A Sign Of Prosperity

A sign of prosperity - Sri Sri


Jai GuruDev..
If you think nobody loves you; know for sure that you are loved.    The earth loves you; that's why it is holding you upright. The love of the earth is its gravitational force.The air loves you. That's why air gushes in through your nose, even when you are sleeping it moves through your lungs. The Divine loves you very dearly, deeply. Once you know this, you will relax. 
With calmness, talents simply come. Intuition comes, beauty comes, peace comes. Love springs up. What else? Then comes prosperity! Bliss and prosperity. What is the sign of prosperity? Who is prosperous? The general idea is that the person who has freedom to go wherever he wants to go, whenever he wants, is a prosperous person. 

Take the case of an industrialist. Do you think he is free to go wherever he wants, whenever he wants? He has a million dollars in the bank, but his business ties him like a rope around his neck. Even if he goes somewhere, his cell phone keeps ringing. It doesn't let him have his breakfast properly. Do you think he is prosperous? 

Just wake up and see; you are rich! Do you have a smile? Then you are rich! Someone who has lots of money cannot even smile well. They don't have friends because you can't really know — the friends are there for themselves or for the money. That's why in the Bible it is said, `A rich man cannot go to heaven'. I'm not encouraging poverty here, but just telling you to root out that thought of poverty from your mind, and consciousness. 
The sign of prosperity is a smile.The sign of prosperity is freedom. The sign of prosperity is being willing to share with people around you, without fear.The sign of prosperity is the trust and confidence that you'll get what you need tomorrow. 
Regards, with Pranams to my beloved Guruji,Priyada Mohanan - 
Love is not an Emotion...Its our Very Existence...


Guruji's Knowledge Sheet: Sanchit & Prarabdha Karma


Some karma can be changed and some cannot.

When you prepare halwa, if sugar is less or ghee is less, water more or less, it can all be adjusted, repaired. But once soji is cooked, it cannot be reversed.

If the buttermilk is sour, milk can be added, salt can be added to make it drinkable. But it can never be reversed back to milk.

Prabdha karma cannot be changed. Sanchita karma can be changed by spiritual practices. Satsang burns the seed of all negative karma.

When you praise someone, you take on their good karma. When you blame someone you take on their bad karma.

Know this and surrender both good and bad karma to the Divine and be free.

- Sri Sri