sovereignty. You are to become free to have more time to follow your own pursuits, and the drudgery of life will be removed and replaced with more acceptable conditions that allow time for it.
The changes are lined up and in a well advanced state, that means once we can commence events will move forward quite quickly to say the least. You can sense that the dark Ones are losing their grip on you, and as they do so they will be unable to re-claim lost ground. We are blocking any moves they may make to establish any major threat, having already averted the potential of a serious incident. We are here to lead you on to a successful conclusion in your quest for Ascension. That result is beyond doubt and is already written in the annals of time. You may therefore set your sights fully upon ascending, and the plan is being supported by many Councils and individuals who are also helping you go forward. You would undoubtedly be surprised if you knew how many of them were with you at this time.
There are times when you feel that you need extra support, and in such instances it is as well to remember that you can contact your Higher Self. We often mention about allowing time for yourself and this is one of those occasions. If you have the names of your Guides then use them to make a contact, and if you have attached yourself to one of the great Angelic Beings such as Archangel Michael even better. Your prayers or petitions will be heard, and the answers may come in unexpected ways, such as through another source. You are indeed never alone, and in your times of need your Guides draw closer to you and welcome contact with you.
The Solar Cycle draws to a close and we the Galactic Federation are with you to experience the final days. This time unlike Atlantis you have avoided destroying yourselves, and rightly deserve the opportunity of Ascension. In its time Atlantis was a great spiritual civilization, but then the darkness descended upon them and they spiraled out of control down the path to oblivion. So many of you now on Earth were there in its demise, and subconsciously you still carry memories of that time. It is why perhaps you have felt fear at the possibility of another collapse leading to extinction. However, the signs are positive and as we mentioned, you are picking it up and it is helping you overcome your doubts. There are however a number of different predictions for the end times, and if you find that confusing rely on your intuitive feelings.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can tell you that the picture will be come clearer before much longer, and we as much as you are pressing onwards to hasten the final showdown with the dark Ones. Victory is already with the Light, but the final days need to be enacted out for the sake of every soul on Earth. Our love is accompanying you all of the way, and we want this time to be remembered as a successful turning point in your evolution. The fact that it is not just the end of a Solar Cycle, but one affecting the complete Universe makes it all the more important to you, and indeed also to us.
Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey

Words from Simeon
Channeled by Barbara Dutcher
Beloved, you have seen and you have pondered and you have analyzed. And yet you are confused. Confusion necessarily results when you ingnore your inner promptings. Never is there a time when you are not receiving guidance from within. Never is there a time when you are separate from your own inner spirit, which is your sure defense, your unfailing compass that will lead you straight to your highest good. Nevertheless, you pretend to analyze your situation, believing that your limited human thinking will produce a result that is best.

How can this be, when you have demonstrated over and over that you do NOT actually know what you are doing? Is this not true, Beloved, if you are honest? What result that you have contrived has made you joyful? What careful plans have you laid that have not been altered, to a lessser or a greater extent, before they became actualized in your physical experience?

Is it not better, then, to leave the planning to the higher part of you which knows the end from the beginning, and is not concerned with human ego pursuits, cares or outcomes? There is always an outcome which is for not only your highest good, but also the highest good of all you come into contact with. This solution is often not known by you before hand, which is as it should be. The solution is only apparent after all the necessary permutations of reality have fallen into place effortlessly. You do nothing effortlessly, is it not true, Beloved?

Lay aside your efforts, then, and let your good unfold for you. Often you will receive hints of 'coming attractions,' as it were. Know when these hints appear, you are to merely be grateful for them and to follow guidance each step of the way to their eventual completion. All is well. Be thankful. Be happy. All is well.
I am the one called Simeon, who sat in the temple courtyard awaiting the arrival of the Christ Child, with his Mother and Father. Think about this. This is an allegory. Think about it deeply until you feel the meaning of these words. I took the Christ Child in my arms, in fulfillment of a promise made to me by an angel years before, and then announced I was ready to depart in peace. [Luke 2.25]
Therefore, Simeon is the name of one who has waited for and recognized the Christ Child within, has embraced it, has acknowledged both the fatherly qualities and the motherly qualities, and has integrated them. Simeon means that you are safe, you are whole; you are in total oneness forever. Simeon indicates pure joy and playfulness because the name means one who has no more worries, no more cares, no more concerns. All is well; all is perfect now and forever.
Barbara Dutcher, M.A., is a teacher and certified spiritual counselor. She teaches a method for connection with what she calls the Guide Within. She also connects with Spirit on behalf of her clients and brings forth kind, loving, wise messages of encouragement and guidance. She has recently begun receiving messages from one who calls himself Simeon, as mentioned in the Biblical story. Her website is   *    

Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved ones, many of you are at the place of awareness. That is why you are reading the books, studying the texts, listening to all of the various messages to discern, “Who am I? How unlimited am I? What can I create? And having created it, let me look further than just appearances and see how it serves the atonement, that place where I can say, I am love. I always have been and always will be. I am love, and I want to express love. I do not judge, for I know that everything is of the Father, and the Father does not judge.”
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Healing Available in the Present Moment
July 17, 2010

Dearest Beloved Ones,

Such a grand time of transformation is at hand, and yet it is filled with a great deal of turmoil, pain and suffering as well as joy and light. Such is the process of purification, which releases all that is separated from God, so that the divine potential of each soul can be realized.

Beloved ones, at the present time there is little that can be understood from the perspective of previous concepts and ideas. A new energetic template for the Earth is being created, anchored and established. This is creating a widespread process of change both from the level of the Earth which is changing physically and vibrationally, and also within each soul embodied on the Earth.

Rapid changes in consciousness are happening now, some which are quite unfamiliar and can even feel frightening at times. These changes are moving humanity into a place of greater alignment with the Oneness which is the divine truth of all life.

As the familiar consciousness of linear, third dimension reality shifts now into a multidimensional consciousness which includes all realities in all levels, both physical and non-physical, there are new experiences, new emotions, new body sensations and new possibilities awakening in relationships, families and entire cultures.

This rapid awakening is causing the previous structures that physical life was based upon to transform and in some cases to disintegrate. When every aspect of life is changing, a way is needed to find stability, security and trust. Such rapid levels of change can create disorientation, disruption in relationships and in daily life patterns, and also can bring to the surface previously unconscious emotions.

During this time when so much is happening so quickly, there is also a much stronger and more physically embodied level of spiritual light from which to drawn nourishment, strength, comfort and guidance. This light is now literally emanating from the Earth itself, and is also being anchored within many lightworkers and faithful servants of God who have agreed to carry light within their own bodies and consciousness in order to provide support for humanity.

Within the shifting sands of this new time, stability can be found within. Your soul and your divine soul's purpose shines brightly and is nourished by the new light that is available on the Earth. Even if you don't have a conscious awareness of your light, it is present as it is what motivated you to incarnate upon the Earth at this time. This light will guide you and protect you, support you and nourish you.

We are present on the Earth at this time to assist in this momentous time of transformation. The way through all difficulties that arise is through trust, and the ability to be present with God in the present moment. Rather than giving energy to fear, doubt and worry about the future or the past, breathe and focus your attention here, now.

Beloved ones, at this time we are able to focus great light to the physical Earth during the times of the One World Mediations, which involve a partnership between the Realms of Light, humanity, and the spiritual realms of the Earth which exist on other dimensions of reality, but which are also assisting in this transition process.

The light available from these meditations is not only supporting the Earth in her transformation process, but is available directly to those who are participating, offering an embodied and direct experience of the healing spiritual energies that are being sent to the Earth. Participants are finding that these meditations can assist with difficulties and challenges that have otherwise not been able to heal in other ways. We invite you to join us and to receive and participate in this new light, for yourself and for all on the Earth.

During this period of time, our messages will be sent with less frequency, in order to allow an energetic shift that is needed to complete itself. We are present always and available to you, and especially during the weekly meditation times. In the future when the current energy configurations have shifted more, there will be a great deal more that will be able to happen to create an embodied, daily experience of this new light. We give great thanks to you for your love and your faithful service to God's holy purpose. With all love and blessings, Amen.
Love and blessings,

World Blessings  *  P.O. Box 8741  *  Bend, Oregon 97708  *  USA  *  (541) 388-4692  *  The website has been constructed with help from the spiritual realms, from my beloved husband Doran, and from my beloved spiritual teacher, Julie Redstone, who assisted in large measure with its development. It is evolving as an organic whole evolves, with anticipation that there will be growth and change as new needs arise for conveying spiritual truths to an awakening world.  * 

HEAVEN #3526
Being Who You Are
July 21, 2010
God said:
From the vector of My heart comes My love. Wherever you are, whoever you are, whoever you think you are or the world thinks you are, you are the direction of My love. Furthermore, you are the receiver of My love and the disseminator of it. You are everything to Me. I more than embrace you. I am within you. You you are My beloved Self. I know no strangers. I know only My Own, and all are My Own. We are One bound in love which is the same as to say that We are One freed in love. Love can go anywhere. It does go everywhere.
You are the love of My heart. I cannot say this strongly enough. I love you in Me, and I love Me in you. I love, and you are My love resting on Earth. You are the light of the world, and so am I. We work in tandem. We don't make a move without the other, as if there were other than the Oneness of Love.
We use such figures of speech, and yet We divulge Ourselves in Silence. Our power is not in the thunderclaps. Our power is in the Silence from which the thunderclaps come.
We are the Power. We are the Source of All That Is Good. We serve the Universe and all who abide within it. We abide together within Our One Self.
We have such an intimacy. We have an excruciatingly beautiful and divine intimacy. There is nothing like it. When you as perceived individuality love to see a drop of dew on a leaf, We are intimate, the perceived you, I, dew and the leaf.
When you breathe in fresh air, We breathe together as One. You are My Oneness brought to Me in a myriad of ways, and, yet, Oneness can only be Oneness. It cannot be less than Oneness. Oneness is Mine, and it is yours, and, so, it is Ours. It is Our Oneness. We are Oneness Guaranteed. We are Oneness for Eternity. We are permanently established in love. There is nothing for you to know. There is everything for you to be. You roll over in Our love, and it is good.
If I am Almighty, then you also must have My Almightiness. Whatever I AM, you ARE. Potential is Reality, beloveds. If Christ and Buddha and all the Great Ones lived Divinity on Earth, then so can you. What is Divinity on Earth or in Heaven but love, love not loud or branded, just simple silent love echoing in waves of itself. Oh, the power of love. Therein lies Our Almightiness. Therein lies Our Beauty. Therein lies Peace. Therein lies Our Simplicity. Therein lie Our Hearts, Our One Heart, Our One Love stirs the pot of the world, and it is good.
Your purpose is the same as Mine. We serve the Universe. We culture it. We love it. We internalize and externalize the Universe, you and I as One wield Oneness right and left. We are the baton of love. We set the beat of all hearts. We beat to the tune of love. We are the intention and extension of love. We are alike.
We are greater than your individuality has dreamed of. The inseparable Oneness of the proclaimed Us is all-consuming. We are consummate love, and We are nothing but. Any seeming else that drifts across your vision is illusion. It is only a mask of the world. It is not the real thing. The real thing is love, and you are learning the mastery of love which is simply being Who You Are.
Dear Lady of the Light,
Your beautiful writing about the Statue of Liberty  *  * Thank you so much, dear friend. Gloria *
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