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Heavenletter #4180 A Whole New World, May 5, 2012

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2:30 AM (7 hours ago)
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Heavenletter #4180 A Whole New World, May 5, 2012
God said:
From My heart to yours emanates My love in full splendor. What else could I possibly give to you but what I AM? I say that even as I realize that sometimes, in times of woe, you can only think I give you what you perceive as heartache and loss. I do not take anything away from you. I do not plot or plan ways to make your heart ache.
Nor is life on Earth, as you know life, a spin of the roulette wheel. Nor is life on Earth locked in place. Certainly, I do not go around thinking what mischief can I create for you today. Certainly life holds surprises for you, some that you see as wonderful gifts, and some you see as travesties.
Sometimes you may feel herded along into a corral not of your choosing. You are certain that no one in their right mind would choose the life handed to you. You are happy to accept as gifts the miraculous blessings poured upon you, the ones you like a lot. You like to feel favored by Me, yet when life brings you the categories you call unhappy or tragic, you feel out of favor, and, so, you may bat your feelings toward Me back and forth, and, so, you give Me credit and you also give Me blame. What if you did not?
There is a huge thing going on in life, and you are given great opportunity to gain a greater grasp of life and to release its hold on you.
I am well-disposed to you. I do not seek ways and means to hurt your heart. You are gaining a greater understanding and perspective on life. Your thoughts, your reactions are great building blocks of your life. How you react is not a small factor. You do not have to be limited in your reactions the whole course of your life. Not any longer do you at all.
You can have a greater understanding, even when you don't understand at all. You would have to stand on a higher mountain in order to see far beyond where you see now, yet, even on the same rung of the ladder, you can grasp greater. But, of course, you are moving up the rungs of a ladder, and you are climbing to greater heights from which your perspective grows by itself. Beloveds, there is something good for you in every moment of your life on Earth.
Of course, you are attached to life, and you want it to be fail-safe.
And, in Reality, life is fail-safe. Life on Earth is a life within a life. Earth life is the changeable drama of life. The life within a life you spend on Earth is temporary. All the boundaries are temporary. By its nature, life on Earth is fleeting. And so, you, too, manage your approach to human life, how you size it up, how you see and how you learn and what you learn. These also change. Life on Earth is the life of illusion, and, right now, you are letting go of your tightly-held attachment to it.
Interestingly, your thoughts are a great factor in human life. They are integral to your life. An event is an event, yet an event can be looked at in countless numbers of ways. You can look at life differently from what you are used to.
Try this on for size, beloved. In everything that reaches you in human life, there is a treasure. Open the occurrence and look at it in a new way, a less logical way. Logic can be a boundary, and you want to move beyond boundaries. In every bit of life, there is a treasure, and you can find it. And until you find the treasure, you can stop resisting what occurred, and you can rise above your self-imposed heartache you assumed.
A telescope will soon arise within you whereby you will see at a greater distance, and you will see a whole new world of life before you, and, when you look back, even though you will hardly look back, you will also see a whole new world behind you.