A Revolution Taking Place {Channeled}

1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  SaLuSa: There is a Revolution Taking Place in Your World
3.)  Understanding Japan
4.)  Sananda: From The New Jerusalem
5.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
6.)  What Possession Is There in Heaven

Isis' Message of the Day -
Perception defines our reality
"The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend."
-- Henri Bergson

Our entire universe is energy -- vibrating waves of pure potential. The electromagnetic vibrations of our consciousness interact with the energetic potential that exists everywhere as the life force to 'collapse' the waves and create matter. So the patterns of our minds create the form of our world.
By simply observing a form, we influence it. We in turn are influenced by others. This challenges us to be more aware of the quality of our being and the vibrations we transmit.

"There is no reality in the absence of observation."
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
We Look at the World and We See Beauty All Around. You Look at the World and You Notice All the Flaws: the Brown Grass, the Wilting Leaves, Depressed People, Crime, etc. Start noticing the Beauty and You will Bring Out the Beauty. Have You Noticed How Much Better a Plant Grows When You Pay Attention to It and Nurture It? You get a Sense of What the Plant Needs. What would Happen if People Started Paying Attention to Other People and Nurturing Them? Would You See Others Begin to Blossom like the Plants? Pick One Person to Nurture and Pay Attention to Them Today. Then, Watch Them Sprout. Be At Peace and Bless Your Hearts.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"  *  www.cynthialeeshelton.com/   *   

SaLuSa: There is a Revolution Taking Place in Your World
March 21, 2011
Events move on towards the inevitable changes that will see your future fulfilled. These are not easy times but you knew that part of your experiences would include this period. Your confidence in the outcome arises from your faith in us and the Creator, and the many higher Beings that have accompanied you all through your lives. You know that nothing can alter it, and those of you that desire to ascend will do so. Unlike previous times when such opportunities have arisen, you are assured that Ascension will take place. In fact it has been carefully planned on a Universal scale, and is to be an enormous event that happens very rarely. For you it has been a long time coming, but you have been spared a conscious memory of previous occasions. In the scheme of things time is not linear, but all is in the Now. The past, present and future are One, and you can move into whatever aspect of it that you wish. The future is full of probabilities which are why you will sometimes learn of different versions of it. It is you ultimately that attract the one that fulfils the vision created through your consciousness.
It is very important that you keep focused upon the Light that is bringing harmony to the Earth. The Light is streaming in and required more than ever at this time. It is an important period where with so much going on, you need to be in the world but not of it. Be a centre of Light so that you bring calmness to others who are in fear of the outcome. Speak to others of the necessity of changes and the great benefits they will bring. There will be rumors of catastrophic events as the dark Ones play upon people’s fears, but assure them that they are intended to distract them from the truth. Everything has been foreseen, and ordained in such a way that the affects will be limited. If there is doubt remember that Man could have destroyed the Earth on more than one occasion in the last century, yet it did not take place. You are not only guided to fulfill your task of taking the Earth through to Ascension, but also helped to enlighten people around you. You have never been left alone to suffer the consequences of your actions, and compassion and love has been given to you in a never-ending flow.
The powers that be are generally speaking unaware of what is bringing about the chaotic conditions upon Earth. Often they are spiritually ill equipped to understand the implications of what they see happening and of necessity they will make way for those who do, and have the interests of all people at heart. We know who they are, and they will be protected to ensure that they can take their place of leadership when the opportunity arises. It does not mean that every person at present in such a position is going to be replaced as some are of the Light, but unable to exercise their desire to lift Mankind up. The time of such changes is not far away, and once they commence it will bring a whole new approach in the way you are governed. With other benefits that you are expecting, the scenario will rapidly change to one of positive expectations, as at last you will see the way forward. Our eventual presence and opportunity to speak with you will clear the way for cooperation between us, and much will be achieved in next to no time. All of these things are moving towards manifestation, and you can be sure that the Galactic Federation is fully prepared for its role in your preparation for Ascension.
As individuals your contribution to the changes is important, and it is best served by sending out your Love and Light to wherever it is needed. The Middle East is an area that for ages past has accumulated much negativity, and it needs help to clear it. We can help in that respect but a mass sending of Light from you will best serve the interests of the people in that region. You are grasping how important and powerful the Light is, and no matter how many weapons are lined up against people they are no answer to it. The Light is the most powerful “weapon” that you can respond with, and it is an unending supply that you can draw through yourself. The Light can accompany your prayers or meditations thus empowering them with your love. You are All One, and as such there should be no discrimination between one soul to another as to whom you send it to. Love is the healing balm that can cure all ills, and you can apply it to all forms of life. The Earth has been a difficult place for many animals to exist and they equally deserve your love. There is everlasting life so in actual reality no death, but all living things do nevertheless benefit from receiving love. Kindness and compassion are much needed at this time, and when those thoughts are sent out they do have an uplifting affect.
Man is naturally a benign Being, and it is only the lower vibrations that have introduced the negative traits that have pulled many souls down. There is no longer any reason to continue living at that level, as you can rise up with the new energies coming in. You are not victims but willing participants, and there is every opportunity to lift yourselves up. Think about what you say and the way that you act, and move on from judgement and criticism of another person. Most people are trying their best in difficult circumstances, and because the end times present an opportunity to clear karma, have undertaken much more than they might normally do. In reality there is no such thing as an easy life, but you tend to measure that by a persons wealth that can be a burden or a blessing depending on how it is used. In the near future you will be sharing the wealth of the world fairly and it will create a society of equal opportunity and eliminate the class distinction that now exists.
Dear Ones, there is a revolution taking place in your world, and consciousness levels are rising and pointing you in the right direction. It is the final battle of this cycle, and you have taken the opportunity to reach the stage whereby you can leave the cycle of duality forever. When you have learnt the lessons it has to offer, the experience gained elevates your consciousness to a higher level. When it is reached the lower vibrations become uncomfortable and no longer serve you any purpose. In such circumstances you are ready to leave duality, for a new level that is more in line with your own and your needs.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and much admire your tenacity and determination to win through the remaining challenges that confront you. We are with you all the way, and great times are approaching as you achieve success.
Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey

Understanding Japan
by Neale Donald Walsch
March 15, 2011
Our hearts today go out to all the people of Japan—and to the people of the entire world, in truth, for it is the entire world which is now watching the tenuous developments in Japan almost hour-by-hour, and which is being affected, both directly and indirectly, by it.
The situation in that ravaged country has not been improving. Rather, it almost seems as if it’s been getting worse moment after moment. We pray that the next 12 hours and the day which follows will bring a respite from the bad news that has been flowing from the island nation almost non-stop since the massive 8.9 earthquake struck there on Friday.
I have been giving deep thought to this globally-impacting geophysical event, seeking to understand it from the perspective of Conversations with God. I would like to offer my observations here, not because I think they are important to record or are worth more than anybody else’s, but because—as after 9/11 and Katrina, the Indonesian tsunami and Haiti, and other horrific events—many people have asked me, “How does what is happening now square with the CwG message?”
With your indulgence I am going to offer my response to that question in stages over the next several days, because (1) I want to see what additional developments occur in the hours ahead, and (2) this blog would wind up being way too long if I put all of my present thoughts into one rambling article.
I would like to open my personal commentary by discussing the most important aspect of the Japan calamity: the high and rising death toll. As I watched the  numbers rise from early reports in the hundreds to later reports hovering near two thousand to current reports indicating 10,000 people, at least, have lost their lives, my mind raced to deeply consider the information I was given several years ago in the CwG text on death and dying, HOME WITH GOD in a Life That Never Ends.
In this conversation God said to me that no one ever dies at a time or in a way that is not of their choosing. Indeed, if the CwG message is accurate,nothing happens that is against our will, nor can it, given Who and What We Are.
Who and What we are, CwG famously tells us, is God. We are, says CwG, the localized, individuated expression of Divinity. Given this truth, everything that occurs, occurs for our benefit, in that it leads to the evolution of the human species and the grander and grander expression of Life Itself, in all of its forms and places. Just as in the cosmos, where entire star systems collapse into black holes and where suns burn themselves out, leaving the planets that rotated around them scattering into the icy cold darkness, so, too, does Life provide the fuel for Life Itself to continue. Nothing and no dies, but merely changes life form.
I say “merely” with a deep and sensitive awareness of the fact that human beings changing life form from physical to non-physical is experienced as a tragedy by those who are left behind. There is no greater loss, in our culture, than the loss of life. Yet for the dying it is not experienced as a loss at all, or as the end of life or awareness, but rather, as the transition into an even greater level of awareness and experience. So CwG tells us. If this is true, and I believe it is, then we need not mourn those who have departed, for they have moved to a place of greater joy than ever they knew while here on earth.
Yet if this is so, a thinking person must ask: Why bother living at all? Why not end our own lives voluntarily right now, and graduate to that higher and more joyful place?
That is a perfectly fair and perfectly logical question. The answer is that Life is lived in the physical (over and over again) for a reason; for a purpose that cannot be accomplished in the non-physical realm, joyful as it is. If I could draw an analogy, it is something like going to work. It is much nicer and much more joyful to be on vacation, but we cannot accomplish on vacation what we can accomplish at work. This is a simplistic example, but it serves, I hope, to illustrate the point. Physical Life has a reason for existing. There is something we are doing here that we cannot do in the purely spiritual realm. That is why we all eventually return—usually after taking a nice, long, and joyous rest.
Yet it is possible for life in the physical realm to be, CwG tells us, no less joyful than life in the spiritual realm. And in advanced civilizations where sentient beings know Who They Really Are and express that, it is. This is not happening right now on the earth, but humanity is moving towards that—all as part of its evolution.
So, with regard to those whose current physical lives were ended because of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, we mourn with all those who have lost loved ones, as we understand the deep pain of their loss. Yet we rejoice and say thanks to a God who has created the process of Life Itself to be such that it never really ends, nor does the any Soul or Essence change life form against Its will. Put simply and directly, all those who died over the past several days died because, at a level other than the conscious level, they chose to.
I know that  is hard to believe, and it is certainly not something that I would tell a deeply grieving family member at the moment they are experiencing their loss, unless I felt it might help that grieving person to at least know that nothing occurred that was against the will of the departed Soul.
This leaves many other questions unanswered. I have had many grieving people say to me, “You mean that my wife (husband, mother, father, child, etc.) actually chose to leave me? What are you saying to me? What does that tell me about how happy they were with me?”
I think it is very important to not try to understand matters such as these at the level of Mind, but to seek to move to the level of Soul as we look at such questions. I will continue this exploration in my next entry here. For now, may we all join once more (I know you have done so often in these most recent days) to send our light and love and healing energy to all those who have suffered terrible anguish and loss in Japan—as well as in Libya, Bahrain, and anywhere else in the world where physical life has ended abruptly, unexpectedly, and tragically (for the survivors). God grant those survivors peace and release from their pain.
And God bless you, all of you reading this, as we venture forward together on our own still uncompleted particular journey, which will be explored and explained deeply here in the days ahead.
With love,
Neale Donald Walsch is a modern day spiritual messenger whose words continue to touch the world in profound ways. With an early interest in religion and a deeply felt connection to spirituality, Neale spent the majority of his life thriving professionally, yet searching for spiritual meaning before beginning his now famous conversation with God. His With God series of books has been translated into 34 languages, touching millions of lives and inspiring important changes in their day-to-day lives. * (http://www.cwg.org) * Blog: * www.TheAlternativeVoice.org  *
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Sananda: From The New Jerusalem
Given through Susan Leland
Sananda addressing the March 8, 2011 teleconference: 
Greetings, Beloved Family, it is I, Sananda, and I thank you that we are all together here in such a sacred and, yes, a high place.  And I say to you, "Welcome aboard the New Jerusalem!"  Come right in, come right in and look out the great windows and see flying with us, the Fleet.  And notice, if you will, we are accompanied by the Star of Bethlehem and by Niburu.  All are here, everyone is here - you and your guides make it complete and we kneel at your feet in honor that you join us for such high purpose and in such Love! 
For truly our coming together is powerful beyond words.  So we ask that you keep your visions in front of you as we do this Exercise.  We ask that you join with your Hearts and indeed with the All that You Are, which is mighty and sacred.  And yes, it does take a certain amount of  Courage to raise yourselves up so high as you join in with this mission.  And so we thank you, in advance even, of that which we are about to do, because it is our gift to each other, and to the entire of Planet Earth, below, on and above, and to the Universe, the Great Universe, beyond. 
And this is what you would call the eleventh hour for Planet Earth, and the hands of the clock are moving even now, and when they stand straight up together, that is your Ascension.  There is no accident, that is the month of twelve and the year of twelve, is it?  No accidents, only synchronicities. 
So with your visions very clear and with your Hearts open to join each other and to join with us, let us form that wondrous circle, and let us come together into each others’ fields of energy, all of us.  No one of us is any more or any less than any other.  We are all great and grand beings coming consciously to do great works, and let the message go out from here.  Let the message sound throughout the Universe that we put out, and let it especially touch planet Earth as we fly above, as we soar. 
And we are going to do something that might seem to be a bit magic, but it is entirely within our empowerment to do.  As we fly above Planet Earth, look down and see humanity and choose a place that you would particularly like to hover above for a moment, suspended as it were in this Light of Spirit.  Let it be a place where you have a vision to be, whether it be your home place now or another place; whether it be a permanent place or a place that you know you’re going to travel to in pursuit of your own mission and purpose. 
And let us stop everywhere that the voices are raised, everywhere you know, and everywhere that comes into your mind and your mind’s eye at this moment; where voices are being raised to rise up into the higher realms, to rise up and out of the box, the muck and the mire of the tar pits; to stop being stuck and to fly and soar.  And let us join with the children, all of the children of Planet Earth, the crystalline ones particularly, and let us send the message out to them: "We are here.  We are with you, Beloved Ones, and we honor you and see you as the leaders that you came here to be.  We empower you to join with us and together, together we create this world according to our highest visions, with Love as the answer, as the truth, and as the empowerment to all." 
So say with me, say it aloud or say it to yourselves, however you choose, but communicate this throughout your fields, send this message to you, each and every one of you and then allow it, allow it to go beyond each and every one of you as we do with you: 
I come with my courageous Heart and it’s full of Love for all creation!  I stand tall in my fields of energy because Love and the Light of it are all that I truly Am, and as my crystalline body forms I communicate even more this Love throughout my fields of energy and beyond to the world.  I am messenger, I am in mission and I devote all of my self, all that I Am, to Love and its messages. 
I came here long ago and I know where planet Earth is going as it rises, and I am committed, not only to going with it, but to bringing everyone else, my brothers, my sisters here on this great ship, my brothers and sisters on all of the ships that I see outside.  And as I look down and I see planet Earth so beautiful, shimmering in this Light of Love, I commit to bringing all of Planet Earth and all of its inhabitants who are desirous of coming with me into this higher reality, because this is my shining, this is my truth-telling, this is my shining-forth, this message to all who would hear it and open it. 
And I am shining it forth to all who would not open it, even this moment knowing, knowing that they will.  I am empowered to do this and I accept this as my mission, and I stand with all of my brothers and sisters who come from the lighted realms and I accept our togetherness, our partnering and our Oneness. And I allow the empowerment of this moment to come into my fields and stay with me and to empower me even more as I move joyfully and in highest of vibrations upon my path of Ascension. 
I know that We Are One and I now say, We’ are together; We are co-creating the most glorious and beautiful of visions for this Golden Age which is so close.  Our Hearts are joined now in this mission! We connect and communicate and commune with each other from now on in new ways of feeling, of flying together and soaring, and I thank myself, the glorious, sacred and divine being I Am, for being here in this company.  And I thank all of those in this company for being One with me in this mission of Light and Love. Together we co-create the highest and the best of times to come, and we have, together, come to a new and higher level from which to do so. 
And so, let us hug each other and let us light each other up with this great outpouring and upswelling of Love!  And, Beloved Ones, I tell you, from my Heart to yours that you shine even brighter and that we are together as One with no barriers, no resistance, just simply Love flowing freely and endlessly, shining bright and beautiful. 
And so my Mother stands with me.  Come forward now and accept, if you will, the Kumara roses into your Hearts.  Savor their velvety softness and yet feel their Strength and their Courage, which is offered to you.  Let us be One always.  The Truth is that we always have been, and we have done away with and beamed our way through whatever sensations of separation we may have had in this time together - We Are Truly One!  So let us welcome each other home to our Hearts and the One We All Are.  Thank you, Beloved Ones, and Namaste! 

I honor all of you and I bring the softness of my Love to you.  You’re awesome, Beloved Ones, and I feel your Love and I ask that you feel mine, and I assure you that whatever mission that I and my Paschat Warriors have, we shall do it with your Love accompanying us, as we are now One, together, in the creation of the vision of Freedom and Peace and Love upon Planet Earth, within, on and above. Thank you, Beloved Ones - the Joy continues to upswell!  Namaste! 
Given through Susan Leland, March 8, 2011. Transcription by Brian Coe.  http://www.ashtarontheroad.com/   © Ashtar on the Road Publications 2011.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted. *      

Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, when you see abuse and non-respect of any class of people, speak up. Do not just walk by or cross over the street to the other side. Speak up about it. Know that all is evolving, that it is going to evolve a lot faster if you take your belief and your actions from that belief and from the principles that you know to aid and promote peace. If you are willing to take those actions, the evolution towards heaven on Earth is going to happen much faster.
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HEAVEN #3769
What Possession Is There in Heaven
March 21, 2011
God said:
Are you to reflect the world, or is the world to reflect you?
Do your cupboards reveal the state of the world?
Orderliness is not everything by a long shot, yet orderliness is something. It could be a place to start.
If you would like to surpass world order as it exists now, then begin by straightening out your own cupboards.
Your life is certainly more than the physical, yet there is nothing wrong in making the physical compatible with ease and simplicity. Where else would you begin? Start and finish today. If you open your cupboards, and things fall out, you are overdue.
If there are things in your path to trip over, move them now. Clear your way. Make your path smooth. There is more to this than metaphor.
Start with a clear slate.
Wash the windows of your mind.
Your home reflects you, and you reflect your home.
Ascend from any stuckness of the past. Remove obstacles on all levels. Start from where you are now.
No disturbance prevents Me whatsoever. But congestion does affect you. You clear your throat. You clear your lungs. Clear out physical accumulations on all levels. There isn’t a better time.
When there are obstacles, you have imposed them upon yourself. Your life models itself after you.
Invite friends. That may help you clean out corners.
If you want to be a lightworker, it will be in good stead for you to travel light. What do angels carry with them? They carry their light. They carry their love. Angels do not even need wings to fly. They fly with love and no extra baggage. No baggage at all.
Amass love, and that’s it. That is the only accumulation to have, and, yet, love is not accumulated. It moves on. It doesn’t stay still. It doesn’t grow stale. Love is not hoarded. It is given. Give way to love.
Do not litter your closets.
Which comes first? Clarity or a clear path? Clear your path, and then you will be clear. It is amazing how well you do even in disorder. But why have it? It is now time for you to let go of everything. When you are orderly, you can even let go of orderliness. It is only a backdrop.
This is not a lesson in housekeeping. This is a lesson in freeing your soul from riff-raff. Possessions can be riff-raff.
Your soul survives everything. Make your soul’s flight plans easy. Let your soul take off untrammeled. Clear skies from now on.
Have one bowl. One knife. One fork. One spoon. Fill the bowl with one orange. Eat an orange simply with your fingers. One orange is more delicious than three or four oranges.
Everything but love, not in moderation, but in minimalization. Minimal gives a great return. Remember Oneness in all things. Heave ho the past. The past is never. The present is always.
What possession is there in Heaven? Only love. Peace. Happiness. Love and more love. Love multiplied into Oneness.
Sate yourself with Oneness. One heart, one mind. Love Oneness. Multiply Oneness, and it is still One. There is One Day, and it is Today. There is one You, and it is I. I am everywhere and nowhere at the same time. There is no sewing Me up.
Let yourself be unsewn.
Let yourself be a tower of love. Let yourself be love untrammeled, love held high, love above all. Love is enough. Love is the only plenty there is. Let love sustain itself. Let love sustain you. Love sustains the world, and you are part of the world, just as you are part of Me, or even the Wholeness of Me as We fly together and are never apart.
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