Archangel Michael

In the Path of the Mystic Escapades
Archangel Michael, Athena, Zeus &
The Universal Native Aboriginal Guardian
Transmitted Through Elanthra
10 - 18 October ~ 2010
Greetings Beloveds ~  
It is I Archangel Michael, come to you today after the Intense influx of the energies of 10-10-10.  And, firstly, I’d like to bless you and rain blessings down on you.  Much has happened in the last couple of weeks or so.  There has been an ‘Initiation of the Progression’ with the Ascension Energies like none other that could have been imagined or fathomed.  And there has been an advent of ‘The Imagination of the Many,’ of ‘The One Mind.’  The ‘Everything’ Smorgasbord of Possibilities has whirled in, and with it has come possibilities of anything that can be imagined or played out in the mind, and, yes, a Massive and Mighty Influx of Mystic Ancient Energies from a myriad of ancient cultures.  Many of the ancient cultures housed mystery teachings and many of these were preserved or set aside in such a way for when the time was appropriate and there was a Readiness and Receptiveness of the Mass Consciousness.  That time is nigh, it is now.  And know that each of the cultures has influenced one another in some way or the other, no one culture has stood alone, as all, like the Universe, are interconnected, inter-related and coalesce with each other to form the ‘Mass Culture of One.’ 
It is time now for the Mystery Teachings from ‘The Cultures of Many’ To Begin their Progression Forward, and let the Past, Present and Future coalesce and come together in a Divine Merge.  Let there be a ‘Meeting of Minds and Infinite Possibilities,’ and today I would have you know that nothing is impossible as long as you can fathom and think it. 
Today the Universe presents to you possibilities and realities such as ‘Aurora Borealis’ rolling in amidst the frolicking ‘Tigers,’ while ‘Winged Pumpkins’ fly.  And today let there be an Unfolding and Evolving, as the Universe will not be contained, and today it is Set Free for All!  And the ‘Spirit of Everything’ will sift out the Benevolence like a Universal Sieve. 
As ‘The Portal of God, Yahweh (YHWH)’ Expands and Opens, we ask that you Focus Your Mind so that you may experience your own ‘Grand Unique Reality.’  Today we suggest that you Shed your Butterfly’s Chrysalis and be borne anew.  And our focus will be on Illusion versus Perception.  And I present to you a pear, but, look again, it is an apple… or is it a heart, or Irish Fleur de Lis?  Today your mind will be set free and will not be contained, although we suggest that you ground all realities that you wish to. 
As ‘The Diamond Heart of God Linked Symbols’ dance towards The West, swinging in the wind on ‘The Clothes Line,’ I would have you know that the cultures of Greece, Egypt, The Orient, Rome, Maya and the Native Aboriginals, to name a few, have merged and coalesced. 
Through The Yahweh (YHWH) Funnelled Portal ‘The Veins of God’ will spring and flow.  It is time now to frolic along ‘Gladstone Avenue,’ releasing all creativity and preparing for the enlightenment.  The Divine Book, ‘The Book of Yahweh (YHWH)’ has opened, and let this be a ‘Divine Renaissance Revival’ and ‘Peace Procession’ this day.  Today I come with three comrades, Athena, Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Zeus, Greek God of Thunder and the Sky, and The Universal Native Guardian, Guardian of the Sky.  And I ask you to welcome them, as they will be inviting and inciting you. 
May all the infinite Benevolent Possibilities of your heart’s desire flow to you for now and evermore. 
Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebayoth. 
I AM, Archangel Michael
Athena ~ Goddess of Wisdom: 
Greetings ~  
It is I Athena, and I have come so that the Energies Of Ancient Greece Can Thrive In A New Crystalline Way.  I AM she who dispenses great wisdom ~ The Wisdom Of The Times.  I would like to tell the story that a ‘New Path’ has been paved.  The fog and the mist have cleared, ‘The Rolling, Winding Road’ has been silently and serenely paved and set down, and ‘The Globe of Light’ has been offered by The Universal Guardian.  And today ‘Everything’ that resonates with you comes forth, anything ancient will be made new, and anything new will contain ancient magic.  And you will be the Co-creators and Orchestrators of the divine concoctions as a Mass Consciousness, together as a whole.
Today I would like to relay that many a positive influence was derived and brought to the western world from the Ancient Greek culture, and the Greek Culture has been influenced by other cultures, such as the Roman Culture.  Our influence can be experienced in literature, architecture and art. 
Before we go on, let’s dwell a little bit on the subject of ‘Perspective.’ 
I’d like to set before you a Large Low-hanging Leafed Tree Branch.
What do you see or perceive before you?  Is it a hindrance or do you take time out to savour it’s splendid flexibility and intricate graceful patternings? 
Next, I pre-sent be-fore you a Dandelion.
What do you see or perceive before you?  Is it a hindrance of a weed, or do you partake of it’s great medicinal and cleansing properties? 
And, lastly, a Bee has manifested before your very eyes.
What do you see or perceive before you?  Is it a pesty insect, or do you learn from the many lessons that it and it’s colonies will bestow, and utilize it’s delectable honey?   Remember that ‘Everything’ in life is just a matter of per-spec-tive, after all, and with each Divine Manifestation, if you can perceive or conceive it, you can create it, for It Already Is. 
I’d like you to come walk through the ‘New Road’ that has been paved, and know that you can experience enlightenment comprised of a rich variety of cultural knowledge and wisdom.  Today my wisdom will be imparted and intertwined with that of my consort, The Wise Owl.  And let the beauty fluently roll through now on ‘The Wheel of Life’ and on the ‘Cardinal’s Wing.’  A ‘Wooden Dresser Drawer’ opens now and ‘The Golden Butterfly’ emerges in light paper, feathery wisps.  And out of the Portal of Yahweh (YHWH) ‘The Parachute’ manifests ‘The Rose’ and transmutes it into ‘The Eye of One,’ where the ‘Triangular Pyramid’ mounts it, with the tip pointed downwards.  And let it be a picturesque mounting of All That Is ~ in Divine Timing. 
Here WE ARE as we float through The Tunnel, The Tunnel of Yahweh (YHWH), the Y-shaped Tunnel and Portal, Vortex, call it what you will.  And know that this is a Tunnel of ‘Seasoned Wisdom’ ~ wisdom that has been seasoned and cured throughout the times ~ pre-cured and awaiting… The Opening ~ The Grand Opening.  Today we invite you all to open to the wisdom within your hearts and your soul, wisdom that has lay dormant until such time as you could ‘tap into it,’ if you would - Tap Into It And Access The Infinite Supply.  What will you tap into today?  What will you open to?  What manner of knowledge, of enlightenment can you bring to the table that will help to create Heaven on Earth ~ that will aid you in your Ascension?  What healing modalities will you re-member from times past, to bring to times present, to effect times of the future?  What literature will make your heart skip a beat?  What piece of art with numerous hidden messages, what hieroglyphics will you uncover?  What messages will you uncover that have been left from times past?  Will you discover how old cultures have been interrelated and how one has influenced the other?  There cannot be one culture that has not stood within the influence of the other, as practices of one culture often flow into the practices of others.  You will see that it is ‘A Thriving River’ that leads you back to the concept of ‘WE Are all interconnected through Love and Light, through All that Is ~ through All That I Am.’  
Ancient energies have opened up today, and we come to you today to let you know that mythology was written to open your minds to the concept and to the reality that WE ARE Here.  We ARE Here, not just in the books of mythology, but our essences are pure, and our essences live on strong.  Our essences have always been alive, and through the stories and the analogies, there is much to be discovered.  Today we ask you to put on your ‘Explorers’ Hats’ and see what treasures await, what treasures abound and are ready and waiting for you to come to ‘The Temple of Athena?’  Come sit with me and receive all that awaits you.  
I AM the Goddess of Wisdom, the Goddess of Love and the Goddess of Light.  I AM patient and I ride the waves of time.  Come fly through the rich, illustrious tapestries that many have often walked through.  Come open your heart, mind and soul to wondrous schoolings, schoolings from times afar that have come to align and coalesce with the moment of today.   Let the wisdom of the time flow this day ~ the times past ~ the cultures past.  We invite you to renew what you already know.  Take up a piece of ancient art and see what we have left for you.  My heart overflows today with love for you.  Let peace be upon The Land.  Peace be unto you in these times, and know that the past will meet the present and future, all as One.  Today through ‘The Portal of Yahweh (YHWH)’ the ancient cultures roam.  The spirit and essence of cultures of Greece, Rome, The Orient, Mayan Cultures, Native American Aboriginals, and of Egypt coalesce in A Grand Union.  Let this be a Powerful Momentous Occasion for all. 
We have crossed the thresholds.  We have reached the point in time that has long been awaited.  And I AM honored to join you on your journey today.  Call on me and I will be there.  I have many treasures awaiting you.  Come to me with your Higher Selves, with your Higher Presences.  I await you, and I bless you with ‘The Wisdom of the Owl.’  Let it be.  Let it be.  Adonai.
I will greet you soon. 
~ I AM, Athena, Goddess of Wisdom
Zeus ~ Greek God of Thunder and the Sky: 
Greetings fellow travellers ~  
This is the mighty Zeus, and I AM That I AM, the Greek God of Thunder and of the sky.  I come in today with a few revelations and a few suggestions for you on your spiritual journey, as you know I AM he that has existed, not only in Greek Mythology, but as a reality in essence, for every part of me lives on today as part of a Universal Truth.  Today I come in with The Magnanimous ‘Eagle’ and my radiant, ‘Crystalline Sceptre and Wand.’  The Eagle symbolizes our ability to soar to great heights and to ride the winds of change.  And I just wanted to impart to you that my Crystalline Wand has many properties.  It Lights The Way, I use it as a Staff of Life, for Strength and Reinforcement, and The Rod today comes on Waves of Crystalline Lightning, if you will.  And know that the Portals that have opened up have afforded Crystalline Lightning that will aid in Ascension ~ Crystalline Energy Out Of The Heart Of God Enlightens All With The Power Of The Holy Spirit ~ out of Yahweh (YHWH).  Crystalline Lightning ~ Crystalline Flow… is ‘Flexible,’ ‘Agile,’ and has permeated The Earth and The Portals this day.  Earth has been ‘Fired Up,’ it has been ‘Awakened,’ and so all the inhabitants.  Let Crystalline Energy flow through your DNA and your minds and your hearts, and with the flexibility of my Rod I ride the Waves Of Synchronicity, of Magic, and I call on this power to enable me to keep my heart fresh and open, to keep my heart alive with vigor.  And so too I suggest that you Open the Portals of your Hearts to the Omnipotent Crystalline Flow, to the Golden Flow of All That You Are ~ of All That Is, to BE-ing and Becoming. 
It is time to get back into The Flow within the linear constructs of your daily lives.  I suggest that you make time for the flow, and incorporate the flow into your daily lives.
10-10-10 signified oneness of All That Is and coalescence, oneness and amalgamation of all the benevolence of lessons learnt in past cultures. 
Know that I represent Strength, and true Strength comes from having the ability to BE Gentle And To Love Unconditionally, even as you are challenged on your day to day trek, on your day to day journeys.  You ARE all Pioneers and Wayshowers on the road, and I AM here today to say that all of the ‘Characters,’ if you would of mythologies, Greek and others are alive!  They are not just figures in a book for your learning, we are available here for your beckon and your call.  We are available for you to call on, for you to learn from, Athena to Apollonia, any essence that you resonate with.  And not just from the Greek culture, but from all the cultures, for all the cultures have collided, if you will, and coalesced this day in a ‘Grand Mish Mash Smorgasbord of Enlightenment,’ and in the wake of this a glorious celebration is at hand.  Have you felt the energies lately?  Have they come in in a Grand Whirlwind? 
I AM here to say that we have watched you and You ARE Light, And Your Strength Is Your Love, and through your Light, and your Tenacious Focus and Vision you have created as a United Consciousness this Heaven and this Earth, and know that Heaven on Earth has begun, and you are witnessing it in all of it’s benevolence.  You are so fortunate to be here during this day. 
Call on me.  Come re-discover the wonders that will speak to your heart in the days to come.  Not only will Ancient Truths be revealed when you venture into ‘The Corridor of Mysteries,’ but ancient, hidden aspects of yourself as well.  We have awaited this time, and this time is momentous indeed. 
I AM here to say that we respect you and we add our teeming love and our light and our mighty strength to yours this day.  Enjoy your ascension paths and come fly with me on my ‘Crystalline Wand of Ascension.’  May you have many joyous enlightening journeys.  Until we meet again, may your hearts be flexible, open and loving.
I AM, Zeus, Greek God of Thunder and the Sky
Universal Native Aboriginal Guardian ~ Guardian of the Sky:
Greetings ~ I Am the Native Aboriginal Guardian of the Sky, and I come in today with my comrades to welcome you to a new level of Evolution of Heaven on Earth, a new level of Ascension and a ‘New Opening.’  I’d like to direct your attention to ‘The Castle Totem,’ An Almighty Portal that is encompassed in a diamond-shaped covering that houses The Diamond Heart of God Energy.  And here will be another option, another Temple, another Retreat or Portal for you to visit.  We beckon you and urge you to come at your will.  If you feel drawn to it, or if it resonates with you, you are always welcome. 
We bless you this day, and as the road widens I’d like to take you inside this Castle Totem, and we ask you sit on The Earth.  Surrounding The Earth are the Female Guardians of the Directions, who have gathered here in a Circle, a Divine Circle, to connect to The Earth.  You can come and join The Circle anytime, for many delights await you here.  Many lessons can be learnt.  And as ‘The Guardians of The Four Directions’ gather, ‘The Light Beam from Heaven’ beams through and illuminates all who have gathered here in this Sacred Gathering.  As the Green Ray of Abundance graces One, All is Calm and Peaceful like ‘The Womb of The Mother,’ and as the energies stir, the ancient wisdom of Egypt merges with the energies of The Native Aboriginal Culture.  The ‘Guardian Lion’ comes forth, maneuvering with grace and great fervor, and ‘The Path’ shuffles in in a Mighty Twirl and is anchored, paved and grounded.  And The Flowering opens up ~ The Flowering of the Tulip ~ of the Rose ~ of ‘The White Oleander’ ~ of all flowers past, present and future, signifying The Flowering Of Your Heart ~ the budding of your heart ~ for the seeds have been planted of renewal this day, and you will be ‘The Disseminators.’  
Many will look to you and many will watch you, and many will say, “What is it that you have, I’d like a piece of that?”  You ARE The Wayshowers  Unto Ascension this day.  And today my message to you will be “Walk The Mighty Path, The Path that is very fulfilling and worth walking.”  You can take your Power Animals with you, whatever ones you want to call, whatever one(s) appear and will come and teach you and join you on your path.  And let The Flowering Of Your Hearts And Your Minds And Your Souls begin, that in turn will effect The Flowering Of All, and of all of The Earth and The Galaxy.  Let it be one big ‘BLOOMING BOOM of a Flower.’  You ARE All One, and ‘The Mystic Serene Waters’ flow today, as ‘The Water Walrus’ emerges, symbolizing the changing of the seasons, and many mysteries will be unravelled.  Many mysteries will usher in.  YOU ARE so blessed. 
Today we’d like you to re-visit your blessings, in every minute detail, from the steps that you take and the breath that you make, and the refreshing waters that you cleanse yourself with in the wake of this ascension.  Come join The Guardians round the campfire as the waters richly flow.  Come be blessed beyond your fathoming, and know that WE ARE all ever here.  Call on The Universal Native Aboriginal Guardian, and The Guardians Of The Four Directions.   Ascension is nigh, and like triangular segments of ‘A Sacred Pie,’ the powers of The Four Directions of North, South, East and West anchor.  We await your arrival, and know that YOU ARE blessed this day. 
I AM, the Aboriginal Native Guardian.  And let Ascension progress. 
So be it, so it is.  As above, so below.  Adonai.
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