Beauty Of The Mosaic


Alabama, US of A 
Unknown Teacher. 
Subject: “The Beauty of the Mosaic.”

Received by Oscar.

Teacher: “Human beings have always felt the need to explore the things they can’t perceive, but which they somehow know to exists.  This is a product of the duality of living in a material world, whilst also being a spiritual creature. You live in a mortal body, but at the same time with your mind you can leave that body, and see yourself from ‘out there’.  Besides, within you there is a Fragment of the Father Creator which has an eternal origin, without beginning or end, and which always reminds you about what you really are.

“For this reason, throughout history, writers, painters, and poets, have tried by different means to describe whatever little they can grasp about reality beyond the material world.  As your soul continues to grow and your discernment increases, you can recognize something you see in a painting, something you hear in a song, or something described by the verses of any of your siblings’ poems.

“All this collective knowledge is part of your contribution to the Supreme.  Each one of you is discovering the Creator in a unique, creative and individual way.  Each one of you lives a life that is an illustration of a unique concept, and it is a unique expression of deity.  This is how it was intended by the architects of creation and this is your contribution – your gift – to the Supreme Being.

“Therefore, abandon once and for all the madness of pretending that all should follow the same path.  Stop trying to convince your siblings about seeing things the same way or thinking the same way you do.  Stop forcing your children to adopt blind norms and beliefs which purpose you don't even understand.  Our Creator Father is eternal variety and unlimited creativity.  In a universe of infinite colors and personalities created to be unique there is no place for monotony, stagnation and uniformity.

“The only singularity in universal life is unity of purpose, since it is expected that all creatures learn to live the Will of the Father and thus participate in universal creation.  Each and every one is working at the task of universal service to achieve an ever expanding expression of the individual personality and more complete personal satisfaction, where each piece is essential to the beauty of the mosaic.”

The 11:11 Progress Group. 
You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire—ABC-22.