Ascension & Your Body

Preparing the Body for Ascension

Mary Mageau

We are currently moving through the final days of our third dimensional experience on planet Earth. For countless millennia we have witnessed the forces of power and control bend and shape humanity to suit the outcomes of their agendas. These included: endless wars, global poverty in support of a small wealthy elite, ignorance, suppression of the truth regarding humanity’s sacred purpose and a pervasive culture of duality consciousness.

As this long cycle draws to its close we are experiencing the unfolding of a Divine Plan, designed by the Great Creator of All That Is. The time has now arrived for our earth and all upon her to move from a third dimensional reality into a fifth dimensional one together with its expanded state of consciousness. The onset of a glorious new Golden Age of Light will slowly emerge as humanity finally assumes its caring stewardship of our planet, together with the co-operative sharing of Earth’s resources among all her inhabitants and an end to the waging of war as a solution to our problems and differences. A newly emerging unity consciousness based on loving compassion will finally bring about the peace, truth, joy and abundance we have all longed to express and enjoy.

Our journey into that beautiful dimension of higher consciousness is known as the Ascension. At some time in our near future each of us will be presented with a choice. Either we can ascend with our physical bodies intact and without experiencing death, or we can remain in another third dimensional reality for further learning. Some may not feel ready to ascend at this present time and another opportunity will present itself again in the future. There is no judgement regarding this as the Great Creator freely allows each soul to make its own choices and then learn from them.

All those however who choose Ascension must now begin the work of evolving physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, in preparation for the Ascension summons. My E-book, ‘Preparing for Ascension’, is accessed at


Here I discuss Ascension in general and the preparations that are needed to ready one’s mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. This new E-book, ‘Preparing the Body for Ascension,’ focuses on the proper care of the physical body, regardless of one’s age, to qualify it for the Ascension event. The following E-book contains no copyright restrictions. Please feel free to print and share it in its entirety, acknowledging the source and writer.

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