Arcturian Light : Fear

Arcturian Light Transmission: Fear – Part 2 - The Transformation

[* Jane's Note: re: Ayahuasca energy - check out Jeremy Narby's The Cosmic Serpent, DNA and the Origins of Knowledge]

The circle is open and the Arcturians have joined us. Tonight there is another energy present with us, it's the Ayahuasca energy. Thank you very much for inviting us in tonight. We're very happy to be here and enjoying the energy from all the beings present tonight. It is a little bit crowded in physical form as the four-leggeds (four dogs) have chosen to join you. Mother Earth is directly tapped into you at this point in time, and that is why the native American spirits have joined you this evening.

We are going to continue a topic that we talked about quite a while back. It's
actually a little bit funny, but we're going to talk about fear part two. Part
one was about a year ago, we believe, and perhaps it's time to do part two. Not
unlike some of the movies that are present in your theaters, we want to approach
this from the perspective of she who is with us tonight and has been with all of
us in our minds and our hearts over the past few months. That's Mother Earth.
She is going through great transition at this moment. All the beings on the
planet, all the beings off the planet, all spiritual beings, all energy, all
life in this here and now moment, as well as life from many times present, past
and future are watching. To say this is a pivotal time is an understatement,
but that is what it is. Really the emotion that comes from this great
transitional point for Mother Earth and all of the inhabitants within and around
her is so substantial. It can be looked at from the perspective of sadness,
grief, destruction, blackness. However, we're going to stop right then and there
or right now with those words. It is not that which we just said that is really
the most exciting time there has been in hundreds of thousands of years. The
energy has taken a turn recently.

You know from our past experience we tell you that we can explain to you what we
read in what we see about the way the energies are going to happen. As you know,
however, we always tell you there's a caveat that they can change. In as much
as many people, scientists, people in the know are telling you that the Earth is
going through a really dark period, many people are worried about the poisoning
and the toxic wastes that are happening right now. However, we're telling you
that we can feel it, we can see it, that what is happening is that the energies
of birth are just becoming present. A wonderful new experience for Mother Earth
is just under the surface. When we say under the surface, we mean under the
surface of the energies that are present. A new and beautiful Mother Earth is
getting ready to be born. That is what we're so extraordinarily excited about

We're so grateful for all the beings that have chosen to participate in
tonight's gathering. The reason that they are here is because so many humans and
so many other beings, the animals, the minerals, the plants are joining their
energy with yours, and together you are transforming the Earth. Now you may
say based on what you're seeing on the news and in the papers, if you're
actually reading them and watching them as we told you in the past that it's
best that you do not, but if you ever tap into that energy it feels as though
and looks as though fear is present everywhere. It's just like icing on the
cake, however. Underneath a new Mother Earth is getting ready to be born.

So in talking about fear, we want to remind you that you should keep your
thoughts, your feelings, your desires present, but keep yourself focused on what
you want to see. It does no good to even think about what is happening from a
disaster perspective, from a peer perspective. Even thinking about it or talking
about it simply to jar the reality of others around you can amplify the energy
of fear and density and darkness. So we say don't even look at it, don't even
focus on it. Keep your eye, keep your heart and keep your mind on loving each
other, loving Mother Earth and knowing that everything is going to be perfectly
fine. The reason that it is going to be perfectly fine is because just like when
the events of 9/11 happened in 2001 in New York, it allowed greater focus,
greater clarity and greater desire to take place among the people around it.
You saw strength, desire, love, and people bonding together like they had never
bonded before. Mass consciousness was extraordinarily strengthened. There are so
many other events that are causing people to say this is not what I want. So
knowing what you do not want allows you to focus on what you really do want. It
is definitely raising the level of consciousness of the people and the beings on
this planet.

In this room tonight you have such an amazing collective of energies. We are so
extraordinarily excited that the wonderful animals have chosen to join you
tonight. The reason they are here is simply because you human beings are not
doing this alone. Humanity's consciousness is raising. We can feel it each and
every day. As we've explained to you in the past, what you should put your focus
on is clearing your own energy. Make sure that you operate from a vibrational
perspective of love, for any negative thought goes out into the universe. As you
saw previously on the video regarding this, it affects the planet and the
universe. When you're able to vibrate from a higher perspective and you think
and care about yourself through love, it starts with you. You can't assist
others if you don't care about yourself and love yourself. You can't help Mother
Earth if you don't love yourself.

We're here to tell you this tonight through the joined energies of all the
wonderful beings that have chosen to participate. We thank them, and we are
grateful that they are here with us. The wonderful Native American spirits, the
beings from the other dimensions that have chosen to walk and be with us tonight
are joining with your energies. They are joining with the energies of the
animals in the room and the people in the room. We're here to tell you that you
are making amazing progress. Keep your eyes, your hearts and your minds focused
on the new Earth. Ground yourself into the new spirit of Mother Earth that is
being created and that is going to be born very soon. You're doing a fantastic
job. We are so very proud to be with you, connected to you and to be present
tonight. We applaud all the work you are doing. We just want you to know that
the energies, as they exist at this time, are exciting for the peace and
tranquility of moving into a space and time of great rebirth.

We told you previously that during the months of June, July and August that if
you choose to look to the outside world at all the things that are happening
around the planet, that you would feel things becoming more turbulent and that
is going to continue. To keep your heart and your minds on what you want to
create, remember how much you love the place in which you live. Operate from
true unconditional love and respect for each other. Remember that when you look
at each other, you can always see a reflection of yourself in the other person
or other being around you. We are separate in body but not separate in energy.
We reflect each other. You may be able to see in someone else around you the
beautiful being that you are.

Thank you for inviting us in tonight. We would be happy to answer a couple of
questions at this point if anyone has any.

Question: How can we detach from ego?

Response: Well that's a big question. The detachment from ego is generally a
multi-lifetime journey. Because you've asked the question, you are in the
lifetime where you are cognizant that ego exists. That's the first step. We can
call ego many things, but it's simply in place to allow you to expand, to
understand that there are more things to learn. Ego is present when fear exists.
Ego is present when you are in judgment. Our best advice would be to simply not
think about it. Make a conscious choice that every thought and every choice that
you make is done from your heart center, meaning you do so out of love. We can
assure you that you will have moved into a state where ego either does not exist
or exists less. Our simplest advice is really to not pay that much attention to
it. Just always operate and vibrate from the vibration or state of love. Make
your decisions for yourself based on that, but make your decisions for others
based on that as well. Love is a higher vibration, and it moves you out of the
ego state.

Any other questions? We thank you for inviting us in tonight. It is with great
joy that we have joined with the others who have been here tonight. Until next
time, we honor you and we provide you with our love and our guidance. Please
know that were always here if you choose to speak with us. Thank you.

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