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3.)  Master So Ma: Ascension Light Activation- Part 2
4.)  God's Honest Truth
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7.)  Soul Transitions Vibe Report for July

Isis' Message of the Day -
The world changes by the the thoughts we have . . . the energy/power we give to the ones we admire.
I AM ISIS a "Spritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones. Be the beacon of light and love. Be the lighthouse of safe harbor for those in need. Be the warm fire that provides comfort. Be the warm blanket that provides nurturing. Be the smile that lights up the soul. Bless your hearts.
The sense I received from today's message was as we open to the light within and connection to the Divine we become the safe harbor and place of refuge. The state of being that is love provides all that is needed. So, it is not as if we need to "do" all the things listed above. It is what happens naturally as you connect to the Divine Spark within.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"   * 

New Guides Daily Message
Received by Elleke Verhoeckx
Time goes so fast these days, for it was only a moment ago we have spoken with you. It has been only a moment ago we have whispered in your ears, for we have touched your toe, and touched your face. Like a breeze that came by, you have felt us dear ones, you have felt us nearby. And we where. We where standing beside you, playing with you, giving you the message you asked for. And here we are today again, as we will be for the next few years. We want to see your eyes dear one, we heartfully enjoy our moments with you, for you are the ones we have been waiting for. And when you wonder who we are, we bow and say: We are from the same source as you are dear one, we are all the same. You hold the space for us in your heart, you make it possible for us to be here. We are standing here, and here you are listening to every step of our stories. Cause we have come here with many messages dear one. We have come here with information about the earth, about her child and about your evolution. For we have watched you for millions and millions of years. We have watched the earth since it's beginning. That why we want you to call us the earthwatchers. For we have watched the earth since it's beginning. We have been a signed to study this earth every step of the way. It has never been possible before for us, to come here on earth, to come here in this energy, and now it is. For we have so much to share with you, so much information. You are the ones who have given us this information as citizens of planet earth. We are simply here to remember you of who you are, to remember you of your journey, or your grandness and magnificence. And as the room now is filled with beings, we have send our ambassador to the messenger to hand over the golden feather of writing, cause she will write all our stories down and share it with you. Watch for the day you get your golden feather, cause writers you all are. You are all wisdom keepers of the earth, that's why you are reading this message right now.
We wrap you in our wings dear one, teasing you when we gently tickle your toe, we whisper sweet messages in your ear. Play today dear one, play with us and drink a glass of champagne, cause a great reunion is happening.
Elleke Verhoeckx * *   *   

Master So Ma: Ascension Light Activation- Part 2
Channeled through Natalie Glasson
It is a great delight to bring forward this special activation which I believe will assist you in moving to a new stage of your spiritual growth. In my previous communication I spoke of the three parts of holding an Ascended Master state of existence, the ability to embody and realise the loving heart, expansive mind and luminous light of the Creator. I also expressed that to become an Ascended Master was simply a stepping stone on your spiritual journey to unity with the Creator rather than it being your ultimate goal. It is my wish to guide you through a meditation which incorporates invocations to assist you in experiencing an Ascension Light Activation.
Sitting peacefully I wish for you to focus on the words ‘peace and stillness,’ repeating these in your mind. Repetition is a wonderful technique of allowing energy vibrations and intentions to sink into your consciousness and physical being without the mind realising or resisting. Allow yourself to feel that the words have their own consciousness, energy and active presence which begins to influence and soothe your being, assisting you in entering into a sacred meditation state.
We first invoke the protection of the Angelic Kingdom to banish all negative energies and to illuminate your being and surroundings with the presence of love and joy. You are safe and protected at all times, allow yourself to relax with this certainty.
I, Master So Ma, stand before you now, I emanate a light of a pale blue colour into your being as I ask you to grasp my hands which I open to you with love. Allow yourself to feel my vibration flowing through your body, increasing your light quotient and developing the speed at which you vibrate.
When you feel comfortable we will hold the united intention of being transported to the Galactic Federation of Ascended Masters Airborne Ashram. Let yourself relax knowing that this is simply an alignment and a change in your perspective. We shall enter into the Golden Temple of the Christ, a chamber focused purely on love. Allow yourself to become familiar with your surroundings or simply breathe in the light.
Let the Christ energy be your support, I will remain before you holding your hands as we begin the activation process to aid your ascension and to assist you in realising the love, light and mind energy of the Creator to bring forth your Ascended Master Self.
You may wish to say with me:
I am now completely and absolutely aligned with the mighty soul of the Creator. My soul and the Creator’s soul are one, united in love and peace. I am supported and embraced in the sacred energy of the Creator and feel this divine presence flowing around and through my being now. I am open to the transformational energies of the Creator.
(Let yourself experience this now. Allow yourself to relax into the embrace of the Creator’s energy.)
We call upon the Angelic Kingdom to surround you in their loving heart energy and to send the love that they hold and align with from the Creator into your being. We ask that the energy of love that is so abundant and expansive within your being is now activated. We ask that this body of love grows to embody your entire being.
(Let yourself take time to acknowledge and experience this activation and growth from within you.)
We call upon the light of the Creator to channel into your being, entering through your crown chakra at the top of your head and energising your body of love that has now manifested.
(Feel the Creator magnifying the loving energy within you; let your love feel so prominent and present within and even around you. It is an active presence of love.)
We call upon the wise and loving Elohims, representatives of the mind of the Creator, to surround you now with their energy and support. We ask that they send their energy vibration and awareness into your being as well as their own alignment with the Creator’s mind.
(Allow yourself to feel the vibration of their energy flowing into your being, they are assisting the alignment of your soul and mind with the mind and consciousness of the Creator. The energy of consciousness, expansiveness and liberation builds within you as energy as you adopt the clarity of the mind of the Creator.)
We ask that the mind of the Creator of the most appropriate vibration anchors deep into your entire being creating a soothing, peacefully and enlightening influence.
(Permit this activation to occur, be aware of your senses, feeling and experiences, you should feel a great sense of peace washing over you and a feeling of liberation as limitations fall away.)
We ask that from the soul of the Creator and supported by all loving and luminous aspects of the Creator’s soul that a pure vibrant light of the most appropriate vibration for you flows into and through your being, increasing your light quotient and body of light. We ask that the Creator’s light binds the loving, peaceful and wise energies activated from within you together, so that you can achieve an energised and active state of existence focused on love and an expanding awareness, as well as a new realisation of yourself.
(Take a moment to imagine yourself as a blazing beacon of light, your light is shining further than you could possibly imagine, it is pouring from your being holding the sacred wisdom of the Creator that naturally exists within your being and the sacred loving and nurturing heart of the Creator which is your essence.)
I now hold the energy and existence of my Ascended Master Self and watch my Ascended Master Self grow with each step that I walk on the Earth. I am completely and absolutely aligned with the soul of the Creator. I am aligned with the Angelic Kingdom, the Elohims and the universal light of the Creator. I now align with the Ascended Masters on the inner planes and ask them to nurture and guide this activation and growth from within me. Thank you.
(Allow yourself to sit and experience any changes or shifts within your energy.)
When you wish to return to your reality on the Earth, simply ask me to transport you back to your physical life on the Earth. Feel your perspective changing as you focus on your surroundings and physical body once more. Imagine some of the light that you are now holding within you, extending as a channel of light from your heart down your torso and into the Earth to ground, centre and balance your being.
I hope that you have found this of benefit; it can be practiced whenever you feel guided to.
With respect and honour,
I am Master So Ma,
Galactic Federation of Ascended Masters and a Sirian Soul
Please Note-There will be No Weekly Channelled Messages through Natalie for the next two weeks due to personal issues and the need for a break, thank you for your understanding.
Natalie was born in 1984, UK. Over seen by Archangel Michael, she now works as a channel for a vast variety of spiritual beings and Masters in the spiritual hierarchy. Through her website  she shares the channelled messages of the Creator’s helpers to expand the awareness of humanity and assist in the raise in energy vibration of the planet.  She offers a service of channelled readings from Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Unicorns and Fairies.
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HEAVEN #3529
God's Honest Truth
July 24, 2010
God said:
What do I say but that I created you in love and I love you no matter what transpires. These are not just words. This is the God's honest Truth. I can do nothing but love you with all My heart. I am glad. I have no protest about this. My intellect doesn't kick in and say: "But what about..." I, Who know the most of all, do not know judgment. I do not put anyone on trial. Why would I want to do that? Why would I want to mire Myself in that which I ask you to get out of and away from?
Please get away from the idea that you have to prove yourself to Me. There is nothing to prove. I am the proof of you. I live with you day by day, and yet I live in a different realm. Beloveds, you find enough fault in yourself. You don't need My help there. Rather, you need help in getting out of the common usage of fault-finding. That takes no talent. If you are the Princess and the Pea, that does not make you better. It is not elite to be so fussy. It is better to be able to sleep on the floor than not to be able to sleep on a hundred eider-filled mattresses.
Who asked you to be so particular? Not I. And what is fault-finding but being ultra-particular?
Especially, do not be ultra-particular with yourself. If what you call ordinary is getting past fault-finding, then please be ordinary. Let go of displeasure. Don't be someone who finds fault everywhere and, therefore, no one is quite good enough to join your sorority. Let everyone in. Everyone is My child. That is good enough for Me. Can you find it within yourself to welcome all to the world? You do not own the playground called Earth. Notice I call Earth a playground. I don't call it a workplace.
Yet I do make you responsible for your life on Earth and for courtesy on the land you live on and all whom you meet with. Meet, and do not transgress. Do not step in swamps. Do not put up fences in your heart. That's all that fault-finding can do for you. It is for you to embrace life. Do not push it away.
It is a transgression to not enjoy yourself on the playground of life. Go out there and be joy and give joy and welcome joy. The more you enjoy, the more others will enjoy. Of course, take joy in others' joy. You are here to give life and everyone in it a chance. You are not here on Earth to fault it or the others on the playground with you.
You are here in the world to rise above it and lift it high along with you. As you rise, so does the world. The world and everything in it responds to you. Give the world and everyone in it something lovely to respond to. Love the world. Play in it.
I, of course, love you regardless of your grouchiness, yet you do not love yourself enough. If you loved yourself more, you would smile at the world more. Become a great human being who loves with all his heart, who loves the world as it is and yet sees a far expanded picture of it.
You are an artist who paints the world. Use beautiful colors. Embrace every detail in your painting. If you do not like the way life on Earth is today, then paint a better one. Be lively now.
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Communication with the Federation Of Light
Received by Blossom Goodchild
July 23, 2010
It’s me again! It feels quite a while since we were in contact. Life simply whizzes by. Everything is changing and yet somehow it all seems to stay the same. I understand that we need to remember who we are in order to create our New World. I have trouble doing that, therefore I have trouble visualising a world that is only of Love. Can you perhaps assist me and others who may feel the same on this matter?

We welcome you into this communication with us. We correspond with you in this way , yet we would say that there are many other interactive measures that we are taking with many in order to resume connections with those upon your planet. Your planet ... that not so long ago ... not as long as those of you upon it imagine at least ... was a thriving community of pleasure and abundant LOVE. Collect your thoughts for a moment and take yourselves back to a place where your rivers were pure crystal water , where your oceans were gleaming with life, where all around you was of the deepest fervour and with each soul that resided alongside you there was an acceptance, an honour of gratitude for that soul. There was a silent acknowledgment that each one was respected by the other ... for each one was part of the other. There was the excitement of living in each new moment. There was LOVE ALL AROUND YOUR LIFE ... ALL AROUND.
You see, that is where I tend to fall back a bit. I KNOW that we are to BE in LOVE. And yet I don’t always FEEL this way, in fact rather than getting better at it I sometimes FEEL I am failing miserably. Each of us continues on the best we can I am sure and yet, oh I don’t know, there is still this ‘hankering for’ , this ‘yearning for’ … something better. I know this may sound selfish … you see? … How can I BE LOVE if I am still FEELING the desire for something better. Will I ever be content with ‘my lot’ on a regular basis? It always seems so brief!! I TRUST you are FEELING what I am trying to explain. For I do not wish to appear to be moaning, just trying to get to where ever it is I am going … but the road seems very long at times.
The road is never ending dear Blossom. For even when you get to where you were going there shall appear before you another adventure. There will always be somewhere else to go to, for LIFE is eternal . It cannot remain still ... for then it would have no purpose. And Life SEEKS movement. Every breath life takes is movement into the next moment of movement. So although you feel ‘static’ at times, that is indeed an impossibility. When you FEEL stuck … in a rut… as you would say ... you are merely moving at a rate that does not excite you ... yet you are moving.
Yet, with all respect, isn’t this supposed to be the time when things are really speeding up, when everything is presenting itself to us in a new Light? Maybe it’s just me, but what’s new?
The very next moment is new. It has never happened before.
Yes, I guess it’s me really and the space I am in. I’ll change that right now. Ok … Tickety Boo!! MOVING ON! How may we be of more service? Yet you see I know the answers. To be an example of Love. To visualise and focus only on Love. To meditate. You have already told us all these things. I feel today I could be going round in circles so I’ll zip my mouth and let you take over. What would you like to express today Lovely Lights?
We would like to express to you our thanks. We would care to add that we continue to evaluate all that is being done by you on your planet and the difference it is making even though you may not realise it in its fullness. But you are doing what you came to do. You are BEING who you are ... simply by breathing. And with each intake and outtake of that breath ... you are opening yourselves up to the New World ... to the New Way of Being ... for with each breath you are a step closer to what is to come.
We KNOW Blossom of your heart's feeling to greet us in your skies. It sometimes feels to you like an ongoing fairy story does it not?
Yep! Every night I look up to the stars and say ‘hello’ or ‘goodnight’ or ‘one day?’. And I guess it’s that which seems to go on and on … every night. It’s not a ‘come and save us’ … it’s almost a pain in the heart wanting to see you. Wanting to get the ball rolling, so to speak. I think what I am trying to say weirdly enough is that … I MISS YOU!!! That’s it!! That’s what this FEELING is. I’ve never thought about it like that until NOW. Finally I can put words to the FEELING!! YIPPEE! I MISS YOU.I MISS YOU. I MISS YOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!
And yet we have never gone away and yes we understand what you are FEELING. That is why so much excitement builds as we draw ever closer to are reunion. It would be pointless would it not for us to be so close to you and then simply disappear? We are with you for a purpose. As we have said before , as we have promised, we will fulfil our mission and our mission is to bring you into the NEW WORLD . Once the connection is renewed with those upon your earth, once we reconnect and allow friendships to be rekindled, then shall we always be in your sights. These are times that we have all been waiting for.
And yet, we are all still waiting …
We stress to you that you KNEW of this wait. It is just that now you are in it you have forgotten many things that were explained. This process of movement into the NEW WORLD into THE GOLDEN AGE was gone through with a fine tooth comb. Each one of you agreed to it and furthermore … your role within it. You were so excited. YOU COULDN’T WAIT! And now here you are again … YOU CAN’T WAIT! Yet in the same way that you DID come down here to see yourselves and the earth planet through into this new time, you WILL move through into this NEW AGE that you are here to achieve. YOU WILL SEE US IN YOUR SKIES AND FROM THAT MOMENT ON YOUR LIVES WILL TAKE FLIGHT.
Perhaps it is that unexplained frustration, that KNOWING what is ahead and yet as this stage we don’t know it, yet our souls recall it and that’s why we FEEL so … LOST?
You are not lost. You are merely walking through the veils of mist that have clouded your vision for so long. We say to you this: Once through these veils, once they have cleared, then never again shall you doubt. Never again shall you fall into the wells of darkness that have destroyed so much of your reality.
BE OF GREAT STRENGTH … For this ... you have in your souls
BE OF GREAT LIGHT … For this ... you are in your souls.
BE OF LOVE … For this ... IS your soul.
Most precious BEINGS upon your precious PLANET EARTH … Lift your swords. Sometimes you feel so downcast that you forget that you can recharge them with SPIRIT LIGHT. Call unto yourselves … YOURSELF! Bring upon YOU your HIGHER KNOWING, your HIGHEST understanding. YOU cannot abandon yourself. YOU cannot leave YOU. YOU are always there for yourself. To be there for yourself. To assist yourself and to carry yourself through. Be kind to yourself. Be Loving to yourself. BE YOURSELF. There is nothing else required of you.
Many of you are tired. You have travelled far and are in need of rest. Keep on keeping on. For when you arrive in this New place there is no need for tiredness. Many things that now seem a necessity to the body shall be gone, for your body shall be anew also. It is valuable to visualise yourself as only your Light. Just Light. Removing the foibles that have taken their toll. The time is upon you … NOW … to recognise yourselves. To BE YOUR LIGHT … and by doing so … you shall LIGHTEN UP YOUR WORLD. It is as easy as that!
I know all that you say makes so much sense. It is a TRUTH for me as it resonates so well. I think we all just feel a little helpless/hopeless sometimes.
There is no need for hope. There is only KNOWING. And somewhere inside each one of you ... whether it be buried deep within or whether it is bursting forth ... is the knowledge of the wonderful BEINGS that you are ... and the KNOWING that you are so very special ... and that is why you are here at this time to work with us and bring about this DIVINE PLAN that is unfolding before your very eyes.
I think so much more will make sense when the director of this little movie shouts ‘ACTION!'
In a movie where there are no extras, for each one has an important part to play. KNOW THIS AS TRUTH. Do not just read these words saying ‘yes, we have heard it all before’. Read these words in your new position ... from the place where your heart can FEEL them. Let these words sink in. Absorb them, so that your soul recognises them as teachings that you were instructed by before you arrived on this planet. Revise! Recall! Remember!
We are your friends. We are your family. We are ONE and the SAME. This is so, and one day it shall be known. Lighten your BEINGS dearest ones. Shine your Light out to ALL. For those that receive that warmth shall recognise themselves within it and do the same.
Thank you. As always. Signing off for now. In Love and thanks.
Blossom Goodchild is a professional ‘direct voice’ channelling medium working with spirit and cosmic energies. She has been channels the Native American Indian Spirit Energy ‘White Cloud’ and shares his messages of Unconditional Love by means of personal readings and group meetings.
These meetings have been recorded and ‘White Cloud’s words transcribed and subsequently published in three books. ‘Walking in the Light and the Love,’ ‘The Spirit of ‘White Cloud’ and the latest book ‘A New Dawn.’
Through all of these experiences, Blossom remains firmly grounded and with her easy laughter and warmth is a delight to be around.  *  

Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, first you develop awareness, then willingness; willingness to choose to live in love, to live in the improv, to live as the master, to live as the beholder who steps back from whatever is going on and says, “I want to see this in holiness. I want to see the whole picture, the holy picture.
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Soul Transitions Vibe Report for July
by Nancy Leilah Ward
July 2010
For a few weeks before and after the Solstice on June 21, I felt a “thickness” in the energy. It was as if we had flowed up to the ceiling and were all crowded together waiting for the portalway to open. Now I feel it has opened and we’ve been slowly moving through it – so as not to get the spiritual “bends.”
We are creating as we go along – there is absolutely no one, whether a psychic or even the beings that some of us channel – that knows how this journey is going to play out.
We are moving very swiftly and information is flowing into the minds of humanity that will expand us and change our view of who we humans are. I’m in another phase of reading many books at once and exploring information on the Internet. The focus of this study is where did Humans come from? It was a synchronous moment a few days ago when I checked in on one of my favorite websites—Conscious Media Network (  and came across a very interesting interview that was posted for July with Michael Tellinger, author of Slave Species of God, Adam’s Calendar, and Temples of the African Gods. Tellinger’s information deals with the origin of humanity and ties in with a book I’m reading by Zecharia Sitchin – The Lost Book of Enki. Was the human being actually cloned by the Annunaki, who came to Earth to mine gold in order to reinforce the atmosphere of their planet Nibiru? Tellinger has been studying ancient ruins in South Africa that date to a time before the great cataclysm and flood and what he has to say on this subject is fascinating and mind expanding.
I hope I didn’t lose you with the mention of planet Nibiru (also known as Planet X). This, along with the Illuminati information tends to make me feel like my head is about to explode! That’s because it’s so far out and what can I do about it anyway? However, I have an open mind (or a hole in my head) that allows for the exploration of possibilities. The synchronous connection to where my wonderings have been taking me and the interview on CMN was a validation to me that we are in the process of learning about the origination of humanity. We have been going through deep personal and cultural clearing for over a decade now. This clearing has opened spaces within us to receive higher vibrational energy from Source and to know who we are on a personal, Soul level. As we continue to accelerate individually, we see knowledge and expansive ideas appear in the collective consciousness. Having an open mind (and being discerning at the same time) is important to the evolution of humanity.
Another bit of synchronicity: a friend recommended a documentary film, which I have not yet seen, called Journey of Man which discusses the genetics of humanity and talks about humanity originating in South Africa, which is the location of the ancient ruins that Tellinger has written about.
So, what the bleep do I know? I’m just following some interesting trails and will be creating an e-book with The Ancient Ones regarding this subject in the future. And now…
The Vastness of Being
We want you to know that you are secure in your houses – by this we mean in your etheric energy field. Consider this: see the sacred geometry that surrounds you due to your own intention in meditation and visualization. Practice maintaining your center and be open to the Divine Will that flows through all life. You all hold within you the energetic vibration that will set you free. We say over and over again, being love—be-ing the innocence of love—is all the “protection” you will ever need.
For July we see the slow turning of a machine that is running out of steam. Loud clanking as gears fall into place for the last time before it grinds to a halt. We cannot say how anything will play out as the future is being created in the now. This is why we counsel you to cultivate love within you at all times, for it is with whatever vibration you are living within in the moment of now that the future is created.
What are you here to do?

Many are experiencing deep changes in their lives and are asking what it is they are here to do. Find stillness within. Your purpose will unfold as the changes accelerate. If you do not feel you receive an answer about what it is you are to do, allow this to be a time of stillness and gathering energies. Continue to get yourselves on the love beam, the beam of truth, and breathe. Tune in to your inner guidance – you all have inner guidance. It may be that you are looking above and beyond what is right in front of you. There are no big bells, bugles and neon signs pointing the way. Look for a gentler calling – a “knowing” and a simplicity of guidance. It may be the one thing you have overlooked because it feels so obvious – what is the thing you have discounted as not very important in your life? That very thing—gift, talent, desire—may contain the seed for the next phase of your journey.
Many paths are coming together, so be aware of new meetings and chance encounters. Seeds are being planted and this brief time between the eclipses is a time where you are letting go of the past (yes this is a continual process!) and getting more and more clear on what it is you are committing to. What are you committed to growing within yourself? Those who remain unconscious and magnetized to negative thinking will create more difficulties for themselves. Those who are holding their heads above the water and getting into the center of the river of change are moving forward. Trust and faith is called for here, for you may not know where you are going, but rest assured that as you continue to cultivate the essence of love within you, you will be magnetized to that which will create more love and harmony in your life and on the Earth.

Connecting consciously and physically with the Earth, doing small ceremonies of thanks and appreciation to Earth, will help you to stay centered. Connecting with each other in love and acceptance helps to grow the vibration of love. Celebrate! Eat good food, make music, dance! Do all the wonderful things human beings have created to express love. Have as much FUN as you can, for the vibration of fun is the vibration of freedom.
Outgrowing the confines of false beliefs

Since you were small children, you were placed into a narrow hallway and sent into the educational system and taught how to be and how to fear and how to stifle your joy, freedom and creativity. You grew into adults and had to pick a career. Many made choices without ever connecting to their heart and soul, choosing instead what appeared to be stable and secure. And for many people that stability and security is being shown to be false, or the stability and security has become a prison. Others enjoy the security as they look forward to a time when they will retire. Whatever the case, we know that people are awakening to the feeling that they are meant to experience joy in this world.
Many people have risen up in spite of the narrow options presented to them, finding ways to live in harmony with their hearts. Many have rebelled and not tried to fit into the machine, but have followed difficult paths, feeling like they don’t belong in this world. Some do their part in dismantling the machine and others do what they’re told, but feel inside a longing for something magical and joyful. All experience aspects of the restrictions placed on humanity in one way or another.
For The Great Teacher who has been manipulating humanity for eons, it serves them well if humans remain in a state of self doubt, criticism, fear and self hatred. It is part of the matrix that they set in place thousands of years ago – to control humanity and to have humans create the energy they feed off of, which is fear.
So you see, humanity has been manipulated to block the flow of love. The energy of love is not a vibration that this devolving energy can exist within. When you are “in love,” you are vibrating at a high frequency and you feel free and joyful, which is your birthright. You receive creative inspiration and feel energized.
The tainting of the vibration of love has caused fear to take hold. Most Humans are actually afraid to open their hearts and love one another deeply. Of course the love begins inside each Human – the love of self. This is where the tainting first began and it came to Humanity through religions that taught you weren’t good enough to enter the kingdom of heaven. And that sexuality was an abomination, unless done simply for the act of procreating. Religion was used to control and manipulate. We do not intend to sling spears into the hearts of any who embrace any particular religion, understanding that some do find comfort from the essence of Spirit that they access through their religions, so it is with respect that we offer this view of religious manipulation and control. These de-volving beings we call the Great Teacher are very tricky, for within each of their lies is a small facet of truth and that is what has hooked Humans into the false beliefs that have blocked the flow of love.
Sacred Sexuality

Co-dependency is what is up for healing now for Humanity. Deep within each Human’s genetic makeup are energies that contain memories that are related to fear and survival. Opening the heart to love is the next step for Humanity. Becoming completely naked and vulnerable and still able to stand within the truth of your being requires deep self-love.
Sharing love with another Human – and we are talking about sexual union with open hearts and the joyous vibration of love – is one of the most powerful gifts that Humanity has. When two are joined in this way, they begin to radiate the golden-rose light of joy. In this vibration, ultimate physical healing is attained as well as emotional, mental and spiritual enlightenment. The innocent, pure vibration of Spirit flows through you, bringing vitality and youth into your total being. Oh yes, you will begin to “youthen” yourselves through this experience. Now that is a side-effect of love. A totally open heart is needed in order to have this experience.
There are many people who have had difficulty accepting love from their “lovers!” They hold their hand out, saying “Stop… in the name of love… Don’t come any closer… let’s just enjoy the sex…” And so we tell you that when you add the vibration of love to your sexual experience by opening your hearts, you will be filled with joy and you will shimmer and shine! This will help bring you back to your true Nature. The vibration of love simply is. It has no agenda.
As you open to love and heal your wounded hearts, in whatever path you choose to do so, you will raise your vibration and enter into higher dimensions of being – bringing the higher dimensions onto the Earth.
Human Nature, Earth Nature

You have been turned away from your true Nature through the tainting of the vibration of love and through lies that have turned into false beliefs regarding the nature of your sexuality. You can see how sexuality has been turned into pornography through the advertising you see around you. Your sexuality has been stolen from you through shame and guilt and this message has come through all religions and now through the medical industry. The fear of opening to love is also related to the cloying, grasping neediness that love seems to turn into. This control and manipulation that humans have done to one another in the name of love comes from fear. We say to you, you would be so free and so joyful if you would simply allow the energy of love to be within you!
When you look at how Humans are out of harmony with the Nature of the Earth, you need to look a little closer at Humanity and see that Humans are out of touch with their own Nature. The healing begins in the heart. And you can all help each other with this healing. In fact that is the only way to come into harmony – by opening to yourselves and opening to each other, amplifying the vibration of love throughout your being.
Love is the gift as you journey through the earth changes, love is the gift you keep.
Many Blessings to All, until next time
The Vastness of Being And Nancy Leilah Ward
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