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Isis' Message of the Day -
"The Supreme Creator knows only perfection and our Father/Mother God parents want only the very best for all Creation. They do not punish.  They do not take sides.  They do not know anger or fear.  They are filled with and radiate only Love/Light which is comprised of compassion, joy and harmony, as well as all things good and righteous. It does not matter what religion you are. It does not matter if you are an atheist, an agnostic or whether you say you hate or deny God. You will never truly die; you only change form. You are immortal.  Remember, you are a refracted Light/Spark of the Creator. You see through a lens made up of vibrational frequencies which are composed of thought forms, intention and actions resulting in a unique picture of reality  you have created over many thousands of lifetimes.  You are in the process of reclaiming your higher truth, refining your thoughts and clearing your vision, and as you do so the veils of illusion are slowly dissolving while you gradually build your new version of paradise/Heaven on Earth which will gradually blend and meld with the visions of your brothers and sisters in Spirit. "
~  I AM Archangel Michael. ~
Transmitted through Ronna Herman *  *
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
~ Lady of the Light ~

The Beloved: Back to the Beginning
Received by Kenton David Bell
We want to go back to this time in the beginning when this idea of creation here on your planet, planet Earth, was just an idea; when it was a concept.  For in this time and place, in the beginning, God Source had this inclination to experience self, experience "Self" in a way yet to be experienced.  It needed and desired this experience in order to understand and experience and perpetuate itself because, just like you, it knew not fully who it was. 
It wanted to understand, you see.  It wanted to know.  It wanted to have the experience of itself in a new way.  And that's where this great wonderful experience of human form, human existence, began.
And just like Creator, you also have a yearning to know thyself.  And it is this yearning, this mechanism within you that perpetuates the creation that you are all involved in.  Perpetuates that creation and catapults you forward in your evolution (evolution here meaning the "getting to know of thyself," you see.)  And it is in that process of that evolution that we are speaking to today; that evolution of consciousness.
And where you are as a whole on the planet at this time, all of humanity, is you're in a time of Great Remembrance, remembering that this is who you are; remembering that which began it all.
We are the Beloved. And so are you.
In your DNA are the very codes of creation.  Also within your DNA are your dreams.  Your dreams of what can be.  Your dreams are here to spur you in the direction of your evolution as creator.  When you follow your dreams, you then begin to call forth all of the components needed to manifest your dreams and desires.  This is walking your growing edge!
Look around ... at your life ... what do you see?  Do you like it?  Do you hate it?  Some of both?  Feel great joy?  Feel nothing?  Well, here's the good and bad news ... you created it!

Today's mantra:  I listen to my dreams, knowing that the keys to manifesting my desires are in my reach.  Today I'll dare to take a first step in making a dream a reality.  I choose to create in my life that which brings me joy, happiness and well-being.  And so it is. 

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