A Tear To Shed: Haiti

A Tear to Shed... 
Received by Alec Christos Gabbitas
Jan 15. 2010
With love and blessings do we tarry here awhile and share that which is on all and everyone's mind, and in each one's heart, that has caused such sorrow and sadness in these recent days. We are of a sure mind that all are, and will most surely ever be, safely gathered in as the countess angelics and light beings with fellow travellers and all walks of life and origin that are here in veritable countless numbers.
They,we,enfold and enwrap the whole of the disaster area in a robe-like crystalline mantle of shimmering violet and ermine, saturated with such an abundance of living love and immeasurable infinite blessings. This will so surely enable all within it's huge protective geometric pyramid, an honourable and respectful place of transition! Into the imminent realms of vibrancy, care, peace and Oneness will these beloved ones be welcomed with outstretched arms, ensuring each and every one whose pathways into the light are realised here at this now moment of time.This is the recognised 'Inception point' of endless and boundless love with utmost understanding and joyous welcoming that is afforded to each and every one, and thing, that passeth now this way.
A specially organised and worthy en-treatment is afforded each as they are welcomed home into the magnificence of this mammoth transition, realisation. They are the ones that have suffered for many an age, they are the ones that have been 'held' in a downward spiral. Held there by the many misconstruing ones whose thirst for power and control is now, for these blessed ones, a thing of the past and never more to be realised again. They will be granted, yes, special dispensations as they are received in their magnificence and in their true inner beauty that will readily shine through, and their 'ascension linked' uplift will be seen as the brave reality that it truly is, at this now time.
They are gracefully and gratefully welcomed home, leaving behind those limiting entrapments that were their arduous lot. They will be assisted and uplifted in to state of acceptance and joyous realisation as their pathway takes a sharp rise upwards / inwards and as their outlived and outmoded karmic restrictions are now to be seen as NIL.They recommence with a true clean sheet and gold tipped pen, to begin their new lives with a new vision, and a grand new vista. See all with an acceptance, seeing not the broken limbs and spoiled bodies of those that are now FREE to be loved, FREE to really live, and FREE to rise into the magic of a fine, furthering co-creation.
Send your love, affirmative and unconditional, to the out-stretched arms of the beloved Lady Gaia, who is waiting with her many consorts to direct these so precious gifts, these unadulterated, unconditional pure energies, to the exact heart centre of her beloved planet. See and feel her and the countless helpers within that might heart, directing it exactly to and where most needed. You are One With All That Is, and you are one with your transitioning fellow travellers as you are here to see and assist, the bigger picture that they soon, will also and instantly see, with the heavenly grace and so very special dispensations.
God Bless Haiti, God bless each and every one and everything. God Bless God Know that this will surely and ultimately be a blessed gift for those dear ones whom have waited so long. They have truly earned their 'release' and chance of far greater realisations, and they are bid "Come Home,"  and so it surely is.
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