Astonishing Times

1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  SaLuSa: You Are Going Astonishing Times
3.)  2012: Awareness with-out fear- Dissolving the control system
4.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
5.)  Bless the Earth
6.)  Thoth: ‘The Quantum Christ’

Isis' Message of the Day -
The Light that shines on me . . . shines on my neighbor as well. The breath I exhale . . . another inhales. We are all ONE.
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones, Much is going on in your world. It is with great trepidation that some of you go about your day. Do not be in fear. Life goes on. You are incredible beings of light and your life is a gift from God/Creator/All That Is. Live your life fully. Love is everywhere. Keep focused on it. Love is a powerful force for “good.” When you feel down or anxious, remember to imagine us in front of you and to feel our loving presence as we beam love to your heart. Many of you have gathered throughout the world to be Beacons of Light. We still need you to keep being Beacons of Love and Light. To bring the spirit of God/All That Is into your world and to walk continuously in a state of grace to the best of your ability. Be at peace. Teach Only Love. Bless your hearts.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"  *   *      

SaLuSa: You Are Going Astonishing Times
August 19, 2011
The critical times are here and we are pressing to begin what will eventually lead to monumental changes in your lives. Much of what you take for granted would have to change, to make way for the new that will lift you up and set you upon the path to Ascension. The change over will take place in a remarkably short time by your standards, as it has been well planned to keep inconvenience to you to an absolute minimum. So put aside your worries and concerns, as all is going to work out well and move you into a new series of experiences. Ones that will prove most acceptable and exciting as the New Age commences.
We want you to see change as an opportunity to leave behind all that is undesirable, and enjoy the emerging benefits that will lift you up. Do not get upset at what you appear to be losing, as you will more than gain as a result. It is in some ways unfortunate that you will touch the depths of chaos, yet it is necessary to awaken many souls as to their plight. They still do not realize that they are prisoners in their own homes, and what they see as freedom is an illusion. However, that will all change in quick time once we get started, and you will be amazed at the amount of controls that we will remove that have been unnecessarily applied.
The dark Ones have been subtle in their plan to exercise complete control over you. So much so, that few of you have even suspected that there was a plan to imprison you by taking away your rights. Believe us Dear Ones, it was well advanced and near to completion, with an attempt to create a situation that would have led to Martial Law and total control. Have no fear, the matter is now in our control and their power bases are being held in check. As we so often inform you, nothing will be allowed to interfere with your Ascension. We are here to see that all proceeds as divinely planned, and it will not be much longer before you shall know the details. Our actions will be openly carried out, and nothing will be hidden from your gaze. Our craft continue even now to make more displays with greater numbers of them appearing over major cities. There can be little doubt now, that we are proving our point regarding our peaceful presence.
The remainder of this year has all the potential of being a special time in your history. The events will clearly indicate our success in fully having overcome the resistance to our coming. Indeed, this century there has been an upsurge in support for us. People are more at ease and the fears about us have largely disappeared, in fact we find that we are being welcomed more than any other time in the past. We are not here to pressurize you into accepting us but we are your true family, and we will leave those souls who do not want to know about us, to create their own future. All souls will regardless of their beliefs be looked after, and in the future will find themselves exactly in the perfect conditions that reflect their desires and needs. One thing that cannot be changed is the ongoing evolution of you all, and whatever experiences you choose will eventually cause you to move on. You can move backwards or forwards, or even sideways and it makes no difference to your inevitable progress towards the Light.
It is important for all souls to realize that first and foremost you are Godsparks that have chosen to experience duality. You will always have the full potential to return to the Godhead, and will never lose that link. Therefore the fact that you are at presently of the Earth does not mean you remain as such forever. You will find that you have had lives in many different planetary civilizations, which has been to your choosing. That is why certain ones such as the Pleiadians and Sirians claim to have many of their kind on Earth at present, and come to renew their link with them. It explains why there is nothing more natural than that we should come to Earth, at such an important time to help you. We are already part of your lives, and shall continue to be so.
The idea that everything is in the Now is a difficult concept for some of you, but the more you understand that outside of Earth time is not linear it should begin to make sense. All that there ever was still exists and you can as you would describe it, go back in time or into the future. Since you can also travel instantaneously through the power of thought, the idea that you can continue to label the past and future separately disappears. There are many different time lines that go on into Infinity, and you can literally hop from one to another. It becomes mind expanding or would you say mind boggling, to realize that there is no end to creation. It continues now as ever before and places in front of you the prospect of never ending opportunities to explore life, in all of its different forms.
Can you see that if you put things into perspective, your remaining time in duality is but a blink of the eye and really nothing to worry about. Ahead of you lies a brilliant future where you fully control your life. It will be to your liking and bring to you the most wonderful experiences of complete joy and happiness. You will be able to do exactly as you wish and enjoy whatever gives you pleasure and fulfillment. Although you will be subject to Universal Law, which you will fully understand by the time you have achieved full consciousness. The straightjacket that you live in whilst on Earth has been so restrictive that you have forgotten that you are a Universal Being. So think big and claim back your powers of creation and realize as we have often told you, that in reality there is nothing that you cannot achieve. Believe in yourself, and let no one demean the true potential you have, that is gradually being returned to you.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and wish you could see yourselves as we see you. We see your Light and desire to overcome the darkness that has entered your lives. We know that you will overcome the lower energies, and step out of them as a glorious Being of Light. You are Gods, but have yet to accept such a high accolade, because in your present experience nothing would seem more unlikely. However, once you have re-acquired full consciousness you will be in no doubt at all. What astonishing times you are going through, and there is much more to come.
Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey
I receive my messages from SaLuSa telepathically, he is speaking for the Galactic Federation. I have never had the advantage of being able to have a relationship where I can ask questions. I sit down at a specific time to make contact and then I get images or what I call 'packages" of images or words which I translate straight away onto the computer. Since March, 2004 I have been in contact with beings from the Galactic Federation.  *            

2012: Awareness with-out fear- Dissolving the control system
by Joe Weaver
August 19, 2011

Hello all,
This is the first in a series of many postings and videos related to “awareness with-out fear” of the changes we are currently going through on Earth. Take of this information that connects with your heart and your own life path. The majority of the information floating around the world today about our current days and 2012 are based in fear and therefore not aligned in assisting you but distracting you. Do your own research and expand your awareness about the changes that are taking place with-out fear. Information is just information. What energy or feeling we associate to this information is up to each of us. The energy of fear is blinding, it shuts down our capability to have clear discernment. When fear is present the truth cannot be seen. So the easiest way to grasp or understand the changes that are taking place is to simply observe it with-out having fear or emotional attachment to it. Let your heart lead you.
2012 – Awareness with-out fear – Dissolving the control system
The first posting I made about the changes associated with 2012 was over 3 years ago. One of the statements I made within this piece of information was “the governments and companies in the world that have been using “force” to control people will start to fall.” I’m sure you will all agree there is a lot of this going on today. The Light is shining on the control for which exists and these systems are being exposed and dissolved one by one. Within each country of the world today some form of control still exists. It’s not just related to one government, it exists in many forms. Many people still live in the illusion that they do not live under some kind of control, however more and more are expanding their awareness of the control system with-out fear and they are moving “beyond” it. The control no longer controls them for they have expanded their consciousness beyond the control. So you may be asking yourself “what control” am I talking about? I am describing the control of peoples consciousness. Just as most people live in denial of their own fears and will not want to face their own inner fears. The same principle applies to the control system. Most live in the illusion or choose not to explore that fact that a system of control exists “beyond their knowing.” They have not made the choice to explore the truths that exist beyond their beliefs and fears. It is this choice of holding onto the fear and denial that keeps their conscious state of being “within” the control. Over time it has been the control for which has conditioned, instituted and reinforced these thought processes into the collective of the people. For example “you are free” and or “we will take care of you” just give us your power. Some of this conditioning has been instituted by many of the most popular religions also. They continue to tell people what to believe and how they should give their power away to something outside of themselves. Which leaves the conscious state of the people in an illusionary bubble filled with beliefs and out of touch of their true identity. The truth of who they really are and what their connection is with other people, the Earth, Universe and all that is.
A person becomes free of the control system when they release these conditioned beliefs and inner fears to the truth for which exists beyond these veils of illusion. Expanding ones awareness with-out fear to what truly exists without belief, but knowing what is through their own experience. Allowing your consciousness to “go there” and then “move beyond it” with-out fear. Many people these days are waking up to these systems of control, but are still holding onto the duality view and separation from one another. It is this separation from one another that allows control to continue. Where separation, fear and duality exists, it leaves the door open for manipulation to occur. A person or a collective within duality consciousness is easily steered in one direction or another by creating fear or an opposing force. Every soul on Earth still has “free will” and the choice is always there to follow along with the system or not. I want to be clear in saying that by choosing to no longer follow along with the system that exists does not mean a battle must ensue. What I am meaning is through our own Self empowerment we realize no battling is needed. Only balance and Unity is needed.
Here is the process I have seen work the best relating to expanding our conscious awareness with-out fear.
- The first step is to start releasing your fears/beliefs and embracing/expanding the love of your own Self.
- Step two is to do your own research to what does exist and expand your awareness with-out fear. Don’t give your power away to someone else to tell you these truths. Find it out for yourself and what aligns with your own heart.
- Step three “let it go”! With your inner knowing, peace and love that you are facing your fears and moving beyond your beliefs. You are expanding your “knowingness”! Then keep expanding your “knowingness” with the “willingness” to continually let go of what was known “as the truth” to the next days expanded truth. Live in the knowingness of this present moment, your own love and connection to all that is.
- Step four, don’t allow your ego to create separation or fear within your daily life. Beyond the levels of control lies the knowingness of our connection with Unity consciousness. Unity consciousness is what is currently grounding/manifesting within the 3D reality of Earth at this time. This is the reason why the systems of control are dissolving. There are no such controls, illusionary programs and belief systems in Unity consciousness. These are two different frequencies and vibrational realities and both will not be able exist within the same space. The lower frequency environment of 3D control and separation will continue to dissolve in the expanding Light of Unity consciousness as the density rises into 4th density. Within Unity consciousness souls know their connection with one another and work together collectively. Always keep in mind that during this process of expanding the awareness of  your soul experience, the ego grows with intelligence also. The ego will not be able to understand what collective Unity consciousness is and or how it works. So the ego will always be trying to go back to what it knows best and that is separation and fear. This is when “we” the conscious living soul makes the choice to continue listening to the voice of the ego or the voice of love and Unity of our everlasting Self. The I AM Self knows it’s connection with the collective consciousness. This level of ourself knows we are One consciousness experiencing reality together and all that has been separating us is now dissolving! The more people that wake up to this truth and live by the voice of their I AM Self. The more the control system dissolves. Our collective consciousness no longer will be then creating and allowing control to exist. This is done by letting go of blame, duality, Self doubt, and separation and embracing our Unity as One collective existence on Earth. Have fun, dance, bounce, jump, and smile with the inner knowing we are infinite love!
With each day that passes now, more and more of the control is being exposed and then dissolved. This system will try and adjust and present itself as a “changed” system. The government may say all is well and we have changed and the religious leaders may say we have changed our beliefs, but there is no need to give your power away to them any longer. Just as the ego evolves with intelligence so does the control of our own existence. We the people of love will continue to Unite as One collective beyond control and expand our work together. Where we are living, loving and serving each other with-out conditions. The people can lead themselves with-out having to give their power away to others to lead them. Lead and empower your Self! Together the thought process of the Self empowered people will spill into the collective creating the change into Oneness.
Let go of all that no longer serves you. All the beliefs, fears, thoughts, feelings, and systems of control that need your power for their existence. Embrace and love all that creates and sustains the control system that exists as all continues to transition. Allow change to happen with-out fear of loss. One way or another we are all tied to the systems that exist. Not loving what exists is the same as not loving another part of our own Self. As the systems for which we know fall away, it is up to us to Unite and work together to bring forth a new system beyond barriers and control.
Stay centered within your heart and continue to expand your own empowerment, awareness and love. Take the time to breath and smile!
Many changes lie ahead of us, most of these changes are beyond our current imagination. Lets embrace change and our thoughts, actions and imagination that is creating this change. We do not have to be fearful of our own Creation! Lets live as the love and Unity that we are and continue to share our love to all with-out conditions.
Love to all,
Sent to you by Joe Weaver of *       

Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, health care comes from your inner belief of what is possible. That is why you have the most miraculous alternative healing modalities, because ones remember that truly all one needs for healing is a bit of a nudge in believing in the power of Self—capital “S”—to allow the body to heal itself.
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HEAVEN #3920
Bless the Earth
August 19, 2011
God said:
You are the crown I wear. Your presence blesses Me. I, God, am blessed by you. You are My blessing, and you are the focus of My attention. I tend to you. You are the crown of glory I cover Myself with. I occupy Myself with you. You fill My heart, and you fill My thoughts. You are My occupation.
I tend to you even as I know that you are all set. I send you reminders of your worthiness to Me. I see you have forgotten. I have never forgotten, and so I bless Myself with reminders of you on your behalf. I write to you in remembrance of yourself. When you remember Me, you remember yourself. Climb up a rung in the ladder. Climb to Me even though you are already stationed deep in My heart.
You are deeply established in My heart. You cannot fall out. You cannot disappear from My heart. Not a whit of you can disappear from My heart. You are My heart. You are the centrifugal force of My heart. I placed My heart out across the land of Earth. You have taken over My heart. I gave it to you in the same way that I gave Earth to you, as I gave you life on Earth, as I gave you the Garden of Eden, and now you roam in it, and you know not where you roam. You know not. You were found long ago, only you have a memory lapse. Your memory lapse is your fall from grace. You never fell. You forgot.
You have not quite figured out your surroundings. You have located yourself on Earth, so you believe, and you have forgotten your current place in Heaven, as it were. You forgot your true identity, and you took on a false one. You took on an alias of yourself, as it were. You took on a false persona. You whisked on a mask. You forgot the mask was your disguise. You believed your own propaganda. You sold yourself a bill of goods. You advertised it to yourself.
You thought you had made a good bargain with yourself when you had sold yourself folly. You are My true begotten love, and you have dubbed yourself Forgotten Love, yet it is you who has forgotten. I have never forgotten you and My love for you. My love is indelible. It cannot be shaken. I cannot do otherwise than love you and love you with all My heart. My heart is a lot of love indeed. My heart is perpetual love. It is Eternal Infinite love. It is yours, do you understand? You are My beloved. You.
From the moment I had a thought of you, you were Mine. I wrote your name across the Universe. I placed you gently on Earth, and you had the idea that you were thrown out of Heaven. I placed you gently so that you would be Heaven-placed on Earth.
The apple Eve ate was an apple of forgetfulness. The tree the apple came from was the tree of forgetfulness.
Now, in remembrance of Me and in remembrance of Our Oneness, I ask you to remember. Remember Me, and remember yourself. Remember that you are My glory. Only a semblance of you is strewn across Earth. Your body is strewn, yet you are not your body. You are not your body. You are not your body.
You are far more. You are My song sung from My heart. You inhabit the Earth on My behalf. You stand in for Me. Bless the Earth now in My Name and yours.
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Thoth: ‘The Quantum Christ’
As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
I am He who advances on the waves and the intricacies of wisdom that is shadowed and hidden from the self that sees not. I am He who unfolds himself in each of the metric structures of your body. I represent all that is hidden within your thoughts, within the angles of your heart and the angles of your motives.
I am Thoth. I come on this day as I see each of you reaching outward to become more, reaching upward to longitudes of knowledge that you once sat upon. You will become sublimated on levels of knowledge, drawing the moisture of your wisdom into a place that has been parched and dry of truth. Contracting as a spring that pulses upward and then bounds out to places unknown and undefined.
You shall dwell in the caverns of your own thoughts, of your own ideas of what peace shall be, of what love shall be, of what your future shall be. For as the ancient scrolls that hold your Akashic history, you re-write the story of your existence. You compound what has been stretched and sought by the Light within, condensing it into a structure that is easy to house. Your body and its energy systems  represent a microcosm of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Think of that divine structure and all of its heavenly alignments and chamber attunements – how many points of power are still invisible to the human eye? The Queen’s Chamber, in the center represents the human heart. The King’s Chamber represents the third eye, Eye of Ra. The Capstone, the Apex represents the crown chakra. But what about all the other points of energy that live invisibly in between?
In upcoming time there will be an initiatory surge of frequency within your own biology as well as the dormant chambers within the Great Pyramid. There will be an opening of your High Heart, your Christed Heart. It sits waiting at the gland known as the Thymus in your body. It will awaken as directed by a cellular clock. As it awakens, the Chamber of the Son/Sun (Christ chamber in-between Kings and Queens chamber) within the Great Pyramid of Giza will also experience a molecular change.
The point above your human heart awakens from a timed sleep and begins to know itself again. It is the place that holds the vibration of the 'Quantum Christ.' It is in this place that a stellar 'Second Coming' is activated.  It is a sacred point, an opening, a chamber that houses wisdom.  Wisdom goes beyond truth and you each are guardians of these 'Chambers of Wisdom.' You of Earth are guardians/keepers of sacred encodings. You will open as a flower that has been in bud too long seeking to know itself as a flower. Your dreams of old have fallen off you like petals on a plucked rose; they no longer serve who you are becoming. This new molecular instruction will direct your light. You will move naturally toward vibrations that instruct you into a different knowledge that serves the new shift in consciousness.
I, Thoth, come to awaken you to the cosmic by-pass of the heart. Your heart has gathered too much debris of your own making and of global distress. You have scooted to the back of your heart trying hard to keep it all out of your way. As the "Quantum Christ is Awakened" within your high heart and the Chamber of the Son/Sun is awakened within the Great Pyramid, you will be lifted above the gathering of earthly conflict, confusion, and debris. It is from this point that you will be able to dissolve the tears and the fears that have followed you in shadow dance. You No longer need sit in the shadow of what could have been, what should have been.  Energies and programming of old try to keep you hostage in a prediction that no longer exists. Step out of time and step in time with what seeks your approval. The pictures of life do not reveal the whole puzzle.  Celebrate the birth of the Quantum Christ within yourself and see from the top of your light what is possible. I am Thoth, keeper of what is to come.
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