From suffering comes great compassion.
 Great compassion makes a peaceful heart.
 A peaceful heart makes a peaceful person.
 A peaceful person makes a peaceful family.
 A peaceful family makes a peaceful community.
 A peaceful community makes a peaceful nation.
 A peaceful nation makes a peaceful world
~Maha Ghosananda, the Supreme Patriarch of Cambodia~



Astrology: another tool for you to consider for Self-Discovery, but far from being the onle one, - this may or may not be for you, or necessary for Self-Discovery or for your personal to impersonal quest for Love's Perfection ...
Astrological aspects:
7  Septile - Division by 7 - 7th Harmonic
There is a whole family of septile aspects including the septile, bi-septile and tri-septile forming one, two and three sevenths of a circle respectively. Septiles are measured in denominations of fifty-one degrees twenty-five minutes, one hundred two degrees fifty one minutes five seconds and one-hundred-fifty-four degrees, seventeen minutes and two seconds. The septile family of aspects is very different. They divide the circle into one, two and three sevenths respectively. This is the first series of aspects that to not divide evenly. This is a somewhat irrational force of energy, something sacred and holy going on here. Much like the number seven, Septiles contain spiritual power and imply the possibility of cosmic intervention. Septiles indicate harmony and union though in a non-conforming way. These aspects can indicate extraordinary creative efforts at self-knowledge and ultimate understanding and can be a real turn on. Septiles resonate with Venus, Cardinal, Air and Libra energy.
Septile 51.429- [Prima]
     One of the minor aspects. One seventh of the circle of the zodiac. This aspect represents the unexpected or unpredictable elements of life, narrow destiny, patterns of fate, and fixed goals. May indicate compulsive or inexplicable actions directed by collective needs, cosmic design, and/or one's own destiny -- and may possibly lead to personal sacrifice, a life that serves as a symbol for others, social ostracism, or fulfillment of one's personal destiny.
II. Aspects: Quintiles and Septiles
Aspects are angles made by planets, with respect to the centre of the Earth. They are measured along the ecliptic (path of the Sun through the zodiac). For example, an 'opposition' aspect is 180 degrees while a 'square' aspect iis ninety degrees.
According to the late John Addey, two prime-number aspects often ignored by astrologers had an expecial connectiion with the idea of 'creativity'. Deriving from the numbers five and seven, they are the Quintile and Septile aspects. The quintile was invented (or discovered) by Kepler, while the septile has only been used in fairly modern times. The quintile (72 ) and bi-quintile (144 ) aspects are here shown, as together make up the 'fifth harmonic.'

Your birth was not an accident. { see HEAVEN # 2101 below }
Before birth we all came with a precisely worked out Astrological Natal Chart - time, place of birth; parents we wished to have etc., we did this to experience and to learn well the lessons {pleasure & pain} of our next phase on the physical plane {the lessons of Love} - so as to be promoted to, a higher, more expansive level of experience, to free ourself of the false selfish self,  so we can be closer to and become one with the Divine Spark within, i.e.,{our true self}, so as to fulfill the Divine Plan, to be of greater service to all, and to become one with our fellowman, and all of existence ...
TimePassages below is one of the best astrological program for natal and relationships reports on the market, if not the best for your money - it will give you interpretations in your natal and relationships chart reports for Quintiles  Bi-Quintiles and Septiles - see Website below > - i.e., TimePassages
Also check out your biorhythms for the day >
I am not trying to convince you to believe in any of the above,
or of anything I have said elsewhere - it would be perfectly ok
for you if you were to reject it all - I honor and respect
your beliefs whatever they are, and I am sure your beliefs 
are just as perfect and as valid for you, as mine are for me ...
HEAVEN #2101
A Little While on Earth
God said:
Nothing makes a difference. And everything makes a difference. Everything makes a difference to you! It makes a difference to how your heart feels. Yet when all is said and done, whether you go east or west, you are still you, and I AM. I am and there is stillness, and all is nothing but a ripple in the pond. The ripples ripple, and pond remains pond. And Ocean remains Ocean.
Life on Earth is a dream you live in. It will all evanesce. Like a wave, your present Earth life and the lives of those you love will be gone, and there will be other waves. Waves furl and unfurl. Waves roar like lions, and then they are no more. The waves matter greatly while they matter not at all. But the Ocean the waves manifest from matters, so, therefore, the waves of the Ocean do too. The Ocean wants its waves. It keeps them lapping.
All dreams come to an end. When they are fulfilled, they are over, yet the Ocean remains.
You have come to visit this planet named Earth for a little while. You are a tourist. And as with any vacation you go on, you return home, and it is as if you had never been away. And yet you give all you’ve got to your vacation. You have planned for it, and you embark on it, and then, soon enough, you return from it.
And so it is with life, beloveds. You strayed from Heaven in your thoughts, and now your mind returns you to Heaven. You thought you had been away, but it was only a dream you woke up from. What is true lasts. Eternity lasts. The day by day scenes on Earth do not. And yet, was not the time away beautiful? Even if there were mosquitoes, travel delays, mix-ups, was it not a wonderful vacation? Was there ever one like it? Everyone met like rotating points of stars, like gears of the universe, so unexpected and yet so designed.
Some might ask: What is the point of life on Earth? Beloved, your very return is the point. Your playing out of the fantasy is of the utmost importance even though it is fantasy. Let’s put it this way. You are given every opportunity to love. Love is vital. It is the game you play. You know how important sports are on Earth. They are over soon enough too, yet while they play, crowds cheer, and all the players give it their best. You give life your best. You know the outcome. And yet you play as if your life depended on it. You are guaranteed entry into Heaven. Therefore, your win is guaranteed. That very guarantee makes you play all the harder. You invest in Earth Life with all your heart. Somehow you find yourself in the arena of life. You don’t know how you got there. You may not know why. But here you are, and you play to the hilt. And yet you always know it is only a game. You take it seriously up to a point, yet there is a natural reservoir where you know better than to take it so seriously. And yet, it is part of the game, to take it seriously.
It is not new to you that life on Earth is temporary. Your life in that familiar body is temporary. The body is temporary. All your engagements are temporary. Everyone will say goodbye which is another way of saying that everyone will say hello in Heaven. Everyone will welcome everyone. All will be at the imagined reunion. Imagined because there always was union. Separation was never real. Love was real, and love lasts. We twanged love for a little while on Earth, and now the full orchestra plays in Heaven. There never was a pause. No beat was ever missed.
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