Ashtar - Moving From The Bridge {Channeled}


Ashtar - From the Bridge
Given through Susan Leland
September 16, 2011

Greetings, Beloved Family! We are bringing you this special message of great importance and relevance to you, because it is focusing upon you, yourselves, and your expanding awareness of how to fulfill your missions. As you are aware, the mission of the Ashtar Command has changed quite dramatically in the most recent years in your time. No longer are we here to rescue you from the blowing up Armageddon scenario which has been prophesized for centuries. No, that is old timeline material, and it has all changed. Now, we are here to partner with you as you create your paths to Ascension!

Yes, you heard correctly. Your path to Ascension is your creation - we are here to help you, support you, and even to offer our guidance to you. But it is you, Beloved Ones, who are in charge of your own paths; indeed, it is you who are the creators of exactly how your paths look in front of you, and how easy - or difficult - they are!

Now, you still have vestiges of 3D around you, and also within you, when you are not soaring up and out of its box into higher dimensionalities. However - and this is the really great news - you have reached a collective state of empowerment never before seen on Planet Earth since the veil of forgetfulness was lowered!!! You are continually reaching new heights of connection, communication and communion within your own fields of energy, and beyond that with us, to Planet Earth and all of its kingdoms, and with the entire Universe!

Yes, we are in observance that you don't always feel this high vibe Oneness. This is natural - you are still in your human bodies. To be sure, you are transmuting and evolving into your higher dimensional crystalline states, which is absolutely necessary in order for you to leave 3D behind and become residents of the higher dimensions. Nevertheless, you are still in the pre-Ascension states of being, still on your paths, but not quite there - yet. This is why we invite you to gather with us, so that we can combine our energies to co-create Exercises to assist you to lift up and to extend our loving help to all of Planet Earth and beyond. Whenever you call upon us, we are there with you, but we are particularly powerful when we join together - exponentially so!!!

These are the most thrilling of times for you, because you are starting to see all of the shifts and changes we have been telling you about. Most notable, of course, in addition to your own progress, is the daily revelation of the Truth about what has been covered up for so long. Indeed, it is literally tumbling out for everyone to see, and it is making for some shocked reactions. So, here you are, on the one hand enjoying the empowerments with which you are re-acquainting yourselves, and on the other side of things, observing the chaos in the World. It can be quite boggling, and we do know that you get weary at times. Indeed, sometimes your 3D ego-self wants you to believe that there is no hope, that Ascension is just some kind of an illusion.

Well, Beloved Ones, you are fully empowered to tell you ego to take a well-deserved time out!!! You are now fully empowered to be in charge, and your direction is definitely up, up and away! So, with Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude, tell your ego to rest while you sit in the driver's seat for the rest of your journey to Ascension. Be assured that, because you have chosen to give us permission to join with you, we are empowered more than ever to assist and also to mitigate, so that the changes are not as destructive as they would be otherwise. This also is according to your creation, consciously and unconsciously, guided by your own wisdoms and spiritual connections, and we are in loving awe of you, that you have chosen this High Road!

The great news that we have for you is that the State of the Earth is such that, together, we have accomplished the great miracle of opening the door to the Golden Age permanently - nothing can stop your forward progress!!! There is but a short time, as you measure it, when all of the wondrous changes will be accomplished, including the Announcements for which you have all waited! So, allow yourselves to stand tall within your loving, courageous and divine beings, and let us continue our missions in the Oneness of our communion! Namaste and Salut!