Archangel Michael: In the Flow of the Golden Etheric Convergence
Transmitted Through Elanthra
17 December ~ 2009
Season’s greetings Beloveds.  This is your comrade and brother, Archangel Michael.  And I come to you today during this season of these joyous holiday festivities first of all to bid you blessings and glad tidings.  And to say and re-mind you that we are ever here for you.  Seasons greetings, and there are a few things that I’d like to touch on today. 
Many of you are going through the ascension symptoms.  You continue to, and you are finding that you are quite sensitive to noise, to smell and vibration.  Some of you are feeling frazzled.  Some of you are feeling unsure.  We just want to commend you so far for your courage; the courage that you have taken in venturing out, venturing out and taking your baby steps and Walking The Golden Path on your soul quests, and for being glorious Resilient Light Vessels and Wayshowers.  And you will stand out, and many will look to you in the forthcoming days. 
The energies have come, and they are coming now in steps and progressions, and the portals and heavenly doorways and gateways are being opened.  And many of you are familiarizing yourselves with the portals, and it is really a simple process. 
And basically, if you thought of Ascension as being where One is called back to the place of Love and Light ~ to The Divine Place Within You. One Rises Up to and Renews To, and Awakens To, to a place where One goes back to the initial garden, and the Peace and the Splendor, and the Joy and the Magic, and the Abundance.  But not even the initial garden, but a New Ascended Garden, for I want to assure you that All Is Ascending.  The Garden of Eden Has Ascended and Love Has Ascended, and The Very, Very Power of Light has Ascended.  And so too Your Earth Has Ascended, as Heaven and The Universe and The Galaxies have ascended.  So, Everything Has Been Renewed, and Everything Has Been Replenished and Revived, and is Revolving.  And nothing will be the same. 
And Heaven comes down to converge or meet with Earth, and Mother Earth welcomes it with open arms.  Mother Gaia opens up and receives the seeds,  and as your DNA transmutes and takes your bodies back, you are vibrating at different levels, and so You Are Awakening.  And when you wake up and you look around sometimes what you see can be very unsettling.  So, that is what a lot of you are waking up to now, and I just want you to know that you have helpers, and you are never given more than you can handle. 
I’d like to paint an analogy for you today, and the analogy is that of a Soft , Pink Buttercup Flower ~ a Swirling, Soft, Delicate Buttercup that branches outwards, even as it swirls counterclockwise in soft pastel hues.  And picture it branching down and melding with all of your hearts and Mother Gaia; it is A Buttercup of Love, A Gentle Buttercup.  And if you follow the path of the buttercup, it will lead you to The Golden Castle, and then in turn to the energies of The Tree of Life. 
And I’d like to relay that the energies of The Tree of Life have now converged with Gaia.  So, what this would mean is that... and I will describe this in an analogy again - The analogy of The Pound Cake.  Consider, if you will, a simple pound cake, in that the pound cake would be likened to the Earth.  And if you wanted to adorn the pound cake and make it a Divine Pound Cake, a Heavenly Pound Cake, One would top it with Golden Frosting.  So, the energies now, the Divine Crystalline Diamond Heart of God energies have descended.  The energies of Heaven are coming through the portals, the portals which serve as the Gateways or the Doorways, and they are adorning the cake, so that you will get a Heavenly, Divine, Golden-Frosted Cake ~ A Decadent Cake. 
And, if you will also accept the analogy of A Time Glass - An Hourglass.  And picture sending sand through the Hourglass.  When you send the sand through the hourglass, the sand makes it’s way ever so slowly, and ever so gently, and ever so carefully, and then in Divine Timing it emerges through the other end.  So too the new Divine energies make their way gradually in progression to your Earth, and swirl ever onwards. 
So, basically the point is that you are going to begin to see the evidence of  these energies that are coming through your portals, through your Etheric or Spiritual Realms, and you will see the evidence in your higher dimensional new 5th Dimensional and 6th Dimensional Earth.  And so the evidence will  come through your skies, and you have already begun to see this, and many are questioning the validity of this.  But what we have to say to you today is, you have not seen the wind, but yet when you feel it’s effects brush your cheeks and you see the leaves move and swirl and dance in the wind, you don’t question the wind.  And as you stand today, you all know that YOU ARE.   You all know that YOU ARE.  Many of you know that YOU ARE – YOU ARE Star Seeds, and you know that YOU ARE Divine Helpers that have come from the stars, many of you from the stars, where you have originated.  So, what we ask you today to be mindful of is as you stand today in your own skin, Be Confident That YOU ARE Divine Beings, because you know YOU ARE.  You have done the groundwork.  So, now I ask you to apply – we ask for ‘The Application’ – The Application of what you have learnt.  We ask that you Carry Out What You Have Learnt, for it is not enough to just have the knowledge and the wisdom, but now we need you to Act As Vessels of Light – Seeded Vessels of Light That Venture Forth Disseminating The Love And The Light.  We ask you to Be Confident In Your Abilities, and we ask you to re-member that the ability to manifest magic – to Create Magic As Divine Creators is and will be as commonplace to you as breathing.  When you beckon forth, know within all your heart that it is already done, know within all your heart that YOU ARE A Divine Creator, for it is your birthright.  And say that it is so, and so it is.  And it will be done. 
So, the energy of The Divine Sacred Tree of Light has met with Mother Gaia, and this Christmas Season we would like you to envision the analogy of this tree – this Divine Tree.  Envision it with Golden Wings ~ Golden Triangular Butterfly Wings, and know that each of the branches are Crystalline ~ Crystalline Hearts of God ~ Crystalline You. 
We bid you a joyous season.  We ask you to Be Gentle with Yourselves And Each Other, and to just Enjoy The Magic of Serendipity And Synchronicity that will come to you on the Divine Wings of the Wind ~ On The Winds of Change.  Allow your minds, hearts and soul to Flow Into Love and Light.  Know that I love you dearly, as always, and we ask you to Hold, Hold To The Love And Hold To The Light, for it is needed now more than ever.  Join together as One, for when you are joined and linked as Diamond Linked Chains, you can accomplish anything, and You Will Accomplish Much ~ A Renewed Golden Ascended Earth. 
Peace be to you this holiday season and always.   Remember, my sword is your truth and my love your armor.  With all my love.  As above so below.  Namaste. 
I AM Archangel Michael

Ascension: Physical Happenings
As with all major transitions, our bodies really seem to take the brunt of these changes and the last few weeks were no exception. Some of the more noticeable symptoms this time around were/are: vertigo/dizziness/loss of balance,ringing in ears, headaches/sinus pressure/sore and aching neck, blurred vision, sleepiness, extreme bloating, intermittent deep sleeps/insomnia, night sweats, intermittent (extreme) hunger/loss of appetite, skin itching/rashes, back pain/soreness (especially behind the heart and lower back), sore feet, aching legs, lower abdominal discomfort, and the always present FATIGUE.
Emotionally you may be feeling irritable, tired of your old "story", disconnected from your joy/passion/creativity/guidance, doubting or reevaluating your life purpose or the fruits of your labors, lacking self confidence, desiring a course correction, needing down time/isolation, ect. This disconnect phase is just a rewiring to a higher level of connectivity and when completed, new insights, ideas and opportunities become possible.