God said:

I hear you. Do you hear Me? Do you feel My embrace? Do you sense Me near you? Do you know your heart is next to Mine? Rather, in Mine, and Mine in yours. We are so reciprocal there is no telling whose heart is Whose. I gave you My heart to spend it freely on Earth.

We share a heart, beloveds. That is not half a heart but the fullness of fullness. Our One Heart of love covers the Universe. There is no hiding from it.

Beloveds, what if everything that occurs is love beckoning you? You think that has to be impossible because you have known loss, and you have known grief, and no one can tell you that what you've been through resembles love in the slightest. You are right that heartache is not love. Suffering is not love, so then, beloveds, with all compassion, I ask you, "Why do you suffer then?"

In many cases, you have learned that certain occasions are supposed to bring suffering with them. But what if you did not believe that, what then? You are used to the idea that if you have a cold, you will cough. In the same way, you are used to the idea that suffering is part of the lot in life of people who live on Earth. You need only look at history to know that, and, yet, you do not have to repeat history.

Pain is pain. Physical pain is physical pain. Emotional pain is emotional pain. Pain becomes suffering when you feel sorry for yourself. You think, "Woe is me." And then you are guaranteed woe. Do not think that I am hard-hearted when I say that to you. Clearly there are situations in life you don't want, and yet they appear. It is a fact that people's bodies die. It doesn't help you for Me to say that the blows in life that come to you are nothing personal. If you could take the body death of loved ones as you take changes in weather, how hard and how long would you suffer?

You can't dodge life, beloveds. You are here on Earth to live life and not to take even death of loved ones as an affront. Life itself bounces up and down, but you, you, beloveds, are to be on an even keel. You do not have to bounce so high or land so low as you make it out to be. Sometimes you have even longed for the excitement of ups and downs. Do not tell Me that you haven't. You sometimes like to see yourself as a ping pong ball bounced around, whacked from pillar to post, as it were.

You do not want suffering, and yet you like drama. What is drama made of, beloveds, but ups and downs? Drama provides a platform for suffering to tie itself onto railroad tracks and be run over and exalt itself.

A child cries over a broken toy. You cry over broken dreams. You never thought your life would be like this, whatever this is. You expected more from life and more from yourself. Life is not supposed to be like this. You are not to be treated like this. You, above all, are supposed to receive gifts from life and not be like ordinary people who lose their loved ones or suffer from one loss or another.

You are a citizen of the relative world, and, in the relative world, boons and burdens both come and go.

Guruji's Knowledge Sheet: Volunteer


Who is a volunteer? One who comes to help, without being asked to help; one who is self-motivated, inspired, becomes a volunteer.

There is the possibility of the inspirational motivation going down in a volunteer, which could bring frustration.

Usually volunteers come from the space of demand rather than humility – this dilutes the quality.

Another slack that could happen to a volunteer is that they could slip away from commitment, thinking there is no ‘boss’ – "If I like it, I do it; if I don’t like it, I don’t!" It is like the steering wheel of a car – if all the tires say they do not need steering, then the car cannot run smoothly. If you want to construct a building, you have to accept the authority of the structural engineer.

All these can only be overcome by being more grounded in spiritual knowledge. A volunteer devoid of spiritual dimension is utterly weak.

1) A volunteer needs to stick to his commitment.
2) The integrity in a volunteer comes from spiritual practices.
3) The authority needs to be acknowledged.
4) The strength of a volunteer comes from the challenges he is ready to willingly face.
5) A volunteer moves beyond boundaries as he finds he is capable of doing so many things he never ever thought of doing.
6) A true volunteer does not expect appreciation or reward.
7) A volunteer has such a joy – that joy, itself, comes as the reward.
8) If a volunteer thinks he is obliging somebody, he is thoroughly mistaken. He is ‘volunteering’ because he derives so much joy out of it.

The joy is immediate – it does not come on the first of every month in the form of a salary!

When a volunteer realizes this, he is filled with gratitude.

When a volunteer waivers from within, the support system is knowledge and good friends.

- Sri Sri