Arcturian Light Transmission

Arcturian Light Transmission: Arcturian Commentary on a Major Energy

Question: Was there solar activity this weekend that happened around the same
time as the full moon. Was it activity from our sun? Were other suns involved?

Answer: We think that it is very interesting that you ask for this information.
The reason that we like the question is because you did receive a large influx
of magnetic energy which began a little throughout last week, followed by a big,
big wave on Saturday which coincided with the full moon. It pretty much started
around the time of the full moon and the solar eclipse. More magnetic waves of
energy have been coming in from the sun. Some of the energy experienced from the
weekend was from your own sun, but we like that you asked that question because
we find it interesting that you knew that other suns were going through
something very similar. You mostly experience the energies from your own sun,
but there is also activity from other suns, such as sunspots or eruptions, and
it does take a period of time for them to make it to Earth. It's all part of the
process that Earth is doing. This magnetic energy is helping to cleanse your
energy bodies, including the Earth. Another part of it is helping to raise your
vibrations. It's kind of like a two part process. The activity is going to pick
up. You shouldn't be concerned about being able to handle this as you are
adjusting or transitioning your bodies. Your physical body and your energy
bodies are adjusting to handle the way the Suns are increasing their activity
or changing. Its all part of a planned process. You should be not concerned, but
you will probably hear things from your scientific community which is unaware
that this is all part of the planned process. So, just like anything else, we
look at this from the perspective that it's simply a part of the picture. We
understand that what is happening is planned and is neccessary as part of the
bigger process. We really like that you asked us this question and have an
understanding that it's not just this one little area that you live in that is
undergoing a transmutation. but that many universes are going through a
transmutation, and everything is always evolving.

Question: In a dream last night I received some information that there would be
some solar disturbances that would impact Earth and her inhabitants up until

Answer: Your question is a good one. We definitely are happy that you're paying
attention to your dreams, and we would like you to continue to so. You are a
very clear vessle that allows us to send this information through to you, and we
are not the only ones that send information. What your dream indicated is part
of the process that's going to be happening. We sent that mostly because Debbie
asked the question, and you're a great channel for bringing in information to
assist her. She pays attention to your dreams. What we wanted to indicate is
that some of the disruption that many of you felt over the weekend and preceding
was simply because your bodies are now adjusting to the change in the magnetic
frequencies that are coming in, and they are going to continue. We will say that
it was a way to explain that your bodies are experiencing these frequencies
coming in, and they're not used to them. Your bodies are learning to adjust to
the frequencies, and it does create some disturbances. The frequencies are
creating some disturbances in eruptions on the planet as well, and the human
physical body is doing this together with Mother Earth. So we caution you when
you ask what this disturbance really means because it simply is just a change in
frequency. We just simply tell you to continue to know that it is happening and
that it's doing so in perfect alignment with what is supposed to happen. We
caution you to not look at this as if it is a bad thing. Look at it from the
perspective that it's what is supposed to happen. Go through it with ease and
flow, and just know that everything is happening in perfect alignment.

Question: Why have several of us experienced some change in colors of our

Answer: You may be unaware that there are more than the seven chakras, which are
the root to the crown chakras. Your energy bodies have expanded so that there
are more than seven chakras There are a total of 12. Higher vibrating energy or
light or frequencies are coming into your energy field. These higher chakras,
the 8th through the 12th, actually exist in your energy body, not in your
physical body. They exist pretty much straight up from your crown chakra. These
are the changes in color that you asked about, white, pink, gold and some
others. As your frequencies rise, these chakras are being expanded and
energized. The frequencies come into the higher vibrating chakras first or those
that exist in your energy body. Then those chakras transmit the energies down
through your physical body. It probably is easier for us to say that they come
in through the top, and they work themselves down through your body. As that is
happening, you do go through a process of re-aligning your chakras and they are
changing color. This process is nothing to be concerned about, but you may
experience some physical symptoms as those new frequencies are working
themselves throughout your body. There is nothing that you need to do about it
unless you do not feel well. If you are having physical symptoms, such as being
dizzy or lightheaded, it is generally because you have not had enough water to
drink. We have already said this many, many times, and you're probably tired of
hearing it. It is a part of the situation, however, so you need more water and
more grounding. It is really, really important for you to stay extremely
grounded with Mother Earth. We talked about this in the past. What is happening
is that Mother Earth's energy body is changing, her chakras are changing. and
its easier to go through it together. So the kind of things that will help you
the most are staying grounded and drinking water. If you are still experiencing
signs of not feeling well, such as dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, almost
like motion sickness, it is simply due to the fact that your body is realigning.
If you need more than drinking water and grounding, rest is the best thing you
can do. You also can ask others for assistance to realign your frequencies.
There is nothing to be concerned about, however, and this reaction is going to
happen more and more frequently because those energies are coming in so much
faster and with more, we would like to say force but maybe we should say such
fortitude and robustness. So just think of yourself as a large filter or a cone
for the energies that start from the top and work their way down.

Question: What is the size of those additional chakras that you are talking
about that exist above your head in your energy field?

Answer: We would say they are round and, as a general rule of thumb, the size of
your hand. However, each and every individual has different sized chakras. As
you bring in more energy, they get larger. There are some people who have large
energy bodies, and their chakras that are pretty much inside their bodies
actually extend past the physical body into their energy body. Everybody's
chakras are somewhat different, but they can be quite large. The more you work
on raising your vibration, the larger your chakras will get.


Let us stop for a moment and give you some information that we haven't really
opened up to say to anybody. We started sending this information through to
Debbie somewhat this afternoon, and she was in disbelief as usual. So we're
going to say this even though there's some disbelief. A huge shift happened this
weekend, not just for her, a huge shift in humanity. We use the words humanity
very lightly because we're going to say that humanity usually means humans.
Perhaps we should say multi-species, multi-humanity. We can't think of a word,
but basically what we're saying is that there was a huge consciousness shift
this weekend. To say that it only happened this weekend is not really true. It
had been building up to this point previously. It is the consciousness of all
of the energies aligned with the universe, all of the energies aligned with all
of the people. The person that was heading BP ( British Petroleum) is leaving.
Someone new is coming in and that is symbolic of the shift in humanity, the
shift in consciousness that happened. It was large. It was very very large. It
was for the good, and we want to tell you about it. You can see from the
goosebumps on Debbie's arms that this was major. It was extraordinary. Now,
the thing is that when a shift happens like this, there's so much shaking up
going on that it takes some time for everyone to really recognize that something
happened. But we've heard, we even remember Debbie's husband saying over the
weekend that things look different. He was seeing through different eyes. He
was seeing different things through different eyes. Every single being on the
planet, including Mother Earth herself, shifted vibrationally. This is extremely
exciting. However, here's what you're going to be seeing probably for the next
10, 11, or maybe even 14 days. People are going to be cranky, people are going
to be tired. Your bodies are catching up with the energy. Remember what we have
always told you about energy shifts. The physical body takes a longer to catch
up. So tiredness, irritation, aching, bloating, extreme bloating, extreme
bloating of anything, body, sinuses, head, ears, feet, whatever, lots of
bloating will occur. Bloating symbolizes expansion. When consciousness is
expanding, your body is going to expand. Everything is a microcosm of the
macrocosm. Everything that is seen in the smallest particle is replicated in
the largest. So when your body expands and you're feeling tension, you feel like
your pants are too tight, you're uncomfortable, remember that's also going on
in the larger aspect. Mother Earth is feeling that as well. What do you see
when those things happen? You see lots of flooding. You know that there are
many, many spots on Mother Earth right now where she has water coming. This is
occurring in China and many spots in the U nited States. Just re member that
throughout every physical experience expansion usually is preceded by something
energetic. We're here to tell you that from our perspective in the place where
we are viewing things, there has been a major leap. We are saying it's a good
one. We are very, very excited, very happy. If we had physical bodies, we too
would have goosebumps. Debbie has just said that she gets it now, she believes.
It's been something for her to learn about coming into your own power. For her
to accept our thoughts and put them into words when no one else has said this
before is new to her. She is allowing the information to come forth now, and
we're excited about this. So, just be excited and be kind to yourself. Be kind
to your body. Get the rest that you need. Drink the water that you need, and
just take care of yourselves. Trust that lots of good things are in store.
Remember that when you see the irritation, the aggravation, the expansion, the
bloating, whether it's in your body or on Mother Earth, look at it with love.
In this way you're sending all this love to Mother Earth. All these intentions
and meditations are helping her. You're doing a really wonderful job of helping
her. We also want you to remember that you're part of her . So help yourselves
as well as helping her. Now we will get off our proverbial soapbox and turn this
back over to you.

As there are no other questions, we will close for this evening. We have given
the message that we came here to give. We appreciate that you allowed us to do
so. We offer that you just continue to take care of yourselves. Love each
other, and we love you as well. We're honored to be here. We thank you for your
time and attention. Until next time.

Channeled by Debbie Johnstone,\

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