Ashtar: A Message 4-U {Channeled}

Ashtar on Clarifying Discernment
Nov 16th Report
Given through Susan Leland
In this message, Ashtar is very clear about prioritizing your own discernment.  He gives an example that most are probably familiar with and goes on to mention the missiles that were shot at President Obama's plane and at one of the Galactic Federation ships.  He acknowledges and congratulates all of you for your discernment in picking up that a report on this was a mixed message of the type discussed below.  Ashtar also wants to make clear that anyone who acts or speaks, in support of what they believe, is brave, regardless of whether others see that action or words as resonating with them.
Ashtar addressing the November 16, 2010 teleconference:
Well good evening everyone, it is so fabulous, here we are.  It's party time!   First we have some things to do.  So we are going to start out by addressing something which caught the attentions and perhaps the imaginations of many, and some of them wrote, they wrote into Ashtar On The Road to get clarification for what in every single instance, they already were feeling within themselves.  And we shall preface this by saying that you heard the news - fabulous! *  Tara & Rama's report - listen to their reports here:  * These kinds of events that are going on right now are part of the deconstruction that we mentioned in our last message to you when we invited you to come and join in the festivities of this evening.  And that has to occur, there have to be clearings on all levels to make way for the new energies, to make way for all that is glorious and wondrous and all that you've been waiting for. 
So we want to say, that in every way in every aspect of life on Planet Earth, even though Planet Earth is rising from 3D, there are still different levels of 3D, and all of you are doing some bouncing between the levels.  This is the way it is.  You are all on the Ascension path.  You are all reaching for the stars, but there are times when you do get your attention diverted from these very high levels.  Well congratulations, you're human!  And what's really the big, big story is that those people who recognized and wrote in asking for confirmation for what they were recognizing, they're getting connected more and more with the higher realms.  And they made note of the fact that they had received some information, or we should say listened to a program . . . it is called the BBS.  They listened to the program given by one who shall be nameless, but nevertheless used the name of one of the masters, one of the mentors here as a matter of fact, and gave a mix of information.
Now these ones were already discerning what resonated and what did not.  And we shall call attention to one of the points that we found quite humorous in which this one mentioned that I, Ashtar, had been demoted.  Well obviously if I had been demoted somewhere I wouldn't be here with all of you and all of this loving energy!  And there are some other things mentioned; we shall not repeat them.  Now inter-mixed with this were some truthful parts, and these ones who are sending these mixed bags of messages are very good at what they do.  You all know that gradually over a period of time, through everything, every way possible, there has been a definite program planned and organized to put you into fear by lying and creating dis-information while at the same time telling you, 'Oh yes, I am one of the Ascended Masters,' or, 'I am an Angel coming to speak with you.'  Well any time that you sense this, go in and ask yourself, 'Is this genuinely high-vibe or is it just somebody wanting to spread some fear.  If you are feeling some fear from the message, the best advice we can give you is turn away from it.  If you want to observe it, to know what is going on in the world without getting down-in-the-dumpies or interfere or thinking, 'Oh no, oh my visions and dreams have just crashed,' or any of that, it's wondrous indeed.  That shows what a master you are!  But if something starts to not feel quite right, then you really know you are a master when you recognize that, yes?   All right!
So we want to put everything on a very positive note, but if there are any of you Beloved Ones among this group who were wondering about this particular message and its contents, savor that which feels good, because they do mix it up.  Discern for yourself if there is any of it you want to keep.  And then, just be alert to the fact that things are going in the direction they are going, and wasn't that a lot of wondrous news that was just given, and you can see what direction things are going in.  Love is prevailing everywhere.  We'll talk about that more.  And just keep yourself in that high vibration.  Rejoice that all of this is coming out.  Nurture yourselves, do whatever house-cleaning you need to do, reach out to help others if you feel so inclined.  And if you feel like you want to teach some history/herstory, well and good, but remember not to immerse yourself in the low vibrations of what you might hear.    
We have given to you in all of these wondrous parties that we have had together, these gatherings of Family, we have given you a lot of details in the past, and that was to give you an understanding of where we are now and where we are going.  It gives you an understanding, for example, of why there are thousands of beings who are, they are of the old programs let us say, and they are still appearing.  Some are holograms, some are clones, not too many are the real deals left, but that's alright because all of these trials are going to explain in detail why they are being removed.  We will give you an example for those of you who may not be aware of this particular piece of information.
Beloved President Obama, as you know, comes from the stars into the body of the human in order to lead this planet into the Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius, and so on.  Now there are those, including beloved Michael Moore, who want him to get a spine or stand up and start creating somewhat of a war, at least a war of words, with those who are his detractors.   He is walking the same path as all of the great masters, as beloved Sananda who came as the energy or should we say brought his energies to the Master Jesus.  Who kept walking his path no matter what there was that people tried to throw in front of it.  Who kept on smiling upon the world and showering all who came to him with love.  Who would not engage in any kind of war no matter what, and that is who we are, Beloved Ones.  We have learned the lessons of war.  You have been there, done that.  And there is no war any more for us to fight. 
Now the dis-information specialists aren't all convinced of that.  Now what has happened is, whereas there was an element of the Illumi-nati, 'naughty', 'naughty', 'naughty', who thought that when Obama came into office, 'Oh goodie, now we've got a puppet, we're going to control everything he does'.  And there were those in Congress and the Senate and the Supreme Court who were themselves 'naughty' ones.  And so it was that Obama was threatened and because he showed some Love even before he was inaugurated, there were attempts to assassinate him before he took office.  But they can't get through the protections that we have for him.  They tried.  You remember that story about the missile being shot and there were people in the beloved state of California who observed.   Where do you think that missile came from that was trying to literally blow up his plane -you call it Air Force One.  Members of our fleet made short work of that missile.  And then there was an attempt to take our members out that was not successful.  Now there have been brave people who have spoken on this and you have seen it on the internet, and there are other people who are saying, 'Oh no, no, no.'   These are the kind of people who believe our ships were just so many silver balloons over the city of New York.  Balloons that were there for quite some time, we might add.  Well, alrighty, if that's what they want to believe, fine, the day is coming soon enough when they will know.  But meanwhile back to the White House.
Obama has spoken of Love consistently.  He has extended the hand of friendship to all nations, all beings in all nations.  Now he is not yet able to replace all of the dark hats within all of the government agencies, but you might be aware of the fact that one of the darkest ones, we are not going to name him but his initials are R.E. and he has a last name that is .. hmmm . . . well it's who he might like to be, it's a name for God or Savior.  But he's anything but.  And it might interest you to know that he holds a very high post in what you call the Mossad.  Now don't confuse the people of Israel with these ones.  There are groups within groups.  And you can find out all about that.   You know, we have an expert on the topic of history/herstory and she has been a co-reporter with her beloved soulmate husband, and so you can email Masters Tara and Rama if you want to get more of the inside scoop on 'Who's Who in the Mossad and the CIA,' and so on and so on.
But let's just say that the light is shining in so bright and the energies are supportive of truth coming out everywhere.  If it gets to be too much, turn off your TV or put down your papers or get off of your computers and go and breathe some clean air into your beings and lift yourselves up, Beloved Ones, and again try to, if you want to hear the news and what's been going on, try to do it from the observers position, unbiased, strong, strong enough to say, 'OK I am going to find out more about this, but I am going to stand tall in my light, and I am not going to allow myself to get down-in-the-dumpies.'  Because this stuff is over.  And whatever you are seeing now is just remnants.
Now, they have had this propaganda machine, you know they learned from some real experts.  You remember the 1100 scientists that were brought over to the United States of America right after the end of World War II.  Remember Dr. Werner VonBraun?  Oh boy, he was on the Walt Disney Show.  He must have been a good guy, right?  Well he came over and he did work for the United States of America, and he knew the kinds of things that Tesla and Einstein and others of the great scientists who were real connected and getting a lot of information knew, and a lot of what he did was not on the Walt Disney Show.  It was very much behind the scenes.  Alrighty, they say 1100 . . .  well, that's a pretty accurate number.  But what they forgot to tell you was that they weren't all scientists.  A lot of them were what you call 'Intelligence Experts.'  Now that means two things: Gestapo who gathered, well we won't really call it intelligence, they were spies of the most heinous nature, and also propaganda experts direct from Hitler's Ministry of Propaganda.  They didn't tell you about that in the history/herstory books, but it's the truth.  They also managed to bring a few disciples of Dr. Mengele.  And if you don't know about Dr. Mengele, we are not going to discuss it here because that is really what has been taking place in those secret laboratories.  But it's pretty well cleaned out now.  Done. 
Anyway, so what they did was they set up this information system.  We aren't going to go into details.   It was called Al Qaeda.  Okey-dokey.  So they started doing all these plans and slowly disarming the people, that is mentally and emotionally disarming them and you know there was a light in the darkness, the Kennedy brothers and Dr. Martin Luther King among them, but there were many thousands all over the world who knew what the real answers were.  But the time wasn't quite right, and then we had the great society with the Johnsons bringing in their drugs and so on and so on, opening up South East Asia for the drug trade and so on and so on and so on.  And here we are in what you call this Now moment.   And all of these things.  The seeds that they planted, that the dark hats planted, did take hold to some extent more or less, but the lid is coming off.  Deconstruction is occurring.  It's being taken apart.  And the elements of darkness, shall we just say are being weeded out.  And what's happening is, new seeds are being planted.
Pull something you consider to be a weed up from the earth but bless it because it's one of Mother Nature's creatures, and we are just using this as an example, but you know, when you pull up the roots, you got a little hole there.  You get room for something else.  So plant a seed of your favorite flower. Water it and nurture it and you soon forget what was there originally.  Do you not?   Now again there is no judgment in this.  We are using this as a graphic example so that you can visualize what is happening.  All of these seeds that the dark hats planted are being weeded out. Hmmm they are pretty sorry, anyway they are toxic, let's say they are toxic, and they are being carefully and lovingly, with Grace and Forgiveness and Gratitude for what has been shown to the world, they are nevertheless removed.  Just like R.E. and others from the White House. 
Those who think that Obama has no spine had better think again about what it took to remove the would-be handlers from his midst, and rejoice. And those dark hats who are still thinking that they are powerful people, are really scared.  They come on your television and they say, "Well I am going to be running things," but they are not.   They come on your television screen and they tell you, "We are going to make sure that Obama does not get reelected."   Well he might not, but that might be because of NESARA coming into view.  And Obama may just be the Ambassador from Sirius to the entire planet by then.  It's a possibility.  Or he may get re-elected by a landslide or, pick any one you like, they are all great visions, and go with it.  And put your hearts into it, and speak up.  It would be most auspicious if you felt so inclined to just send Obama a Love letter.  You know what we mean?  Just get on his website and send him an email that says, "We Love You and we join with you in the high frequencies of Love for the Planet.  And, by the way, we support Peace.  And we thank you for your Visions."  Something like that.  It's very simple you see.  Let him know.
And by the way, send copies to your Senators and your Congress person regardless of who they are.  Hold them in the Light.  Insist that they stand in the Light.  Let them know what you see as the solutions to the problems.  You might want to look up, for instance, the 10 Points** * by beloved Dennis Kucinich.  Those were so simple and easy to understand.  They didn't even have to be on a full sheet of paper for people to read them and get it.  If you are tired of 1,000 page bills in Congress that nobody reads, they just vote the way people tell them to vote, let them know that.  Tell them to get honest and straightforward with the people.  You know that is one of the things that the Tea Partiers tried to do, but they somehow got off track a wee bit.  We will leave it at that.  The country just wasn't ready to barter for chickens.  So let's just leave it at that. 
The country of the United States of America is as strong, in fact stronger than it ever was, because it has the principles for its foundations.  And this is true of all countries in the world.  We are speaking of the so-called Third World Nations because they've got principles, too.  Don't ever forget it.  Think about the great teachers.  Do you see Tibet as a powerful nation in the world today?  Look at the foundations of Tibet and feel that power.  Does the Dalai Lama go around telling people, "Well you've got to bash in your neighbor's head before they do it to you?" No!!!
The Dalai Lama stands upon the foundations. They are a part of him.  Did Mother Teresa find it necessary to brow beat all of the leaders of the world and tell them, "Hey, my people are poor, give me an army so I can go and collect somewhere else for my people?"  No!  She got out with the people and she helped them, and she gave them hope.  And the people who were inspired to help her, did so.  That was paying it forward, hugely.  Hugely!  Did Gandhi have armor, did he wear armor, a bullet-proof vest, and surround himself with menacing bodyguards, you know - what is the name of that organization that changed its name because it became, oh yes, the black hat guys - Black Water.  Now there is a name for you.  What does that conjure up?  Sounds real murky does it not?  You want to drink that water?  You want to bathe in black water? Alrighty.  No, he didn't hire 100 black water mercenaries to guard his person.  Do you think Gandhi didn't have a clue of what might happen?  But that didn't stop him.
 Now here is some really, really good news.  You don't have to be Gandhi.  Welcome to the majority of the world.  Go ahead.  Go out in your community, ask every mother, "Would you prefer Peace or war?"  Ask the children.  Do a little poll.  Ask 50 people what they prefer.  Send those statistics in.  Start a revolution for Peace, utilizing the empowerment of Love and all the wondrous tools and gifts that you have.  Each and every one of you, Beloved Ones, have the tools.  There is a wondrous song that starts out, no we are not going to sing, the voice is a little 'shot' tonight, shot in the sense of it not being quite as she would like it to be.  But the song starts out, "Let there be Peace on Earth and let it begin with Me."  Now it's a song that is sung in a particular church but that is alright.  The meaning is there.  Perhaps we shall play it for you some time.  Perhaps you can go on your wondrous computers and go to google.  You all know how to google and find that song and play it for yourselves. 
If you would accept those two lines as your personal motto, your personal goal, your personal intention, your mantra, and if you could Pay that Forward and get others to do it too, welcome to all that you have envisioned!!!  Your desires come true, and you are creating it for the entire planet.  Now we shall have a Beloved Speaker who will lead a peace exercise based upon this very, very, very, high-vibrational concept.  We would mention that the Peace website [ ] which you are hearing so much about, if you have not been there come and join us, we are there!  Start reading some of those visions.  Pick one, pick any one you wish and start rea ding it.  And connect with us.   Because we are there.  We are there with every vision that is there.
Play the music that is given.  There are two or three musical songs that are high vibe and uplifting.  Take a moment to visit the page of names [Give-Receive Loving Energy], you don't need to go through the page focusing on the names one by one.  Just sit in front of that page and send Love.  You know, even if it's just under a minute, if you will do that for the Beloved Ones on that page, and send in more names, more names, more names, any one that you know whether they are human or animal.  Take a moment to visit that page and share your Love.  By the way, we are there too.  As you reach out and send your loving energies to them, please allow us into your hearts.  As you read these visions and lift yourselves up, let's hug each other.  Beause that's the purpose for which these pages are inspired, and they are fabulous.  How could they not be?  Fran did them.  But she did them with all of you participating.  So send your Love and come on up, because you are all invited and we're into party time for sure.  Joy to the World indeed!  
Now we want to congratulate all of those of you who are maybe not able to do the meditations except perhaps to send your Love to them, and all of those who do spend the 11 minutes doing the meditations, and all of those of you who are going to start tonight or tomorrow.  Keep it going.  Keep it going.  Join in and go beyond.  Why do we say that?  Well because it is so wondrous to see, observe and feel the effects that you are all having beyond Planet Earth.  This is huge, Beloved Ones! Even people who are not participating - well perhaps their well-intentioned but somewhat ignorant minister or spiritual advisor told them not to, for whatever reason.  You know these are the ones who didn't go out and vote either.  Perhaps they figure they will let everyone else do it.  But they know about it, and they know they are benefiting.  And somewhere along the way, hearts are going to light up and they are going to say, "Thank You."  And they are going to join in.  Don't think that this is over - it's not.  
But we are going to tell you right now, this is truly global co-operation of the highest, highest vibration and it is having that effect.  It is bringing these visions forward. It is creating consensus within the hearts, the minds, and indeed the fields, the energy fields, not just of those who are contributing, participating, but world leaders are feeling its effect.  And the children are feeling it.  And even the people who are suffering for some reason are feeling it.  Even those who are about to leave their bodies because of some imbalance or other, some illness or other, they are feeling it.  Know it, and when you do these exercises, know what a difference you are making in bringing the world even higher on its path to Ascension!  
Because of these exercises, more people than ever before have committed to Ascension, whether consciously or unconsciously.   More people are opening up to the quantum realities, to the higher dimensionalities and yes, we are happy to say, to the Love, the Friendship and the Co-operation that we bring.  Ah-ha!  They are listening as they have never listened before.  Blessings to all of you for being in this Family.  For coming along the path with us whether you are new to the path, or whether you have been here since the beginning of Ashtar On The Road.  You are here in mission, you are here to join, and we are growing and growing and growing in numbers, and empowerment.  We have our foundation of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude, and you all know that, and we are literally leaping higher, higher, higher together.  We are joined with you and we are going higher.  And that's huge.  Because you are standing tall enough to join with us! 
We love you beyond words, Beloved Ones, and that Love is Infinite and it is what is powering this entire Ascension process for Planet Earth and the Universe.  The Universe is rejoicing already because it sees the end results.  See them, feel them and live them yourselves.  Live as much in the results, even as you are creating the visions.  Live in those visions to the very utmost of your capability and broadcast them, and the more you do, the more you spread it, the more you bring it forth so that ultimately there is no more 3D where we are going. 
 We join with you, hands and hearts, minds and spirits, and we say to you Beloved Ones, "Well done, we see the results and we assure you that you are doing it, and you've done it.  And so there it is."   Thank you so much, Beloved Ones for being here.  We shall have a delightful interlude by a grand Visionary [Sananda] you all know, and then we shall welcome another beloved Visionary [Sekhmet] from among the Ascended Masters and the Mentors here in this beloved Lemuria.  And so it is.  Salut!"
I am a facilitator for the loving messages of Ashtar and those who accompany him at our Ashtar on the Road gatherings.  Thank you for taking this time to get acquainted with me and with my mission as a voice for Ashtar!
Susan Leland (c)2010.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.   *
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