A Spark of the Divine


U Are Not
Who U Think U Are

 - Who U Are - 

You're not just an age,
Or an hourly wage.
You're more than your e-mail address.
You're not just some size,
Or the shape of your thighs,
Or the make of the car
you possess.
You're not just your PIN,
Or the shade of your skin,
Or the place you were born,
or the date.
You're not your IQ,
Or the width of your shoe,
Your zip code, your height,
or your weight.
You can't be defined
By your zodiac sign,
Or the lines in the palm
of your hand.
It's not who you know
Or the money you owe,
Your blood type or cereal brand.
You're much too complex
For just race, creed or sex,
You're wonderfully
You're one-of-a-kind
With a fabulous mind
And a spirit
that's quite unconventional!
That makes you a treasure
Which cannot be measured
With numbers or checks
on a chart.
You're truly tremendous,
Amazing, stupendous!
Believe it with all of your heart!
That we are all,
a Spark of the Divine,
trying to get back Home,
each in his own way,
each in his own time...
A person asked Buddha:
"Are you a God?"
Buddha's reply was
"Are you an Angel?"
"Then what are you?"
"I am Awake."


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