Awakening Is Spreading Across The World {Channeled}

Isis' Message of the Day -
"By meditation upon light and upon radiance, knowledge of the spirit can be reached and thus peace can be achieved."

~ Patanjali ~
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I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Each season of the year and every month has its own special angel. These angels help us learn from nature the particular lessons and insights that every season imparts.
The Angel of March - brings us stamina and courage. As winter ends, we take heart from the crocuses that push their way up through the snow. The Angel of March cheers us on through life's frozen moments, boosting our morale and helping us achieve new landmarks. With the angel's help, we dare to break through whatever barrier, whether personal belief or lack of self-confidence, that holds us back. We gather the will to launch a lifelong dream or begin the project we have envisioned but never dared to tackle. As the sun begins to warm our spirits, the March angel rejoices with us at the first signs of spring and lends us courage to prepare for a new and daunting, but also fulfilling, task.

Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones. We ask that you take time to concentrate on your self each and every day. Take time for those moments when you are devoid of distractions. Take time to focus on your breath as you breathe in God/Creator and breathe out God/Creator. As you do this, imagine your connection to God/Source is strengthened. You may see it through an image of prayer. You may see it as a golden cord connecting you. You may see it through an image of Christ. Whatever helps you know your connection is in place and strong. Remember, that creator is a part of all of Creation. Bless your hearts.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"  *   *      

SaLuSa: Awakening is Spreading Across the World
Through Mike Quinsey
March 2, 2012
Live each day as it comes, as you never know what to expect when so many changes are on the verge of taking place. There can be little doubt that our allies are achieving great progress on many fronts, and that soon you can look forward to a period of explosive happenings. Already you are seeing how extensive our probes have been to remove corrupt individuals form the banking fraternity, and that has not yet finished. So as you can see, not only has the corruption been uncovered, but also those responsible. Once these disclosures gather steam, you would be surprised at how many people are coming forward with more information. The breakthrough has uncovered plots that have involved trillions of dollars, and the most outrageous and audacious acts to steal from their rightful owners. We intend that such monies are returned to them providing they were legally acquired in the first place. Much money that has been misused has come from the public purse, and in fact astronomical amounts are involved.
Is it no wonder that you have been denied sufficient for your needs when it has been diverted to private accounts, and black operations. We have been putting an end to such criminal acts so that wars can be considered something of the past, and world peace declared. To do all of this we must have the backing of the major governments, but only when they have been purged of those who do not have your full interests at heart. That is being worked upon and the case against them is being prepared. It is often a matter of whether each member has been true to their oath, and regretfully very few have.
So Dear Ones, we obviously know what is required to push on, but sometimes the task is so big it does take a great deal of negotiations. When we and our allies strike, you can be certain that we have covered all of the possibilities and are going to be successful. For some years we have planned well for this time, and our plentiful resources will ensure we achieve our goal. One of our biggest assets is our ability to go wherever we wish without being detected. It means we know the dark Ones plan, but does not mean we can always interfere. There are Universal Laws that govern all acts, and we have to observe your right to make your own freewill decisions. Although that may be hard to understand, that also includes the dark Ones. What often happens is that you give away your freewill, by not opposing what they have indicated they are to do. Duality is more of a game than you imagine, and quite a serious one at that. However, you can now begin to relax as the cabal and their organization have suffered a great loss of power due to our actions.
The Light which is growing all of the time is touching the hearts of more and more souls, and the awakening is spreading across the world. In every country without exception people are insisting upon being told the truth, and demanding that their representatives do so. Excuses or failure to respond is no longer being accepted, and action is expected. As you have seen already in some countries, it has resulted in massive demonstrations. The people have spoken and they will be listened to in future. In fact, politics as you know them now will never return, as in the New Age those who are of the Light will be identified and appointed for their allegiance to the Creator and all life.
There will be a more spiritual approach to all manner of things that affect the quality of life. Even religion will have to re-appraise its methods and teachings, so that it can been seen as unscrupulously honest and true to the Light. Many religions have set out to use their position to have power and control over their followers, and regretfully used fear to keep them in the fold. The fact is that you do not need outside help to understand the truth, as it is all held within. However, you follow your own path and sometimes it takes you to someone who has travelled further than you have, who can give you guidance. All decisions made by you can be checked out intuitively, so find a way of being able to take a quite moment or two to do it. The problem is that sometimes people ignore their intuition if it does not confirm what they would really like to do.
You will have a lot to learn in the short space of time left before Ascension. However, it will be most enjoyable as you absorb the new understanding of the purpose of life, and realize that it is meant to be a happy and joyful experience. Not only that, you will move onto a new path that introduces you to what you may expect after you ascend. It is after all your intent to return to the higher realms, that you have worked so hard to achieve. It comes quite naturally as it is familiar to you from the time you travelled through it, to drop into the 3rd dimension. You are worthy souls that have proved yourselves powerful, and with the ability to overcome the darkness.
The Galactic Federation is so pleased that finally you are getting the evidence of change, in such a way that there is no denying that it is taking place. With our intent to allow you to see our craft more frequently, it has eased the suspicion that some of you have held that we are potential invaders. We have shown for many years that even when provoked, we are able to deal with it without any aggression or wanton actions. Our approach has always been in recognition of the sacredness of life which we honor and worship, as each one is a part of the Creator. The same applies where the Illuminati are concerned, as for all of their wickedness we are obliged to see them as souls of Light as everyone else. Their Light may be dim, but nevertheless it is still possible to grow from that position back to full Light. Their fate will be decided on Earth, but from a spiritual perspective, and it means that they will be shown mercy and compassion.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and as we move into the next phase of your path to Ascension, we feel so privileged to be the ones who are pledged to ensure you are fully prepared. It will be a most wonderful time, and you will enjoy freedom such as you have not really experienced in your present dimension. You do not have much longer living under the present conditions, and soon you will be amazed at how quickly the changes will occur. Be bold and be brave and walk your Light in the true love you hold, and are.
Thank you SaLuSa. 
Mike Quinsey
I receive my messages from SaLuSa telepathically, he is speaking for the Galactic Federation. I have never had the advantage of being able to have a relationship where I can ask questions. I sit down at a specific time to make contact and then I get images or what I call 'packages" of images or words which I translate straight away onto the computer. Since March, 2004 I have been in contact with beings from the Galactic Federation.  *     

Archangel Gabriel: Thriving in the Heart of Sacred Awareness
Received by Shanta Gabriel
February 27, 2012
Dear One,
Your heart will provide the guidance you are seeking when you blend the worlds of spirit and matter within your life. As you claim Unity in a world of polarity, it creates an empowered connection to the Source of all Light. Increasing frequencies of Divine Love are elevating your consciousness in ways that allow greater Truth to surface from your heart, the seat of your intuition. To consciously empower the energy frequencies in which you live, create clear intentions that let the Divine know what you are available to experience in your life. The fields of potential around you will then begin to expand exponentially.
All is frequency. The accelerated rates of energy that heighten awareness are so malleable that extraordinary results can be seen in your life in a very short amount of time. It requires your taking responsibility for your thoughts and feelings in such a way that your magnetic field only radiates the life you are choosing to live in. Your heart is a powerful guide in this process. As the human expansion into multi-dimensional consciousness explodes in the arena of the human heart and mind, new chakras are opening within your being.
One of these energy centers is what can be called the Sacred Heart. It has also known as the Magnetic Heart, the High Heart or the Seat of the Soul. Located behind the sternum in the area of your thymus gland, this energy center can open new doorways to Christed awareness. You can increase the frequencies in this chakra by consciously filling that area with Divine Love every day as a spiritual practice.
Just imagine that this area contains a Sacred Vessel that you can fill with the Light of Divine Love as a pure elixir of God’s Grace, a Divine Substance. Not only does this empower connections to your intuitive knowing and creative awareness, but your physical being will also resonate with these heightened frequencies. You can create an inspiring image of a beautiful crystal chalice in the area of your High Heart. As you place your palms on your chest, and breathe into this area, a very simple prayer of invitation can be used, such as:
"Divine Presence, with every breath I take, fill my Sacred Heart with Divine Love and Illuminate my heart with your Grace. Thank you.”
Your thymus gland responds to this Divine Light by expanding so it can take in more Divine Substance. This increases the T-cell count in your body thus empowering your immune system. This process allows you to assist your physical body to learn how to manage the new heightened energy frequencies the Earth has been experiencing during her ascension process.
The Ascension Process
This ascension process of the Earth started to increase at the Harmonic Convergence, August 16 and 17, 1987. The 25 years since that time, a vast experience of raising consciousness, has been broken into 3 distinct time periods. From 1987 to 1996, there was a ten-fold increase in the frequencies of accelerated energies each year. Many world-altering events occurred as you witnessed massive parts of the world reorganizing into smaller, freedom-oriented pockets of independence. Those old enough to remember the changes that took place personally may remember the new ideas that seemed cosmic in orientation such as the awareness of the Angelic Dimensions suddenly coming into the forefront of people’s awareness. Even though exploited for financial gains, the mass consciousness began to include the presence of Angelic Light Beings that are here to assist planetary evolution.
Awareness of the need to preserve and conserve the Earth’s resources became much more pervasive in the consciousness of many people as well as the weather changes that were occurring. The beginning of the information age and the Internet came into being. More information about what was happening on both a cosmic level as well as behind the prevailing news started to become more important.
From 1997 to 2006, the energy increased one-hundred fold yearly and people became more aware of Truths needing to be brought out into the open, mistrust of government institutions awakened. Wars became commonplace reflecting the inner chaos within most people’s minds. Emotional states were fluctuating as fear-based consciousness began to pervade the airways. As pressure from the heightened energy frequencies continued, people immersed themselves in the new technologies. Although often intended to help manage the masses of information, for many it has been used to evade the mounting pressure.
From 2007 to 2012, the waves of heightened energy frequencies pushing the evolution of consciousness are increasing by the day. The mass awareness of the link between our realities and our thoughts has become more clear. Greater polarities exist as that which has been dark and hidden was brought forward into the light of awareness. In the process, people have become so immersed in fear of the future or the mass changes occurring in their daily worlds that some are missing out on the opportunities presented by the highest frequencies of spiritual energy ever known in this world. The ways to manage an accelerated life lie completely in the spiritual realms. Humans are being asked to ground Divine Light into their lives in a way that brings more simplified and subtle changes. Miraculous occurrences, synchronicities and empowered energy hookups are being provided for those who are paying attention.
Where Can I Find Peace?
The world can be so busy and distracting that the simplicity of spiritual grace can be overlooked. The beauty of Truth and Love is being trampled in fear of loss when your greatest initiation in higher consciousness at this point in time may lie in the questions: How much Divine Love can I receive, and how do I want it to change my life?
Nothing can be accomplished by moving faster. Allowing yourself the quiet moments your Soul is longing for can create great depth and purpose for life. These times require an integration of the accelerated energy now flowing into your being. You cannot move at the speed of Light yet, but you can open your heart and mind to receive this Divine Light and then use it to empower and clarify your life.
It requires you to treat yourself with compassion and respect. There has never been a time like this on Earth and you are doing the best you can. Believe in yourself and trust your intuition to show you what makes your heart sing with happiness. Your heart is becoming your compass in this New Earth time. Use it to chart your actions in the world. When you bring in the Light Force of Divine Love, it empowers your body and mind to respond to the guidance available in these higher energy frequencies. Open your mind to Faith.
The greatest challenges you face in your life require the greatest trust to truly know that the Divine Presence will not only take care of you, but every situation in the world that you are concerned with. You live in a benevolent Universe, and you have unlimited assistance to enable you to meet this time with guidance, strength. You are not alone and miracles await your invitation. If not now, just "When" did you think you would need Faith?
Shanta Gabriel

for Archangel Gabriel
(c)2012 Shanta Gabriel is an inspired teacher, healer and the author of "The Gabriel Messages." This volume of compassionate wisdom for the 21st Century from Archangel Gabriel, is personal as well as practical, and provides clear suggestions for emotional and spiritual balance. Shanta's new book, Messages from Archangel Gabriel on Divine Light is now being offered as a free E-Book download on her *  Shanta posts regular messages on her blog, * Shanta also leads an experiential seven month Archangel Study Program. For more information about this powerful soul's journey, her private sessions or workshops, visit   *       

Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, you have said, “I will come one more time. I will suffer the slings and arrows of the world in order to walk amongst the brothers and so they would know me to be one of them. But I will also show them by my hope, by my understanding, meager though it may seem to be from time to time, that there is another way to live, to express, and to connect once again with the Christ, the Christ that is expressing in this world.”
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Communication with the Federation Of Light
Received by Blossom Goodchild
February 24, 2012

Hello up there, or over there, or through there. Wherever you actually are, Hello!
We welcome you into the space that is known to you as your heart space. We are excited to be speaking with you in this heightened form as it requires less manoeuvres.
In order for one to fully appreciate that which is to come, it would be most advisable for those of your race to concede to lifting the bar a little. In that so many of you are awake and aware, so many of you are following messages and turning that which was once negative into the positive.
Yet we would suggest that the one important thing you are not doing is accepting the Truth of who you are. In that you are all so much more than who you consider yourself to be. When you recognize how much "Lighter" you are from that which you consider yourself to be then so much more can be accomplished in a shorter space of time, due to the High Vibrational spark that would be emanating from each one of you.
Well, it’s 2012 chaps! We need to get a move on do we not? No more mollycoddling about. If you are asking us to recognize ourselves in a much Lighter way then please feel free to give us a few pointers.
Then let us do so. Close your eyes.
What did you see?
I saw myself sitting here, but I was not me, I was the form of human being yet I was not physical I was just White/Silver Light and I was ‘broadcasting’ that Light Out, just by Being That Light.
And there you have your answer. If each one of you accepts that this is who you "Truly" are, not just imagines it, but "Knows" it … "Accepts" it as "Truth," then you cannot be anything else other than that. And when you 'Trust' in that acceptance and 'Feel' from within you all the time that you are 'That Light' shimmering out, on a level that you 'Know,' but you do not have to think about, then as life brings itself to you you will say, ‘Now I Recognize Who I am!’
You are underestimating yourselves and your capabilities. You are able to resonate on a much Higher Vibration than you ‘believe.’ What if we explained that you will only resonate on a level you think you are worthy of? And you are all so much more worthy to "Bathe in this Light' than you allow yourself to take note of. You are "of this Light."
Turn up your dimmer switch! We say to you that when you do so, when you shine as the brightest stars that you are, you will recognize too the power that is within. The power to change all that requires to be transformed into that which is worthy of being a part of you. You are all One, yet on many levels you do not like to accept that you are part of that which is not so very bright. You can by "Being your Light" in its finest glory, change that which needs to be uplifted. "Just by being You." You do not have to ‘crusade,’ you do not have to prove points, you just have to emanate "Love" all the time.
When you said about proving points, isn’t that how we can make change? By making things get noticed and proving the point that we won’t undergo further 'imprisonment?' Isn’t that what a part of 2012 is about? Standing up for what we believe in and making the change happen by forging together to indeed ‘prove points.’ I am of course thinking of ‘Occupy’ movements etc.
We ask of you to be understanding in that which are to say. If there are souls of your world that choose to do this, to take a stand, then this is what they are being driven to do. We are not making judgment on that for much is ‘happening’ within and throughout the episodes involved in this and everything has its rightful place. So be it. Yet we are separating that which is of physical positioning to that which is of pure ‘Giving out of Light.’
In the days ahead, when more and more souls evaluate that which is of service to themselves and others and that which is not, there will be so much that will have this ‘Ah Ha’ factor. So much will make sense to you that simply does not now. Yet, to brighten yourselves up, by degrees much further than you even imagine yourselves to be, will manifest these ‘Ah Ha’ moments much more quickly.
It is time for you to step up. With Love we say, do not be complacent about your position upon Earth. You came here to assist in its movement into a Higher place. You came to be part of its uprising. What you consider yourselves "Now" to be of joy and Love and all being ‘jolly splendid.’
Jolly splendid???? What ho! Chocks away and all that!!!
It is just the preschool excitement. That which you are to become involves so much more of yourselves.
And yet … am I correct in saying that you mean ‘Do not be complacent about ‘just Being?' Which in effect is simply being Love.
Yes, yes. It is indeed simple "To Be," yet how do we put it to you? It would be valuable to you to "Just Be" in a much Higher Vibration than you are allowing for yourself.
If you continue without breakage to 'Feel' and visualize yourselves with this bright White Light pouring from you, ever flowing from the stream of life/Love. Never pausing, never ceasing, simply Being this White Light at all times, you will come to discover a pulse that beats the same rhythm amongst you. Your heart beats will sing the same song. Your breath will hum the same tune. There will be a unification when you realize that you are resonating the same melody and we say that when the full orchestra is ‘in tune,’ you will be playing The Divine Symphony. It was written long long ago and now it is for it to be played. To be heard. "To Be."
We are aware that much of all that we say can only be ‘hoped for’ by you. Under the circumstances in which you have undertaken much seems ‘pie in the sky.’
We would suggest that the importance of treating the physical body with the respect it deserves as well as the spiritual one can complement beautifully. They then are able to dance along with the ‘music being played.’ One is ‘slightly’ aware of the physical and spiritual. When one is ‘fully’ aware of the capabilities of both, there shall be celebration and awe.
Let go dearest souls of Earth, of all the heaviness that has become part of you, yet never belonged to you. Treat your minds and your bodies and your souls with the utmost treasured discipline you shall gain so much insight should you make that choice. Prepare your bodies and your spirits for what is to come. You are on the way shedding all that is no longer of value as you walk. Feed your beings with the nourishment that allows full function. You are certainly not firing on all cylinders, yet when you do, how you will look back and smile at your ignorance.
That which you hear about from ‘us,’ that which you choose to ‘take on board,’ is from our hearts. We come to assist you in ways that will assist you to assist your selves. This we consider to be of most value. That which we can offer you in ways of wisdom is our purpose. To share and dream with you. To bring about the "Truth of Who You Are and What Is."
We are brothers and sisters of One Light. All of us. There is not one living thing that is not part of this one Light. As we shine outwardly from our inner most knowing of that which is truth, we accomplish our destiny. We achieve that which has been planned from eons of time ago. It is here dearest ones. "The time is now."
You are in the most fervent of times. We are in these times with you.
Together we breathe as one. One light , one love together. We are one.
I know that’s it, thank you. Until next time …
In Love and Thanks.
Blossom Goodchild is a professional ‘direct voice’ channeling medium working with spirit and cosmic energies. *  *