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1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  Greetings from the Federation
3.)  Weekly LightBlast: Asking for What You Want
4.)  Yeshua: Functioning in the Higher Dimensions
5.)  A Journey of Imagination
6.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
7.)  Listen To Your Heart

Isis' Message of the Day -

"There can never be peace between nations until it is first known that true peace  is within the souls of men."
--Oglala Sioux ~

I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~
Today's Angel Message

Dear Ones. Believe in one's self. Many doubt themselves. They listen to the negative voices in their heads. Feel your self standing tall. Feel your self being filled with a sense of accomplishment, of doing your work well. See others benefiting from your presence. See the God source flowing through you and guiding you on your path. Know that you are being true to your self as you fill with Source. Bless your hearts.

Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"  *   *     

Greetings from the Federation
Channeled by Wanderer of the Skies
June 23, 2012
There is a great sense of hope developing on your world today as your collective thoughts focus on the arrest of the Illuminati and the restructuring of your financial systems. These are as have been intended. They are being played out all over your world in an orchestrated manner that would overwhelm you in its strategic development if you could know its depth and breath. We are here to speak about that which we can without jeopardizing actions already in play that you will see come to fruition over the coming weeks.

Prepare for great movements of information all over your globe that will focus those who are not in tune with what you have been accomplishing all this while. This will be the next, and greatest to date, mass awakening of individuals who have been asleep through the process thus far. This information will come from many sources, including your media, which has even now begun to unravel the Illuminati control about it. Truth is rolling over those that resist, and those who have always wanted this information to “get out” now see no impediment to their actions to make it so. This trickle will now become the floodgates of information that are a precursor to disclosure.

Indeed, we have had our hand in the rocket launch recently making news and it is now abundantly clear that there can be no reprisal from rogue military operations on our actions in the world. While fear mongering will cause many to focus on nuclear weapons and their potential use in terrorist activities, we say, as we have always advised, that there is nothing to fear at all.

Your nation of Iceland is being used as a testing ground for the rolling out of financial strategies for the betterment of your planet. It would be wise to follow their progress in this respect, as it will be the fate of all nations in a very brief period of time. We have always advised you that such an action would never come from the larger powers and nations of the world, but they will follow in lockstep once the actions begin their domino effect.

The time of doubt is at an end. The time of hope has begun. Now, you will begin to see real change occur, palpable and observable by all. These matters will come on so quickly it will spin your head. Hold on now for the beginning of the beginning. And as these changes come, so will Gaia react to your hope and love. She is already making changes that will benefit all. There are several more massive earthquakes yet to occur, all with minimal damage to life, as these changes continue.

We are forever with you, our family. We look forward to our reunion and the chance to share with you our love and excitement for your future.
Be at peace.

Weekly LightBlast: Asking for What You Want

by Jamye Price
June 23, 2012

Creating is fun!  Its easy to observe that an artist can paint a picture after years of study and have a technique that is so polished that creating seems natural.  Its easy to observe how someone takes actions in a succession that have been proven to manifest something in the physical (like building a house or even something like a relationship).  What is not as easy to observe is how we begin to create subtle, unseen manifestation within our mental and emotional world.  We are not taught this is valuable in our world.  Even though artists do it, and perhaps inventors (and we’re reminded how slim the ‘success rate’ is with those two professions), we’re taught that people are only successful when they follow outward action steps that have been proven by others (i.e. work your way up the corporate ladder, etc.).  Action steps are definitely important, even the artist and inventor need them!  But just as important is the mental and emotional alignment and here you Ask for What You Want with the clarity of one that works with the Light of Love to create the Golden Age.

We’ve been focusing on balance as we equalize directing and allowing, mental and emotional ease and reliance on self and others. It’s imperative to be balanced in the midst of change.  This balance provides a strong foundation upon which to create anew.  Asking for What You Want is an easy flow of information from the field, merging that with the desire within the self and flowing out the energy of possibility to magnetize the opportunity to create.  Others respond.  This is why we worked on Reliance onAnother last week (I love it when puzzle pieces come together!) - so that we are independent and dependent in an equilibrium that serves All Life.  How perfect is the Flow of Life!  When we don’t resist, we easily direct and allow, we are peaceful mentally and emotionally no matter the situation, we are dependent (in the empowered sense of the word – open to others) and independent as creation is best served.

As we sit to Blast Asking for What You Want, we are balancing creating as you desire and being open to change when things don’t seem to go as planned.  We have a peace within that knows challenge, opposition and change are powerful catalysts for improvement.  We are the perspective of All is Well when the news headlines would disagree.  We are the peaceful warriors, creating the new world to be a win/win solution for All, as we support the self and others with Love.  Blast on!

Jamye Price is an energy healer, channel and teacher. She channels Light Language, which are universal language codes that your heart and infinite mind speak fluently. Light Language works like a stem cell, it is Dynamic Frequency Encodings of Sound and Light that adjust to your needs in each moment as guided by your Higher Self. When Jamye is running healing frequencies, she speaks and signs Light Language, tones, emotes, and physically clears imbalances through Divine Grace. Jamye’s work assists with transmuting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks into wisdom, compassion and empowerment. She teaches self-love, forgiveness and finding a perspective of Love to provide people with practical tools for Soul Progression and creating a joyful life. Jamye’s passion is Ascension - bringing people to the understanding of the Truth of who they are; cherished, powerful and brilliant Divine Humans, interconnected with All Life. Jamye offers private sessions by phone, group sessions and classes, Light Language healing CDs and a free Monthly Newsletter and Weekly LightBlast to help assist Lightworkers on their Divine Path. For more information visit * *   

Yeshua: Functioning in the Higher Dimensions
Received through Mercedes Kirkel on April 11, 2012
June 23, 2012
Question: Can you speak to the role of the merkaba, which is a relatively new term for me to understand, as we move toward the fourth-dimensional experience?
Yeshua: As you move toward the fourth dimension, the transition is at the level of higher physics. Just as to incarnate at this level, you needed to have all the physical requirements of a human being—you needed to have all of your organs, you needed to have your skin, you needed to have all the tissues, and you needed to have all of them functioning so that you could function as a physically-based human being. As you go into the fourth dimension, the structures that you are composed of will be more light structures. And one of the most basic ones is your merkaba.
In some ways, the merkaba is like the placenta that allowed you to incarnate into the physical realm here. It is something that is around your body and extends out from your body, and has a particular shape to it. It is shaped as a star tetrahedron, primarily, and there is a center part that extends much further. It has what appears to be movement to it. This is because of the energy, the frequency that it is functioning at—from a physical point of view it appears to have a movement quality to it. This is all a kind of higher physics that perhaps seems hard to understand or envision now, but once you come to know it, it will be completely natural to you, just as your physical body is natural to you now.
The merkaba is there in latent form in all beings, but most of you have not used it for a very long time. It’s like when you have a part of your body that you don’t use for a very long time, it often shrinks or loses its functionality. This has happened to a certain extent with your merkaba. So that’s what the activation process is about. It’s about bringing it back to being fully functional so that it can help you.
You might think of the merkaba as your light body that’s helping you, like the placenta helped you to be born into this world. It’s going to help you to be born into the fourth dimension. It is often described as a vehicle, sometimes called a chariot. It’s something that helps you travel into that higher dimension. Unlike the placenta, you won’t go outside of it or let go of it. You will maintain it. You will continue to have your light body. It’s a field around you. Everyone has one. You can also create ones outside yourself.
You can program your merkaba with frequencies, the way that a crystal is programmed. It can protect you. It can support you to operate in higher dimensional ways, such as helping you to travel to higher dimensions. It is one of the structures that allows you to operate in a fourth-dimensional way. It is very valuable to have.
For a long time the knowledge of how to activate your merkaba has been considered hidden or secret or esoteric knowledge. It requires you to be operating at a certain frequency in order to do it. So there has been a certain natural exclusivity as to who is able to activate their merkaba. They have to have the ability to operate at that higher frequency and to have their heart and mind open. Once that is happening, then the merkaba can be activated through intention, and eventually it activates organically. But you can do it by intention. Then it can support you at an earlier time in your spiritual growth and your growth into higher consciousness and higher dimensions. So it is a valuable thing to learn about, and—when you are ready—to activate and to have it help you. It is for your help and your well-being entirely.
Question: How do people continue to stay focused in love and joy and all things positive if that’s not what they’re necessarily feeling and experiencing.
Yeshua: This is a very important question. There is the desire to be experiencing the higher frequencies and the higher-frequency emotions—love, joy, peace, etc. But oftentimes that is not necessarily fully developed as a capability yet. So your actual experience may not be that, while you have a certain amount of awareness that that is a possibility. It is not enough to just try to create the higher experience based on an idea, if what you’re experiencing is not that. So this is a very important question that you are asking.
Fear, anger, or sorrow are what you might call lower-frequency emotional states. Those are the three primary ones. There are others, but oftentimes they are forms of these three. These are the three biggest that, at the third dimension, most of you deal with. When you find yourself in these states, it is very important not to try to suppress them, or to get out of them as a form of avoidance. That will simply strengthen the hold that they have on you, but it will be from your subconscious and it will be harder to work with.
If you find yourself in these states, there are ways of working with them that draw you into a higher-dimensional place—without avoiding, without trying to suppress, deny, get away from your experience—and that let you work with these states in a higher-dimensional way. If you do not already know these processes, then you are well-advised to learn them. There are people who teach these processes, who can help you with this.
The work that my beloved Mary has been doing is one of the ways of working with these states. She is working very, very passionately to help people to understand this—that it is not necessary to go away from or avoid, but rather to understand skill-fully how to work with these feelings and emotions when they arise. For if they are arising, there is something in them that is important for you to be working with. It may be something that you need to purify or heal. It may be something that you need to learn about. It may be an old habit or pattern that you are in the process of changing. It may be something that’s not yours, but that is arising around you and you are experiencing it. Whatever it is, there is something of value for you in this. That is one of the reasons why it is very important not to avoid, suppress, deny, or run away from it—along with the fact that doing so will create problems in and of itself.
This is very important work to do. It will teach you how to relate to these experiences in ways that you receive the gifts, you receive the growth, you receive the learning, the lesson. And you also will be strengthened in your ability to stay in your heart and in a higher-consciousness place, which will ultimately make these experiences less frequent, less strong when they do occur, and eventually will move you to where you are more and more truly and continuously experiencing the higher-dimensional qualities, the higher-dimensional emotions and experiences. And you will be learning whatever you need to learn from that place at that time.
My strongest advice is to find wise teachers who can guide you in these processes. The way you know these teachers is through your heart, always through your heart. How does it feel to be around the teacher? When the teacher speaks, what do you feel? Does the teacher naturally draw you into these higher-dimensional places, this higher-consciousness state, into a state of heart-united-with-mind. If so, then that teacher is one you can trust. If that is not the case, it does not matter what that teacher is purporting to teach. That is not one to be learning from. So find the teachers who can help you with this so you are supported in these processes.
I urge all of you to make use of what supports you the most. What is it that helps you to know this love, to stay in this heart space, to be strong in being able to maintain your position here? These are oftentimes very practical things. Sometimes it is your daily practices of sleep, diet, exercise, things of that nature. Sometimes it is your spiritual practices that you do. Sometimes it is the people that you spend time with, which includes influences on you through electronic media, through TV, through radio, through computer, all of those ways. Sometimes it is your health. Sometimes it is staying connected to nature. Sometimes it is the work you are doing. And by work, I mean following your life purpose, living your passion and serving others through that. Sometimes it is service of helping others, supporting others. Sometimes it is doing what gives you joy, having fun, experiencing delight.
All of these things are important in different ways, at different times, to different extents. Discover what it is for you and increase that, do it more, make it more important in your life. Allow yourself to be supported most fully in living in this heart space. This is using your intelligence to help you. It is important that you do this.
I especially encourage all of you to have fun, to stay in joy, to experience delight. This brings a certain quality of light to you that is so important in the third dimension. It is like the perfect seasoning in a fine dish. It is very important. Do not forget. Sometimes in your thinking about spirituality, you become so serious. It is through your best intentions that this happens. But do not forget to have fun, to be in joy. This is an essential aspect of staying in your heart.
Question: For people that are on a spiritual path, how important is the intellectual knowledge of things?
Yeshua: It is very unimportant. (laughter) Many people have gone on to higher dimensions with very little intellectual knowledge. You live in a time when intellectual knowledge is greatly valued and abundantly available, to the degree that it is a great obstacle for many of you to keep yourself in balance and to set your mental knowledge aside. Mental knowledge can help you to a certain extent, if it supports you in taking the steps you need to take care of yourself and to shepherd yourself forward in this process. In the way that a parent helps a child, your mind can help you in that way. But your need for that is actually quite limited. For the most part, your mind should be a supportive function, not a dominant function. For most of you, it is a dominant and dominating function.
So, for most of you, you need to devote very little energy to your mind. It is quite developed, quite skilled. What the mind needs to do, it is quite capable of. Mostly you need to strengthen the other parts of your being, your heart especially, and to let your mind be in service to your heart.
Once your heart opens, you will discover what many call your higher mind. This part functions very naturally in union with your heart. It is a beautiful relationship, like the relationship of lovers. What you call your mind now is a much lower function, which still will have its place. It still will have its function. But it will be much reduced and will be in service to your heart, which will then open to your higher mind. And that will be where you will be seated and primarily functioning from.
That will all happen on its own, most naturally, most organically. You can help it. You can support it through various processes. But whether it happens through your intention, through your practices that you bring to develop this, or it happens naturally, it certainly will happen. You can depend on that. You can know that you have everything you need for all of those functions. And you have so much more than you need already in the form of your mind and all of its thinking. So predominantly, you can allow your mind to relax, you can support it in relaxing, and you can support your other functions in coming forth. The things that you need from your mind, your mind will readily be able to provide.
And so dear ones, this feels like a time for us to end for now. I am so happy to be with you. I love you and I hope that you can feel that in your heart. Thank you so much for sharing this time with me, along with my beloved Myriam, Mary Magdalene. We bless you most fully.
Blessings to all in the great love of our Mother-Father God. I leave you now with great love.
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Heavenletter #4229
A Journey of Imagination
June 23, 2012
God said:
You often ask yourself, "What is it all for? What is this rugged path in life for?"
You have heard Me say that life is for love. Yes, it is, for your heart to expand, and for you to hand out love as a matter of course. It is for exploration and adventure and for a romp in the park. It is for you. You are the pathway you take. You are the hero, and you are the one who finds his way in the forest. Just as a forest has growth, so do you.
Would you really have chosen to miss out on the green forest, its trees, its leaves, its messages to you? Would you regret that you were handed life to find yourself in? Would you really? Would you regret that you could learn, or begin to relearn, Eternity and Infinity, and all they entail?
You may say that you haven't learned them. You may say that you have avoided them, and that that has been the extent of your life.
Yet you have had life. You took your turn at the bat. Whatever you may think, you have made a home run. You went somewhere. You did something. You took a shot at life. You mustered your way through it. You walked in the woods. You took off, and one day you return to where you came from and never left which is right here with Me.
You had a Journey of Imagination, for the Journey in Life is all fantasy. It is a painting, or it is a movie, and you play your part tooth and nail. The hero in a drama grows. He does not stay the same. He grows. Whatever you may grumble about, you have grown.
You have painted this picture of yourself as a chapter in your book. And all of your book is fiction. It feels like it happened. Everyone believes it happened. Only everyone is fooled or, more accurately, fools himself as to what is real and what is not real. In most cases, you have it backwards.
Today, embrace your life. It is a good one. You have made a good try. You took a chance, and you lived it. You got on board a Boat of Life, and you set sail. You sailed on the waves. You are the waves furling and unfurling. How active the waves. How in and out they are. Waves are visitors to the surface of the Ocean. Waves come up from the depths of the Ocean to visit the surface, and then dive back in to the fullness of the depths. Heigh ho.
And you ask, "What is the journey for?" It is for the journey. It is for the rowing of the oars. It is for the oars splashing in the Waters from which you came. It is for experience. It is for the love of it or to get the hang of it. It is for life. It is for the exuberance. Waves go up and down, in and out, and you, who ride on the waves, go up and down with them, and yet you are not really at the mercy of the waves. You are the waves, so you are at the mercy of yourself.
There is no out there except as you see it. There is really only in here, in your heart and in Mine. All the rest is a story enacted. Your story is the fairy tale, and you make it up as you along, or you follow it, or you plan it. You certainly think about it. You are writing your own autobiography. You scribble it. You agonize over it. Now jump for joy for your story that you dash off to while you are on the go.

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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, you have chosen this human lifetime so that you could be part of an awakening and a harvesting. There is an evolutionary cycle that incarnation goes through from a place that remembers its divinity, knows that it is creating, into the place where it identifies with whatever is being created and identifies with that creation to the place where it is forgotten, temporarily, who is doing the creating, and then there is the process where you are now of awakening to realizing, “I am the one who is creating,” and then the realization that, “If I am creating, I can change whatever I see going on.”
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Listen To Your Heart
by Alec Christos Gabbitas
June 21, 2012
"Listen to your heart is all that is ever asked of you, for there becomes from that sanctuary a promise of life and love anew! Within this mighty satellite station of momentous proportion there lies an envelope of opportunity that is awaiting everyone to participate or look within, This in no normal envelope or portal of invitation, for it behoves all those that have courage enough to abide within, where answers that one searches for, albeit oft times from an outer external source no doubt of very good intent, seem pointless when that so still small voice may be heard in the chamber of one's heart and backed up by one's very expansive soul. So, that is all that is needed, to go deeper into your heart space, let go all lifelines and other worldly focusing on outer prompting and begin to live the life of self sufficiency. It is allowed, if you let it so to be. It is a gift that has for so long been overshadowed by 'fear.' "
Many, many light-beings are patrolling the parameter of beloved planet earth, seeking to be ever near to hand for you as you search for that support which is in every manner offered for your own highest good. These are beings not only from the multiple sources of brighter and lighter input yet are light beings invited in from other universes to perceive the manner in which you, the local lighted beings on Terra, are reacting to and moving through the multi-manner of dealing with all that is occurring through these 'testing' times of expansion and ascension. They are here out of genuine interest in and sincere concern for your own well being and to share their light with you, and also to learn of the many trials and tribulations that you might be experiencing, so that they too might learn from you how you are dealing with these momentous shifts and 'winds of change' that are ever prevalent in the here and now, on planet Earth.
They, from outer universes, are in similar manner being affected by and preparing for that which you are handling with such tenacity and valor; for they know that as your progression through these times and events are experienced will they learn from you, the light force and Christed beings on planet Earth, a little of the techniques or manner to move through that which is to be experienced. So, stand tall beloved fellow travelers, there are many eyes of benevolence admiring and learning through your endeavors as the ripple effect travels not only through this your local universe, yet ever beyond, as our great pool of life stretches outwards or inwards, if you prefer, for an infinity of beings and an infinity of light years for where is the limit? Where is the beginning and where is the end of this mighty co-creation?
You, with mighty Gaea, have 'gifted' your magical chalice or holy grail into the vastness of immeasurable proportions as the laws of life are expressive in the multi-vastness of being. Ultimate Being perceives all with the capacity of simplistic harmony that is challenging with the love and the light of indefinable brilliance and beauty. The ripple effect starts here with you, the mighty star beings, the innumerable way-showers, the light brigades of all manner, the angels of all time, and the many universal Gods of the many multi-universes. You might see now how truly wonderful you are, for as you stand with beloved Gaea, in her magnitude of love and beauty, will you feel your connection with her, in her majesty, as she readies yet again to express her ascending realities as the winds of change, having lulled somewhat, are beginning to gently blow with the new awaited energy bands about to be expressed.
Mammoth are the ever continuing multi-waves of change and inner recognition, yet in these now moments, step back a little and try to simply 'allow' these shifts and changes that are in truth more of regularity, and so acceptance on a grander scale is required by one and all. Your collective endeavors are surpassed by none and your versatility is paramount as your moving from Chela to Master in self is apparent to all that have eyes to see them. Stand tall and know that you really and truly count, for without your specialness, your uniqueness, will the 'whole' be truly incomplete. Oft times are these words of praise delivered to you, but please accept them with the power and the energy in which they are gifted unto you. Within these words are your hearts and souls deliverance of manna from heaven, if you will, and the seed of life is fertile and ever growing in the magical majesty of your true specialness.
Be still and know that you are God, be God and know that you are still. Namaste. Adonai.
(c) Alec Christos Gabbitas for the Universal mind and an ever united kingdom. Feel free to share and copy affording due thanks and recognition to the source. Dear God, I Know!! *