The Power of "Awareness"






 Awareness Creates Power

     The first attribute was about being created equal. The second
 one was that there is no center, and the third one is about personal
 central awareness. Let's talk about your attribute as a family
 member, and as a Human Being.
       Some of you might ask, "Spirit, where is this spiritual seed
  in my body? What part is it? Top? Bottom? Where should I point
  when I want to indicate the Golden Angel that sits inside?"
      I'll tell you where it is. It exists as an awareness that is the basis
  of the very molecules in every single cell of your body. Your biology
  is special. The spiritual part of you is married to the biological part
  of you physically. Many are beginning to discover where it is, and
  it should be no magic to you or revelation to you that it is in the
  code that you call DNA. What this means, dear ones, is that your
  spiritual blueprint of existence is in every single cell--equally. Part
  of the code of your DNA is the special meld that combines your
  spiritualness with your biology. This is the essence of your duality.
  It creates the duality, which hides who you are. It is by design--
  your design, and it is active and working in everyone hearing and
  reading this.
      Here is the news we give you about your biology; Every single
 cell has the entire spiritual picture imprinted upon it. In other
 words, there is full awareness and knowledge stored in every cell.
 This goes far beyond the old ways of thinking where you were
 "ignorant until enlightened," or that somehow energy came from
 above, flooded you with wisdom, and you walked away a better
 creature. The center (as you wish to see it) is within your cells.
 Every single secret--the full blueprint of spirituality of who you
 are, what your colors are, what your name is, what you "look" like,
 and why you're here--is in every cell of the body. Every cell of the
 body! So it's exactly opposite of what some of you have believed.
 As the revelation occurs to you, and you claim the new gifts with
 intent, you become more spiritually aware. What is taking place is
that this "secret" information is being slowly released for you, by
you. Is it any wonder that we tell you that in the "ascension status,"
you must "take the biology along"? That's where the secrets are!
    This may give you an entirely different concept about miracles
and healing. There is no outside source that comes in and visits you
when you heal yourself, or when you receive a miracle--did you
know that? No outside source. Instead, there is revelation through
 balance and awareness--a true wholeness that heals you miracu-
 lously. All healing and miracles come right out of the middle of you!
 They come from the very essence of your cellular level, as if by
 "magic." Let me define that "magic": It's the sacred inner self--
 that higher part of you that deals with interdimensional concepts,
 which knows the highest parts of physics and biology. It's the part
 that can create matter and knows the greatest secrets of love. This
 is the part that is able to perform miracles within your body--
 through your intent--through your complete knowledge, and it's
 the part that has always been there. So often your quest for God
 to grant you a miracle is actually you asking your own cellular
 structure to create one.

     "So, Spirit, where do healers come into this picture? I'll bet
 healers don't like this new concept about our own internal
power doing all the work," some have asked.

     This is not a new concept. Every wise healer will tell you that
healers don't heal--they balance. The job of every healer on the
planet is to help Human Beings balance themselves in order to
create health. Health is then created by the Human, from the
internal spiritual power of the Human's higher self. The healer's
job is to give the Human processes, facilities, equipment, sub-
stances, and information that enables balance. Think about this
the next time you sit in front of a facilitator. Healing takes two!
Healers create the "push" to help you balance. You give permis-
sion to let this balance take place, then you create the actual
healing yourself! This is the power of a Human's pure intent.
How's that for a revelation? That's awareness. Did you ever
consider giving ceremony around the healing process? Perhaps
you might entertain the thought. It will enhance the healing. The
love you create through the ceremony of celebration of the healing
as it is being created is a catalyst for great energetic healing!
    You want to know how awareness manifests power for the
planet? Let me give you an example--one that is happening right
now. Awareness at the cellular level is released automatically with
spiritual, pure intent, and that should be no surprise. When a
   Human Being says, in all honesty, " I want to know more about
   who l am and why I'm here," some of you should be able to hear
   a great fluttering of wings! There is no quest like that. There is none
   like that! Many of you are aware of how this happens. It's facilitated
   in many ways. Some of you do it automatically because you're
   there in that brilliant spiritual light, and your karma (past-life
   potential carried into this life) is clear. Some of you only do it after
   you are spiritually and physically beat down to your lowest ebb-
   sometimes by circumstances around you and sometimes-by
   another specific Human. In either case, it is by design and with your
  permission. In the next set of teachings ("The Tasks of the
  Family" ), we will examine more closely the "gifts" given to you in
  precious love by other Humans in their actions, and many times
  in their deaths. It's one of the greatest gifts there is.
      When Human Beings give permission to become more aware
  of who they are, they are using pure intent. This intent is a catalyst
  for an energy shift. You might think this energy is only about you
  and those entities around you, as we have channeled before.
  Actually, this energy is released in several ways, but one of them
  flows to the planet itself. We have spoken of the energy balance
 before, and how the actual act of becoming enlightened creates
 energy transfer. Guess why your planet is suddenly more active
 and less predictable than usual? Guess why the magnetics are
 moving around? Guess why the potentials I have given you as far
 as eight years ago are now upon you. You have changed Earth!
     Your simple awareness of your spiritual selves has actually
 begun the planetary shift necessary to complete this picture of an
 enlightened Earth. Have you seen any changes in your politics
 lately? Didn't we tell you to look for it? Didn't we tell you that an
aspect of Human consciousness change was that there could be no
secrets? How about your economy, and the efforts to "pull
together" to facilitate worldwide balance? We spoke of every one
of these things, and now they are here! This is you releasing your
energy to the planet.
There is awesome power in the realization of awareness by
Humanity! We will speak more about this in a separate channeling.



Your Star Seed Lineage

    I want to tell you an attribute of the family that's sacred. You
are all from the same source. In the second attribute in this
channelling, we were quick to tell you where the source was not.
We told you to look inside, and told you that the source isn't a place
in your reality, yet it is in ours. If you could identify it, you would
name it "The Central Source." Each of you has this sacred
lineage--one that identifies you as family. I can face you and tell
you, dear ones, that there was no beginning of your entity, and
that there will be no end, and you will not understand or believe
me. The energy of your origin is far larger than Earth, and carries
with it tremendous cellular awareness. That's why we are calling
these communications "Letters from Home." There's a reason for
 you to be here--a reason that hides very, very well. It hides to
 enable you to do the job you have come to do.

{To be Continued}