Be Glad You Are Here ...


God is always bringing us closer to Him.
God said:
If you could be anyone you wanted to be today, who would you be? And why?
If you could have written any book in the world, which one would you choose?
What song would you like to have written?
Whose singing voice would you like to have?
If you could live anywhere in space and time, where and when would you live?
If you could change one thing about where you live, what would it be?
If I were to offer you one wish, not for the world, but for yourself personally, what would it be?
Ask and answer these lovely questions I present to you, and you will have a course of study about who you are. You will discover what is meaningful to you. You will get to know yourself and what makes you tick. Beloveds, awaken to yourself. Introduce yourself to yourself. Shake your hand. Greet yourself graciously. Never forget who you are and what it means to be blessed with you on Earth.
Everyone is alike, and yet there is not one other person in the world like you. You are the only one. There was never another like you, and there will never be one like you. Infinite are My children. Unique are you.
What a wonderful thing to be you! What the world would have missed if there had not been you! You may think you are just another pebble on the beach, but you have been mistaken before. Believe Me, I do not exaggerate your importance. You underestimate. You underestimate your self and everyone and everything else.
This amounts to your own stinginess, and so you blush when attention comes your way. Attend to yourself, beloved. Attend to Me and attend to yourself, and attend to the world and every living thing in it.
You don't think it's an accident you are here, do you? You don't think you are here by chance, do you? We are not a chance encounter, you and I. No one and nothing is. The wheels were set in motion, and all go along for the ride of their life.
You are not an accident, and there are no rolls of the dice.
There is perfect balance everywhere. Yet it does not have to be that way. You don't require disharmony in order to have harmony. You don't need poverty in order to have riches. No need to have lack so that there is plenty. No need, indeed. No need to have darkness in order to have light. No need for sadness in order to have joy. No need for fear in order to have safety. No need to have anger in order to have peace. No need to have hate so love can exist. Opposites do not have to exist. There need be no confrontations. There need not be broken hearts or any need for hearts to be mended. There is no need for need.
There is effluence. There is the bubbling of life. Blow bubbles. There is ebullience.
There is spirit, lighter than air. Now have lightness of love. What an ambrosia is love! It is the sweetness of flowers. It is the strength of steel. It is the beauty of Heaven. It is the herald of Heaven. It is the stars in the firmament. It is your nature.
Give in to love. Surrender resistance to love. Let love be your backbone. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Give love before others even think of it. Shake love like salt. To fill up on love, empty your heart first.
Be glad you are here. Be glad.
Confident About Failure : "Don't!" Worry About
Rejection ---
Many people who are shy are really just scared
of making mistakes. Thats what stops them from
taking action. Confident people realize mistakes
are just the way we learn. After all, there really
is no such thing as failure; theres only feedback.
The only failure is if one gives up.
Confident people simply vary their behavior until
they get their outcome. All the intermediate
results are not "failures"; they are simply learning
experiences. Confident people simply ask what they
will do differently next time and then resolve to do
that. Something is a failure only if YOU define it
as such. Its really all up to you.
I offer this belief for you to adopt. There is no
such thing as failure; theres only feedback. With
that in mind and knowing now that failure does not
exist, how guaranteed is your success? It is
absolutely guaranteed. All you need to do is to
persist, never quit, adjust your behavior based
upon your feedback and eventually you will achieve
your outcome.
This is just one of the ways to think about confidence.

Every action, every decision you have ever made has brought you to this place,
this now. Bless all that has happened in your life which has been discordant.
You have created it all that you may know who you really are.
Own it all. You are not a victim, and never have been,
and neither is anyone else.

Everything that is Good or Seemingly Bad in your life
 "Is JUST The Way It Should Be"
It could not have been any different

   TRUST  IN  "GOD!"  
 TRUST: Trust is a mystery -
that is the first thing to be understood
about trust. Hence it cannot be explained,
it cannot be described or defined. -
It is the highest form of love, it is the essential core
of love. Love itself is a mystery and indefinable,
but love is like a circumference and trust is its very center,
its soul. Love is like a temple and trust is the innermost
shrine in the temple where God is situated.
+ TRUST in GOD +

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