Archangel Message

The Ability ofAcknowledgement and Acceptance by Archangel Metatron
Channelled through NatalieGlasson- 29-06-12
The shifts in energy andlight at this time affect your existence at a physical level in numerous ways,it can feel as if waves of energy are influencing you in one way and thenanother. The energyvibration that is anchoring and being created on the Earthat this time is equalling the vibration that was experienced by the civilisationof Atlantis. This means that the energy vibration is extremely alive, potentand able to aid manifestation with greater potential and stimulus upon thephysical reality.  Quick energy vibrationsare descending onto the Earth from the Creator's soul but what is even morewonderful is that quick vibrations of light are activating from within your being,integrating into the Earth. What I am sharing with you is that you and manysouls upon the Earth are leading the way in the Earth's ascension process. Itis you who is accessing the quicker vibrations of the Creator and anchoringthem into the physical reality; it is you who are activating sacred vibrationswithin your being, sharing them lovingly and generously with the world and yourreality through simply intention and radiation of light. I wish for you to realisehow spiritually powerful your position on the Earth has become, you are guiding,leading and assisting ascension on both small and large scales which I feelneeds to be recognised and celebrated especially by you.
You may or may not realisethat you have sacred vibrations that are exuding from your being at this verymoment, you can imagine these as ancient long forgotten ribbons of lightawakening and shinning from your being. Do not underestimate the work that youare doing at a physical and unseen energetic level to aid and support theascension on and of the Earth. Please, I ask that you value yourself for thisevery moment of your day, even if your personality and mind tell you that youare not making a difference, listen only to your heart and soul.
With the high and quick vibrationsof light filtering into the Earth and awakening from your being this canincrease your alignment with the Creator but if challenges need to be overcomeand acknowledged then the extra frequencies of light can cause an imbalance ora feeling of being unaligned.  I bringthis to your attention because I wish to share with you the two greatest toolsthat will assist you in your ascension process on the Earth; these are the abilityto acknowledge and the ability to accept. These are abilities that you learnfrom a child and may not seem to you are super human or even soul powers but ifyou can understand, integrate and expand your abilities of acknowledgement andacceptance you will allow yourself to awaken more fully to the vibration oflove, peace and complete soul and Creator fulfilment.
There are many situations,feelings and people that you accept every day, it is often somewhat easier toaccept your outside reality than it is to accept your inner reality. Acceptanceof your inner reality is key at this time as it will allow you to create theouter reality that you wish to enjoy and experience. The process of acknowledgementis just as important, acknowledgement is a realisation, awareness or a knowing.Acknowledgement stems from your intuitions and is the confirmation given byyour intuition. It is impossible to say which will flow first, whether you needto acknowledge energy or first accept it. Both abilities focus uponconfirmation of an energy or experience, which symbolises embodiment. Throughthe process of using or becoming aware of your abilities to acknowledge andaccept while walking upon your spiritual path you are able to embody theenergies, vibrations and wisdom that you hold and that the Creator radiates, intruth becoming one with all that is the Creator.
I wish to assist you in usingthese two abilities to expand your perception of the abilities so that you mayawaken, grow and develop the truth within your being. With the process ofacceptance and acknowledgement you can open yourself up to the vast andlimitless energies of the Creator through what may seem as mundane process ofacceptance and acknowledgement on the Earth. Not only will you be able to connecton a deeper level with the great expanse of energy within you but you will beoffered experiences of acceptance and acknowledgement at a higher vibration oflight. Remember that both of these abilities symbolise confirmation, you willbe able to confirm many energies within your being  at an expansive awareness as if confirmingthe vibrations of higher dimensions within your being, therefore allowingyourself to embody the expansive energy of the Creator.
It is my wish to focus your attentionon certain areas of your reality in order for you to develop your abilities ofacceptance and acknowledgement. The first area that I believe requiresattention is your acceptance and acknowledgement of yourself as a physicalbeing on the Earth, in truth to be comfortable in your own skin. With theconfirmation of acceptance and acknowledgement of who you are, what you havecreated at a physical level, you allow for a great process of healing which issimply an awakening of light and consciousness within your being. This focusmay seem somewhat old and that many people have spoken about being comfortablein your physical body but I am bringing this to your attention now as I believethat it is a key that when mastered can free you from many physical habits andperspectives that limit your spiritual power. I know that you are aware thatyour thoughts create your reality and that you can choose the thoughts that youwish to create, you are given a great volume of power and freewill which isn'tbeing used to its greatest extent. With the ability to create the reality yourexperience you also have the ability to mould and manipulate energy. Yourphysical body is composed of a slow but obviously progressively quickeningvibration of light. This means that you have the ability to alter your physicalbody and in truth change your physical body into anything that you desire.Please open your mind to this perception as it will allow for the limits ofyour mind to dissolve further.
Before you contemplate alteringthe energy and the appearance of your physical body to satisfy your mind and desires,I wish for you to focus on the abilities of acceptance and acknowledgement.When focusing upon your physical body it is interesting to first acknowledgementand then accept as this holds greater influence on the physical slowvibration.  It is also interesting to acknowledgewhat the boundaries of your physical body are, where does your physical bodystart and end? Do you consider your mind, habits and emotions to be a part ofyour physical body? Maybe with the acknowledgement of the boundaries thatisolate your physical body you may begin to see your physical body moreclearly. Ask yourself how does my physical body act, react and influence myphysical and spiritual reality. Very often you will have some areas that youwish to alter but mostly your physical body offers very little influence inyour daily reality, it is the mind and the emotions that predominatelyinfluence your image of yourself and cause you to feelunsettled or sometimes uncomfortable in your own reality. If we begin with thephysical body then we can learn the abilities of acceptance and acknowledgementat a physical level meaning that it is easier to integrate into a mental andemotional level.
I am not asking you to judgeyourself; it is my wish that you always treat yourself with the utmost respect,love and honour. Rather than acknowledging areas that you like about yourselfand that you do not like about your physical body I wish for you to simply acknowledgeyourself. When you acknowledge yourself without attachment or judgment then youopen yourself up to the greater flowing light of the Creator within and aroundyour being.  I will offer you a verysimple example.  You may acknowledge thatyou have a hand, you may have had a hand on your physical body since your birthbut you acknowledge your hand and all that it does each and every day. Youacknowledge your hand with respect, love and honour and then you accept all theneeded influences and the existence of your hand and so you have accepted yourhand. You could open the process of acceptance up to a quicker vibration of theCreator's light by asking or accepting the most divine energy vibration thatyour hand could exist as. This is extremely powerful if you are able to achievethe same for all aspects of your physical body because not only will you beable to breathe higher divine energies and possibilities into your physicalbody but you will begin to appreciate your physical body, understanding its useand purpose therefore acknowledging and accepting your physical body to openyourself up to embodiment of the Creator at a physical level.
I hope you are able to graspthat an ability of acceptance and acknowledgment in your reality and for yourbeing, especially your entire being, will open you up to realising yourself asthe magnificence of the Creator, but also will allow your entire being to makethe necessary shifts that are needed for your further realisation of yourselfas the Creator.
The process of accepting andacknowledging your mental and emotional bodies, their actions and influences inyour reality can be slightly more difficult but if you begin to become aware ofwhat is your mental body and how it affects you, then you can again for alittle while hold an awareness of isolation of this energy for furtherunderstanding. When I speak of isolation of this energy I am speaking ofputting our entire focus on to the energy whether it is the physical, mental oremotional bodies. There is a need in the process of acknowledgement to observethe mental or emotional body with love, respect and honour, free fromjudgement. For example, you may realise that your mind is creating scenarios inyour mind where you are arguing with friends or having to defend yourself.Observe or realise this. You may realise that you have a fear of your friendsdiscovering your truth and so wish to deflect their focus from you. Accept thatthis fear is within your mental body and accept a divine higher energy of the Creatorto replace the energy of fear. This can be achieved with a simple intention.
This process can appearquite complex but if you simply begin to become aware of your ability of acknowledgementand acceptance realising its power then you will find that your understandingof the abilities also flows.
With acknowledgement andacceptance of your divine and entire manifestation,
Archangel Metatron