Authentic Expression of "You!"

1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  The New Year, The Lion's Gate
       and the Authentic Expression of "You!"
3.)  SaLuSa: Love is Light and it is lifting up 
      every soul and Mother Earth
4.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
5.)  From the Valleys of Your Heart

Isis' Message of the Day -
Life is change.  Life is growth.  And if you live it with integrity, if you follow your own path and your own dream while also being respectful of others' needs and desires to do the same, you will do well.  Less energy is wasted in allowing life to flow as it needs to flow, as it does flow, than in fighting against both the forces of life and your own nature.
I AM ISIS a "Spritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Uriel's Message -- Compassion and Pity
There are two types of empathic responses that you use when you connect to others, compassion or pity. One is empowering, the other is disempowering. One focuses on limitation, the other holds the energy of expansion. One is helpful and the other is not. With one you disempower both yourself and the other person and in so doing risk re-opening karmic cycles with them that you may have already closed.
You make the choice to connect with compassion or pity in a single instant and then you either become part of others' drama or step aside and allow them to light their candle from the light you extend to them.
The less helpful of these two responses is pity because through it you agree with someone's helplessness, lack of power, confusion, doubt and lack of faith. You connect to them from your own woundedness and are reminded of your pain. With pity you are in agreement with their pain and feel the best solution is to offer your wound to show them they are not alone in their suffering. Sometimes others want to be rescued when they are in a powerless place. Are you willing to play the role of their rescuer?
Compassion requires more effort because with it you release the need to be 'doing' something for others. Compassion does not ask you to do anything, other than to see others in their best light, highest vibration and full potential. Even though their wounds remind you of your own, you can respond from your healed center instead of remembering your own pain. You can be a powerful example for others but you cannot be powerful for them.
Those who ask for pity are seeking validation for their suffering. They may respond to your offer of compassion with anger because you are reminding them that suffering is a choice, just as being powerful is a choice. Do you need to be reminded that you once suffered like them or are you grateful to have found your strength and can show others that they can find theirs too? In times of transformation use compassion to remind others of their ability to heal any wound, that they can find their shining light within and do not need pity. They will find the way to end their suffering when they remember who they are and are able to rescue themselves through their powerful inner light within.
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The New Year, The Lion's Gate
and the Authentic Expression of "You!"
by Celia Fenn
July 26, 2010
Well, Happy New Year everyone! Yes is New Year! Many of the Cycles of Time that are based on more authentic star counts of Galactic and Earth time begin their cycles on the 26th of July!
Many of you may have switched to the Mayan based Calendar of "New Time" developed by Jose Arguelles and based on the 13 Moon Cycle. In this system, the year we are leaving behind was the "Yellow Self Existing Seed" Year, and the one that we are entering is the "Red Overtone Moon" Year. These are symbols or glyphs for certain kinds of Cosmic energies that impact on our deep consciousness as we move through the space/time continuum with Spaceship Earth.
Yellow Self Existing Seed is my personal birth tone, so the last year was quite intense for me, you might call it spiritual double whammy. Make no mistake, it was a great year, and full of new beginnings, but it was not an easy one. Like many of you, I was challenged on practically every level to open up and experience and express more of my authentic self. So, the big changes have impacted on every level of my life, to the point where I am even in the process of moving house to a new location that is better suited to the tones and energies that will emerge in this new cycle of the Red Overtone Moon.

This is the glyph for the Red Overtone Moon, as taken from "The Mayan Oracle - Return Path to the Stars" by Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bryner. Here is what they say about the nature of Red Overtone Moon:
The number for Red Moon is 9, which symbolizes the recurrence of great cycles. An example of such recurrence is the periodic return of master teachers to help awaken human beings on Earth. Nine is the number of Quetzalcoatl, Buddha, and Christ. Red Moon is a symbol for great teachers who have come to translate universal wisdom to humanity, to embody the awakened state of consciousness that is accessible to all. Such teachers serve as a connection to the Divine and hold the promise of full self-mastery.
Certainly, this aligns with where we are now. We have awakened fully in the Yellow Self Existing Seed year, and now in the Red Overtone Moon year we are ready to experience the "Master Teacher" within. This is not about the return of a single great Master Teacher, but about each awakened being finding the Master Teacher within their own being, or the Divine Spark within their own Hearts! What a magnificent year it promises to be on this incoming and powerful wave of Cosmic Light as we move into a New Cycle and a New Energy.
In the Syrian cycle of Stellar time-keeping, July 26th is also the time when the Star Sirius begins its helical rising in Egypt, signifying the rising of the Nile and the flooding of the land to bring abundance. This was also symbolic of the new wave of "Cosmic Water" or Light that would flood through from the Galactic Center to the Earth and bring waves of blessings and the New Codes for Planetary evolution and growth. These New Codes will be activating and electrifying every cell of every being on the Planet with the New Information for the Divine Plan for the Coming Year.
The "Lion's Gate" is thus a Star Portal of New Energies, traditionally assisted to the Earth through Sirius, but now received independently by the Earth in her new status as a "Blue Star" capable of receiving and transmitting Stellar Light Codes. This transmission reaches its climax on the 8th of August (8/8), and then the Stargate closes on about the 12th of August. Certainly a time of Great Celebration for Star/Planet Earth and those who live on her and are awakened and conscious of the nature of Cosmic Evolution.
So, we can expect that this will be a powerful time, but also more stable and more peaceful than perhaps the last few months when this energy first began to make itself felt in the energy field of the Planet.
The Great Teacher has arrived......and it is You!
In this coming year, you will be challenged to connect ever more deeply with the Christ or Buddha within, that Spark of Divine Light and Love that is uniquely You!
Yes, each one of us carries that Spark of Light, and each one of us is a unique expression of that Light. In this coming year, you will seek to express more of Who You Are and what makes you into YOU. This is a process of coming to know yourself and the deep wisdom that resides within you. It is coming to trust yourself to know and to feel what is right for you and what is the right path for you to follow. No one else can tell alone must choose by listening to the Great Teacher within who will support you and guide you into this new energy of Love and Creativity.
It will be an exciting time and a creative time, and a time of great blessings. It will also require you to be very grounded! Feet on the Ground, here on the Earth, experiencing yourself within your Human Angelic Body in the Fifth Dimensional Earth of Miracles and Blessings. Being and Becoming.....on the exciting journey of Earth Reality.
So, I wish you a wonderful journey in the New Cycle of the Red Overtone Moon Year! May you glide on Starlight into a Paradise of your Dreams...whatever they are. Seat belts on....Here we go........!!!
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SaLuSa: Love is Light and it is lifting up
every soul and Mother Earth
As one individual you can at times feel your presence extending far beyond your physical body. It can be so powerful that you can link with nature and understand its song. It is the desire and belief that it is possible that opens you up in that way. Certainly nature loves to communicate with you, and it can shift from a level of simply feeling, to one of direct contact at a conscious level. There are no boundaries where it is concerned, and some of you will know that there are Beings who can for example communicate with Mother Earth. Everything has a degree of consciousness, and it is not uncommon for some people to talk with trees or plants. Have they not reported that when it is done with love, that there is a response? To others without that experience or belief, it is not understood and even looked upon as silly. 
When you ascend such matters will be fully understood, and you will be able to communicate with all life around you. Once you can accept that you have such capabilities try using them, and in time you are sure to get results. Could it be that your gardeners who have so called “green fingers” love what they do, and love their plants? Think about it, and realise that every soul is seeking love and is uplifted by it. Some feel unloved and believe that they are separated from God, yet it cannot be so as you are always enfolded in Unconditional Love. You have an expression that “love makes the world go round” and this could not be truer. Love is Light and it is lifting up every soul and also Mother Earth. It is the powerful energy that is breaking down the lower vibrations, as they cannot continue to exist in its presence. 
Love is really all you should be concerned about, and the more you can create together the quicker you will progress to Ascension. As has often been stated, Love is the glue of the Universe, Love is God, Love is the Creator. The lack of Love allows the darkness to creep in, and causes separation and eventually the breakdown of matter. It reaches a point where it can no longer hold its form and disintegrates. If you have ever heard reports of what it is like in the lowest astral levels, you will know that the vibrations are so low that it is almost completely devoid of Light. More to the point matter is unable to hold its form and tends to fall apart. Imagine being a soul who has dropped to this level through their lack of Light. It is a miserable existence and is their Hell, because they have allowed their godsparks to become so dim. For those of you who are concerned about what happens to such souls, we can assure you that Angelic beings wait for them to express the desire to return to the Light. It is then that every assistance can be given to help them climb that steep hill that faces them on their journey back to it. Remember Dear Ones, no soul is left to flounder or without guidance no matter how far they have fallen. 
Entering the end times everyone one of you has some attachments to clear up, and these will come to you at some stage for cleansing. You will know when it happens, and if you accept what it is you will be able to transmute them. They might be wayward thoughts that impinge on your consciousness, and no longer serve you. Despatch them with thanks, and tell them that they no longer have a place in the new life you are building. In fact when you look back you may well find that you have already dramatically changed. After all, your preset life has been purposefully planned for your upliftment, It has included testing periods when you have been challenged to show, that you have put the attraction of the lower energies behind you. 
We do not want to paint a bleak picture of events occurring on Earth at present, but it is our duty to present it as it is. Clearly we cannot always give you the complete picture, as sometimes our knowledge of events is best kept quiet to protect people involved in them. Furthermore with our advanced methods of collecting information we know far more than the dark Ones are aware. We do not want to alert them to exactly what that is, so we work with a degree of necessary secrecy. When you also consider that we have computers that have a great deal of accuracy in predicting the future, we have to be guarded as to what we give out. Our allies are aware of this and by and large they too operate this way, and it would not do to identify them. In fact, just at present there are some disturbing possibilities that give us concern, but having said that they are closely followed by us. We will step in where it is allowed, and will always lessen the outcome of actions that threaten your safety. 
For the majority of people in your world, life will seem to be moving ever onwards much as it always has. It is the greater picture that shows the changes taking place, and your media is often reluctant to mention them. For example your Sun is changing and that is having a big impact upon your Earth. It may well reach a peak very soon where your electrical equipment may malfunction. There are powerful energies striking the Earth and communication channels may suffer. Eventually there will be such profound changes of this nature, that electrical systems based upon your present knowledge will no longer function at all. Be assured however that in anticipating this change, we will have provided you with alternative sources of power. It will of course bring changes in nearly every type of communication and transport you presently use. These will be much more to your liking and be totally environmentally friendly and clean. 
The positive aspects of your Sun are many, and it acts as a conduit to channel the higher energies coming to you from outside of your solar system. It will play its most important part when there is a powerful alignment with the Central Sun of your Universe, and you know this as your Winter Solstice of 2012. It is the point at which a quantum leap forward takes place, and propels you into the higher dimensions. It will truly signal the end of your cycle in duality, and by then you will have been fully prepared for such an upliftment. It is what you have been excitedly waiting for, and will be the crowning glory of your present life. 
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and bless you all for such great determination to raise Humanity to a higher level. Your success is a credit to your passion and intent to bring Love and Light back to all souls, in readiness for Ascension. 
Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey

Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, sometimes ones will be most obstinate, stubborn perhaps, resistant in accepting your love. So you just smile at them, because you know that in time, whether it be this lifetime or another lifetime, they will come to the place where they will accept the love. The love is never wasted. It is always put forth as you would put money into the bank, and it is held in the energy form for that one whenever that one will accept it. So do not ever feel that any love that you put out, any friendship that you put out, any good word that you speak has gone unheeded or unneeded. It is held until that one is willing to accept, ready for it.
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HEAVEN #3534
From the Valleys of Your Heart
July 29, 2010
God said:
From the valleys of your heart comes the sweetness of the world. Your heart is the ship that sails, and your heart is also the waters that the ship sails on. Wave upon wave is issued from your heart. Let the waves be expansive waves of love that leap all the way to Heaven from where all love comes. Transmit your love, and your love will stream back to Heaven all that which Heaven has given from the fullness of its love.
So often My sons and daughters, children of My heart, look to receive a return rather than to give it. If I were to speak of owing, I would say that you feel owed more than you feel owing. I do not like to speak of owing because that connotes duty. It is not duty I speak of. I speak of the ultimate return to you which comes from your giving back and even giving ahead, giving before you have received, giving because giving gives you the most reward. Only, do not think in terms of what is reward to you. You cannot live that way because then you are ordering the Universe to come to you when, all the while, you are to lavish the Universe by the innocent giving of your heart.
Let your heart be a weed for a while. Let your heart be voluminous in its growth. Let it spread everywhere, taking over everywhere. Let your heart be totally undaunted. Let your heart be a weed rather than a hot house rose. Such a rose may look at itself in the mirror frequently and feel vain and deserving. A weed thinks differently. A weed is too busy giving of itself everywhere. A weed does not spend itself looking in mirrors.
Or let your heart be a knight's white charger who hastens through the crowds. Let your heart be the Knight who rides the white steed. Let your heart be the Knight who is so courtly and gives his allegiance to the welfare of all who are in distress and all those who are not in distress. A Knight is noble because that is what Knights do. They serve and serve to their great delight. Knight's hearts swell in joy. Happiness is theirs.
And those whom the Knight serves serve in their acceptance of the service the Knight so generously bestows.
Let Me now dub all hearts Knights forevermore. Then there will be no hearts in distress, and love will be given from joy and not need.
To go to Heaven is the lot of everyone. All the reputed requirements are not required at all. You do not even have to believe in Me in order to enter Heaven. I cast no one aside. Why would I? Would I say that any one of you must stay out from Heaven? If I said that, I might be saying there is no hope for you. I bet on more than hope. I ride on certainty. Is there somewhere else other than Heaven where you would better learn how to give and how to live?
If I am a God of Love, I am a God of Love. I do not count and keep record of your mistakes. I erase them. They are erased.
Beloveds, why would I Who AM God require a certain set of beliefs from you? Belief is nothing. Who you are and how you live and how you give, why, they are everything. I flunk no one. I do not grade in the first place. In the first place, I give love and love conquers all.
Dear Lady of the Light,
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Online Message from Dr. Meg
July 27, 2010
Greetings to each of you! I have had some interesting and powerful experiences over the past month or so, accessing new and hugely powerful energies that frankly I am still learning about. I don't often share the details of some of my more personal experiences in the "other worlds," I usually share mainly what I learn from them. Admittedly, this newsletter is bizarrely different from most of my trans-missions, but I feel that my recent experiences apply directly to all of us so this newsletter is a bit longer than usual.
Instead of the messages below being from the Masters as usual, when I sat down to write for you, the Unified Councils spoke instead. This is a momentous occasion. I described more about them later in my part of the newsletter, but for them to come through me with a message is unprecedented and I felt even though it has a serious tone, it was something that I must share. I can't promise they will be regular guest in my newsletter, but that they came at all is huge in a way that I can't describe.
While I was in Reno earlier this month, my friend Jewls, who is gifted similarly to me, and I spoke together one day at the annual Eden Event that is hosted by my good friends Robbie Nikolai and Joe Crane. The event was the best ever and the attendees formed the most spiritually mature and fully participating audience I have ever encountered. As Jewls and I presented, the Masters kept pushing at me to come in and speak. I held them off because I was talking about particularly human aspects of spirituality and I wanted to keep my talk on those lines as the message I brought was important to the times and us from our more human standpoint.
The Masters remained present with me and even though at times it was hard to even think, they contributed a great deal of new and vital information as I spoke. In the meantime, Jewls was feeling someone new with her. After our talk, as we walked to dinner, there was a huge presence walking with us. At one point, Jewls asked me who the big guy behind her was and as I looked, there stood a huge male being who was dressed like some kind of commander. He remained with us all through dinner. The energy of him and the Masters became so intense that instead of attending the concert that night at the event, we went to our room to talk with them and find out what the heck was up.
Instantly the "commander" began to speak to me through Jewls. We talked for over two hours and I grilled them about the current energies and the coming times. As we talked, he and his entourage worked on me energetically both directly and through Jewls' hands. They made huge changes to my frequencies and transferred information into my body that I am only beginning to understand. The energy was so intense it was scorchingly hot. I expected my hair to catch fire at one point when they touched my crown. But more about that in a minute.
As they worked, they spoke of the councils. That they spoke of the councils was profoundly important. There are councils that live and work in other realities who have deep connections to us all. I don't think anyone has ever known the exact hierarchy of them, how many there are, or even exactly what they do separately and together. They monitor us, they contribute to us in many ways, sharing knowledge, energy, concerns, and even at times sending emissaries to us with messages of serious importance. Sometimes they send souls to earth with the great responsibilities of assisting us to change dramatically in some way. This is something we as human beings have never known - how many and what levels these councils are. Many of us have worked with different individual councils before, some of us with the same ones and some of us with others. I always wondered what the deal was, how many are there and what is their purpose?
As they spoke, the Unified Councils told us that there are 12 Master Councils, the ones that oversee all that is basically. Then, there are 24 mid level councils who disseminate what the higher councils share. Below them, there are 7 Galactic councils. They are of different races and origins across all of the universes. We were told that night that for the first time ever all of the councils had unified and come together in a meeting regarding our planet and us. They are concerned about us and the state of our being in relation to our Earth. They are extremely concerned about the state of our planet. They have agreed to work with us to help us sustain and to heal the Earth and to share energies and knowledge that will help us achieve this. They said that they would be bringing new and high-end energies to three of us (Jewls, me and one other) so that we could assist them. Their messages were so powerful as was the energy they brought forward that both Jewls and I were complete space cadets afterward. Jewls was nearly fried from the intensity of their energies as was I. The next morning I planned to stay at the event only a short time. As I headed for the door to leave, I felt overcome with incoming messages, information, energy and a whole lot more I can't even begin to describe. I made it as far as the row of speaker's chairs near the exit door and sat down. As I closed my eyes, allowing myself to travel into the feelings, I encountered new and different groups of Masters. Some of my usual "guys" were there, but there were others of many races, as if each belief system, each race, each aspect of being in creation was represented.
The unified councils had come to work with me. I remember groups of various Masters, an aborigine (who left a profound impression on me as I felt in my very being that I already knew him, as if in some way we were related), an ET who looked different than most pictorials of them, and many other beings of strange and different appearances who came to me singularly and in groups. It seems as if every council was represented. As each came, they brought messages and teachings that became part of my energy field. I felt as if I was being infused with initiations in ancient wisdom and knowledge that I had never even considered possible. I was at once awed and humbled by it all. As I watched all of the messages become part of me I was stunned to realize that I had become a living portal. A vortex opened at the level of my heart and through it I could see infinitely reaching far past the stars and into endless heavens.
When we encounter multi-dimensional teachings they are not cognitive, or learned with our brains. Instead they become part of us, recorded in the light that is within us. There was so much information, so many messages that soon I couldn't mentally keep up so I just relaxed into the experience and let it happen. The next thing I knew I was out flat on the row of chairs. I wasn't sure how long I had been there, but the experiences continued. Years ago the Masters had shown me about energy. How to transmute it, how energy manifested as form to come together as matter and realities as aspects of creation. They showed me how consciousness works within that construct and how to use it when healing trans-dimensionally, and even far more.
Now, as they came before me, they began to come together with the different council members to teach me new and different ways to work with energy. They brought down a double helix of energy that looked like a huge DNA strand that was created of pure light. They put one leg of the helix in each of my hands. I felt an instant attunement as this occurred. Then, they began to create energy forms out of the fields within the helix. I saw this as not only a powerful lesson in energy work, but as directly related to what is happening within our own DNA structures energetically now during these immense times of change.
With their help at first and then on my own as I began to get the feel of it I began to create the same energy forms that the Masters were showing me. They were so intense, so powerful in their very nature that they were nearly manifest as 3D forms. As I created these new energy forms, they were far more complex than anything I have ever seen or worked with before. As they filled my hands, the energies stabilized into even different living shapes and forms that I was then literally able to hand to other people. They could feel the weight of the energies. They could feel their entire energy fields shifting in response. It was fascinating. At one point, I surrounded three people with this new energy, unifying their fields so that they could have at least an idea of what was happening. As I did, and the energy field united, I began to lift off the floor, levitating within the new energy. One of my friends stepped on my feet to keep me on the ground. Fire alarms kept going off in the building and continued through the next day.
Later, I was in North Carolina visiting my son and grand kids. As many of you might remember, it was there where my huge awakening occurred and the Masters first came to me. Anyway, a friend of mine was supposed to meet me there and I looked greatly forward to seeing her. She called and was in a lot of pain with a neck injury and asked if I would work on her so that she would be able to make the long drive to see me. Sure I said no problem.
I decided to work with the new tools I had been given, the new energies and their intricate forms. As I brought down the double helix of energy, a transformer by the house blew out. The power surged, and the phones were fried. When I stopped bringing in the energy the surge in the house stopped. Long story short, I had to buy all new phones for the house and I realized that the immensity of these energies are for working with the planet, not so much with people. This is new to me, as I have always directed my gifts toward assisting the souls who come here.
The new energies that are available to us now are potent aspects of the very essence of creation. They are not to be taken lightly or as a play toy. They are immediate in their effects. What I feel is happening is that when the councils said they would work with us, they have made available what I can only call the energies of the Gods to us mere humans. My sense is that used correctly, these energies can move mountains (not that we should) and heal rifts in the planet (the oil leaks maybe?), change the ocean flows, the weather and more. I guess the question then becomes who knows what is in our best interest? And who has the right to choose for an entire planet? It comes to listening, feeling deeply, working from the heart, that infinite portal of past present and future. Time will tell, I think.
So how are these energies affecting us as a whole? Many people are reporting severe neck pain, old injuries emerging painfully, complete balancing of self when only moments before were epic struggles within. It seems to be a time of quieting, of becoming and of synergistic existence within the greater One. As this shift continues who knows what we will remember of ourselves from distant pasts. What I know is that our times are definitely changing, as are we.
As always, I wish you laughter in your days, joy in your hearts and love in everything that you do. Be in peace.
Love and Blessings,
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***NOTE from Isis: Unified Councils Message in tomorrows Issue.

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