The Attribute of Love




How we can all "Partner with God"

The Six Attributes of Human Power, - # 6 >


      Now we get into the sixth one, and I will give you a word that
 you think you know the meaning of. I am speaking of love. Love
 makes the difference, does it not? It is what you've learned in these
 channelings. We have told you that the messages of Spirit are
 always filled with love, but we have been unable to truly define this
 for you, for it is not just the welling up and the emotions. It is not
 just the actions of one human being to another in times of stress.
 No. We're going to tell you what love is from a spiritual standpoint,
 you see.
     Love and physics are married, and I want you to take a trip
 with me to the nucleus of an atom, and around that nucleus is a
 vast void space--an "energy soup" as we call it. This energy soup
 has a bias, and the bias is the attribute of where the energy is at
 the moment. You might say, "Spirit, what are you doing
 talking physics? We're talking about lone here!" I'm here to tell
 you that the bias of the energy soup is love. Now I'm going to tell
 you some other things. Only three or four times have your
 scientists seem something that is absolutely baffling to them, and
 if they knew the reality of this they would be hesitant to share it,
 for it does not seem "scientific." The fact is that the bias that takes
 place in the energy soup changes depending upon the energy in
the room that it is in! Is it no wonder it's seldom the same? Can
 consciousness and love affect matter? Yes, and this is the
mechanical aspect of it. This is the secret. They're interconnected.
It is the stuff in the middle between the parts that is the love.
     This sounds odd to you, but it is this interconnection that is the
missing piece between science and spiritual thinking. It's this
attribute that has been unrecognized that is the unexplainable part
of why INTENT and love can change physical things. Do you
know about miracles within the practical Earth plane that you are
on? Do you know about those who have been healed spectacu-
larly? Perhaps there have been bones placed where bones never
were before. It's a miracle. Do you ever wonder what the
mechanics of that were? It's physics, and LOVE is at the center of
physics, you see. There are avatars on this planet that can manifest
objects in their hands at will. Did you know this? Did you ever
wonder what the physics of this was? You see, it's SCIENCE. It's
matter enhancement. It's LOVE. Perhaps it will be some time
before those in science relate what they're looking at to how
they're feeling, but it will indeed occur!
     We tell you this, dear ones, in all seriousness: Love is at the
heart of physics! Is it any wonder that the consciousness of this
planet can shift the mantle--can change the weather--can change
the orbit of an astral body? It is not Spirit doing this. Spirit is here
to report what YOU are doing. Is it any wonder that attributes that
seem to be in place and immovable can be voided out forever? Oh,
there's so much more to know about this energy soup, but the bias
is LOVE. That is the consciousness of Spirit itself, and you as
human beings are beginning to go into that vibration, to have
power with it, and that is why the miracles are happening. That is
why physics is related to spirituality. That's love.
    Oh, and it's the physics and thickness of love that is what you
feel now as we pour this love to you, and you know why? Because
it's the cellular level and the atomic level that we're dealing with,
and that's where the "welling-up" happens. That's where the
emotion happens. It's because we are affecting every single
moving part (atom) of your body. It's Spirit! Pure Spirit.
    Who do you think is the most powerful person on the planet?
Well, you might say it's obviously the leader of the largest and most
abundant country. We say no. We are talking now about Spiritual
power. Power is defined by Spirit in this conversation this night as
being that which can affect the vibration of the planet. That is
power! Not political or economic. The one who has the power of
the vibration of the planet will also hold the political and economic
balance. And so we pose the question again: Who do you think is
the most powerful? Now you might say, "Spirit, I've heard these
kinds of questions before. You're going to tell me it's me." Not
this time. I'm going to tell you it's some of you. Right now on this
planet, in this instant, in this moment, as we channel to you in all
love, we tell you this: The one with the most power to change the
vibration of the planet is the human mother. Later we will speak
about the INDIGO children arriving on the planet. You, as
mothers, have the power to create an entire generation of
balanced humans! Consciousness is the power of the future.


More to come on the other "Six Attributes of Human Power"