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Isis' Message of the Day -
"You are richer today if you have laughed, given and forgiven..."
How everything and everyone is connected. See this series!
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I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~
Today's Angel Message

Uriel's Message -Heal Your Energetic Space
Each of you lives in an energetic space that is at the vibration and frequency of your lessons and healing journey. Within this space you attract the situations and people who have two missions. The first is to connect with you at the energetic level of your healing. The second mission is to hold this energy until your healing is complete. While you may blame others for blocking the flow of energy in your life, they are merely part of your healing journey, holding energy for you to complete your healing cycle. This is their commitment to you and they will do whatever they can to maintain it, until your healing is complete.
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Lord Melchizedek: Aspects of Self
Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 15-04-12
I shower you in abundant blessings from the Universal level and ask that at this moment you allow me to connect your energies with the Universal light. The Universal Light represented by a golden colour holds a tremendous volume of the Christ Light, as I connect your energies with the Universal Light I wish to link you with your Universal self and Christ self to assist your embodiment of these energies. Your Universal self is you as a Universal Ascended Master, as all time is simultaneous you are able to link into all the different levels of your growth at any given time. When you link into your Universal self you will be able to understand yourself more fully as a great volume of light flows into your being with Universal knowledge and teachings for you to anchor into your current reality. Your Universal self is embarking on a beautiful pathway of ascension at a Universal level. We can understand the Universal level of the Creator's energy as a level of education in a physical school upon the Earth. Your Universal self can now assist you in anchoring your Christ self which is your fully formed Christ Light body radiating pure and active love. Your Universal self can cleanse your being of physical burdens or physical restraints that are falsely or unnecessarily holding your energy vibration at a slow speed. Your Universal self holds the ability to anchor a greater volume and experience of the Creator's love within your heart chakra while creating avenues for you to express your Creator love to aid the healing and awakening for yourself and others.
I also wish to make you aware of the Universal Shimmering Light of Luminosity which can be anchored into your being. This energy holds a high vibration of Universal light which shimmers constantly to increase your energy vibration and enhance the luminosity of your light. When calling upon a pillar of Universal Shimmering Light of Luminosity you can experience this light working with your entire being as the shimmering creates an oscillation which cleanses, rejuvenates and empowers your light. You may ask your Universal self to bring this forward to you or you may call upon my energies, Lord Melchizedek, to be of assistance. Experiencing the Universal Shimmering Light of Luminosity is wonderful for energising and merging your energy bodies and can have a positive effect upon the mind.
If you wish to connect with your Universal Self or your Christ Self you can call upon my energies as you focus upon opening up your heart chakra to receive a greater volume of light. Then hold the intention of connecting with your Universal self or Christ Self as you inhale and exhale through your heart chakra. As the connection is made you can turn your attention to your crown chakra and observe the light cascading down your chakra column and into your open heart chakra to be distributed throughout your entire being. Your Universal Self and Christ Self will then take on a light form within your being, creating a light body. You can then ask me, Lord Melchizedek, to anchor this light body into your physical body, etheric body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual body. This is an extremely powerful process, you can then connect with the aspect of yourself you have anchored through the power of thoughts, welcoming and inviting this energy to merge with your entire being and share any guidance or wisdom.
It is important to understand that there are many aspects of yourself that you can call upon to integrate into your current reality and existence, by doing so you are enhancing greater bonds of connection with your own energy and the Creator. It is often that your soul can feel the reality of separation as there are so many forms of your energy across space and time. When you anchor different aspects of yourself into your being you are dissolving the reality of separation, collecting wisdom and realising your power. With energy that you anchor or realise, whether it is your energy from the past or the future, you are achieving unity which allows for a deeper connection with and understanding of the Creator. It is important to be aware that there are constantly many aspects of your being waiting to merge with your energy in your current reality; this is because your soul is continuously sending out a request for unity and oneness, as well as a greater experience of the Creator's unconditional love.
Upon the inner planes within many ashrams of learning and understanding the masters teach the process of calling aspects of oneself into their current existence of light, this a valuable process of ascension. It is only the positive aspects of yourself that need to be anchored to fuel your loving vibration but sometimes  aspects of yourself hold karmic patterns that need to be realised and dissolved, so they anchor into your being to make your aware of the presence of the pattern in your current reality, allowing for release.
I felt empowered to speak with you about the different energetic aspects of your being and how integration is necessary, but I also was inspire to speak with you about how you perceive your own energy and being. In a time when we are focusing on becoming our truth it is important that we understand who we truly are. I first wish to draw your attention to a word that you use commonly and often without much thought. The word is 'I.' If we were to observe a snap shot of anyone's life on the Earth we would probably see the word 'I,' being used.
'I need some food,' 'I need to catch the bus,' 'I am so tired,' I don't know about you but I...'
The word 'I,' is used to describe the speaker and when we are observing someone using this word we know that they are speaking about themselves, but allow yourself to think for a moment what does the word mean, who are you actually taking about when you say 'I.'
What does 'I' mean to you?
There are a number of meanings of 'I' but I believe it is now important for you to personally understand who you are talking about when you say, 'I.' You can determine whether you are speaking about your physical body, your soul, your intuition, your emotional body, your mind or your entire self. When we observe the energy or aspect of ourselves we are referring to it is interesting to see that sometimes there are discrepancy in what is being said. If you believe that 'I' is your soul and then when you say, 'I need some chocolate,' is this really truthful? Does your soul need the chocolate? Is it just a habit or are you speaking of a different aspect of your being? I realise that this may seem pedantic and as if I am wasting your time but when you begin to take time to analyse the use of the word 'I' then you can actually begin to uncover many truths and disregard many false beliefs. Many of you are so unconscious in your use of the word, 'I' and yet it is a word that is used to represent your great complete being. When you begin to understand the meaning for you behind this word then you will begin to understand yourself more fully.
If you believe that, 'I' is your soul then you may find that the way you speak begins to alter as the desires of your soul come to the forefront. It is most common that at different times you will acknowledge different aspect of your being. When your body is hungry, you will acknowledge 'I' as  your body, when your soul needs peace you may acknowledge 'I' as your soul's voice. You have so many aspects of your being who are talking simultaneously to you but as you move along your spiritual path your entire being begins to vibrate in unison and you will realise that 'I' encapsulates your entire united being.
I ask only that you observe your use of this word and ask yourself if what you are saying is the truth, begin to understand the meaning of the word in your everyday life and you will begin to dissolve false habits, brining greater understanding of yourself and truth.
For many of you when you say, I am (your name) you understand the meaning of this but it is now time to integrate this meaning into your entire reality, acknowledging  yourself as the Creator and realising that your name is a vibrational representative of your energy and entire being. This means that your name although it may not change in your life, energetically it is constantly evolving in vibrational sound and meaning becoming more abundant in the Creator's light and love.
With love and respect always,
I am Lord Melchizedek
May you walk in the love and light always,
Natalie was born in 1984, UK. Over seen by Archangel Michael, she now works as a channel for a vast variety of spiritual beings and Masters in the spiritual hierarchy. Through her website  she shares the channeled messages of the Creator’s helpers to expand the awareness of humanity and assist in the raise in energy vibration of the planet.  She offers a service of channeled readings from Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Unicorns and Fairies.
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Count Your Blessings
by Alec Christos Gabbitas
April 17, 2012
You are your own keeper as you are your own master, for there are none that can presume any greater rightness than your very own higher self. Let go the dependancy of lifetimes, maybe, where all that you weaned as truth seems to be realized by any one/ thing outside of oneself. You are yourselves a greater teacher and master for there is nought outside of self that has any greater right of connection with ultimate truth, yet surely only from Ultimate Being!
Lend not your ears to others, count not your blessings as dependent from another outside of your higher self. There is God, there is Supreme Creator, there is Great Central Sun, and there is mighty I Am that I Am. Your allegiance is not focusing externally and your purest and surest truth or wisdom is to be found within, in your sacred heart / mind space. God, I Am All That Is! Place all your focus on your inner being as this will lead you ever and always to the greatest guidance and inner blessing of self. I am that I am, I am God, I am all there is, and my heart / mind is the central point of my inner most being and it is the hub and the pivotal point of your immaculate conception of self, of I Am!
Leave go of the dependancy on others outside of self and allow your own greatest gift to be realized - from within. You are God, You are All That Is. Salutations and abundant blessings upon you and all fellow travelers. We would convey to you the joy and expectancy that all are experiencing within the heaven worlds in these hastening days of ever increasing Christed inputs that are indeed saturating you on your beloved planet with such an incessant surprise as the Shekinah or manna from heaven, flows forth with such volatility and abundance. There is / are no equivalent similarity that can express the power and the glory that is permeating all upon and within the planet Gaea. There is / are no external goodness that can compare to these so incredible inputs, that raise the vibration ever and even more so.
Time upon time have we expressed these words of praise and salutations and we are aware of this constant reiteration of the fervor and the tempest that the incoming energies are exuding. There is nought that adequately expounds upon the realizations experienced and we beg your indulgence / pardon as we reiterate these altruistic events that are occurring. Love and light, the Creators delight, the power and glory, are the expansions and expression that are the key to it's unfolding co-creation. There is nought that can instil such verve and gusto as these energetic shifts and changes and it is with hearts singing and voices praising with sacred salutations that are abundantly falling upon your shoulders and caressing and blessing your mighty heart of hearts. Be still and know.
As time recedes and the winds of change move all on in an expressive state, will you and all on planet be asked to stand tall, to be in your power, in your light and be ever flexible and at-one-ment with spirit and all it invokes. These winds of change are, as you are aware, to be actioned in the very nearness of now time and they of will of course be quite challenging and demanding. Your cliche of where there is spiritual / inner shifting or change, then there will surely be physical change, for the two are in truth comparatively inseparable. There will be a need for self education and self allowance as some of them might well incite elements 'panic' in some areas and despair in others. There may well be these lesser occurrences but not as the doom and gloom prophets elect to share and scare.
There will be no untoward effect of an intimated three days of darkness and no adverse effects caused by any photon belt creating a rash of negative side effects, for the photon belt is not a destructive or negative phenomenon to be feared! Many a one is speculating and preempting these supposed dark sided effects which are comparatively minimal, in an attempt of leading others away from the light and positiveness, and luring them into doubt, fear and greyness! What is more than ever required are more positive decrees and expectations so that these negative intimations are counteracted and absorbed within the LIGHT, for the light is as ever always victorious.
Another aspect of these ascending realities that needs some light shed upon it is that there is not an increase of more and dire negativity upon the beloved planet, no way! What simply and surely is happening is that because of ever increasing qualities and quantities of pure vibrant light energies flooding into and onto the planet, it is obviously showing up more clearly the darkness in a far greater light, so to speak! Everything is being spotlighted to be dealt with as it comes into the light and is exposed to one and all. There is much to clear cleanse and to change; so you can see the greatness of the job ahead as you, we, and beloved lady Gaia set to task and cleanse all in rightful and highest divine time order ably assisted by our off planet friends as and when needed.
This will not be a catastrophic global tragedy and will not be an event that will take billions off planet! There will be the minimum of souls leaving physically to perceive the planets ascension from a different perspective, and who have chosen to assist off planet, and those whose work is complete in-situ, Others will indeed go to places that will afford them the love and support which is so needed and like will always attract like. These dear ones from say the lesser maintained countries may well be the areas that will release many, and their life styles can only and ever be greatly enhanced as they are elevated from the abominable areas on planet where their existence’s are sad, to say the very least, under the tyrannical wrath of so called self styled leaders. For these will it be a blessing in disguise...
We await poised and ready for these rather grand opportunities coming nearer on the horizon so that we can all tighten our seatbelts for a rather splendid cycle of events that is here for us all to embrace and to co-create within. Count your blessings; for we are indeed the co-creators of this new incoming world so we have a need to focus entirely on the lightest and brightest, most loving and divine highest order of expansion and vibration. And lets go for that, lets create heaven here on earth and lets enjoin hearts and minds into the purest love and light spectacle of all time! God bless you God, we shall count our blessings!
Selemat Jahin
(c) Alec Christos Gabbitas for the Universal Mind and an ever United Kingdom. * Please copy and share with credit to source. Gods Speed.  * 
 Divine Mother: You Are Being Reborn Into the Womb of Love
Received through Mercedes Kirkel on March 21, 2012
Hello dear ones,
This is the Divine Mother, coming forth to speak with you today. Many of you know me in many of my forms, for I take many forms and appear to different people in different ways at different times. And so you have relationships with me in my particular forms, as your beloved guides and ascended masters who assume the feminine and help you connect with the divine feminine. But today I am speaking to you in my absolute form of purity as the Divine Mother, the divine feminine whom all the other divine mothers and divine feminines come from and are a part of.
It is me you connect with when you connect with your heart, for I am the force of love. I love you entirely and completely. And through that love you know love—of yourself, of others, of life, of all beings, of all of manifestation. Eventually you not only know love, but you more and more know yourself as love. That is the process of spiritual growth in one of its most simple forms. One of the most simple ways of describing your spiritual path is that you are more and more knowing yourself as love, knowing all as love, and able to exist, to be, to do, and to create all as love. For truly, as you know yourself as love, you know everything else as love, and all that you create becomes love.
You can measure this if you so desire. You can measure your progress in doing this by the love that you experience within yourself. You can also look at the love you experience outside of yourself, for truly one is just a reflection of the other. But you always know it as yourself and within yourself first, for that is your source and the way that you source love. That is the original experience, you might say. From there it is magnified and reflected in the world about you.
One of the ways that you know this great process of change is that you are more and more becoming the love that you are. More and more you will experience that existing in your world. You have suffered for a long time of not knowing love as yourself and not knowing everything that seems outside of yourself as love. Now that is changing. That is a most wonderful thing, which you can celebrate—that love is expanding and becoming more and more your reality. It is a funny thing to say it that way, because it has always been so, even more so than you know to this point. Yet it appears, from your point of view, that that is what is happening. That is fine. You can celebrate this. You can know it. You can share it. You can thoroughly receive it. And you can trust it, for this is truly what is happening in your world and in your life.
Of course, part of the process that happens whenever there is an expansion is that everything that is not that comes up to be purified. So in this case, everything that you know that is not love is coming up to be purified. Yet, as some of you have noticed, it is coming up with a certain ease. That ease will continue to grow. You will continue to make the choice to go with love, rather than going with what you may have thought you had to do, what you are accustomed to doing from the past. You will more and more choose love. Sometimes it may feel like choosing joy. Sometimes it may feel like you’re choosing passion. Sometimes it may feel like you’re choosing something that is a deep calling, almost like you’re driven to do it from the depths of your soul. All those can be ways of choosing love.
When you choose love you will know it because it has no opposite. You are choosing beyond duality when you choose love. You are experiencing what it is like to be beyond duality. That is a great and wonderful thing.
I hold you in my arms of love, as I always have and always will. More and more you will know me. You are opening to experience me and to feel me. It is fine to feel me in my particular forms. You may have a particular being, a particular person who you most clearly feel the divine mother/divine feminine energy through. That is perfectly fine. Continue with that as long as you are moved, as long as that is alive for you and feeding you. When it is right, that may change. You may know another being or you may know me in my essence form. It does not matter. What matters is that you are connecting with love, that you are connecting with the Divine Mother.
Some of you may experience this as being like a baby. For in your world that is one of the times when you know love the strongest. In that newborn state, the mother knows that immense love for their baby and the baby knows the feeling of union with the mother, of nonseparation and being completely connected to the love of the mother. In that state, that is the strongest thing that the baby receives. Beyond anything physical that’s going on, they know that they are held in their mother’s love. Not all babies have this experience, but ideally that is what a baby experiences, even in this realm.
Regardless of what your experience was coming into this lifetime, into this incarnation, you are now being reborn into this womb of love, of being held by the Divine Mother’s love, where you know this perfect love. You can receive it. You can have it. And you can be reborn in it. This is a great cleansing, a great rebirthing that is happening, and it is for all of you at this time. You simply must choose it. You must claim it. You must desire it. It is there for you as soon as you do that. You will know it in your heart and it is a wonderful feeling.
Yes, it may feel like you are being a baby. It is truly that you are being a baby of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father, of both of us. You are being reborn in your ultimate truth as a child of God. This is happening now, at this time, in your physical body. You do not have to become someone else. You do not have to be reborn physically. You are shifting, changing, transforming, becoming something wondrous and great. And it is all about love. That is what is making this time so very special.
This time has been long awaited, known by many, as you can tell from many of your prophesies. Yet it is not anything that you have to have knowledge about. You have everything in your heart and you receive it primarily through feeling. Can you feel it right now in your heart? Can you feel that wondrous birth that is happening, that opening to love? It is there for you. This birth is underway. Just as a mother does not need to create the birth process, just as a baby does not need to create the birth process—life creates it and it manifests naturally on it’s own. In that same way, you do not have to create this. You simply open yourself to it and it is underway. You have everything you need for this to occur.
Simply cooperate with it. Flow with that stream. And when you have choices, choose love, choose joy, choose passion, choose forgiveness, choose gratitude. All of those higher heart experiences are the hallmarks of this love, the ways that you will know it, the forms that it takes. When you are not sure, choose that. Then you will be on your way, doing what you need to do, following your path.
It may require some letting go of old patterns, if you are used to living from your mind. If you are used to choosing things based on your thinking, your rationality, then it may entail some letting go of that old way, that old pattern of how you related to life and your experiences. It is not that you will become mindless. You actually will become more brilliant. But your mind will not be running you. You will be centered in your heart. That is where you will make your choices.
So I simply invite you to be aware of your heart. Be aware of what is happening in your heart. Remember the feeling of love in your heart and keep returning to it. Every night before you go to bed, find this heart space. Return to it. Ask to be in your heart all night as you dream and for all that happens to happen through being centered and founded in your heart. And in the morning, again, find your connection to your heart. Center yourself in this heart space and ask that throughout your day you can remain there, that you continuously are relating to life and all of your experiences from this heart place, this beautiful place of openness, of love, of the sacred marriage of Divine Mother and Divine Father, divine feminine and divine masculine. Mostly it is about receiving that you are the divine child in this way and at this moment, more the baby than anything else, receiving the love of your Divine Mother and Divine Father.
This love is infinite and endless and you have the capacity to receive all of it. Your container is so large, your ability to receive so huge. That is what will change you, what will be driving your transformation, your evolution as you go through these changes ahead. It is what will guide you, so that you will know how to make the choices that are right for you. You will know how to bless all others in making their choices—not needing to understand those choices from your head, not needing to judge, not needing to control—knowing that all is in perfect order if it is coming from your heart and coming from love.
This is your greatest instrument, your guide in these times. You are all growing and expanding this wonderful tool, this means of creating your life, guiding your life, and experiencing your life through your heart and through love. For that, I thank you. Truly, that is the avenue of my connection to all of you. You can find me at any time that you want through your heart, through your heart space. I am happy to connect with you, to be there, and to support you in any way that I am able.
I enfold you in my arms of love, all of you, all my divine children. All of you are perfect manifestations of God. Do not look elsewhere for God. You are God. And God is all…
With great love,
I AM the Divine Mother.
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 Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, listen for the voice of the ages, beyond even the traditional wisdom. Listen for the voice that is always speaking within you, calling you to come up higher. Why come up higher?
When you come up higher, the perspective changes. The totality of what you understand to be going on becomes expanded. That is why the voice keeps whispering to you, “Come up higher.” In other words, step back and be the Beholder. Step out of the picture long enough that you can see the whole picture.
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Heavenletter #4164
A Favor Has Been Granted You
April 19, 2012
God said:
Beloved, Beloved, you seek and seek. And now is time to accept. Instead of your attention being full-flung on the future, attend to accepting all that has been poured on you today. You are fleet of foot. You are on Earth. You are My treasure, and you have goodness a-plenty. Attend to the field that you reap today.
There is a lot to be said for today. Yesterday is a memory. Tomorrow will arrive but not today. Make a big thing out of today, for today is what you have in your hand only for a blink of an eye. You travel fast in time. Your feet hardly touch ground. Fleeting fleeting is this day, never to come again. Welcome it. Greet it. Love it. This is the day before you. It is more priceless than the greatest jewel. Today is your priceless treasure. Accept it gladly. Warm up to it. Be today's cheerleader. Hurrah for today.
Perhaps today comes in like a lion or a lamb or a monkey. Perhaps it is a pony you ride. In any case, you have today. Perhaps today is like an apple you pick ripe from the top of the tree. Perhaps today you stand on a mountain top and see all the sights from on high. Perhaps there is fog, and you don't see much. Nevertheless, today is a ripe plum to pick. Reach up. Reach the heights of today. Perhaps there are seven mountains and another and another. There are many views to see from.
Perhaps today is a valley from which you look up.
Perhaps today is a plateau you sit on and watch from both above and below.
There is no sitting out today.
Whether you are at work or play, today is your day. Today is like clay you mold. You form it. There is no stamp for today. There is no procedure except to live it and wring every bit of dew from it.
Perhaps today is a board game, and you play it to the hilt.
Perhaps today is a project. You project your project far. Observe your day. Observe it as a movie you watch. See it from a different angle. Change your seat at the theater. See from the lobby. See from the front row. See from the balcony.
Consider today a great favor that has been granted you. See today in a new light, for today is new. Today is like a vitamin. You have to drink it down in order to get the benefit. A vitamin on the shelf is a vitamin on the shelf. It is like a good book on the book shelf. Its value appears as you read the book. Unless you read it, a good book is nothing but paper with words on it. It is like a pancake in the pan. Take the pancake out of the pan and pour maple syrup on it. Savor it. Savor today.
Digest today. Today is not a formula. It is a brand-new day especially for you.
Today is an original. Today is not a panacea. It is a day unfolding before you. You pick up the pieces. You put them together. You make something of your day. The day is yours. No one has the same day. Even if you are a twin, you do not have the same day. Even when you go to the same places together, you are each seeing different sites.
No day is transferrable. Your day is your day and belongs only to you. Today is your puppy, and you take a walk with it. Have a good walk. Make it so.
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Becoming or Has Been?
by Jennifer Hoffman
The path of becoming is a microcosm of our life journey as we are in the process of becoming in response to some aspect of our energy in each moment. Most of that journey is based on unconscious choices and we use our emotions to judge both the choices we make and the results we obtain. But the use of emotions tends to make us avoid anything that makes us feel 'bad' and embrace what makes us feel good. However, the best choices, those which involve choosing a higher energetic vibration, don't make us feel good. In fact, until we align with the new energy, they can make us feel quite uncomfortable. And the feel good vibe indicates that we are on the 'has been' path, doing things that we have already done, aligning with energy that we have already aligned with and are familiar with.
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About the author
Jennifer Hoffman is an intuitive, spiritual healer, mentor, teacher and author. She also channels the energy of the Archangel Uriel.  Jennifer has helped many people through the Shift through her unique insights and counsel, facilitating their healing journey. Jennifer is the founder of, an on-line spiritual healing and growth center and dedicated to the messages and teachings of Archangel Uriel.  Information about Jennifer's books, on-line seminars and services is available at her websites, or email for information.   * Enlightening Life  *  email: * Uriel Heals | Enlightening Life OmniMedia, Inc. | PO Box7076 | Lee's Summit | MO | 64064 *  
See, today I received one but I gave away many. This is what education should do. What we receive we should give back to society, and as students you have received so much education here, now see how you can put that into use in life. The trouble in today’s world is not because of lack of education but because education is being misrepresented, misused and misunderstood. We need to clear these three things. Education is meant not to just make us tablets of information but living examples of high standards of ethics. Education is to make us such strong personalities, which would spread harmony, which would bring progress in the society and spread love and compassion. This is what I strongly believe. So we need to educate ourselves and people around us.
Education is to make one a strong personality, a personality which would stand up to criticism and give constructive criticism. A personality which would create friendliness all over, which has humor and a sense of belongingness along with it and this is what the world is looking for today.
Creativity comes up in a person when he has such an opportunity of free thinking and everybody in this planet is supposed to have free thinking. Unfortunately it is not there. We think in boxes, we think in limited spheres; we have to get out of this. We have to think freely and keep our mind free of narrow ideologies.
I am happy that Gyan Vihar University has given you such an opportunity in the midst of Jaipur to come up with brilliance, and I am sure you will make your country and your university proud.
I once again thank the management, the Vice Chancellor, Honorable Chairperson and the Deans and all of you and I give you my best wishes. I am part of you and now I am also an alumni of this University.
I wish that you become well educated in both humanities and science. Arts is the subject of the heart and science is the subject of the head, and we need both. Lord Krishna has said, Buddhi (intelligence) and Bhava (emotions), both are essential – this is the essence of Bhagavad Gita.
Development of heart and the mind, both are essential. Only then do you become a complete human being.
So I wish you all success in your endeavors and lead a life of service to society and a life full of fun and happiness.