Archangel Metatron - Special Channel

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2.)  Archangel Metatron - Special Channel
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Isis' Message of the Day -
The Love/light Force from the Supreme Creator and Our Mother/father God Is Refracted into Prisms of Light, Rainbow Colors Containing All the Virtues, Qualities, Aspects and Potential of Creation.   As Co-creators,  it Is Through Our Thoughts/intention/ actions That These Are Molded and Manifested into Form.
How will you use this gift beyond compare? What are your greatest desires? What will be your legacy to humanity and the world?  Reach for the stars, beloveds, for there is no limit to what you can manifest when your visions are in harmony with Spirit.
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
~ Lady of the Light ~
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Today's Angel Message
My dear friends, we love you so very much.
Today we wish to speak to you about time. So many of you stress and strain, feeling that you never have enough time for all you wish to accomplish. And yet, dear ones, you will always have enough time to do the things God feels are truly important in your lives. When you feel overwhelmed or overloaded, take a step back, breathe, and ask yourself what is truly important to your hearts. Which activities give you joy or support your heart's goals? Which activities were you made to believe are important by your own conditioning? Which activities are on your "list" to satisfy someone else that do not give you joy.
Especially during your holiday season many of you put so much pressure on yourselves. We understand you love to give, you love to celebrate your traditions, and you love to spend time with friends. However, to do so at the expense of your own peace and balance negates the very reason you would do these things to begin with. You want to feel connected. You want to give and receive love! And this is a wish you have all year long, dear friends, so we implore you, as you go about your days, be loving to yourselves. Be kind with your own schedules. Ask for help when you need it, and be willing to delete items from your "to do" list that are not absolutely necessary or do not thrill your soul.
In this fashion, you immerse yourself in the present moment and make good use of your time, rather than flying through it, rushing to get to the next thing, and thereby truly missing your actual lives and the love you are seeking. Immerse yourself in the moment dear friends. Do the things that support your goals and dreams and your very own heart. In this fashion, you not only become more open to receiving love and guidance from the universe but you also gift the world with the true Presence of your own attention, love, and joy!
God bless you! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels
With much love,
Ann Albers
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Archangel Metatron - Special Channel
The Bosnian Pyramid & Harmonic Oscillation 
Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Greetings Beloved, and so we are called forth to discuss a recent re-discovery and provide an update to the awakenings on the earth. Dear Ones,  that which has been hidden is now reawakening, and with myriad purpose!
We speak of the sacred geometric mechanisms that energize your planet. 
No More Forbidden Archeological Discoveries
Visionary explorers  such as Michael Cremo and Semir Osmanagich are providing evidence and discoveries that are an essential awakening to humanity.
The Tri Pyramid complex in Bosnia-Herzegovina is indeed an Atlantean-Pleiadean construct. It is re-activating in 2010 and playing a major role in the crystalline Cosmic Trigger. All Pyramids, you see, are geo power generators, and this complex in Bosnia is of extreme importance, and as excavation continues, it will yield discoveries that will absolutely change mankinds accepted view of history.
 The Bosnian Pyramids are  specifically aligned terrestrially with Stonehenge, the Giza Complex,  the Xi'an Pyramids (China), Astana Pyramid (Kazakhstan) and the Moody Pyramid (Galveston) complex. The stellar alignment is to Alpha Reticulai. 
The Purpose: 
All Pyramids, all sacred geometrical octahedronal structures, natural and manmade play an enormous role now in the Cosmic Trigger Equinoxial events between now and 2012,  and are tantamount for the  Ascension. These act as the receiving mechanisms for Crystalline Codes, and further distribute this energy to crystalline vortexial areas across the globe. These are aligning through harmonic oscillation ! Each then emits an individual and combined field that both interacts with the 144-Grid and provides energetic stabilty pulses, acting somewhat as a surge protector,  for the higher earth energies of the Ascension. 
The Discovery
The recent discovery of the tunnel network within the Bosnian Pyramids is just the beginning. And it is a wonderful, encouraging  'break-through'. We tell you that the world owes a debt to Dr Osmangich for his perseverance and insights. This is a highly advanced soul, one who has dedicated many lifetimes to the understanding and construction of Pyramids as power generators in many epochs. He is here now for a very special purpose, and he is indeed on path. He will not be deterred. 
So while the academic reaction to this enormous discovery was  initially met 5 years ago with 'typical' main-stream skepticism, there will soon be undeniable validations. Within the next 2-3 years chambers with hieroglyphics will be found. In time the sceptics and naysayers will be quieted, and the work of Dr Osmanagich will be credited and lauded. In two to three decades, it will be cleared and appear similar to the great pyramid complex in Mexico City. ( Teotihuacan ). 
And if the funding for continued exploration is achieved, and indeed it must be, then within five to seven years unique instruments will be found that baffle the scientific world, for indeed these are extra-terrestrial. Is that not compelling? 
This pyramid predates Giza, in linear terms, and contains deep below it an incredible device similar to the one below Roslyn Chapel and the Great Pyramid of Egypt.  This instrument is highly complex and is similar in purpose to that termed the 'Golden Sun Discs'. These are located below major grid points and serve to amplify and regulate the energy receival, transmission  and output of the Pyramidal generators. 
Phi Pyramids
Phi Pyramidal constructs contain the frequential keys that harmonically intertwine and integrate planetary grid systems. The builders understood their purpose. The original architects under the guidance of Thoth and the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance would align these to  stellar systems. As such the stellar systems align the earth and the earth is thus aligned with the greater celestial system. 
This is precisely why the 'reactivations' and discoveries of 'ancient' and new  Pyramids are so important to the planet as it frequencially integrates with and within the higher energies of the 'New' 144-Grid in the Ascending Earth. 
 The terrestrial essence of the Pyramidal Frequency harmonic is crysto-electromagnetic and geometric. One creates the other and the other supports the first. Both offer gateways of enhancement to human consciousness. The more that humanity understands its own consciousness, the more the (scared) geometry becomes multi dimensional and so the geometric expression of these will upshift in Mer-Ka-Na field. This is happening now you see.  It will become first one, then the other, just as the earth is now the 3rd dimension and then the 5th and then to 12.  What is it that will move it to the 5th?The 12th ?  Not static consciousness but the dynamic activation of higher consciousness.  The activation of the consciousness is enhanced through the understanding of the grid and the activation of that grid which in turn compliments the cosmos, and is reflected back again. Many factors play a role in this terrestrial to Cosmic shift.
Multidimensional Networking
The pyramid generators, the recodings of the Sun Discs,  the Crystalline paradigm, all add to the new networking of the planet within the new system. And this then expands the dimensionality of the planet and mankinds amplified dimensional (Mer-Ka-Na) access in kind. 
And so the Bosnian Pyramid is playing a huge role in the planetary harmonic, and that is a 'PHI' such multidimensional in aspect and crystalline in resonance. 
Once true Phi Pyramidal complexes are formed, they are capable of spawning reflection-replicates of themselves in multi dimensionality and inverses of themselves in parallel and antimatter. This is true of all of the sacred geometric forms in physicality that resonate to Phi, including the crystalline forms you refer to as the platonic solids. So the paradox is that once certain pyramids are constructed they have no beginning or end within your linear times.
An interesting example is the Moody Tri-Pyramidal complex in Galveston, Texas. It is a current  example of the replicate completing a full cycle of manifestation. 
Approximately 7 miles offshore from the current location, its original complex was built in Atlantean times. Water levels were much lower then. After the deluge, it became submerged and lost in the tsunamis. A functional replicate has now been modernly created on the island. It carries the energy of the original, and in fact was manifested through the energy of the multidimensional version. It is no accident that the Moody Pyramids are on the same 29-degree latitudinal vector as the Giza complex. 
Your religious texts tell you that Creator God is Omnipotent, alpha and omega, with no beginning and no end. That is a sacred Truth, an axiom that mankind must accept, even if it is seemingly incomprehensible. Likewise we have told you that sacred geometry is the fabric of all universes, so we ask you to accept another axiom, that phi geometry is equally timeless, and has always been so within and without form. 
In closing we tell you that as 2012 draws near, that which was hidden, that which was in shadow, will be revealed. It is requisite that humanity understand the planets true history and their own origin. 
 The activation of the Pyramid harmonics are an enormous part of the frequency upshift of the earth. It is the octahedron complexes that are the receivers and transmitters of the new crystalline codes. Accordingly  Pyramids constructed on grid points such as the Bosnian complex, the Toltec Mound Pyramids near Little Rock, Arkansas, the complexes in Galveston, Mexico City, China and Cambodia, just to name a few, are of great importance. 
We tell you that within a few  years a great discovery will be made in Cambodia similar to that which is yet to be found in the interior chambers of the Bosnian Pyramid. 
I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. And so it is. 
James writes under the penname of Tyberonn. A name suited to the work.

Though gentle in his demeanor, he is a complex visionary with an intense interest and communication with earth energies and metaphysics.There is more to him than meets they eye, and with a 6'5", 275 pound frame, a lot meets the eye! He is a conser-vationist and humanist. He is employed in management of a global energy corporation, collects mineral specimens and travels extensively.
Jim holds a deep spirituality and connection to his Christian upbringing, which was simply expanded with his understanding of the deeper nature of God and the cycle of reincarnation and unity of all beings, all nations and all religions.
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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, enjoy your life, make the most of it, every moment of it, and then when you decide to release the body, you will not have a regret of, “I didn’t do…I didn’t go…I didn’t say…whatever.” But you will be at a place where you will say, “I lived that life to the fullest. I did my heart’s desire. I spoke to the loved ones, and I spoke to the ones who didn’t love me, but that didn’t matter, because I loved them. And I spoke my truth everywhere I went, because I wanted to be in touch with each and every one of my brothers and sisters and to tell them how wonderful they are; to be in that space to say, I am One with you. There is only One.”
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HEAVEN #3672
The Flute of God’s Heart
December 14, 2010
God said:
There is no stretch in your being that which you already are. To shine fully as you are requires only that you lift the veils of ignorance that have covered up your natural beauty. It is you who covered up your beauty. Now it is you who has to remove the splinter from your own eye. You have kept truth hidden from view. It was not done to you. You perpetrated the fraud on yourself. Of course, you did have a little help from the world at large and the patterns that the world had set.
You bought into fiction, and you have kept up the illusion that the fiction is true, and that truth is fiction. You hold onto this thought tightly. It is a convincing thought. How could you, you mumble to yourself, possibly be Greatness? You? You think you know yourself too well. You know every thought and emotion. Nevertheless, you haven’t begun to know yourself. Naturally, you have to go beneath the surface. The surface is that you haven’t shaved today, or put on make-up. You haven’t yet wiped the sleepy sand out of your eyes. Your vision is blurred. That is the surface.
It’s not that you don’t have the eyes to see. You do have the eyes to see, and yet you do not see. Perhaps you haven’t dared look. As much as you disbelieve that you are wholly Greatness, you fear that if you dared to look, your slightest hope would be dashed. Well, dears, make your hopes reality. Make them come true. They are already true. Make your hopes stand up and declare their truthfulness.
Too often, in the morning, when it is time to wake up, you don’t want to wake up. You make a last effort to stay asleep or go back to sleep and keep your eyes closed to the sunshine streaming in your window.
Tarry not. Wake up now. The rooster is crowing.
When it comes to Heavenletters, we can compare them to flowers. All flowers are flowers. There are many varieties of flowers. They come from different angles, as it were. They all pretty much have stems and leaves and blooms. There are countless shades of color and variations. Countless varieties of flowers. Some grow this way, and some grow that way, and, yet, a flower is a flower.
We can say that there are infinite flowers of Heavenletters. No two are exactly alike. At the same time, each Heavenletter, as it blooms, repeats itself. It shares the commonwealth of Heavenletters. It is as if the same photo is taken from a different angle. Some Heavenletters get into more detail. Some are more poetic. Some are more down-to-earth. Some are easier to follow than others. Some are opaque. Some twist and turn on the page. Some stride across the page. Some go fast, and some go slowly. Some take you by the collar and shake you. Some take you lazily down a gentle stream. There are rollicking Heavenletters and Heavenletters that stand still.
It could be possible to say that all Heavenletters are a variation of one theme. It could be possible to say that all Heavenletters are about love and how to love and how to move forward and how to love some more. And, yet, no Heavenletter is a how-to. Heavenletters are not step-by-step manuals. They are not manuals. They are not a series. Each Heavenletter stands on its own, and yet each builds on another.
Each is a note of a song I sing to you or play for you on the flute of My heart.
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Galactic Family of Light: Shifting Paradigms
Channeled by Cathy Olsen
December 10, 2010
We find ourselves at present in the midst of a paradigm shift. Our external reality at this time can often feel unreal to us, somehow false, plastic or less coherent compared to years or even months past. We now find ourselves in this in between space, where the old ways of doing and being no longer make sense to us, no longer support us and frankly, no longer interest us. It is a time where all that we have built our lives upon thus far begins to crumble under the weight of the new reality that now presses in on us.
Our past foundations are no longer viable, for the old paradigm was built upon separation, limitation, greed and arrogance. The new energies that are flooding into our time and space continuum are those that encourage and support compassion, unity and grace. All that is not in alignment with these new frequencies can no longer be sustained and as such must fall away as the shift continues.
As the magnetics of our Earth Grid shift and change all that has been held together within our personal and collective electromagnetic fields will begin to loosen, dissolve and dissipate. As this happens there is a reemergence of those long held unconscious patterns within our systems that are breaking up and surfacing in order to be released. Just as a seed which has lain dormant begins to break through its outer shell in preparation for its emergence and growth into a new level of being, so too do we find our container of self being cracked open for the emergence of that which we are now becoming. The old casings can no longer house the light and expansion that is now emerging from within us. As this unfolds we may sense or witness at times our emotional debris dislodging and moving through us. As uncomfortable as this is, allow it to pass without resistance. As it dislodges from our systems it creates a vacuum where expanded levels of light can come to be housed.
We need not be caught in drama as the old passes away, but acknowledge all former experience as the gifts of a life fully lived which have held the foundations of our former self intact as we sought expansion. However, it is now time to release the old and embrace the new because all is shifting and changing. The old paradigm is no longer and any attempts to cling to that which was are futile at best. We are to release our grip on that which is dissolving and open our hearts and minds to that which beckons us forward. Know that it is an expanded aspect of our very being that is now calling us forward, for the time has come to step into the newness that lies before us. The new paradigm is upon us and indeed has been readying itself, with our assistance, to become fully foundational and supporting of the new world which we are now in the process of creating together.
It is understandable that the life that was once ours appears now to be a distant memory. In fact the identities that we held as personalities may feel too as if they are slipping away in light of our ever unfolding expansion. Do not fear this. It may feel surreal and uncomfortable in this moment, but know that it is but part of the transformational process that would free us from all former bounds as we step into the freedom of being who we truly are. For we are not our personalities. We are not the roles that we have taken on through the prompting of others. We are divine sparks of the Creator who are breaking through the limitations of this third dimensional reality and opening to the higher dimensions which are ours to inhabit at this time.
This is why we have asked to be here at this moment in history. We are here to break through the limitations of the reality which has held humanity in captivity for eons. We are here to show humanity that there is another way. We are here to show that there is another choice to be made. And we create this pathway for others by living and walking it first. For this is an experiential journey, not one built on conceptualizations and mental constructions. As we walk this path we become that which we are here to experience and pave the way for others to awaken and make a new choice as well. Yes, these are times of shift and change. Yes there will be instances that create doubt in us.
There will be times when we wonder why we have chosen this path and times when we want to give up and go home. But as the new paradigm; the new world, opens up before us we will come to know fully what we have known in our heart of hearts since before time began, that we have everything we need to accomplish that which we are here to accomplish. And we walk not alone but hand in hand with the Great Beings of Light which support the emergence of the new which is upon us.
Blessings to you!
Cathy Olsen
Reverend Cathy Olsen is an ordained Minister of Healing, Energy Healer, Spiritual Counselor and Transformational Hypnotherapist. She is the owner and founder of The Center for Conscious Living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Through her own Awakening Experience in 2005 Cathy has become a channel for the Galactic Family of Light, beings of higher consciousness. The purpose of these messages is to provide love and encouragement to those in the midst of awakening and to promote peace among all species and nations in the greater cosmos.
Cathy offers private sessions in the areas of Energy Healing, Hypnosis and Soul Alignment and Connection. Her focus is to help others discover their own internal resources, enhance their spiritual connections and live more conscious and intentional lives. She also teaches classes, leads seminars and is available for public speaking engagements.
Cathy is the author of The Call to Awakening, Messages from the Cosmos available for purchase on She also produces channeled meditation CD’s which promote opening to divine guidance, awakening creative genius, and aligning with Soul Purpose. Her newest CD is entitled: Awakening Your Inner Spirit. For more information on products and services, or to connect with Cathy please visit the Center for Conscious Living website at  * Email:  *  

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