April Energies {Channeled}

1.) Today's Angel Message
2.) You Are Time Dancing
3.) Jeshua - Message of the Day
4.) Arise
5.) Akashic Records For April 2011
6.) Love Being Love and Being Loving

Isis' Message of the Day -
Every time you are struggling, angry or feeling hurt, you are in fear. Change your perceptions, your beliefs, and you change your reality. For what you believe about your reality creates it. Whatever you create, you may change.
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Uriel's Message -- What is Meaningful?
Your life is a journey of seeking your truth and sifting through eons of experiences to find those that remind you of your divinity, that you are loved and are worthy of love. The meaning you seek in every person and situation is a judgment of your experience which you hope will validate your being. While you call this meaning, what you want to know is that in spite of your errors, fear and sins you are loved and redeemed, not separated indefinitely but continuously connected even when you cannot know the truth of that connection for yourselves. You seek meaning and truth in spite of your humanity and yet it is in through humanity that you will find the truth and meaning that make your life path and purpose clear.
As a co-creator with Source you have undertaken each lifetime to create separation so you can know the joy of reconnection. Eventually every possible experience of separation will be known so that connection is the only possible path. This is the journey of ascension that each person undertakes, and when the journey is focused on finding the meaning of each experience what you are seeking is validation for the thoughts, actions and beliefs that created separation. The meaning of humanity is separation, and the meaning of humanity partnered with spirit is connection.
The highest aspect of being is achieved through alignment, finding wholeness and perfection in all things, where meaning is no longer meaningful because there is only one truth, which is unconditional love. No matter how many questions you may ask of yourself and how many times you may question the universe, there is one answer that you always return to. The meaning of life is to reconnect and to know heaven on earth, there are no other reasons or meaning for humanity. When you know this truth you have learned the secret of life and there is no other meaning possible or necessary.
Those who know this truth have found the peace that you seek in all things, and this becomes their meaning. Everything in life that is material and of the world will not bring you the love and peace you desire until you approach it from the point of love. The material world has no meaning, other than that which you give to it, it is no-thing until you create it and it has no truth other than that which you yourself know. When you seek truth and meaning in the world you start from the point of disconnection. But when you seek meaning from your divine self, in partnership with your humanity, you have aligned yourself with Source and know the only truth that has meaning, that you are divinely loved, protected, supported and connected in all things and in all ways.
Article Copyright ©2011 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved.
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Jennifer Hoffman is an intuitive, spiritual healer, mentor, teacher and author. She also channels the energy of the Archangel Uriel. Jennifer has helped many people through the Shift through her unique insights and counsel, facilitating their healing journey. Jennifer is the founder of www.urielheals.com, an on-line spiritual healing and growth center and dedicated to the messages and teachings of Archangel Uriel. Information about Jennifer's books, on-line seminars and services is available at her websites, or email healing@urielheals.com for information. * Enlightening Life www.enlighteninglife.com * email: Support@enlighteninglife.com *

You Are Time Dancing
by Isis
April 3, 2011
I have the greatest compassion for all who are willing participants during this transitional period in the earth plane. I also want you to know that you have not been forsaken by those who are watching over you. There are guardians of past, present and future. They do not intervene into what the soul has chosen to experience in it's many forms and dimensions it travels in. But they do try and guide each individual and steer them back to the right path when they stray. It is of course, each individuals choice as to whether or not to follow that guidance.
Lightworkers on this plane are experiencing many transdimensional effects at this time. There is a sudden rushing from time past, to time present, to time future, as the dimensional changes are taking place. It is like a massive catching up period. Lightworkers will feel the interruption and energy drain of these events, as well as sudden increases of energy. As Lightworkers you become exhausted as well as other travelers, as you are interdimensional traveling - "time dancing."

There are energies that are negative. These are not sharing energies as light givers. They are stealing energy from all matter and life forms, to complete their destiny. They give nothing from the light side of being. They are the travelers that drain all forms of energy to be able to meet their own destiny. Light bearers share energy, and at times without realizing it they can be parasited upon, by transdimensional thieves. Your plane is so in fluxed by these travelers rushing through to complete whatever needs to be brought to fruition. I refer to positive and negative energies. There will always be both negative and positive energies, for one cannot exist without the other. These negative energies have waited too long, trying to get up the courage to come forth, and therefore have become predators of energy forms to get to here and in order to meet the destiny they must fulfill.

As Lightworkers you are achieving your destiny. . . Ascension. You are traveling at such a high vibrational speed as you move from dimension to another and as you are helping others to reach the light density. This means many of you are traveling through different density levels as fast as you blink, think, or even breathe, that's faster than your speed of light. And at this speed you are not retaining the memory of all you do at this vibrational level.
Lightworkers need the companionship of their own kind. There is laughter, companionship, endless compassion in this hierarchy. All living matter needs this for the soul to survive. As many have noticed there are "old friends" leaving your lives and new ones coming in. So, cherish the friendships you have and don't take them for granted for you never know how long the companionship will last.
So I leave you with these parting words -- You are Loved and Cherished -- don't ever doubt that. Enjoy your "time-dancing!"

Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, sometimes you will be invited by ones to be with them to be an inspiration. And how are you an inspiration? To inspire one is to encourage them to breathe—in-spire—and when they take a breath, a deep, conscious breath, they allow that space of peace, that space of divine Light to make itself known.
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HEAVEN #3784
April 5, 2011
God said:
Do not think that I make little of what you may be going through. At the same time, what you are going through is only something you are going through. You make yourself go through the paces. You say what you are going through is suffering, and so you suffer. You feel loss of one kind or another. There was something you had or should have had and have not. Who is it that says you have loss? Who is it that identifies trouble? Who pouts and shouts, beloveds?

Calm the storm within you. Whatever the world says or does or seems to, you are your own sovereign being. You are not at the beck and call of whatever life gives or does not give. Have you been stamping your foot at life? Have you been sucking your thumb?
You are an advantaged being. You must start thinking of yourself as an advantaged being. If you think of yourself as an underprivileged being, what are you then but underprivileged? In terms of relative life, you are what you tell yourself you are.

I tell you that you are loved beyond measure, and you say, “But, but, but…” There are no buts about it. Come now, you are My beautiful child, and yet you may try to prove that you are not valued by the world or, in fact, by Me. When you feel short-changed, who short-changed you? You did. It is better that you sit up and start thinking a different way.

It has been said that the world does not owe you a living. It is you who owes the world, beloveds. You are here to give something. At least give credence to yourself.

I have heard people say, “What has God ever done for me?” Can you believe that?

There are those who think of Me as Santa Claus. “What did Santa leave me in my stocking? Why, coal, dry ashes, or nothing at all. That’s what I got.”

What is it exactly that I was supposed to give you?

No more feeling sorry for yourself. It is a sorry thing for you to feel sorry for yourself.

How many times has it been said: “Count your blessings.” You are not bereft. You are blessed.

Negative thinking pulls you down. It is truthful to say that you are blessed. Even in what you see as catastrophe, you are blessed.

Attend to your attitude.

You may sit with your feet up and wait for Me to deliver gifts to you. Get up and out of your chair and give to others that which you crave for yourself. Be God in the world for a while, and give delight. Why are you waiting for Me to give you happiness? Go give some happiness, and you will be happier.

If you think you have been singled out for grief, it is you who handed it out. You linked cause and effect. You were too simplistic. Because you lost a loved one, for example, you may have decided that meant that I didn’t love you. You decided you were aggrieved. Better to decide something else.

You are the maker of your own life. No longer just sit there, commiserating with yourself.

If you tell yourself you are miserable, it’s quite certain that you will be miserable. What you think follows you. What you think you convince yourself of.

If you tell yourself that I, God, have neglected you, you are at a standstill.

Begin thinking anew. No more buts. Acknowledge the blessings that are yours, and more blessings will rush in. When you are unappreciative of your good fortune, good fortune may become timid. Look for good fortune, but not as a debt that is owed you. Spare yourself from being a debt collector.

Get up and out of the corner you have been sitting in. Arise.
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Akashic Records For April 2011
Channeled by Jen Eramith MA
April 4, 2011
What energies and experiences can we expect in April 2011?

The feeling this month is similar to the feeling of going down a roller coaster. The collective energy speeds up so that time will seem to pass more quickly, and you may feel as if you cannot keep track of things very well. For many of you, it is going to feel like things are metaphorically “going downhill” in your life. It is important this month, to stay calm and to remind yourself every day to trust and to be loving with yourself and with others.
Many people are going to feel like their lives are out of control this month. It feels that way, but what is really happening, if you look at the big picture of the year, is that you are learning where you need more structural support in your life. It is so important this year that each of you does the work you need to do in your life to set yourself up for success. It is so important that you build structures in your life that support you, that you build relationships that are supportive, and that you set up routines in your life that are supportive. It is time to take care of everything and fix the things that are not working. It is so important that you do this, this year if you are going to be ready for what is continuing to happen through 2012 and the years to come.
Anything in your life that is not stabilized yet, anything that you are not taking care of yet, is going to start moving very quickly this month in order to bring your attention to it. For some of you, this month might feel like hitting rock bottom. If you need to hit rock bottom in some pattern in your life, this will be the month that you hit it. It is so important to be gentle with yourself, to be nurturing. The more you are willing to step up and take care of yourself and rebuild the parts of your life that need rebuilding, the more easily this month will go by.
How can we find the greatest benefit from this energy?

The way to find the greatest benefit this month is, first and foremost, to keep remembering to trust and to love. But, second to that, it will really serve you to be organized and to take the time needed to back up and start again when things are not going well. If you start a process and part way through you realize it is not working well, it is better this month to stop and go back and start again than it is to try to stick with it and just close your eyes and get to the end of it. Any challenge coming up right now, is there so that you will rebuild the structure. So it is not going to serve anyone to close your eyes and barrel forward this month.
The whole reason that this energy is set up is to encourage you to stop and slow down and start again and fix things as you go. So be organized, make lists, look around your home or your office and just think about how things work. Are belongings placed in a most beneficial location? Are there certain objects or belongings standing in your way? What offers daily frustration and how can you change it so that frustration is no longer part of your daily routine? These are the questions to ask yourself. Do the same thing for relationships. What are the relationships that continually feel blocked? How can you back up and start again? Can you change your expectations with this person? Can you change the way you communicate with them? Find ways to change the structures in your life to make them work better.
This month is going to feel like it is going by really fast and so you are going to feel a tendency to want to just close your eyes and just keep moving forward. But you are meant to stop and start again every time you find something not working.
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Love Being Love and Being Loving
by Neale Donald Walsch
April 1, 2011
Hello, Everyone...
We are exploring here the Five Natural Emotions: Grief, Anger, Envy, Fear, and Love. These emotions are tools, gifts given to us by God with which to build a letter life. In the last three weeks we looked at Grief, Anger, and Envy. Today, an exploration of Love.
Love is a Natural Emotion. When it is allowed to be expressed, and received, by a child, normally and naturally, without limitation or condition, inhibition or embarrassment, it does not require anything more. For the joy of love expressed and received in this way is sufficient unto itself. Yet love which has been conditioned, limited, warped by rules and regulations, rituals and restrictions, controlled, manipulated, and withheld, becomes unnatural.
Children who are made to feel that their natural love is not okay--that it is wrong to express it, and that, in fact, they shouldn't even experience it--will have a difficult time appropriately dealing with love as adults.
Love that is continually repressed becomes possessiveness, a very unnatural emotion. People have killed because of possessiveness. Wars have started, nations have fallen.
People love to be in love. Yet "love" is a big word. It is the biggest word in the language. Any language.
What is love, really? Conversations with God has a lot to say on this subject. Among other things, it says that love is a decision, not a reaction. That may be one of the most important things anyone could ever say on the subject. True love is never the result of how another person looks, behaves, or interacts with us. It is a choice to be loving no matter how that other looks, behaves or interacts with us.
This does not mean that true love requires us to stay in a relationship that is abusive. Do not confuse the words "love" and "relationship." We are not proving that we love someone by staying in a relationship. Indeed, there are instances when we may be proving we love them by leaving. So it is not true that love demands that we accept abuse from the one that we love.
If a person is abusive to us, it is abusive to that person to allow their abuse to continue. For if we allow their abuse to continue, what do we teach them? Yet if we make it clear that the abuse in unacceptable, what then have they learned?
Of course, it is true that no one can ever really "get out" of a relationship. We are always in relationship with each other, and the only thing that changes is the form the relationship takes. You cannot end a relationship, you can only change it. So do not think in terms of ending your relationship, think in terms of changing it. You may wish to change its form, or you may wish to hold onto the form, but change its characteristics within that form.
Choosing to love someone --- truly love them --- is a very high act. It is the mark of a Master. Loving someone as a "reaction" is a somewhat less elevated experience. It is the mark of a student. The danger of loving someone as a reaction is that the one we love may change. In fact, it is a certainty that they will. They may gain weight, or lose it. They may alter their personality. They may change their ideas about something important to us. And if we are in love with what others bring to us in relationship, we could be headed for enormous disappointment.
So we come to the second big truth about all this: love is not about what the other brings to you, it is about what you bring to the other. Indeed, the purpose of all love relationships is to provide us with an opportunity to decide and to declare, to be and to express, to become and to fulfill, Who We Really Are.
This is perhaps another way of restating the first truth, because Who We Really Are is a choice, not a response. It is a decision, not a reaction - although it is true that most people think it is the other way around.
When I talk to young people about love, I tell them that there are two questions having to do with life and relationship that everyone would benefit from asking.
1. Where am I going?
2. Who is going with me?
It is important to ask these in the right order. Many people switch them around --- and suffer for it the rest of their lives. First they ask, who is going with me in my life? Then they ask, where am I going? Often, the choice of destination is conditioned and compromised by the choice of companion. This can make for a very rough journey.
I remember how at one of our spiritual renewal retreats (we have one coming up in July, called The Conversation School--a 7-day event with only 18 participants ) one young woman in her twenties asked sadly, "What does it feel like to be in love?" I told her I could not answer for anyone else, but I know what it feels like to me. It feels like there is only one of us in the room.
When I am with my beloved other, Em, it feels as if there is no place where "I" end and "she" begins. When I look into Em's eyes, it is like looking into my own. When I sense that Em is sad, it is as if the sadness pierces my own heart. When she smiles, the heart of me smiles with her --- as her. I wish I could feel this way about everyone. That is what I am working toward. I am feeling it with more and more people very day.
A Course in Miracles says, "No special relationships." In other words, no one person should be more special to us than another. That is how God experiences love. There is no condition, and no one is more special than another.
It is difficult for most people to understand that. How can God love us all equally, the "good" and the "bad" alike? It is because God does not see any of us as "good" or "bad." We are all perfect in God's eyes, no matter how we are behaving. Human beings have a long way to go before they can claim that. Most of us place condition after condition on our love, and we are very fast to withdraw it when those conditions are not met.
So the third great truth about love is that it knows no conditions. There is no such thing as "I love you IF..." in God's world.
The fourth great truth about love is that it knows no limitations. Love is freedom, experienced. Total and absolute freedom. And so one who loves another never seeks to restrict or limit that other in any way. This is a tough one for many people. For many, love translates, roughly, into "ownership." Not that this is ever expressed, of course. It is simply felt. It is a felt sense of "you're mine." Of course, in true love nothing could be further from the truth. And in true love, such ideas or thoughts are never part of the paradigm. No one owns anyone, and no one acts as if they do.
This has major implications, as one might imagine. So now I am going to list the fifth, and perhaps the most "controversial," truth about love that I know.
Love never says no. Not to persons of equal maturity and intelligence. (We are not talking about children here. Let's limit this discussion to adults.)
No matter what the request of the beloved, love says yes. This does not mean that personal opinions are not expressed, nor personal preferences announced. But, in the end, a request from the beloved is never denied.
Again, that is difficult for many people to grapple with. Yet this is the way that God loves. I am fond of saying in my lectures and retreats that God has only one word in Her vocabulary. God always says yes. No matter what you want, no matter what you choose, He never says no.
This idea can be reduced to two-words: God allows.
Since Conversations with God teaches that the words "God" and "love" are interchangeable, you could then say, "love allows."
In the end, that is what love does. Love allows. It never restricts, it never limits, it never stops, it only allows. In true love relationships, you get to have what you want.
The sixth truth about love is that it always renews itself. It never runs out.
As a regular ritual in our marriage, Em and I exchange our wedding vows every year on our anniversary. We have a whole wedding ceremony, with a minister, invited guests, the dinner and cake...the whole nine yards. Now some of our married friends have told us that they love this idea and that they are now doing it on their anniversary! ;o)
It's so rewarding when we see something like that happen! It's as if Love Itself has multiplied Itself, with us as the instrument. And you, too, can be, equally, an instrument of Love's Multiplication. With every thought you think, with every word you speak, with every action you take.
Love is a natural emotion. When we are allowed to express it fully in every day in every way, we come alive, through the direct experience of Who We Really Are.
I have enjoyed writing this series of articles on the Five Natural Emotions. And next week is Open Forum Week here at the Bulletin. I will write about whatever you choose. So if you've like me to cover a particular topic from the CWG cosmology, just drop me a note at neale@nealedonaldwalsch.com, and put the word TOPIC in the subject line. I'll be sure to open those first!
Until next week...

Love and Hugs,
Neale Donald Walsch is a modern day spiritual messenger whose words continue to touch the world in profound ways. With an early interest in religion and a deeply felt connection to spirituality, Neale spent the majority of his life thriving professionally, yet searching for spiritual meaning before beginning his now famous conversation with God. His With God series of books has been translated into 34 languages, touching millions of lives and inspiring important changes in their day-to-day lives. * (http://www.cwg.org) * Blog: * www.TheAlternativeVoice.org *
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