Ashtar On The Road Report {Channeled}


Ashtar's Oct 19th Report - Candidates of the Light
Given through Susan Leland
Well, good evening, Everyone, it is so delightful that we are here with you, and oh, we have so much to tell you.  So much joy there is in these gatherings of ours, so much that we join with each other and lift each other up, literally, up, up and away as they say, out of 3D and the box, and the dogmas and the controls and all of that.
Now this is a most interesting time on Planet Earth.  And it is a time in which the eyes of the world, and indeed the Hearts of the world, are focused upon this particular country from which we are speaking. And that is because here in the United States of America and its neighboring countries there is much emphasis upon who’s going to get elected.  Whoever gets elected here will be impacting worldwide, especially upon the neighboring countries.
Oh yes, there are those who will impact, quite wondrously, in relationships of establishing Community, Trust and Integrity in their dealings with each other, such that the border issues will not be issues anymore. And there are those who, if they get elected, are planning to increase tensions, fears and the separations so that it will be literally impossible to trust your neighbors for very much longer and for those who live in the United States of America and in Canada, particularly your neighbors to the south, because that’s part of the plan that isn’t going to happen.  You heard that right!  You know, there are the plans of the Dark Hats, and they are like the plans of the Dark, and then there are the plans of the Light – White Hats, or Lightworkers, and that’s where we come in.
And we have been given full permission by the Galactic Federation, by the Solar Tribunal, and most importantly by those of you upon planet Earth, Beloveds, who have opened to join with us.  And even if you think you’re not hearing from us directly when you speak to us, stop right there!  We know you and we love you and we do respond to you.  Sometimes it’s just a little whisper or a rustling of the leaves when there is no wind, or it can be a feeling of sudden warmth, or, a feeling of sudden cooling; it can be goose-bumpies on your spine or on your legs or anywhere; it can be a little 'A-ha' moment where you feel your Heart expand a wee bit in response to our closeness to you.  However you feel it, it doesn’t always have to be actual words in sentences, but it’s nice always to write it down.  That’s the joy of telepathic communication - you get to receive as well as send!   So just sit quietly in your sacred space with all the divine aspects of you that you are and listen.
We have said from the very first day, and there are those here, fabulous Fran and the lovely Elise to be specific, who were there the first time a group gathered to hear me speak through this Voice and we said right then and there – it was a shocker for a lot of them, and we’re still laughing at this because it’s so delightful!  Some of them now know that we were telling them the truth about themselves because they’re doing it.  What are they doing?  Well we said, specifically, 'Every one of you in this room and everyone in the world has gifts.  You all have the gifts of what you call channeling, of receiving messages from that part of you that you don’t really see, well most of you don’t see, when you look in the mirror.  Some of you do. That’s another gift and some of you have opened that gift and are using it.'
You know, if you think about a Christmas tree, do you recall when you were young if your parents had a Christmas tree and there were presents under the tree or in stockings, or presents somewhere?  As Christmas approached you saw these presents and you said, ‘Oh boy, let me at them – I’m so excited, I can’t wait!’ But your parents said, ‘But you have to wait.’
Alrighty, the biggest Christmas ever, and it won’t be necessarily on that particular date, but how about Ascension, Folks, is that not a biggie for Christmas?  How about walking into Ascension?  That’s better than walking into a room with a Christmas tree!  And there are all those gifts, and they’ve always been there under your personal tree, and they’ve always been there for you.  And some of you go in a little early and you take a peek at some of those gifts and you say, ‘Oh, goodie I’m gonna get this one and play with it right now because after all I am all grown up and I don’t have anybody to tell me that I can’t.’
And so you start using those gifts a bit early, that’s the only difference between those of you who are doing your own channeling and those of you who aren’t quite doing it yet – that’s why we’re here!  We’re here to facilitate for you and we are honored and we are absolutely overjoyed that you’ve come with such Love in your hearts and such openness in your minds to listen to the messages that we give.  And if you listen closely you will see that there are others who are giving the same messages, maybe not in the same words, but they’re saying the same exact things.
How about that 2-0-1-0 for instance?  Ah ha, we can see ahead.  We see your past, we see your now moment, we’re here with you in your now moment after all, and we see what lies ahead on the timeline you call your future, and it’s very evident.  Go ahead and check it out for yourself and see if it resonates within your own being, within your own divinity.  Check in with your guidance group, ask them if they see the same thing on the timeline that we are telling you we are seeing.  And that’s plan number one, it’s the biggie - the biggie before the real Biggie!  It’s the Announcements that are important to make.
Now, most of you by now know, oh yes, you are all well informed.  You’ve seen the youtubies, yes?  You’ve seen us blinking at you in the skies on the youtubies.  Or you’ve been out in your own yard or in your neighbor’s, or someplace, and you’ve waved and you’ve communicated with us and you’ve said, ‘I see you! Oh my God you’re real!’  And some of you say, ‘I can’t see you - would you please speak up!', meaning blink a little brighter or lighter.’  Take some breaths, open up telecommunications, call us into your realm.  Raise your vibrations a little bit because you know you have to meet us.  You can keep your feet on the ground but put your Hearts in the skies, and meet us and greet us because we’re here with you, Beloveds, we’re all over the place!
Now those who have been in leadership positions and who have been, quite frankly, removed from their leadership and empowered positions, even those who’ve got these little programs still running, they know we’re real.  And those among the leaders of integrity of the world are ready to welcome us.  Just a few more little details, but as we see it now, the official Announcement of what you all know anyway is going to come, and when it does be ready to catch your neighbor as they fall because there are going to be many, many who are going to be in what they call shock and awe – but it’s a good shock and awe, once they pick themselves up, or you help them!
Reach out your hands in absolute Forgiveness, that means no judgment, in modern terms.  It means you hold no judgment against them.  You’re not saying, ‘Well, see I told you so and you just didn’t believe me and I don’t know what was wrong with you because you didn’t believe me,’ because that’s not what you’re saying to them.  You’re saying, 'Welcome, welcome, Beloved One, to the real world.  Welcome to Truth.  Welcome to absolute Oneness of all creation.  Welcome to Love!'
Now as we mentioned in a brief note that we sent out, we have been quite successful worldwide – New York, San Francisco, other places; we’ve been doing little test patterns, you might call them.  And we are happy to report that the fear factor was so low as to be negligible.  Hearts opened, Consciousness rose - well there is a whole new vibration on Earth anyway.
Those of you who are interested in science might be interested in reading all about the state of the consciousness of planet Earth as it has recently been measured.  It’s real high, and of course that’s what’s needed to make the ultimate Ascension.  What’s needed right now is to get the consciousness high, going higher – stay in the 'up' elevator – and keep on doing what you’re doing, Beloved Ones.  Beam out that light, shine it on the world, let it shine out from your eyes so that when people look into your eyes you are inviting them to connect with you Heart to Heart.  That is where the world is going, that Beloved Ones, is our mission.  And when I say ‘our mission,’ all of us have that mission!
We are the mentors, I am among the mentor group to these women* here on this beautiful island.  But I am worldwide, as are all of the others, we’re with you, and you, and each and every one of you all the time because we’re so close, because we’re so connected, because we’re so One-Heart, and where you have One Heart you have One Mind.  One Consciousness, that’s what makes it possible.  It’s called Love!  What else is there that’s really real?  What other energy is there that is so powerful and divine?
Mother/Father was quite focused when you were created, very much focused.  What are you made of anyway except Love?  That, Beloved Ones, is the Truth. So reach out to all of the Hearts and send a little Love.  Imagine that you are holding a magic wand and that the Love of your Heart is what you are waving at the world, and let us all into the Hearts of all of those who are open to receive it.  And if it needs to sit on their shoulder for a little while like an unopened email, that’s okay because they’re going to get it anyway. And how much they are willing to open to receive and then pass it on and pay it forward, Beloved Ones, that is what we’re here to increase.
We have a delightful new project, a project of the Light, totally of the Light.  We have a wondrous woman and her husband, their names are Susan and Roger.  They are Family, and they live in the United States of America and we shall be posting an email from them about a candidate who is family to them and well known, but what is important here is not that he is of Family.  It is that he is out there making a difference in the world; he’s already had many opportunities to do so.  Now this is a state election.  And you might say, ‘Well I don’t live in Iowa; what am I supposed to do?’  That’s the project, that’s the fun we’re all going to have during these next two weeks and we are asking you to join in.
So we’re going to explain the project to you but first we want to explain what is happening, give you the background, so to speak, of what’s going on in this wondrous, wondrous world!  Elections.  Elections can be a time to come together Heart to Heart, and it can be a real high vibrational experience for everyone.  There can also be those who are going to, shall we say, capitalize or promote fear and divisiveness.  Now what is that except the program of the dark agenda, the Dark Hats, who want to stay in power and who don’t really want to leave the stage even though they’re pretty well off the stage, unofficially.  What you’re getting is a lot of programs, holographic images, and last grasping at straws.  They really are done!
We have, with the permissions that we have received, emptied their bank accounts, gone to their secret hiding places for gold and other treasures and emptied those and caused many of them to lose their hundred or so mansions, because they couldn’t pay the bank.  By the way, I want to interject something, if you haven’t seen the movie Wall Street, go see it - it’s a real good look, the ups and downs.  You have the most powerful bankers in the United States of America gathered around a table, it’s called the Federal Reserve. Well, representatives of that institution meeting with the bankers of Wall Street, anyway go see it, it’s informative.  And we aren’t going to give away any more of the story except that we just delight in happy endings!  Enough of that, go see it if you haven’t.
Those who have held the reins of power are having to give them up.  Have you noticed the mass exoduses – exodi? – I can make up words, you know - from the White House?  And that’s not they only place they’re leaving from, they’re leaving government positions, cushy government positions.  They may be under the delusion that they’re going to hold some other office, that they’re going to do like the grizzly bear mother from Alaska is doing and capitalize upon their fame by giving talks and speeches.  Well, they’re going to have a lot to talk about with their fellow prisoners, but that’s about the extent of it because they have created so much in the world that is the opposite of Love and their day is over.  The sun is shining, Beloved Ones, all over the world and the bright lights are coming more, and more, and more.  The 10-10-10 was absol utely fabulous and more is on the way.  As we said, ‘Fasten your seatbelts and get ready!
And that brings us to the elections.  We are going to send an email to you as an example.  Fabulous Fran is setting up a new mission on our website:  We would ask that you send us emails:  *** where you know of candidates – national, state, local community, makes no difference - put them in the Light if they are people of Light, of Integrity, or of Honor.  If they are Mr. or Ms. Smith – have you seen that one yet – Mr. Smith Goes to Washington?  And we’re talking 'D.C.' here.  We have a link for that which our Beloved Arnold has supplied, that will be posted on the website and you can watch it on your computers, it’s an oldie but a goodie.  And it tells you about Integrity.
Or watch The American President if you like a little romance because it’s a lot of romance and Love, and Truth and Integrity.  You may recall something to the effect in that movie wherein the president, although it could be anybody and believe me there are lots of anybodies out there right now, telling the people of America that he was so busy trying to keep his job that he forgot to do his job, and that is to represent the people and do the very best he could do for the people of the country.  This is why we talk about the Light shining in these elections coming forth.  We talk about you putting your candidates into the Light.
So send names and contact information.  They will be posted on  We invite you to send this message far and wide, send it to everybody on your email list and ask them to participate.  Let’s get the Light shining on those who deserve it.  And if you see the name of a candidate – ‘Oh! that one is running for mayor in my town, perhaps I can go ring on a few doorbells or have a little tea party’ – well no, not a tea party, let’s not do tea parties - perhaps we can have a pure water party or some such affair for this person who is trying so hard to help the people in my community.'
On a national level, no, there is no election for President, but this is an opportunity to re-elect your president, Barak Obama, who stands pretty much alone in the Light and he’s lonely sometimes because all is falling away, which he knew it would.  He came in specifically to be the Light.  He is under extreme pressure, there is not a day that goes by that he is not either threatened or that an attempt is not made, not just on him but on his family, his beloved children, his beloved wife.
There are absolute hate-mongers running amok out there, making up all kinds of lies and telling all kinds of tales which are not true.  The truth is, as you know it, that he has come to lead, not just the United States of America, but the world, into NESARA, into the true Golden Age, into full contact and establishment of community and communion with the starseeds from beyond.  And it is exactly as the masters Tara and Rama had said, and if you’re having a little trouble with the concept, just think about hugging your favorite Wookie when the two of you meet for real - in the flesh and in the fur, so to speak!  Enjoy the promise that that brings.
Now, what’s that got to do with elections?  Plenty!  Obama has been under constant pressure from the Dark Hats, who have had a lot of power and control and who are hoping to have even more after these elections, to not do everything he wants to do for the people, to instead follow their programs and their dark routines and agendas and to create more divisiveness, more separation, and more enslavement.  He stands in the Light.  And there are some others of the Light in Washington D.C. and already in the governments of the states and the local places.  And there are some who have been in government who stand in the Light.  They might have different ways of doing it.  You’ve got everybody from Jesse Ventura to Michael Moore, two diligent ones who have been in service all this time and who at times have been woefully outnumbered, but nevertheless, they’re still there. They’re being Mr. or Ms. Smith.  And they’re standing in the face of all that the Dark Hats could possibly throw at them.
An example of a shining light, as you all know, is Beloved Dennis.  Dennis Kucinich, who has lost two family members.  And if you think those leavings were accidental, think again.  But he stands in the Light unwavering.  And it is those such as them that we are asking you to honor by sending their names, their website addresses, their contact information, whatever.  Perhaps you will be inspired, when you see someone on our list, to vote for them.  Perhaps you will be inspired to ask others to vote for them, and by the way, GET OUT AND VOTE!   Make your own decisions, we’re not here to tell you who to vote for, we’re just giving you a pretty strong hint, to vote for those whom you resonate with, whom you see as being beings of integrity.
And all of this stuff that they’re trying to scare you with about big government - Beloved Family, if you allow them to splinter the government, to take away what the government has for you now, particularly those of you who are receiving some abundance from Social Security, or some care from Medicare, or any of the government services, remember it’s just a tiny sliver in time.  Abundance is coming to everyone. NESARA is coming to everyone.
The more you put the Lightbeings, the Lightworkers into the offices that can support NESARA and the freedoms it brings, instead of dividing, instead of all of this giving way to those who would vote away what little you’re getting, the more you raise the Consciousness, you raise Hope, you spread Love, and yes, you create the higher Consciousness and you hasten the Announcement of NESARA which frees everyone whether they are White Hat, Dark Hat, Grey Hat, or undecided.
So that is our pep talk.  Sekhmet appeared earlier and was doing a bit of a cheerleader routine.  Get out the vote and encourage everyone you know to do so.  Whatever you do beyond, that is up to you, Beloved Ones.  We recommended a couple of movies for you to see, particularly Mr.Smith Goes to Washington, and after all, if you can sit in the comfort of your own sacred space and watch it on your computers, how delightful is that?  You can make some popcorn if you wish, but enjoy it and be inspired by it, that’s the Heart that needs to come to Washington D.C. and to all of the capital cities worldwide; to all the capital cities of the states of the United States of America and the provinces of Canada and Mexico and the Americas and so on, worldwide.
Because it starts here in this country and with its neighbors, we ask that you pay attention.  Now, unlike other projects we have initiated, this one is a bit different.  Our next call two weeks from this moment will be on election day.  And of course we shall be presenting some observations.  The strongest probability seen now, according to Plank’s Law, is that the Lightworkers will come alive!
There will be a most honored guest who shall be leading our Family in an Exercise to further the Light, the spread of the Light, the 'Paying it Forward,' and awakening the knowing within all who receive our message that this time they need to vote and encourage others to do so.
This is not to get involved with 3D government, society or boxes; this is to enable the upliftment of everyone up and out of the box and to further the Ascension of the entire planet.  And so we ask that you participate, not just with your computers, typing or forwarding some messages, but that you participate with your Hearts and your Minds.  Jump in and help somewhere!  Spread the Light and be the Light that you are - it’s very important for the entire world.
And so we said that we would explain, well we’ve explained a lot of the details, it’s very simple.  It involves doing some emailing, fabulous Fran will do the posting, you will receive a message tomorrow with all of the details, where to send your messages, what to include, and we ask that you include as much information as you can about the candidate or the candidates whose names you are posting.  And know this, that Ashtar on the Road will post whomever you send in.  So be sure you’re getting the Truth from the highest sources about the Integrity of those whom you choose to honor in this manner, and send it out.
If Francis Thicke gets elected as Secretary of Agriculture for the state of Iowa, it will benefit everyone worldwide because he is a man of Integrity who honors the animals and everything he grows on his land, who wants to reinstate organic farming and natural foods, who wants the corporations out of the family farms and who wants you, Beloved Ones, to have the ability to purchase these wholesome kinds of nourishments wherever you live.  And he is but one.  Just think of the ones you know, just think!
Send the message out far and wide to check in on this website:  often before the elections to see what names are there, to see who might be close by.  Even if it is telepathic messaging sending Love and Upliftment, even if you include them in your meditations or use one of the fabulous energy tools to heighten the energies of Love that you put forth toward them, it makes a huge difference!
Remember, the Consciousness of the world is read by scientists and we tell you it’s very high, and where the Consciousness is read to be high, it is a divine union, or Communion with Spirit.  You cannot separate science and spirituality, and that’s another great Truth despite the fact that one rather well known individual, one rather well known scientist, who is so perceptive in so many areas saw fit to say something to the contrary.  Well, we aren’t going there.  There may have been a sour grape or two in his breakfast Wheaties, we’re not commenting on that.  We’re simply wanting you to know that you're simply hearing the truth, you’re getting it from many messengers, and most of all you’re getting it within your Divine Selves because you know what resonance feels like.  You know what it feels like to say, ‘ah ha, I know that to be true. Or perhaps you’re hearing from a specific messenger.
The Voice’s mother sent her a message the other day in the form of a picture which she has now hung on her wall. It almost threw itself at her when she was walking through the aisles of the store, and she knew it was for her, there was only one there, and she’s kind of fussy, you know, it was in perfect condition. When she got it home and unwrapped it fully, because part of it was obscured, she saw in the corner was the little pink sign. It is a sign that has been created to express solidarity for the ending of breast cancer and she knew, yes she knew, so she hung it on her wall because it was from her mother.
So there is no end to the ways that you would receive your messages.  Pay attention and listen.  Maybe your doggie has something to tell you.  Pay attention and listen.  Spread the Light and we ask again that you call forth in this finest hour for the government of the Unites States of America, that you call forth your Wisdom and your Light and that you share what you know about those who are standing for office.  Send only the Light Ones, the Lightworkers.
Those who are either wearing the dark hats or are furthering the dying agendas of the Dark Hats, although they might not really know it, they’re standing out quite well right now.  The world is having a real glimpse, a real big look as a matter of fact, at them.  So do not send any negative ones, only the ones that you know are deserving of the votes because they themselves are One With Us and they know it.  They are of the Light and they have Love for the office that they aspire to and for all of the people and the other kingdoms of mother Gaia whom they want to serve.  And even if your candidate does not get elected, it is still a triumph for the Lightworkers, it is still an opportunity to stand together and be one in the Light and the Love we are.
Thank you, Beloved Ones, for being here. And so it is! Salut!
I am a facilitator for the loving messages of Ashtar and those who accompany him at our Ashtar on the Road gatherings.  Thank you for taking this time to get acquainted with me and with my mission as a voice for Ashtar!
Susan Leland (c)2010.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.  *  


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