Appreciation {Channeled}


Urantia, June 22, 2011. 
A Teacher called The Beloved One. 
Subject: “Appreciation.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Even though we have spoken about this subject before, and discussed in your mind how important appreciation is, I desire to point out that appreciation is a valuable component to the social fabric of life.  When appreciation is expressed to someone, that person is encouraged to do his or her best even more in whatever context this remark of appreciation was made.

“It takes very little of your time to be appreciative of things around you, and I would inspire you to show your appreciation first of all to God, who has gifted all his mortal children with innumerable gifts in this foundational life, which forms the basis for eternal life.

“This life is full of opportunities that are yours for the taking.  It is always a matter of free-will choice, after which comes the decision making process.  Are you aware of how many decisions you make during your daily life?  Sometimes decisions are not well-thought out, and they often come with untold misery and regret.

“It behooves you to be more mindful in making your decisions as life exists of moments, which together are like beads on a string into eternity.  When looking back over your life, there can truly be a moment when you appreciate all the chances given to you to make the most of your decisions.

“Appreciation comes also with a greater understanding of how everything, the good, the bad, the exquisite and the miserable, has served you to become the person you are today.  Each age has its challenges -- in childhood, in young adulthood, mature adulthood, or as the saying goes, in ripe old age.

“What exactly does a ripe old age mean?  It means that you can look back on life with a great deal of happiness and a feeling of accomplishment, and so with appreciation, and a heartfelt thankfulness to the Giver of life, look back and wholeheartedly say, "Thank you God.  Life has not been easy, but you have given me much Light upon my path.

“This is the moment I am Guiding you towards, so you can say, ‘My life has been meaningful, and I learned a great deal about love, and truly appreciate the life I have been given.  Praise be to God for all the opportunities placed upon my path.  Thank you God.’”

The 11:11 Progress Group.

You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire—ABC-22.