Ashtar {Channeled}

Ashtar: World Is Coming To Oneness
July 12, 2011 Teleconference
Given through Susan Leland
Well, good evening everyone! We are so happy - yes!!! Now, we have a serious focus for tonight, one that the world is calling for, especially when you hear the news of what’s going on in the world. Well, it is a time for the World to come together in loving Oneness and to show its Compassion. 
We have told you already some time ago, as you measure time, that those who have been supporting the ones who have been creating the boxes, and so on and so on, are really looking in another direction. Not all of them, of course, but a great many of them. They have been in assistance and support of these ones who have taken the world so much into the darkness. And they themselves are saying, ‘Now wait a minute, I have a Light that is starting to flicker within myself, I did not know that I, too, have that wondrous Light of creation in me. It’s time for me to be who I really am and cast off all of this false identity as the being of the dark, or wearing the dark hat!’ 
And as these ones start to come out of that shadow, they have fear - after all, living all of these lifetimes in the dark, that is living in fear, is it not? And so it is to say to them, 'We recognize that you are Light, that you are Love, even as We Are. Come home, come home to that place from which you started, to that place which you have not known for eons of time. Come home and be One with us. Let us bring our Lights together and let us shine even brighter for you, coming and being with us. And, oh yes, absolutely, Forgiveness on all levels, and we only ask that you practice and be in Forgiveness of yourselves.' 
'We have Gratitude to you because you have shown us that we choose a different path, and now we welcome you to join us on this path with Love, only Love. There is no judgment for you, save that which you place upon yourselves. And even if there is an appearance that you must make, tell what it is that will set you free for all time from any guilt or sadness or judgment of yourself because we forgive, which means we have not judgment of you. You are One with us, We Are All One.
'Mother/Father made all of us so that we would be of the Light and carry that Light of our creation. Even though you’ve done a great job of hiding it from yourselves and the World, we can see it! And we now say, come and let us be together!!!' And we shall have a most powerful Exercise and it shall be done by all of us together, but we want to discuss a bit more this whole topic of duality. 
You know, the ones who created the boxes, who thought it would be just grand if everybody spoke different languages, forgetting of course, when the veil was lowered, that one universal language, the Language of Light, which is Love. They thought it would be just wonderful to take the teachings of the great masters who came to teach and, well they did more than tweak them, but you know what we mean, so that they would have different religions and philosophies that were contrary to each other. So they set this all up. Now we know the very term 'holy war' is really contradictory, it’s what you call an oxymoron - they thought we were all morons, that we would believe it. Yes, there is no such thing. 
War is sacrilege, whether it is a war that you make upon yourself, your sacred being, when you allow yourself to live in fear with stress and guilt and all of those other kinds of fear-based emotions as your guide. And there is really only the Peace, the Peace that Love brings, unconditional Love, compassionate Love, forgiving Love, and yes, grateful Love. Because anytime that you rise up and out of a situation of fear, anytime that you say, 'I call upon my entire being to come into unison, Oneness, with the all of the Universe,' you take yourself up and out of fear!!!
You already know, Beloved Family, that when you are flying high with Joy and with laughter, in sacred ceremony in our Exercises that we do together, and in your own meditations and communions with your guides, and with the totality of Who You Are, you already know there’s no room for being down in the dumpies. It’s all Joy! It’s all high vibe, there’s not pain of the physical or in any of your bodies. The past is over. The present is what you are creating in the now moment, and you are in that now and it’s bliss. 
Okay now, that’s a preview of how it’s going to be all the time when we get this Ascension process finalized, but in the meantime we want to tell you with great Joy and happiness that you can create this anytime that you choose! Now we’ll be doing that. If I’m a little exuberant, I’m not by myself, you know - we have a whole group with us. Humans - Lights upon the Planet, Love, and Joy, wondrous ones,** and they brought all of their buddies from the higher dimensions - their angels, their guides, the ones who speak through them, whether it be in creating beautiful visions, whether it be with voice or music, communications, or being devoted to beaming Love, it’s all wondrous, it’s all joyful and it all works!!!