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      Journey Through The Belly of Crystalline Egypt
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6.)  Your Destiny Is Part of the Liquid Solution

Isis' Message of the Day -
Each of you is of the Light and from the Light and as the Light.  There is nothing to fear. Nothing that can happen can change who you are in reality. As the changes come about with your realm and you look about you and you feel unsafe, you must remember there is nothing that can happen – nothing that can happen – that can change who you are in reality.  It may change this reality, but not that which is Truth and Light.  You must understand this in your heart, not in your head.
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Uriel's Message -- Act Where You Are
The journey you call life is a pathway whose end is an unfolding and evolving point that emanates from the present. It is a journey you experience as outside of yourselves yet everything happens from within. If you could see your journey from the soul's perspective, you would see an unfolding flow of energy that expands from you and creates each step on your path. Each step is unique and yet connected; it is a breath on the path of your journey and you must breathe that breath to create the next step. 
That which you call the light at the end of the tunnel is a destination you may never achieve because the light is within you, not without. Everything light you follow, other than your own, is part of the illusion of the world. The only light you can follow is the light within for it is your only source of enlightenment and truth. If you act on behalf of a distant light you are following a light that does not belong to you, is not your truth and cannot give you the peace, joy and love you seek. 
Through human action you attempt to move the body to shift energy. This is what you do in your search for the way out of your challenges and it may be a solution but one that is limited in its energetic expression. Spiritual action initiates movement from the heart that flows to the mind, advising you of the being-ness you should embrace in order to create a different reality. When you act where you are in partnership with spirit, you acknowledge that your being is the creator of your reality and then your actions will be guided by the voice of your truth so each one leads you to a higher expression of your self. 
The guidance you seek is within as is the answer to every question you can ever ask. You never have to wait to act, for action begins with your thoughts. Each thought creates itself in your world. As humans you want to do something and yet every aspect of your reality is a reflection of what you are. When you act from spirit you acknowledge your role in creating the illusion and allow a higher vibration and frequency to become part of your thoughts. This aligns you with the highest expression of your being so you can create the reality your spirit knows is a higher step on your path.
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Jennifer Hoffman is an intuitive, spiritual healer, mentor, teacher and author. She also channels the energy of the Archangel Uriel.  Jennifer has helped many people through the Shift through her unique insights and counsel, facilitating their healing journey. Jennifer is the founder of, an on-line spiritual healing and growth center and dedicated to the messages and teachings of Archangel Uriel.  Information about Jennifer's books, on-line seminars and services is available at her websites, or email for information.   * Enlightening Life  *  email: *    

Archangel Michael with Shehiya and Maat:
Journey Through The Belly of Crystalline Egypt
Transmitted Through Elanthra
~ 21 & 22 February 2011
Archangel Michael:
Greetings Visionary Brothers and Sisters ~
It is I, Archangel Michael.  I have come forth today to bless you and update you with some exciting revelations.  Firstly, I commend you on your continued efforts in holding and spreading your Light in your own unique gifted ways.  You have proven to be Resilient, Graceful, Tenacious and Courageous.  I suggest that you continue on in this vein for there has indeed been another Wave of Mass Awakening, and The Light has permeated every aspect of your Crystalline New Earth, and masses of people are awakening.  At this juncture in time, there is not much that will be left hidden.
Let Golden Crystalline Love and Light permeate and Expand through every outlet, venue and crevice of The New Earth.  Let there be a Massive Outpouring and Awakening of Minds, Hearts and Souls across every nation.
You have reached ‘The Point of No Turning Back,’ and as the inhabitants of Egypt and other countries of The Middle East strive to affirm the conditions they would like for their future nations, even so great change and cleansing has begun.  The ‘Rising Up’ of Egypt has indeed served as a Catalystic Wave and set a precedent for the other nations, not only in The Middle East, but worldwide as well.  Today, please join me in sending many splendorous blessings to Egypt, The Middle East, and the Whole New Crystalline Earth!
Furthermore, I ask that you join me in celebrating the opening of the ‘Portal of Crystalline Egypt.’  With this opening, know that much Enlightenment and many Revelations and Divine Meetings will come about.
The Light Deities of Egypt are alive and well, and eagerly wait to aid you with the ‘Resurfacing Of Divine Wisdoms.’  I will, without further adieu, let my comrades Shehiya and Maat speak to All.  Please re-member to continue to Focus On And Believe That YOU ARE All Divine Sparks Of I AM, That I AM and continue to enjoy the process, as well as Support Each Other As The ‘Team of Light ~ Team Of One.’  Merge With Your Higher Selves Every Step Of The Way, Stand Strong And Stand United In Golden Love.
My Love and Strength are yours this day, and always.  Call on me whenever you feel the need.
Blessed Be.
I AM Archangel Michael
Shehiya Speaks:
Greetings dear Journeyers ~
It is I, Shehiya, one of she who guards the Lands of Egypt.  Today I’d like you to know that my Funnel-shaped ‘Fanners’ are Expansive and purposefully flutter in the wind.  It is part of my purpose to clear and protect the sacred Lands of Egypt, and since ancient times I have guarded the stored wisdoms. 
Today I invite you to relax and join me, if you please, and allow me to take you on an ‘Insightful Journey.’
To begin, my ‘Fanners’ will direct your eye to the Intricate, Exquisite ‘Spiral Vortex’ that opens and spins counterclockwise.  I ask you to join me in celebration, for this will indeed be a ‘New Beginning and a New Rising Up For Egypt.’
Next, I invite you to merge with your Higher Selves and come venture through ‘The Rose Portal of My Third Eye,’ and you can experience this as an horizontal funneled/ tube-shaped Portal with a rose in it’s centre.  Once you have journeyed through this Portal, you will see the Flowery Waters, even as a ‘Bird of Light’ traces the ‘Path of the Y’ (symbolizing Yahweh or God).  Through the centre of this vortex or gateway lies ‘The Swirling Eye.’  Now, can you see/feel how The Swirling Eye is parting and ‘The Snake’ (a very powerful power animal) comes out to greet One and All.
Next in the procession of your journey, a sublime ‘Merwoman’ gracefully swims counterclockwise, mapping out the course of the Coiled Vortex, even as another ‘Goddess’ emerges leisurely lounging against a ‘Curved Moon Settee or Couch.’
This Goddess would like to present those that are willing with ‘A Magnifying Glass.’  Furthermore, she has a message to relay, “You will meet many Goddesses while here,” she says.  “I offer you this Magnifying Glass, not so much to see that which is obvious, but to see that which is not so apparent.”
This Goddess now would like to steer your attention to a  ‘S-Shaped, Curved, Winding Crystalline Vase/Vessel’ situated upon a ‘Sheer, Crystalline Platter.’  Goddess invites all who are ready and willing to venture through the Crystalline Vase, repeatedly advising, “Follow the pathway.”  Now ‘The Maneuvering’ goes about ~ Rotation ~ Adjustments ~ Shifting…
Make way now all, for ‘The Eagle’ has arrived to take us to our next destination on The Journey.
Hop on board the Eagle and come soar to meet with a Goddess you may be familiar with, Goddess Maat.
Maat Speaks:
Greetings Divine Pieces of the Puzzle ~
I AM Maat (pronounced Muh-aht), and I AM the Goddess of Law, Morality and Justice.  I would have you know that I AM Far-seeing and Far-reaching.  In my hands you will see ‘Feathers’ that help to clear, keep my perspective light and to maneuver me through the various dimensions and ethical standpoints.  I make use of the scale in order to maintain a state of fairness and balance, for that is important in the Universe.
I AM she who has graced various facets of Egypt since ancient times, and in conjunction with you and your Highest Selves, have helped you to measure and weigh your perspectives and morals in regards to your soul.
In my world, I do not so much subscribe to judgment as much as orchestrate Self-reflection, and for this means I offer up mirrors that gleam in many directions, as there are often many, many sides to any given situation.  Oftentimes, we are too close to a situation to see what is right in front of us, and other times we see only the obvious.  Today I would like you to know that there are many probable pathways that adjoin in any given scenario, to coalesce with synchronicity and ultimately flow into manifestation.  And, as you know, you are the pilots of your thoughts that sport wings that take flight to eventually land in the desired Divine Destination.
Today I would like to bring to the table and pre-sent to you your own unique ‘Sheer Crystalline Vase/Vessel’ that you will find situated on ‘The Sheer Crystalline Platter.’
When you are ready, I ask you to firstly step back.  Merge with your Highest Selves and/or Master Guides, Believe, and now I would like you to look, feel or experience what flies out of this Crystalline Vase/Vessel to address you.  What aspect of you or lesson(s) pertaining to you flies and manifests forth in this moment?  Were you aware of this aspect of  you, or that pertains to you, or was this a refreshing vision borne anew?  If it is unclear, you may ask for clarification.
I invite you to consider this a ‘Place of Sanctuary’ ~ a treat, if I may.  Please feel free to venture here often and companion with me.  This  ‘Sanctuary of Maat’ can be reached with a simple calling ~ believing and by maintaining an Open Mind and Heart.
Let this be the beginning of An Awakening of the Egyptian kind, and know that I will always be Flexible, Expansive and Reflective.  In the near future, I as well as many of my Goddess comrades, will come forth to greet you, and I for One will happily await you.  When you come, be prepared to ‘Delve Into The Heart Of The Maat-er’ (chuckle).  Now you can ground and return back to your room.
I will take my leave for now, but will leave you with this.  I offer you another Divine Vision, and you can experience it like this:
‘Rainbow Mirrors’ lightly swirl in luminescent picturesque kaleidoscopic images ~ twirling ~ swirling ~ flitting and floating.  And out of the corner of ‘The Eye’ one can see and hear ‘The Trumpet’ blow as it ventures forth ‘The Signaling.’  Let Egypt and all of the Crystallined Earth be blessed, and may you begin the New Dawn journeying on Beguiling Blessed Golden Reflections of You ~ Of We ~ Of One And All.
Blessed be.  All is well.  So be it, and so it is.
As above, so below.
I AM, Maat, Goddess of Law, Morality and Justice
I Am Shehiya, A Guardian of Egypt
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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, hear this well. You are always in the right place at the right time, and that which you are can never be destroyed. The true Isness of you will never be extinguished; it will never be harmed. So when you see the reports of the challenges coming from Mother Nature, allow yourself to take stock very quickly of where you are and allow the fear of, "Oh, my goodness, what might happen," to be replaced by, "I Am always loved, protected, taken care of; I Am always in the arms of the everlasting Father/Mother/God/All That Is, and I will always remain in that love."
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HEAVEN #3744
Point to the Stars
February 24, 2011
God said:
There is no mastery. No one is a self-proclaimed master. You don’t have to master yourself. You don’t have to corral yourself. You simply have to let go of all the trappings you have added to yourself, all the fillips, all the styles, all the imitations you have copied. There is no imitation you want to be. It is Truth you want to be.
You don’t have to master anyone else either. You don’t have to be master of another. You don’t even have to be master of your child. Better to be a wayshower, guide, and let those who choose, follow. Lead without saying one word. Point to the stars, and everyone will look up.
Lead yourself. A true leader does not require that others follow him. A true leader says to follow God, for God is in the heart of every man. Even when you might advise something rightly, that others are to follow your will is not exactly right. Better to follow the heart of God than any man, for My heart resides within everyone. And so I advise everyone to follow his or her own heart. Even if everyone else in the world follows someone else, will you follow Me?
I will speak to you deeply within your heart. May I have the final say?
It is better for you to follow one step from your heart than a thousand steps from someone else’s heart. What speaks to you speaks to you. Do not let go of your responsibility by adapting someone else’s path. Follow Me.
It is not your responsibility to follow even one other.
Of course, you learn along the way from everywhere, yet pledge your allegiance to Me. Yes, it’s true, that I reside in everyone, and yet give your attention to the God I AM Who resides in you. There is One Teacher.
Do not always be formally learning something for your own gain. Do not always be going for one health treatment or another. Assume health rather than assuming danger of ill-health. What you need is rose on your cheek and a smile on your face. Treat someone else to a spa. That will do more for your health than yearly treatments for yourself.
What is all this attention on your learning this, or your learning that so that you master one more thing? Learn what you want to learn, and be your own proprietor of learning. In all cases, you can only learn yourself. Even with ten teachers, you are your own teacher.
There is no need to give your own power away to anyone. Do not think that you have to learn what someone has to teach so that you can reach Heaven or Heaven on Earth sooner or better. Tell Me now, really, is someone a better teacher than I?
Look not for splatter-dash. Look not for bright colors. Look not for amazing experiences. Look not for something to tell your friends or impress a group. Look not for a degree, a title, an entourage. Beloveds, look for Me.
Look not so much for a proud group. Look for Me.
Look not so much for an association. Associate with Me.
Look not so much for an organization. Organize with Me.
Your soul is fine. Your soul needs your recognition. Your soul needs your observance of it. Your soul does not need its abeyance to another soul.
Be sacred unto yourself.
No one can give Me to you. I gave Myself to you long ago. You are the giver of your own True Self. Depend on yourself more than you depend on others. Rely on Me, and rely on you.
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The Chance to Dance While Going Through Change
by Joe Weaver
February 23, 2011

It’s another beautiful day and a chance to dance!
We are starting to see many changes taking place around the world. Some people may be experiencing sickness, emotional clearing, or what some may view as freak accidents. However there are no accidents and freak occurrences. There are only situations that occur that change the direction of our life path. To be better aligned with our life purpose and lessons. There are also earth, economic, governmental and society changes taking place and again there are no freak occurrences with these either. All experiences are a result of what we personally and collectively have set in motion. We are responsible for everything that manifests within our life experience. If we have not personally set it in motion. We have agreed on some level to experience it. This acknowledgment of how things manifest within our lives in just another level of learning who we really are. To awaken to more of our own existence.
In order for change to happen, shifts have to occur. Right now these shifts are happening on many levels. These things are happening right before our eyes. However there are still many that wish to shield themselves from change and act in the illusion that nothing is happening. They say please do not tell or show me that, for I do not want to know. They do not wish to see the real world or get to know more of who they really are. They wish to live in the illusion for which they hold onto within their mind. If they only knew that their true Self does not lie within the perception of the mind.
The human mind is easily overloaded when faced with many challenges at once. It can only process so much information. When it gets over loaded it shuts down and try’s to shield itself or creates fear. The mind will say how can I be happy now at this very minute with so much chaos going on around me? However it is this retreating inwards that creates separation from a persons true Self. This is why it is so important to expand our individual awareness to the higher levels of our Self consciousness. So we will be at peace and balance with our surroundings no matter what we are being faced with. In order to do this we have to be at peace and balance within ourselves. If we are not at peace and balance within oursleves we cannot expect to be at peace and balance with the environment that exists in the world around us. By moving our awareness to the higher levels of our own being we can work, and see things from a higher perspective. That comprehends information on a much broader view compared to the ability of the mind. That does not get overloaded when faced with change.
We may be faced with many challenges. To be in balance and work for the higher good of oursleves and all. We have to move beyond the way we are used to handling situations. To let go of the patterns for which we have created and consciously use. To be in balance within ourselves, so that we may be of service to all that we are called to assist.
The mind sees everything from the view of polarity and duality. However our higher perspective consciousness sees beyond duality and therefore can clear and bring energy and assistance to other levels that the mind consciosuness is not aware of. For example we may want to focus on the causes of why sickness is happening. Instead of just the sickness itself. Sending energy to the pattern or blockage that created the sickness. This same view can be used on a broader level. When looking at the people uprising and standing up for their freedoms around the world. Our mind will want to take sides but from the view of our expanded Self we may want to just send love to both sides without judgment. For it is through the cooperation of all sides that creates stability and balance. So it is up to us individually to stop feeding the duality within the world and through our own networks and personal connections. By changing our everyday actions and views we will be dissolving the drama and energy that continues the duality environment for which we know.
This choice for which I speak is not an easy choice when viewed from the conscious mental mind. However when viewed from the expanded Self of the Soul or IAM Presence consciousness it is only the natural way of doing things. To love without conditions in all situations. To be in service to all without fear of the outcome or reason. Just to assist in the highest good and will of all involved to the best of ones ability. There is no fear of loosing the physical body through death for this level of your own being knows it’s life beyond the physical body. Then there is no more need for fear for the everlasting knowledge of ones presence is perceived. Then this inner knowing is reflected within the world for which you know.
So today as any day we have the chance to see and live from the higher level of our own being or live and handle things from the mental mind that only sees the world from the perception of duality, fear and judgment. The choice is always ours individually. To dance or not to dance with our everlasting Self. To take action and spread the Light that exists from our expanded conscious view or continue to shield oursleves from the unknown and live in the illusion.
Love, live and be free. Within all change there is opportunity. This opportunity is here TODAY! The key lies within your own heart. Unlock IT and let GO of all the turbulence that exists within your mind. LOVE LOVE LOVE! The Light within all is everlasting. You can think about it all you want but true change comes when you live it! BE and LIVE the change for which you wish to see in the world! Dance in the higher Light of your own Being! Take action and allow change to happen!
Here is a cool video of someone choosing to dance. : )   * 
Peace and love,
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Your Destiny Is Part of the Liquid Solution
Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
The sacredness that you are, the sacredness that you seek, and the sacredness that you yearn for, comes forth as you breathe in the possibilities of your tomorrow’s. On the air comes forth an issuance of knowledge that has been hidden. It exposes itself surmounting the borders of non-disclosure, entering you through the orifices of your humanness.
You each hold and house records of what has been, records of what will come, and records that exist dimensionally through space and time. You hold within you ancient truths that did not work, and ancient truths that succeeded. Use these escaped truths as a platform, a base, and a microphone. Voice, and decree what it is that you seek, what it is that you desire, bypass the chaos of manifestation. 
The world is not haphazardly created by outside energies or beings. For all is contained innately upon the surface of humanness and the surface of earth. Each one of your prayers does not leave the auric field of your Mother Earth, but ricochets off of her external body and lands upon a place that then creates a wish fulfilled, a dream imagined, a problem solved, a success assured. Your prayers do not leave the surface/environment of the earth. They are not sent via cosmic mail delivery to a god that checks his prayer mail. Earth herself has the quantified ability to manifest for and with humanity all desires and wanting no matter how casually they were created. These thoughts that run in your minds, in your hearts, and in your everyday existences are asking for solutions, not from a government, not from a board or a committee, not from a book or a dialog with a wise one, but from you. You house and host the truths, the wisdom’s, and the solutions to all thoughts and problems within your sphere of existence. You can solve everything that is issued to you in circumstance, by thought, by action, by decree! 
When you ponder injustices, you awaken a cellular vibration and knowledge of every time throughout existence that injustice existed. At that point of awakening you can strengthen or dilute the injustices by your thoughts. Your personal woes and your non-solutions can command the elements into disaster. Or you can embrace your inherent power and your intent to assist in the solution of the problem. 
You inherently hold all questions and all answers simultaneously. In this upcoming year, when you have a thought that involves or revolves around a person, place, disease, or injustice – your soul is asking you to add your thoughts of completion to it. It is crucial not to hold on to the negativity or ask why on any level (body, mind, and spirit) that the problem is not solved. 
Each time your thinking goes forth to the place of "why something is not solved," then you to become a team player in alignment with the problem not the solution. Your destiny is to be part of the liquid solution of all things that you seek. Everything that is addressed by you is addressed by you because you are part of the destiny of the solution. It does not matter if it is personal, planetary, or private. When it comes to you, it is asking for your help. You have the deciding energetic vote. You are the deciding X-factor. You have the deciding quantum/quark that will shift the situation from problem to solution. Do you see how much power is involved in this knowledge? You think that you do not make a difference but you do. Every thought you have is a deciding vote. Every desire you have to make right, to do good, is a deciding factor in favor of illumination, Ascension, and evolution.
This power seems minuscule to you, but you all sit on a jury of life and death in a multitude of expressions. Will your dreams live or will they die? You decide. Will the earth live or shall she pass into the dust. You decide. Will disease be conquered, will there be a cure? You decide. Do not leave this up to others. Vote from heart. Make a difference from heart. Decree from heart. Hold the focus on what you want to see. You are the deciding celestial vote in everything that you wonder about.
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