Be Gracious {Channeled}

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Heavenletter #4150 Be Gracious, April 5, 2012 

God said: 

What you call obstacles are interruptions. Obstacles are not permanent. When your car runs out of gas, you get upset. When you cannot connect to the internet, you get upset. When milk spills or you drop an egg, you are upset. These are not conditions that are to undermine your life. They are little contentions. Little contentions do not last long. They are not out to get you. They are not thinking about you at all. A dropped egg is not Humpty Dumpty. Or we can say that there are other Humpty Dumpties. Another egg will arise. A new glass of milk will be filled. A gallon of gas will turn up. Suddenly, the internet connection will come on, and life will become animated again. Let not your reactions grow big. Nothing has to stymie you. Your good nature is not dependent upon electricity or gas or eggs or milk. Inconvenience is inconvenient. Why would you make inconvenience into more than that? Why would you make something small big?

Of course, how you would like everything to be available to you all the time. You want all the apples to be ripe for picking right now. You want what you want when you want it. Be less adamant. Understand that what you may consider rights are privileges.

Must these lapses in service get to you? Must you be perturbed? Sometimes I wonder if you think these inconveniences are attacks on you or some kind of declarations of war. You are not powerless. You can let go of your insistence on life going on as you would like.

Be more amiable. Consider all the times your car has a full tank, all the times milk does not spill, and eggs do not drop. Consider all the times that the internet connection is on, even when you are not using it! Why would you allow these little contentions thwart you, take over your day and your mood? A pesky fly is no more than a pesky fly. A fly is not a giant. Invest your life in something greater than inconvenience.

Where there is frustration, let there be good nature.

Learn to laugh at your urgency. You do not need to be a puppet of time. That is what is going on, isn't it? You would shake your gas tank, if you could, kick the spilled milk and punch the dropped egg, scream at the internet. One way or another, you will learn patience. You have learned impatience, and now you can unlearn it.

Maybe life is telling you to slow down, so, slow down. What a wonderful opportunity to face your attachments and let go of them. The gas tank is not at fault. You are at fault.

An empty gas tank is not the end of the world. Nothing is the end of the world. The end of time can only be the end of illusion. Time is not. Take a rest from time for a while. Find something else to fill your day. Get down from your high horse.

Instead of being perturbed, remind yourself of all that you do have right now in your life. You have a floor under you and shoes on your feet. You have the ability to walk. You even have the ability to wail about dropped stitches in life and moan about this and that. Have the ability to moan, and yet don't moan. Woe is not upon you.

Be gracious to inconveniences, and be gracious to yourself.

When your car runs out of gas, have a picnic. Rather than grumble, use the time. Wield time rather than protesting it. Consider that life is always on time. Perhaps you are late in realizing this. There is no running out of time. This is a world gauntlet that you are really too big for. Accommodate lapses. Don't take them so to heart.