Consequences of Atheism

When we say "NO" to God

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"Atheism is a disease of the soul,
before it becomes an error
of the understanding"


"The cosmic religious experience is the
strongest and noblest driving force
behind scientific research."
Albert Einstein

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"A Foe to God was never a True Friend to Man"
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>>> What Happens When We Say "NO!" ? <<<
NO - Condemnation comes easily to the mind. It is the easiest thing in the world to say that something is wrong. To say no is the easiest thing for the mind. Yes is the hardest thing. --- Watch your mind, how many times it says no. Even sometimes if it has to say yes, it says it grudgingly. With no, it is very happy. The moment you say no to somebody you feel very powerful. You enjoy saying no because no helps the ego - yes dissolves it. And it is easy to say no. It is very, very difficult to say yes, because with the yes a door opens - with the no a door closes. When you say no, watch what happens in your innermost being - suddenly all doors close. When you say no, you are closed.You become a monad of Leibnitz with no windows, no doors, no bridges.
The no simply cuts all possibilities of bridging yourself to the other. All possibilities of love, prayer, surrender, all possibilities of meditation, are cut immediately, the moment you say no! --- No makes you an island, and NO man is an island. And to feel that you are an island is the greatest illusion - you are part of the whole. When you say no, you are cut, you have broken all the bridges. And the ego always wants, enjoys to say no, it relishes it. --- Watch! Unless it is absolutely necessary, never say no! Even dropping the word will make you more and more alert. Even if you have to say no, say it in such a way that it becomes positive, takes the form of yes. Just by
dropping the no you will feel many new things happening within you, because this is a very, very potential word. These two words are very potential: yes and no. They change your total being, because they are not ordinary words. They are not words, they are gestures - that's your way, your very style of life. A man who goes on saying no will become more and more sad, depressed; life will not knock on his door
any more. If you continuosly say no, how can life go on knocking at your door? Winds will not flow towards him; flowers will not be flowering on his path. He is sowing thorns by saying no. --- The no-sayer is the only atheist. To say no to God is just the
culmination of your total trend of saying no. To say yes to life is what theism means to me - to say yes to life, to open doors, to relate, to be available. Say yes and suddenly you feel windows opening inside. Just sit under a tree and say loudly, "Yes!" and feel the change. Then say "NO!" and feel the change. You create a different climate; different vibrations come with the no. With yes you create an opening, as if you have thrown a pebble in a lake, and ripples arise, and they go on and on and on, spreading and spreading; they will reach to the very opposite bank. When you say yes you throw a stone of acceptance, of love, of prayer, of your being ready, of surrender - and then the ripples go on and on and on, and they reach to the very infinity. A yes-sayer is bound to become a theist some day, because yes ultimately culminates into the divine. --- Yes becomes the God. No becomes, finally, godlessness. --- The God of the mystics can be found not by belief or concepts, but by a deep going inward. It has nothing to do with theology; it has something to do with an inner search, an insight into your own being. The moment you know who you are you have found God, and in that very finding you find your freedom, your truth ...