A World of Peace

1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  Mayan Messages: Balancing Act
3.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
4.)  Ascension Insights: Unfriended! And That's All Right By Me
5.)  Think Above It
6.)  A World of Peace
7.)  Polaris: All That Is

Isis' Message of the Day -
The Love/light Force from the Supreme Creator and Our Mother/father God Is Refracted into Prisms of Light, Rainbow Colors Containing All the Virtues, Qualities, Aspects and Potential of Creation.   As Co-creators,  it Is Through Our Thoughts/intention/actions That These Are Molded and Manifested into Form.
How will you use this gift beyond compare? What are your greatest desires? What will be your legacy to humanity and the world?  Reach for the stars, beloveds, for there is no limit to what you can manifest when your visions are in harmony with Spirit. 
I AM Archangel Michael
Having abundance or living in poverty is up to you. The more you will acknowledge your own power of Creation, the more powerful you become. Just as the more you deny that power the weaker you become.
I AM ISIS a "Spritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones. You are surrounded by people who love you. Do you see them? They are everywhere. Seek out those who know how to love and let them teach you how to be loving. It will be easier to open to this loving energy when you are around those who love and support you unconditionally. Be at peace.
Blessed are you who hear the call of the children. Blessed are you who hear the call of your loved ones. Blessed are you who reach out to someone in need. Blessed are you who reach out for help when you need it. Blessed are you who see the beauty in life and share it with others. Blessed are you who see the beauty and share it with yourself. Bless your hearts.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"  *  www.cynthialeeshelton.com/   * 

Mayan Messages: Balancing Act
As Received by Theresa Crabtree
DAY  44
Greetings, dear ones. Today with the energy of 5 and Kan, we would like to introduce to you the topic of “balance.” This can mean many things to many people. However, the aspect that we focus on today is being balanced in your human body.
It is easy to rush day after day, doing this and doing that. Before long, years have passed and many things that were of utmost importance to you were never accomplished. We ask that you consider taking time each and every day to slow down. Take time to go within: meditate, pray, contemplate, breathe.
Begin first thing in the morning before you arise. Feel gratitude for the experience and blessing of being on Earth at this time. Be mindful of all the blessings that you have. Ask for guidance for the things that are happening around you that pull you out of a state of gratitude. Set your intentions for what you choose to create this day.
Now you are ready to arise and begin your day. When possible, follow the lunar and solar cycles. Arise at dawn and gaze at the sun while filling your soul with love of the universe and all it contains. Do you have any idea how important sun gazing is to your physical form? The indigenous ones know and have followed this practice for centuries.
Clear your physical system by drinking plenty of water. If you must have coffee to start your day, we suggest you have at least a glass of water first to help cleanse your liver and system of toxins that accumulated overnight.
Like a cat, take time to stretch your body with gentle techniques such as yoga or chi gong. Do this in the sun when possible and enjoy the warmth of the sun's rays as your body absorbs necessary nutrients.
Take time to eat a hearty breakfast. Eat in a relaxed setting with your loved ones, when possible. Bless your food, giving thanks to all that were involved in getting it to your table. Grow what you can or share a garden with another. Mindfully chew your food.
Now you are ready to begin your day with an energized body, mind and Spirit. Whether you leave home or stay home to do your daily work, you are now ready to face any obstacles and receive all blessings that come your way.
Throughout the day, be mindful of your thoughts, words and actions. Are you staying in your integrity? Are you moving towards your stated intentions or goals? Are you feeling balanced, relaxed and in peace? Are you experiencing joy? Are there obstacles that need to be addressed? Are you staying in the now moment rather than worrying about the past or future?
Being balanced is a skill, similar to riding a bicycle. At first, it is tedious as you pay attention to every detail. However, as you practice balancing your body, it eventually becomes second nature as your subconscious mind takes over. You are then free to be more creative, such as riding with no hands or paying more attention to what is happening around you. Notice the wonders of nature as you pedal along.
However, there are dangers to watch for: cars, loose gravel, mud puddles, etc. With practice, you learn to avoid these pitfalls gracefully. If you lose your balance and fall, simply get up and start over. If you get tired, rest. Take a nice easy pace for longevity. Don't forget to drink plenty of water! Take a lunch, rest under a tree and appreciate all the beauty this world has to offer!
Selamet!  Kan 5
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Many blessings,
Theresa Crabtree

Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, there is truly no separation. As you are willing to step out of what has been the limited collective consciousness and to say that all things are possible and I don’t have to judge any of them—they’re all good, because everything is in terms of the At-one-ment—everything is good.
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Ascension Insights: Unfriended! And That's All Right By Me
by Jennifer Hoffman
September 29, 2010

Hi everyone,
A friend of mine recently told me that he had been 'unfriended' on Facebook by someone he once cared for. While this gesture saddened him, he knew that it was the final goodbye in a relationship that had run its course. I told him that he had to honor this person's choice and accept that they had gone as far as they could together. He would find new friends. And it made me think about my own recent 'unfriended' experiences. 
Two people who were very close to me recently unfriended me for reasons I do not understand but since both incidents happened after I refused to do something for them, I assume that I am no longer their Facebook friend because my decision interferes with the role they want me to play in their life. And I have to admit that it is a role I have played for many years, being their friend, rescuer, supporter, the shoulder they cry on when they need one and the person they turn to when they have an emotional or financial problem. 
But when they weren't in need I was the invisible person in their life, an optional accessory they could use at will. And when I turned down the most recent opportunity to offer help and support, they let me know that my presence was no longer required. And that's all right by me. 
Facebook is the new way in which we relate to people and it has become the new measure of social popularity. If we have lots of friends (disregard the fact that we may not know most of them) we are considered popular. Fewer friends means we aren't 'with it'. But these anonymous friendships also offer the opportunity to end a friendship with the click of the 'unlike' button. Presto, we are no longer friends. No muss, no fuss, no drama or uncomfortable conversations. 
If this is someone we like it can be upsetting. But we can offer our gratitude to those people who take the 'unfriend' step because they are letting us know that we no longer have to fulfill our role in their life. We are not socially undesirable to everyone, just to them. Is this an insult? I consider it a blessing. The people who decide they no longer want us in their life do so because (as was in my case), we are no longer useful to them. While that may sound harsh, it is true. When we do not fulfill specific roles for them, they can't get what they want from us on an energetic level. So we are free and they can find someone else who will meet those needs. 
What if everyone you support, befriend, are an emotional or financial anchor for and rescuer of suddenly told you they no longer wanted you in their life? Would you be happy or sad?
Chances are you would be relieved, maybe a little bit happy and perhaps even a little sad because after all you have done for them that they can so easily write you out of their life is upsetting. But there is an upside. 
In my case, I am glad to be relieved of my self imposed role in their lives. So I am grateful to those who unfriended me because I was feeling very used and unappreciated. My time and energy investments were enormous and I never received anything in return. In fact, it is perfectly all right that I no longer feel obligated to be the giver in these relationships because that frees me on so many levels and allows me to create new friendships that are more energetically balanced and fulfilling. 
Now being relieved and somewhat happy about this is a new paradigm for me. There was a time when I wanted to be part of their life and to have their approval. And I made many personal sacrifices to do that. But I just don't want to do that any more because I have cleared those connections, released that karma and I want all of my relationships to reflect my level of spiritual growth and the healing and transformation work that I have done. 
Do you have friends (and family) who take from you without giving you anything in return? Are there people in your life who treat you like an optional accessory -- you're there when they need you and you are not when they don't? Who meets your needs and really cares that they are fulfilled? Who insists that you meet their needs, no matter what is convenient, right or best for you? 
What if you 'unfriended' them? Would you be relieved, sad, happy or feel guilty? 
In September's first newsletter I wrote that this was a time for us to get clear on what we wanted in our life and that includes the people we will interact with as well as how we want others to treat us. 
Make a list of the people who love, honor and respect you. Then make a second list of those who take advantage of you, are needy, demanding and who take but never give you anything in return. Which list do you want to keep as your friends? Focus on releasing the relationships that do not serve you and then let them find their way to the door. They will be replaced by people who can be your true friends.
Stay calm, focused, detached and aware and remember your thoughts are creating every moment of your life. Think the best ones.
As you ponder this and the other things that are happening at this time (Mercury is finally out of retrograde, so it's time to move forward now), remember to:
Accept all gifts of understanding with gratitude and use them to apply forgiveness, release and healing to every situation.
Ask for guidance and confirmation and then wait for it to come to you.
Above all, be grateful for this opportunity to be part of humanity's amazing shift in consciousness as we all ascend into the miracle vibration.
Many blessings in these miraculous and amazing times,
Jennifer Hoffman
Article Copyright ©2010 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved.
About the author
Jennifer Hoffman is an intuitive, spiritual healer, mentor, teacher and author. She also channels the energy of the Archangel Uriel.  Jennifer has helped many people through the Shift through her unique insights and counsel, facilitating their healing journey. Jennifer is the founder of www.urielheals.com, an on-line spiritual healing and growth center and dedicated to the messages and teachings of Archangel Uriel.  Information about Jennifer's books, on-line seminars and services is available at her websites, or email healing@urielheals.com for information.   *  

Think Above It
by Rebecca Couch
September 2010
There are so many subjects that can be addressed at this time, but the most important of all is the cessation of inner turmoil to hold the light of peace within you. The peace is there, it is just rattled by the constant barrage of fret and worry and malcontent and false purpose and panic and judgement and hopelessness, so just stop it. Stop the chatter that hurts. Stop the thoughts that feed pessimism and doubt. There is so much more to life than this ridiculous, purposeless focus. Really.
Make a conscious, deliberate, convicted, determined, calculated, forceful, focused commitment to stop allowing your little mind to control you and to live fully in the Great Mind that knows peaceful resolve to all dysfunction by thinking above it. Yes! Remember the wisdom of raising the mind’s capabilities to solve the old problems? This is true. The solutions are a product of higher thinking as they could be indirectly resolved or dissolved. Imagine setting out on a sailing voyage fearing that the abyss could arrive anytime off of the flat Earth? Or spending futile years fixing typewriters with computers on their way? Learning to navigate with a sextant when GPS satellites are being launched? You need not know the full expression of the new, but your willingness to expand your consciousness, your trust that it is on its way and your complete faith that you are safe and an integral part of the new are all essential attributes. All is well. Hold the intent to focus your mind on the extraordinary wave of new, higher, expanded, bright, resilient, amazing, light of pure potentiality that is present and you will not be left driving a Model T when teleportation is at hand!
You have already experienced mind-blowing change in your life, so you are well-schooled for this. Prepare for more by being in excited anticipation, not the old way of fear, dread and entrenchment. Do you really want to be hiding in a bunker when a universe-busting experience arrives? This is why fairy tales are so important when we are young, because they remind us of what is really possible if we just stay in our original expanded consciousness. It was the grown-ups, especially our inner “grown up” that put us in the bunker. Who says monkeys can’t fly and rabbit holes aren’t that deep and brick walls aren’t portals?
The magical world exists in expanded consciousness and if we all continue to hold our focus beyond what is, to the infinite possibility above it, the resolutions will manifest, we will be driven to participate in the new creations and the paradise we all desire will be so. So return to the turmoil in your belly and realize it is just a result of threats from the bunker and stop it. Rise up to the light of a new day. Like a child, celebrate what is to come in anxious anticipation. (My great-grandfather used to pray for all of the unborn children, something I thought was mysterious and even a little creepy, but now I understand how beautiful that is.)
Hold the light of possibility within you. It is a big giant step up from hope. You are the birth of the future child. You are the light of the world. Yes, it is you who are the truth, the light and the way! It is everyone. There is no room now for emanating less than this. For as much as you know now, you know it is through your consciousness that the New World is being birthed and you can’t do this from a windowless bunker.
Whatever it is that taunts you, think above it. Whatever fear is in your belly, stop it and think above it. You are safe and all is well.
Be the peace.
The Council of Light is Within Us.
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HEAVEN #3599
A World of Peace
October 2, 2010
God said:
The world has hassle. Heaven has none. And yet, a time will come, when you can have hassle and sustain peace. Agitation and stillness can co-exist. They co-exist now. You may not significantly be aware of this because you are so leaned to the world that all you hear is the noise and your trembling.
What is world peace, beloveds, but enough seemingly individual people knowing their stillness even while commotion is going on?
The thing is that you don’t always want to sit still, isn’t that so? The stillness of peace always reigns. There is no escaping it, and yet you escape it with a preponderance of the world. If you had a fortune in the bank and forgot about it, how wealthy are you?
Even if you are the healthiest person in the world but have been swayed by advertising and sentiments of the world and you are convinced you are coming down with something, how healthy are you?
Even if you are physically beautiful in terms of the world, and you think you should be thinner or plumper, or taller or shorter, how beautiful are you? You could be thinking you are beautiful, and you will walk and talk as one who is beautiful. In any case, you are the one who has to know how beautiful you are.
Who else is it who has to know that you are healthy, wealthy, and beautiful but you. Yet you are a tough customer.
As for wise, you have been wise, and yet you have compensated for your wisdom with folly. In any case, you are getting wiser. And in My terms, you are getting healthier and wealthier and more beautiful every day as well. I say in My terms. In My everyday experience, you cannot be more beautiful, nor can you be healthier or wealthier. I have given you perfect health, wealth, and beauty. What you are and always were is what I see.
I even see the underlying calmness of you, the calmness you have kept hidden from yourself. Perhaps you have even run away from calmness through one activity or another. Sometimes calmness is the last thing you want. Agitation carries more pizzazz with it. Let’s face it, you have often been in the mood for pizzazz and seldom in the mood for calmness. You may prefer calamity to calmness – until calamity, what you call calamity, comes to sit beside you, that is.
Let the agitation, both pleasant and unpleasant, go on while you keep stillness close to you. Let a river rage and overflow its banks, and yet it still has its banks. It’s just that it has overflowed them. The river will noticeably settle down. The calmness waits for it. Just so, ever-patient calmness waits for you to notice it and offer it a good seat next to you.
How many times in life have you lost an important object, your keys, your cell phone, someone’s phone number, and it is not really lost at all. It is right where you left it. And you do find it after all. So is it with the calmness I have poured down upon you.
I left nothing out when I made you. You are replete with the stillness within. Even if you have no limbs, you are complete. You have consciousness, and you have the means of knowing Our closeness. Your knowing is everything, beloveds. Your knowing your completeness rather than lack is everything. I am your Completeness. I am your Totality. I am your Knowingness. I am all you need to know, for I AM All That Is, and so are you.
If you want an apricot, and you have an apricot kernel, you have an apricot. Know you have it. It will manifest. Remind yourself that in the realm of which I speak, there is no time to wait for. There is no delay. There is now, forever now, and in peace in forever now, We abide.
Dear Lady of the Light,
Your beautiful writing about the Statue of Liberty  * 
www.godwriting.org/world-peace/freedom-illegal-aliens.htm  * Thank you so much, dear friend. Gloria *
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Polaris: All That Is
by Karen Murphy
September 2010
Energy Update: Dreams
Has this been an intense week or what?
My experience of this past week, not yet resting from the urgency of September and with the energies of expansive Jupiter and the Full Moon Equinox breathing down my neck, has been one of explosive movement and color. You, too? For me, this has manifested as what will end up being a very big personal shift, the exact shape and size of which is still yet to be determined, plus other fun goodies like deep, deep sleep punctuated by a plethora of vivid nightly dreams. I ran an informal poll tonight at a party I attended of mostly energy healers, and every single person I spoke to admitted that they, too, had been experiencing more than the usual number of dreams this week.
What does this mean?
For me, the dreams have largely been relating to my personal life. I'm undergoing a transition, and I'm still on the road (still in Tucson for now and heading to Houston next week), so working things out within the context of my dreamworld makes sense to me. And yet, there is something larger here. I suspect that my informal small poll reflects a larger trend that is occurring now, which is that more and more people are beginning to move into a space of more frequent conscious awareness of the connection between the waking world and the dreaming one. In other words, we — as a global whole — are beginning to move towards a new sense of awareness.
I'll be honest here and admit that I'm now regularly having two or three dreams a night (and likely more of them that I'm less aware of) and I haven't been journaling any of them. I know that dreamwork is a highly useful tool and I recommend it often, but the thought of switching on a light and becoming awake enough to chronicle the dream doesn't seem as appealing to me at 3 am as it does in broad daylight.
I've kept a dream journal in the past and found it fascinating and often enlightening, and I think there's a way to make it work without disturbing your sleep much. I'll be working with these energies myself for a while, and welcome you to do the same.
Keep a notebook and pen by your bed, and have a light available that isn't terribly bright but emits enough light to write by.
When you awaken from a dream, spend a few moments going backward into the dream you just left and allow yourself to feel anything that comes up. When I awaken from a dream in the night or first thing in the morning, I allow myself to rest for a few moments in the sensations I have just awakened from. I think that part is important, to revisit the feelings, sensations, and emotions that were a part of the dream. Feelings are so much more powerful than words and images, and from a feeling you can evoke an entire dream.
The only other step remaining, then, is to jot down some keywords from the dream after you have allowed yourself back into the feeling of the dream. Those keywords should be enough to recall more details in the morning when you are fully awake and feel more like writing.
Right now, while this intense energy is still with us (from now until November) is the perfect time to begin journaling your dreams. You can try asking for answers to questions through your dreams, or to contact specific people, or simply to play. What you do with and in your dreams is up to yo. Resting in the feelings they bring you and bringing that energy to conscious awareness through keeping a dream journal can give you a window into an aspect of your Self you might not easily connect with otherwise.
Polaris is a being of energy  * www.polarisrising.com/  *  

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