Aprils Soul Message

Aprils Soul Message: The God-Light
by Christina Lunden
April 16, 2012
We are starting to see movement again after an 18 month very quiet period. The Angels will be speaking more clearly and louder now. This period was necessary for us to believe in ourselves and strengthen our light. This month's message from the Angels is about just that; the God-light. We are ready to be channeling an even purer energy of light. This light will only flow through us if we are allowing the free-will of all. Flowing this light through our lives will make us spiritually stronger to help serve others and to have the light necessary for the Ascension but also to be balanced in our personal lives. Wouldn't that be great to not have so many ups and downs and to be outside all of that chaotic energy? This may be the answer you have been waiting for. Feel free to share this message quoting my information as the source. I love shares!
For more  insight into where we are in relationship to Mother Earth as we ascend, listen to the recent Soul Teachings. The Angels have been encouraging us with real time updates of how to handle all the energies we are coming in contact with. We already have many tools in our spiritual toolboxes, sometimes we just need a reminder they are there. The Internet Radio programs "Angelic Guidance" Soul Teachings have these constant reminders with the newest spiritual insight.
So much in this email... The Angel Message, "The God-Light." I also have recorded prayers so that we can say them together. Affirmations are posted at the bottom that will be helpful for this month. Plus the dates of the next "Angelic Guidance" Soul Teachings and my next Live Event that will be held in Memphis, Tennessee. We had a great time in South Florida. So much wonderful feedback!
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"I AM serving by flowing the God-light."
As we ascend into the higher dimensions, we are moving closer to our remembrance of who we are as a piece of God. We start raising our consciousness to be more God-like in our daily lives. In our special Universe, we can understand that we are to allow the free-will choices of anything living, like God has done for us. Non-judgment, compassion and a higher love for ourselves and others play a major role in our 5th Dimensional experience. They are not easy concepts to incorporate into our lives after thousands and thousands of years of seeing life through the ego's eyes but it is something that our souls are ready to do.
The way to Ascension is through the light. To reach the collective ascension energy, Lightworkers need to be stable in their thoughts, energy and lives. Those souls that are light-filled will ascend to a new experience in these bodies we have now. We will then experience our new lives leaving the ego behind in this dimension.
Our beloved Mother Earth has a natural cycle of renewal yet this is different because we have spiritual changes going on at the same time. This time we are conscious enough of our spiritual connections that we are Mother Earth's birthing partners. As partners, instead of holding her invisible hand, we allow the flow of light through ourselves which will provide her with anything that she needs. Mother Earth's contractions are coming closer and closer together now with more intensity. Recently, in a two day period (April 11-12) there were six earthquakes ranging between 6.0 - 8.6 magnitudes. These shifts are affecting people all over the world.
The Angels want to remind us that being the birthing partner does not mean that we are the one that has to feel the pain. The Lightworkers job is to be the support. The partner reminds her to breathe, that she is doing well, that this will all be over soon and that something beautiful and wonderful will be the result. And most of all, the support job is for us to be the light, so when Mother Earth needs some energy, she can use it. She has a right to go through this birthing process and we are here to support her.
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