Crystals of Atlantis by                                     the Celestial White Beings
Channelled through NatalieGlasson- 09-07-12
We, are the CelestialWhite Beings, we are beings of pure white light and consciousness that existfrom the ninth dimension right through to the twelve dimension. We exist as asoul group on the inner planes in the multi universal and cosmic levels of theCreator's universe. It is our purpose to be at one with all the Creatormanifests as. Our energy vibration and intentions assisted and supported the originalmanifestation of the Earth and its purpose; we are here to support humanity andsouls on the Earth as well as the souls on the inner planes. We hold tremendouslove for you and have collected much wisdom as we exist through and observe themany different shifts of the Earth and the Creator's universe. We, theCelestial White Beings are drawing close to you at this moment to share oursupport and our unconditional love.
So manywonderful and miraculous things are occurring on the Earth now, most shifts andmanifestations are occurring on an energetic level and so you may not becompletely aware of the situations that are taking place. Of course you do not haveto be aware of all shifts that occur on the Earth and the inner planes. It ismost appropriate that you are aware of the shifts occurring within you. If youtake a moment to acknowledge all the alterations and shifts that you personallyhave experienced within your being and reality, magnifying this a hundred timesyou will come close to understanding the energy alterations that are occurringon the Earth and for Mother Earth. It is impossible for you to be aware of allthe energetic shifts stirring on the Earth, so your guides alert you to thoseof most importance. We wish to alert you to energies which are rising and youmay wish to connect with at this time to further your understanding of yourselfand the Earth.
We wish tomake you aware that during the time of Atlantis many large and powerfulcrystals where placed into the Earth, not only into the land of Atlantis butalso into other areas of the Earth. These were known as the Atlantean KnowledgeCrystals. The Atlanteans themselves anchored these twelve crystals from theinner planes transforming them into semi physical large crystals holding tremendouslyhigh energy vibrations. These crystals were large boulder like crystals thatcould only be moved with the power of the mind. Each crystal had its own uniquecolour and sacred geometry shape. We, the Celestial White Beings assisted inthe manifestation and anchoring of these twelve crystals of light. We, and theAtlanteans who anchored the crystals, understood that the crystals would havemeaning and purpose in future civilisations becoming of great significance whena larger number of the Creator's souls inhabited the Earth.
A crystal wasplanted into the south and the north of Atlantis.  At this time the Atlanteans were thrivingwell but many among the civilisation could see negative times drawing close.They planted these twelve crystals in a bid to dissolve the chaos that theyfelt was looming. The crystal anchored in the south of Atlantis was of a masculinevibration while the crystal in the north of Atlantis held a feminine vibration.The Atlanteans believed that by anchoring a pure crystal consciousness ofmasculine and feminine energy that it would manifest greater peace whileinspiring a greater unity of the masculine and feminine energy within their civilisationand within their beings. The crystals were seen as twin crystals, meaning thatthe masculine and feminine crystal needed the existence of each other to causebalance. This was the same for the other ten crystals that were anchored allaround the world. TheAtlanteans sometimes placed both crystals in the samecountry or they linked countries and land together by placing the masculine crystalin one and the feminine crystal in another. They assessed the land, its historyand future to discover where it was appropriate to anchor the semi physicalcrystals. Other sets of crystals were anchored into the United States ofAmerica and into Egypt. A feminine crystal was anchored into the United Kingdomwhile the masculine anchored into Ireland. The last four crystals were anchoredinto separate areas of the Earth to bring forth greater peace.
The Atlanteansof appropriate skill took time to ensure that all the crystals were embeddedinto the Earth; this caused a drastic increase in the Earth's vibration. The Atlanteanschose to programme the semi physical crystals with the purpose of collecting wisdomand knowledge from future civilisations and also so that they may filter theirown understandings as a foundation into each of the twelve crystals. In truththose high vibrational minds of some of the Atlaneans understood that Atlantiswas slowly falling from its high vibration into chaos, they also understoodthat they would be given a chance to return to the Earth in other lifetimes tocomplete their purpose of existence on Atlantis. They prepared the crystals tooffer them support and stability for their current existence and futurelifetimes. They also placed the crystals as energetic central points, due tomany people on Atlantis foreseeing a move of the people from Atlantis to otherareas of the Earth. The crystals were placed akin to magnetic points that theywould be able to focus upon and travel to with tremendous ease throughdimensions of light, if it was necessary.
Unfortunately,during the fall of Atlantis many of the six twin crystals where damaged energeticallyor were moved from their alignment, some were cast from the solid structure ofthe Earth into the sea, in some cases even into another area of the Earth. Itwas the two semi physical crystals that were anchored into Atlantis thatsuffered the most damage and were filled with negative magic and energy. Thetwelve crystals only continue to pulsate at a very slow vibration and light,they shifted from semi physical to completely physical crystals embedded withinthe Earth where they lay almost dormant. The crystals achieved their purpose ofallowing many Atlanteans to move from Atlantis to other areas of the Earth butthe Atlanteans were unable to save the crystals after this use.
Due to thetransition of the crystals into physical form many Atlanteans when returning tothe Earth in different lifetimes forgot their Atlantean lifetimes and wisdom,even the existence of the twelve Atlantean crystals, which if they had remainedin place would have allowed them to access their wisdom on returning to the Earth.
It isimportant to remember that the divine will of the Creator influences all thingsand the growth that has occurred on the Earth and within souls without thestrong presence of these crystals was more beneficial.
As thevibration of the Earth has continued to rise at a steady and constant pace manylight beings on the inner planes have been working to cleanse, heal and restorethe crystals to their original existence and positions. The purpose of ourcommunication with you today is to make you aware that the Atlantean crystalsare rising, this means that they energy vibration is increasing and thecrystals are moving from physical to semi physical once more, which is wherethey hold their greater power. You may begin to notice that wisdom from your Atlanteanlifetimes may evolve and integrate into your understanding more fully. Memoriesmay seep into your mind, abilities, skills and healing techniques from your Atlanteanlifetime. This is appropriate timing as the purpose of this period on the Earthis to collect your wisdom from the past and the future, uniting your energieswith all that is the Creator. Atlantis had a very powerful impact on the realitiesthat unfolded after the fall of Atlantis and even today many are overcoming challengesin their current reality which stem from their time in Atlantis.
Our purpose ofmaking you aware of the twelve Atlantean crystals and their constant increasein energy vibration back to their original manifestation was for a number ofreason. Firstly, we wish for you to send your love and blessings to thecrystals to assist in their vibrational increase as well as ensuring theirprotection and security. Secondly, we wish to make you aware that you will havea shift in the perspective of your mind as new wisdom held within the crystalswill flow into the consciousness of many on the Earth as a wave of awakening togreater enlightenment. We are extremely delighted to be able to share thiswisdom as it is such a magnificent achievement. Many people have spoken in the pastabout the rise of Atlantis, this doesn't necessary mean that the land will rise but the crystals and the wisdom of Atlantis will flowinto the minds and hearts of humanity, therefore indicating the rise of Atlantisas more people understand the truth of that time.
Please sendyour love, healing and protection to the crystals; in return you may feel aconnection with one of the crystals being restored which will allow for you toaccept the wisdom held within the crystal.
We, theCelestial White Beings are always here to be of service,
In celestiallight,
The CelestialWhite Beings