Be Bold in your Imaginations



Archangel Raphael: Be Bold in Your Imaginations!
Received by Marlene Swetlishoff
December 17, 2009
Beloved Lightworkers, 
I am coming at this time to speak to you about these most auspicious times that are upon you. Truly this is one of the greatest opportunities for integrating the Highest Light within yourselves and within your Beloved Planet! We ask you to continue to align yourselves to the Christ/Buddha Light and consciousness throughout the next few months. By visualizing yourselves as surrounded by the Golden Christ Light, you are anchoring and establishing your Light Body around your five body system and allowing the connection to your Great I AM Presence to manifest in you and through you. The more of you who can integrate this, the greater blessings befall all on Earth. This is what you came to the Earth to do. 
Dare to dream huge dreams, dare to see yourselves as unlimited, with untold potentials and possibilities. This is your time to manifest all the Light and greatness that you truly are. Be not afraid to walk in the brilliant radiance of your Light within, it matters not if others around you cannot see this Light, it only matters that you do this, for in doing this the entire Planet and all upon Her are blessed, healed and uplifted. This is the objective at this time, to uplift all Souls upon the Earth to such a high state that this will permanently become established on the Earth grids and this will then become exponentially greater and greater in scope. You are truly playing the great magicians at this time where all is possible, where you can create the Highest and best outcome for all concerned. Be bold in your imaginations, take journeys into the as yet invisible realms, dare to take flight! 
Keep your connection established and grounded into Mother Earth at all times. You are always supported and nurtured by Her in this way. She is a Highly conscious Being who has endured so many things out of Love for all upon Her and within Her. Consciously establishing a connection with Her each day will be of great benefit to each of you, for this is how you will know what is occurring around you, the truth of what is occurring around you. So I say to you that the secret is to have this connection to the Earth. Together you will walk in greatness and majesty. This is the destiny of the Earth and all Humanity. It requires your remembrance each day but definitely well worth your efforts in the big picture of Life. 
As the coming days are experienced by you, take time to feel gratitude to the Earth and the Creator and this will bring to you the blessings of the Universe. Do daily those actions and think those thoughts that keep you in a high state of joy and happiness. This time in the seasons and cycles of the Earth supports you and nurtures you. Take time from your busy schedules to love and honor yourselves for the truly great work you have and are doing here upon your Planet. Indulge in those things that give you the greatest joy and peace. Truly be a joy bringer, feel it within yourselves and radiate it to others. Your reach is much farther than you currently are aware of and your presence makes a huge difference to all. 
This is also an excellent time to call upon the Archangels and all the Angelic realms to aid you and give you assistance in your daily lives. We are willing and eager to come to your side in an instant. There are legions of us around each of you, the very hair on your head is protected by us. Feel the Love we radiate to you and take a few moments each day to remember that we are with you and that we Love you unconditionally. 
I AM Archangel Raphael