A Story Repeated

God said:

What do you do when life gives you someone to deal with who weighs heavily on you? What do you do when there is a life situation in which you must deal with someone who is averse to you? How long do you stay in a rough situation, or do you remove yourself from the situation? Either way, it is intolerable for you. Right or wrong, beloveds, at the outset when you become aware, what can you do, beloveds, but tolerate?

Your feelings of disturbance and intolerableness concerning this other party may well be a reflection of the other person's enmity. In theory, you can be understanding, and yet you have to take into account your feelings as well. You know that love is the best protection there is, and yet you are not feeling love. You feel that you have been had. You feel that the other person wants to make you the sacrificial lamb.

Someone wants to get rid of you, and you don't want to spend time with him either. You have petitioned Me for help. You have tried to be loving and not keep this person's antagonism in your heart. You have tried everything, and this other person is triumphant. He is out to get the better of you, and he is succeeding. He is not well-intentioned toward you. And you can't pretend this away. This other person may be expert at getting other people's goat, and this person is playing you like a guitar. This person has great practice in animosity, and you don't. When it comes to tossing people aside, this person is a card shark. You are out of your league.

You are not going to win this person over, and, frankly, you don't want to. Associating with this person feels hurtful to you, and you may well be right. He is not your friend. Nor can you be his friend. You are not in his league, nor do you want to be in his league. You do not want to be good at what he seems to be good at.

This is a story repeated in literature and great drama. Someone is not a friend, no matter what he may pretend, he wants to get rid of you. He is doing a good job of it. We are not talking of murder here as in dramas, but we are speaking of another's desire to get you out of the picture. And this person is doing a good job of it. Something is going on.

Rather than feeling what you feel, you are inclined to step out of the picture. And yet you are being forced out. And you want to be in the picture, and yet you cannot have your photo taken with this other person. You are not good at faking.

You know all the things I would tell you. Rise above. Turn the situation over to Me. Imagine more than the either/or situation you find yourself in now. Imagine a resolution.

Beloveds, there are some people you are not going to beat. It is difficult for you to sit it out, and you don't know how long you can.

If your heart tells you that you are in the presence of enmity, then you are in a spot. You were taken in, and now the other person wants to take you out. In that sense, being taken in was of your own making. That does not mean you have to be under his will and untrue to yourself.

Do not be rash. Do not lash yourself to the beating block either. Life does move on, and the other person may too. Be not rash, and be not long-suffering. You do remember that there are wonders I perform. Keep your eye on Heaven.