I Will Always Love You


 Understanding the Need for Space
Create understanding, talk to each other, and understand that
sometimes the other needs his space. And this is a problem: it may
not happen at the same time for both of you. Sometimes you want
to be with your partner, and he wants to be alone--nothing can be
done about it. Then you have to understand and leave him alone.
Sometimes you want to be alone but he wants to come to you--
then tell him that you are helpless, but you need your space!
    Just create more and more understanding. That's what lovers
miss: love they have enough, but understanding none, not at all.
That's why on the rocks of misunderstanding their love dies. Love
cannot live alone without understanding. Alone, love is very fool-
ish; with understanding, love can live a long life, a great life--of
many joys shared, of many beautiful moments shared, of great
poetic experiences. But that happens only through understanding.
    Love can give you a small honeymoon, but that's all. Only
understanding can give you deep intimacy. Then, even some day
if you separate, the understanding will be with both of you, and
that will be a gift of your love to each other. Lovers can separate,
but the understanding that has been gained through the other, in
the company of the other, will always be with you. That will
remain as a gift, there can be no other gift. If you love a person,
the only valuable gift that you can give to him is some quantity of
Stormy Weather
 In a single moment, a person can change completely. She was so      
 happy and she can become so unhappy. Just a moment before she
 was ready to die for you. and just a moment afterwards she is
 ready to kill you. But this is how humanity is. It gives depth it
 gives surprises, it gives salt. Otherwise life would have been very
     It is all beautiful. These are all notes of a great harmony. And
 when you love a person, you love that harmony and you accept all
 that makes that harmony. Sometimes it is raining, sometimes the
sky is cloudy and dark, and sometimes it is full of sunlight and
the clouds have disappeared. Sometimes it is very cold, and some-
times it is very hot. In just the same way the human climate goes
on changing, everything goes on changing. When you love a per-
son, you love all these possibilities. Infinite are the possibilities,
and you love all the shades and nuances.
    So be true and help your partner also to be true. Then love
becomes a growth. Otherwise love can become a poisonous thing.
At least don't corrupt love. "It is not corrupted by hatred, remem-
ber; it is corrupted by falsity. It is not destroyed by anger, never,
but it is destroyed by an inauthentic persona, a false face.
    Love is possible only when there is freedom to be oneself with-
out any guarding, without any reserve. One is simply flowing.
What can you do? When you feel hateful, you are hateful. When
the clouds are there and when the sun is shining, what can you do?
And if the other understands and loves you, they will accept; they
will help you to come out of the clouds because they know that this
is just a climate, and it comes and goes. These are just moods, pass-
ing phases, and behind these passing phases is the reality, the
spirit of the person, the soul. And when you accept all these
phases, by and by glimpses of the real soul start happening to you.
  {To be continued}

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