GOD as  "the missing piece"
A New Dispensation
{Part three}

    There's more being given this year about ascension than at
any time. In these last two months, we've given you two parts
of information and training that we won't review here. But we
must revisit the definition. Ascension is defined in the new en-
ergy as stepping into the next life without death--taking control
of your biology, of your chronological age, of all the potentials
you came in with, rewriting your contract, vibrating higher and
living a longer life. Some of you will even change your names,
and some will actually become different people.
    Way beyond the concept of a walk-in, ascension status in-
cludes many things. But let me just give you the summary of it:
It represents a divine energy represented by the Human who
takes the hand of Spirit and never lets go. It's the energy of the
masters who walked the earth, the ones who told you that you
could be just like them.
   "Peter, you can walk on the water, you know? Do it!" Did you
hear that? Do you remember reading that?  It's
about enabling a Human Being to go beyond physics,
for Peter did it, and he did it without help, until he
doubted the reality of it.
    The energy beginning to close in on some of you is literally a
return to the earth of a collective master energy. It's part of the
energy that's shifting within the guides, Meditation and Intent.
It's part of what you're feeling, which is energy shifting, and it's
part of what some of you are actually feeling as "anxiety." We
told you of this potential all those years ago. Remember, there's
no predestination. There's only predisposition, an energy that
says that you have a direction, but one that can be changed at
any time.
    So the energy of the ascension status is indeed a very new
concept for humanity. Before, this exact energy would vapor-
ize Humans. Now it enhances them. That's a result of the grid
shift, and of the crystalline rewrite. It's an awesome new tool
in the divine tool group that you're being given in response to
what you've created.
    The energy in this forum is ripe for change. We'll only spend
 a short time together, yet there are those who will walk from here
 differently from how they came in. They'll go from here with a
 full understanding that there's an energy with them that wasn't
 with them when they arrived. Those entities and helpers who
 are here, come with the intent to leave with you if
 you allowed for it. There will be some who will recognize them
 and say, "Yes, this is what I always wanted. I want to leave with
 more than I came."
     It's nothing that God is going to do for you, you know? It's an
 allowance... attributes given with your permission. It's you with
 you. It is the recognition of the divine energy inside you saying,
"Indeed, I deserve this. It's why I came to the planet, and now I
 remember." And so it is about remembering, is it not? Collectively,
 why not remember this, Human Being: You are a piece of God,
 divine in every way, enabled in every way. It's time to move
 forward. It's time for solutions. Patience is the key. Intent is the
 catalyst, and even when you're finished reading this channelling,
 the energy of what you have remembered is with you.
    That is our promise... that you're never alone. Some of you
will establish tendrils, connections with us, where everything
is connected to everything. And you'll begin to understand The
Lattice, the physics of it, the divinity of it, the beauty of it. That's
why we're here. That's why we speak to you as we do. Let it be
known this day that we came to see you... and in the process,
we are not disappointed.
And so it is.



And so it is ... John

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