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1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  The Ascended Masters: Being of Service - Part 1
3.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
4.)  An Ever-Blooming Rose
5.)  Finding the Love in the Chaos
6.)  Message from Melchizedek

Isis' Message of the Day -
Your experiences are based  upon the choices that you make. Each one of those choices has the potential to take you down a different fork in the path to experience a different level of Soul-growth.  All paths lead back home, some are just longer than others.
Affirmation: I take responsibility for my life choices and I allow others to take responsibility for theirs.
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
My dear friends, we love you so very much.
You are all going through tremendous transformations as your Mother earth continues to grow, expand, and insist on her own evolution. Each one of you is digging deep within to see what you want in your lives and what you do not - you are evaluating your material possessions, your beliefs, your relationships, you careers, indeed your entire life. It may seem as if you feel either waves of gratitude and/or waves of discontentment. Take heart! Every time you grow you will see more clearly what reflects the truth of your unique spirit and you will also see what you no longer wish to have in your lives. Be gentle with yourselves.
Many of you are carrying around old beliefs that have become habit. You have done the emotional work, and yet it will take fortitude to choose over and over again a better belief. For example, you say to yourself, "I have no time for me," and then you work hard to make time for yourself. At the very first moment you try to rest, something interrupts you. And then you have a choice dear ones, right there in the moment. Are you going to reinforce the notion that you have no time for rest, or are you going to choose to either ignore the interruption or get it over with and get back to your recreation? Are you going to grant yourself time to rest? God already has.
Some of you say, "I have so much to give and yet nobody loves me," and yet you are surrounded by love! You receive a compliment and brush it away. Someone smiles at you in the grocery store and you turn away suspiciously. Your pet prances for your attention and you say, "Not now, I'm busy." Dear ones, are you going to allow the love that is there for you in your lives, give thanks for it, and expect more? Or are you going to brace yourself and expect disappointment time and again?
These are just a few common examples. Each and every one of you has some beliefs that no longer serve you any longer. Each and every one of you has some situations in your life that no longer serve you. Each of you have some material possessions that you never liked or no longer serve you. Take time to really look at your lives and begin to make changes, inside and out, to be consistent with the life you want to live. For all that is not really you will be falling away, either gracefully or otherwise dear ones. Let go of what no longer serves you with grace, and walk into the lives you've always dreamt of living.
God bless you! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels
With much love,
Ann Albers
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The Ascended Masters: Being of Service - Part 1
Channelled through Natalie Glasson
March 03, 2011
Most beloved and treasured souls on the Earth, we honour you now, we honour all that you are and all that is the Creator within you. We bow to you for your devotion, your dedication and the darkness you are walking through to become light once more. We understand that the walk that you are taking now through the lessons of the Earth maybe hard and painful, there maybe times when you feel so alone or unable to continue but please know that we love you so much. We, the Ascended Masters know every step of the walk home that you are making and we love completely with every step you take. We know you as our friend and will never abandon you or any other on the Earth, we are here to cradle you when you are down and to rejoice with you when good fortune manifests.
We truly honour you for the life that you are experiencing on the Earth and we simply wish you to know that we are here for you, whatever your experience we love and support you absolutely. Remember that you can always find the light of the Creator within you but if this is not yet possible then you can find the love of the Creator within us and we will share our light with you, as if we were offering you a candle of hope, until you learn to light or strengthen your own candle and flame of light.
Call upon us and we will make a circle of light around you, we will each light a candle of love and hope within our own energy and radiate it as support for you. There is no need for you to ever feel alone, we are here as your friends and as your family. Trust in us we will guide you eternally, we will strengthen your soul so that you may experience true liberation and freedom on the Earth, manifesting as the magnificence and loving vibration of the Creator.
In a world that is changing, you and those around you are changing also. New energies are emerging while old energies are falling away. This can lead to confusion, a feeling of insecurity, fear and loneliness. Many people on the Earth wonder if they are alone in their perspective of the Earth and their devotion to the Creator, we hear your thoughts. It may seem in your reality as if you are the only one who is holding a torch of light but please believe us when we say that there are many of you all over the Earth. Even those who you believe to be focused upon the physical aspects of the Earth may be holding their touch of light but simply concealing it until they feel courageous enough to let it shine free from fear. As change occurs you will see the thread of light that is akin to your torch of light flowing through your reality and the realities of others. Change can create confusion but the process of confusion brings balance, it allows you to discover your inner strength and a place of peace within your being. A period of confusion is needed to encourage humanity to focus upon the balanced energy and stillness of the Creator that exists within like a sanctuary or a retreat.
Simply knowing that you are not alone and that you have the Ascended Masters as your friends and family, developing a small and short practice to rebalance and realign yourself to the Creator and declaring your love for the Creator will assist you in remaining balanced, in a state of love and peace while change and confusion occurs around or within you. We so wanted you to understand this as we realise that these three simple focuses throughout your day would make a tremendous change to your vibration, helping you to remain at one with the Creator and your soul. They would also combat any loneliness, insecurity or fear you may be experiencing.
We wish to remind you that as you call upon us to support you, it is important to remember to call upon like minded and like vibrational light beings on the Earth to enter into your reality. Very often humans exist on the Earth with a feeling of loneliness but they forget to ask for those of similar vibration on the Earth to connect with their being and reality. It is usually the case that a like minded person is close by but because neither of you have asked to make friends with someone of similar vibration, you have never met. When we ask it is important to remember that the will of the Creator will determine the connections you make but you could have a network of light beings on the Earth to share your experiences with, if you simply ask. When we invite light beings of human form into our reality through our prayers or thoughts, it can often give our soul an opportunity to create new lessons and experiences of growth to aid our development as well as allowing us to collect new wisdom. It is important to be thoughtful and aware when asking for new people to connect with; you must consider what you are actually asking for when you say that you wish to connect with like minded people as these people will be a mirror to your own mind. Alternatively you could ask for someone of a high vibration of light with similar spiritual interests as you. What we are emphasising here is that there is a need to be precise in what you ask for  or to simply give your request to connect with people holding and recognising  the light of the Creator up to the will of the Creator to attract whoever the will of the Creator guides. It is for you to decide the method that is most appropriate for you. We make you aware of these methods because the level of understanding recognised within you can determine the best way for you to manifest, follow your intuition.
In many ways it could be seen as your mission to ask for the most appropriate like minded and like vibrational people to enter into your reality to aid and develop your spiritual growth, because when you make new connections on the Earth you are spreading more light. Each time two people holding a torch of light connect even if they only speak for a few minutes, their light is enhanced and the environment around them benefits from the light also.
This is the first part of our communication addressing being of service, we will come forward again next week to bring further insights into being of service while existing on the Earth. We believe that we have offered you much to think upon over the coming week. Please know that we will be with you always at every moment of your day. Please also accept that you are worthy and deserving of this.
We have also supplied a meditation to assist you in connecting with our energies and feeling our support and love for you.
Your dear friends and family,
The Ascended Masters
Ascended Master Guided Meditation 28.29mins  *  For More Information Click Here:  *  
May you walk in the love and light always,
Natalie was born in 1984, UK. Over seen by Archangel Michael, she now works as a channel for a vast variety of spiritual beings and Masters in the spiritual hierarchy. Through her website  she shares the channelled messages of the Creator’s helpers to expand the awareness of humanity and assist in the raise in energy vibration of the planet.  She offers a service of channelled readings from Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Unicorns and Fairies.
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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, whenever you receive a message from "spirit," allow yourself to sit with that message for a moment or so, take it deep within yourself and say, "Does this message come from love or does it come from fear?" If it comes from a place of, "I'd better take care of myself, my money, my relationship, my work, blah, blah, blah, whatever," then know that that is coming from a place of fear, that perhaps you'd better scurry around and do something. But if it comes from a place of peace within you, if it allows you to see everything in love, then know that it is truly coming from the Higher Self of you, otherwise known as what you call spirit.
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HEAVEN #3756
An Ever-Blooming Rose
March 8, 2011
God said:
Flowers are meant to blossom, and you are meant to blossom the same. So then, blossom.
How simple is life when you remember that you are a flower that grows to the sun and blooms. It is a simple task. It is not complicated.
A flower blooms because it is natural to bloom, and it is natural for a flower to give pleasure to all who see it. And it is natural for you to take pleasure in flowers. Is not your heart grateful to the flowers that bloom before your very eyes?
Flowers radiate their love without fanfare. And so must you. So must you be a flower that fulfills its purpose. Even when you don’t know your purpose, you can bloom. In fact, I will tell you, there is not a moment that you are not in process of blossoming. Do not ever think that you must stunt your growth for the sake of you-know-not-what.
My children are not so easily named as flowers are. A rose is a rose. It is a flower, and its declension is rose. Let Us say that all My children are roses, and the varieties of roses are endless. What declension of rose are you? There is no name for you. You spend your life on Earth trying to find out your name. You discover yourself as you go along.
The generic name for you is Lovely Rose. Will you remember that? You grow in a Garden of Lovely Roses.
And now you become a Loving Rose.
My children do not even hold a rose’s thorns as black marks against roses. Yet, when it comes to the human roses in My Garden of Life, you are critical of their deportment. You decide to appreciate some and not others. You do not always appreciate the rose that you are. In fact, you generally do not.
There is nothing that the rose of you in My Garden cannot be. That is what you do not yet accept. You think the rose of you has limits. You forget you are to blossom. The rose of you may think you are a shrinking violet or a wall flower or an unknown variety of rose. And yet a rose is a rose. You are a rose of My heart.
Identify yourself now. You have a DNA as roses do, and yet you are a self-determining rose. You can choose yourself. You can go to My Garden and pick out who you are. You are not limited. The possibilities of you are endless. Perhaps you stop blossoming too soon. You may not know that you are perennial. You may not know the Vastness of the rose that you are.
If you are someone who would not choose yourself, then grow to the sun and become the rose you yourself would like to pick. You are not stationary. You are not glued to a patch where only one kind of rose grows. The varieties are infinite, and you are infinite.
Draw your own picture. Let the rose you are unfold and unfold again and once more, and once more a thousand times.
I made a beautiful rose when I made you. Believe it. It is with other beliefs that you have defined yourself. Right now, today, grow beyond those little encircling fences you have made for yourself. You are not a rose who is to stay within certain lines. No, not at all. You are a rose who grows. Assume new proportions today.
Be the rose you want to be. Aspire. Release yourself from being one kind of rose and that’s all. You are an unlimited rose. You are the kind of rose who can bloom today and bloom tomorrow. You are an ever-blooming rose.
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Finding the Love in the Chaos
by Barbara Wilder
February 27, 2011
This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.  It truly is.  It may seem like everything is falling to pieces.  And yes, it is.  But in the center of the chaos is the burgeoning new world consciousness.  This is the time we have been waiting for, dreaming of.  We are finally, actually crossing over the threshold into the new era - the era of Goodwill, Joy, and Abundance for all.  The demonstrations in the streets will succeed – are succeeding.  The collective human consciousness is lifting into a higher vibration – the vibration of universal LOVE.  Love with all those capital letters. Not romantic love, but the love that created the universe and drives it constantly.  The love that includes All.  All people. All living beings.  All planets.  All stars.  We are part of this oneness, and we have reached a moment in our evolutionary progress that allows us to expand into the vast Love, and experience it in our own small, but not insignificant lives. 
The collective consciousness of humanity has been vibrating at the frequency of fear for a very long time.  With the higher vibration of love shaking the old fear based culture to its core and causing what seems like chaos, it is easy to cling more desperately to the old fear based cultural norm.  But it won’t help.  It will only make the fear grow stronger.  And by resisting the natural shift up into the higher vibration of Love, Goodwill, Joy, and Abundance for ALL – by clinging to the belief that things must be put back the way they were – will cause nothing but unhappiness, depression, and in the most extreme cases mental breakdown. 
The antidote for this is to surrender to Love.  And surrender to the ride of a lifetime.  Or more correctly, lifetimes.  There has never been a time like this before.  So, trusting that all will shift up into the high frequency of Love is almost impossible to believe.  Because to believe it, we must let go of what past experience has taught us, and find a place deep in our hearts that knows that this is the truth. 
It’s not easy to write this; because I also have past experience that tells me that it can’t be happening. That I can't let go of the wounds that have driven my life up to this point in time.  But I am guided to write this by a deep inner knowing that comes from a place outside of normal life experience.  And that is where we all must go to connect to the beauty of this shift up into the new vibration of love. 
The way to connect to this vibration of love is to meditate daily, so that you can begin to experience the vibration of love and not fear. 
I recommend doing a meditation that includes infusing yourself with the Light.  The Light is the carrier of Divine intelligence that emanates from the Divine Love.  Therefore, by infusing yourself with the Light, you are infusing yourself with the Divine Love, and at the same time being taught by the Light how to become the Love.  You are naturally a Being of Light.  It is through meditating with the light that you become more and more aware of it. 
I have recorded a video that is now on YouTube in which I guide a "White Light Meditation" that you can incorporate into your daily life to help you surf the giant waves of this chaotic and exciting time and become more and more at peace with the shift.  Here is the link.  *

I wish for you, that you may have an open heart to be able to receive the goodness that is pouring forth from our Divine Universe, and discover your own magnificent inner Light and Love.

Barbara Wilder * Author, Speaker, Healer * Website:  *  Email:  *  *  Blog:  *  "Listen to your heart. It beats with the joy of being alive."  *      

Message from Melchizedek
Received by Marlene Swetlishoff
March 8, 2011
Beloved Ones, 
In this discourse I wish to talk to you about the need for understanding the transition that you are all going through in the next few years. As most of you already know, there looms before us the Ascension of Planet Earth which means the Earth is moving into a higher vibratory frequency and is in fact, becoming a radiant Star in the Heavens. The Earth will be doing this regardless if Humanity is prepared for it or not, as she has, for eons of time, lovingly, patiently and with great compassion, given of Herself in order that Humanity might awaken to the realization that they were much more than they had been taught and led to believe that they were, and that what one Human does as the co-creator that he/she actually is, affects everyone and everything. 
It is now in these Awakening times that are now come upon your Planet,  that Humanity is beginning to understand their role in the coming Ascension to higher dimensions and that a relatively small group of Humanity CAN effect great and powerful positive changes by coming together in Unity to serve the greater purpose of existence upon this Planet and working to achieve this purpose for the highest good of all and for the highest outcome. This you Beloved Ones, have been accomplishing in your steadfast way for much of your lifetimes upon the Earth. This has been a much broader and more comprehensive Plan for each of you and one lifetime is only a small facet of your work in this regard.
For many lifetimes you have been carrying the seed of Divine Light and of Divine Love and the time is now ripe with incredible possibilities that lie before you in the next several years. Each of you have come upon the Planet agreeing to go through the process of forgetting your true Divine origins and becoming fully Human, one that was totally immersed in the experiences that living on a dualistic Planet which provided such great opportunities for the incoming Souls. Duality tests the Soul in a way that enables the Soul to understand the great opposing forces that exist side by side and that are a part of the flow of life in the Cosmos. This was supposed to be a term of shorter length than actually transpired however, and due to certain Souls who desired to establish and maintain control of this Planet by subversive means that have not been apparent to the masses living upon Earth, this control has extended the duration of the experience of duality many millennia beyond the allotted time for this experiment. 
Humankind has come to this same place of highest potential many times, and many times has failed to progress and move forward in their evolutionary journey into greater Spiritual understanding and awareness. It was decided that this time around the Great Cycles in the Cosmic evolutionary pattern, that there would be only those who were qualified to bring about these positive changes who were able to incarnate upon this Planet to bring about this most needed and desired state of Being for your dear Mother Earth and all upon and within Her. Through the most testing and trying of conditions and situations, each of you have held to that spark of Divine Light and Love within you and no matter what happened in your outer lives, you believed in the goodness of Life, the goodness of your fellow Human, the goodness that prevails in the Universes in your Galaxy and you have maintained this inherent belief throughout the ages as they came and went. 
The times that are now upon us are what you all have been working for eons of time and you are succeeding with every breath you take. Know that your powerful dedication and your willingness to partake in Worldwide meditations and any opportunities you have to come together at high spiritually powerful days to effect positive and loving changes upon this Planet is helping very greatly to accomplish this. This is happening now Beloved Ones, it is not at some time in the future; for time itself is coalescing into oneness, and it is becoming clearer and clearer that time and space is folding in within itself and something new and wonderful is about to be birthed. As this is taking place the consciousness of the telepathic ‘web’ of Humanity as they interconnect with each other through their individual energy fields is growing by leaps and bounds. It is likened unto a domino effect, for as one Being lights up from within and connects with their inner goodness and begins to desire a better way and a better life for themselves and their Loved Ones, their individual goodness and Light grows, it expands outwardly in great concentric circles of influence to connect with other like energies. 
This is what is happening now in concert with the untold legions of our Galactic brothers and sisters of the Light who have been assisting in this Great Work. You are not alone in this endeavor. Each of you is surrounded and assisted in every conceivable way, both seen and unseen, to enable you to Ascend into higher consciousness and you in turn assist and enable your brothers and sisters around you to do the same. Soon the Light and waves of Love inundating this Planet will affect everyone with loving energy that will release so much of what Humanity has had to endure for far too long and a great peace shall come upon the Earth and a new way shall be born from this. Take heart Dear Ones, keep on keeping on, for your combined energies, will and power is growing into an incredible mighty force for good. Stand tall and proud of your accomplishments, Beloved Children of the Light! 
And so it is! 
I AM Melchizedek
©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff
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Much Light, Love and Rainbow Blessings,


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