A Plane Of Peace {Channeled}

1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  SaLuSa: The Universe is Teeming With Life
3.)  Naeshira: Disclosure, Cosmic Connections and
      the 5th Dimensional Plane of Peace
4.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
5.)  Cheer the World
6.)  No Resume Needed:  You Got the Job

Isis' Message of the Day -
The greatest achievement was first an idea, a thought. Ideas/thoughts are the seeds of realities. The idea then became a dream. Never place limits on your dreams. Go create your dreams.
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
My dear friends, we love you so very much.
Today we wish to speak to you on the subject of communication, but not in the traditional sense. Rather we wish to talk about how you speak to yourself, for indeed dear ones, you are in constant communication with every aspect of your being.
You communicate with your bodies on a daily basis. Are you being kind to your bodies? Are you telling them each and every day how much you love and appreciate them? Can you ask your body to trust you and to let you know its needs in a kind and gentle way? And if something in your body is in pain dear ones, rather than criticizing it or casting it aside, talk to it every so gently and ask it to guide you in its healing. Would you heal more quickly if criticized, or if given unconditional love? Your body has awareness dear ones and it senses the energy you direct towards it, be it loving or otherwise. Be gentle with your bodies. They do their best to provide beautiful housing for you soul.
You communicate with your own mind constantly as well. Are you kind to yourself? Do you berate yourselves, or can you instead learn to speak words of love to yourself. "Dear Self, well you could have done better earlier today but we learned! Good job! I'm proud of you dear Self." Have you ever stopped to consider who is talking to whom within your own mind? Dear ones there are so many aspects of your being. There is your truth - the love and the kindness and the compassion that you are. There is your inner child who worries about "doing the right thing," "being acknowledged," "being abandoned or rejected." There is your true child, the playful spirit of innocence, passion, and joy within you. There are countless programs that you have integrated into your psyche that have been given to you by others. So who do you want to listen to within yourself dear friends? Your loving soul and your true, passionate, and innocent child within would be our recommendations.
Stop the self criticism, the self judgment, the self deprecation - for these are all learned lies and it would be our deepest dream that you would make an effort to see past them and to see how beautiful you truly are, inside and out. For in God's eyes, and our eyes, you are always and forever more perfect. You are simply learning.
Watch how you speak to all aspects of yourself this week. Apologize to yourself if you have been less than kind and make a resolve to treat your own body, mind, emotions, and soul as if you the love of God itself... for indeed, dear ones, you truly are.
God bless you! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels
With much love,
Ann Albers
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SaLuSa: The Universe is Teeming With Life
June 13, 2011

We wish to add more to our recent message regarding the fear that some people hold regarding extraterrestrials. We know that an understanding of what we the Galactic Federation represent, will lay to rest many concerns and not least of all convey our true intentions. Wherever you come across us bear in mind that no civilisations are invited or allowed to join us, unless they have ascended. Having ascended, it is a clear indication that all members are of such a high vibration that they represent Love and Light. Their missions are for what is in the best interests of all souls, and they are guided by the higher authorities that administer to all federations, councils and similar groups. All abide by the Divine Plan of God and serve the Will of God, and answer to no one else. Although the dark Ones may pretend otherwise, we have never deliberately harmed another soul whether they be of the Light or darkness. There are ways and means of avoiding confrontation that could lead to unwelcome consequences. You may wonder how that can be done, and we would inform you that we can simply remove those ones who threaten and place them elsewhere. However, our response is to retire from any danger, and that can occur instantaneously if we so wish.
We ask you therefore what is it you fear, as had we meant to conquer your people we could have achieved that at absolutely any time we wished. Far from being a threat to you, we have followed your journey and helped you out when allowed to do so. You must know by now that we have gone to great pains to make it clear we can only do so providing it is not interfering you’re your karma. There are times when you have called out to us, when we have been unable to come to you as the circumstances have resulted from a karmic situation you have created. These are occasions when you have to learn the lesson that life offers you, otherwise how will you evolve. In fact, our Federation has had some extremely important missions, and one that still continues to today, is to keep unwelcome visitors away from Earth.
The Universe is teeming with life, much of which has advanced far beyond your capabilities which is why you need our protection. Naturally such civilisations are curious about other life forms and being technologically advanced, can travel inter-dimensionally to go wherever they wish. They are not however allowed to distract you from your Ascension process. As we have previously indicated, some exceptions are allowed as has happened in the case of the Grays who were invited by you to stay on Earth. This agreement goes back some 70 years, and has almost entirely benefited the military at the expense of the main population. Your future has already been defined, and Ascension is the next great event on Earth that is well advanced and will lift you out of duality. It has been the Divine Plan ever since you first left the higher dimensions to experience duality and all of the challenges it held. Whatever you perceive that may pose some delay to Ascension; it can be disregarded as nothing can stop the process from continuing and ensuring your successful passage through the end times.
A lot is going on at present, mainly as required to hasten the various announcements we wish to see made. However we must be sure that everything is in place so that they have the full impact necessary to allow us to go ahead with our plans. These are naturally also dependent on or allies who have excelled in representing us, and acquiring the conditions and opportunities we need to fulfil our part of preparing you and Mother Earth for Ascension. Matters are quite near to bringing out the support we are looking for to set the ball rolling. Once it does, you will be in for a busy time keeping up with developments, as we are totally ready to fast forward our activities. Let your imaginations run riot once we get underway, because so much will be happening at the same time and you will find it very interesting and uplifting. It will not take you long to see that we are what we claim to be, and working wholly for your release from this cycle of Duality.
Unlike humans we do not get stressed or emotional problems as you do, and we fully understand the immense pressures that you live under in your modern age. Our demeanour is one of being calm, peaceful and balanced at all times. Your conditions are somewhat false as the dark Ones perpetuate them in such a way as to keep you in a constant state of need. They have deliberately set-up one war after another knowing that they are so destructive and soul destroying. Peace has never been their strong point, and the more death and destruction they cause the better they like it. It plays you into their hands and their ultimate aim for world control. However, we are pleased to say that they have travelled thus far, and now met their equal by being confronted by the Light. It is what they have always feared, as they know that you thepeople are waking up to your power to overcome their plan. Indeed, with our help you are now a formidable force, that is bringing into being the transmuting energies that are disempowering the dark Ones.
You are looked upon as some of the most exceptional souls in the Universe to have taken on the challenge of duality. It was almost unthinkable that you would risk temporarily losing your connection with your Higher Self, your Godself. Yet you had total faith in those who agreed to oversee your experiences, and promised to look after you. Can you really believe that we are talking about you, because certain forces have tried to keep you in the dark as to the truth. The awakening grows so rapidly now, and that is also reflected in how much the collective consciousness also grows. You are doing so well that there is no concern about how things will turn out. Let it give you comfort and confidence, and as we have already suggested do not allow the dark Ones to take your eye off the finishing line.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius and pleased we have come this far with you, as you are not the only ones gaining from your experiences. We have attended Ascension taking place in other Universes, but never has one been as special as yours or as unique. We suggest you give yourselves a pat on the back for having overcome the opposition to Ascension, which is your great victory. As we see it from our level it has already been achieved – you are victorious.
Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey
I receive my messages from SaLuSa telepathically, he is speaking for the Galactic Federation. I have never had the advantage of being able to have a relationship where I can ask questions. I sit down at a specific time to make contact and then I get images or what I call 'packages" of images or words which I translate straight away onto the computer. Since March, 2004 I have been in contact with beings from the Galactic Federation.  *            

Naeshira: Disclosure, Cosmic Connections and
the 5th Dimensional Plane of Peace
channeled by Meredith Murphy
June 6, 2011
Disclosure and Making Cosmic Connections

I am seeing how liberating energy from beyond the veil creates the opportunity for greater communion, communication with star beings of light.  This reconnection has been long awaited by many present on the Earth plane who are well aware of their connection to the stars, and by their corresponding star families who have been impulsing and initiating this communication across the corridors of time, anticipating the great opening.
The establishment of the 5th dimensional plane of peace is creating a new space in which these communications can be connected and in which that which is transmitted may be perceived--the bridging of the energy from beyond the veil from various star locations committed and actively involved in the Earth’s planetary ascension progress.  Transmission that are not yet able to directly reach most beings on Earth, can be received here, and many many more beings on Earth are spending sleep time and other moments throughout their day embodying the frequency of the 5th dimensional plane of peace, the emerging 5th dimensional new earth plane, which has been established.  And at this location in time/space, communication with their star families is significantly enhanced.
There is an incredible energy of joy on the plane of peace that is created by these great reunions.  Many who long for disclosure, for a public, highly visible disclosure of the star beings who are participating in planetary ascension will be fed by participating in the 5th dimensional energy plane of peace in ways that will sustain them and answer their questions and longings about how to fully embody and represent as an ambassador, as an emissary, the star communities which they spring forth from, in a way which gives their life greater purpose and focus.
Full disclosure of our relationship to our star families is happening.  It is happening in individual connections as those who are present on the Earth plane are ready to receive expanded knowledge of their own, multidimensional lineage, and guidance and instruction to help them remember what they know in other planes of focus and therefore can take action upon and create from this knowing.
There is much in the world today to encourage anyone who questions the participation of star families in the Earth’s process.  From multidimensional crop circles to channeling from other realms, to the individual experiences of remembering the versions of their origins, to the glimpses of movement in the night skies which most instinctively reveal to you the presence of other beings from other realms.
It is possible that you might begin to understand that perception of your star family and star families in general is a function of the ability to receive the fullness of this information.  There is nothing about planetary ascension which will be forced upon anyone.  There is total freedom in the domain of the Earth plane and all beings have the freedom to choose not to believe, not to see, not to recognize, not to acknowledge, not even to notice the presence of energy from beyond the veil.
And so those of you who are longing for some type of massive disclosure—you may not get what you’re looking for.  If you are willing to trust in your own experience and desire your own connection to your star family to be revealed, this is easily accomplished.
The path to planetary ascension does not necessitate a forceful entry from beyond the biosphere by your star families that are collaborating in this process.
Planetary ascension is dependent upon a willingness of a core number of individuals to align with their heart centers and move into the harmonics of love and unity, this is what completes the pivotal manifestation of the new earth.  Upon manifestation of the new earth there will be many who choose not to participate in the dimension of the new earth.  The new earth will be located in the 5th dimension.  There are those beings upon the planet who have never intended to participate in the 5th dimension, but they do intend to participate in planetary ascension.  Once the Earth has safely successfully, stably transitioned into the 5th dimension, many of these beings will ascend—will ascend to other dimensions and other locations, which has been their intention all along.  There are many who will continue to reside in the 3rd dimensional Earth as a construct of the past—of what you would call the linear past.  This will take place by re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere choosing a locator in time/space that precedes the Earth’s ascension.  There will be many who re-enter the Earth-sphere countless times in an effort to resolve the DNA lineages which they carry and ultimately participate in planetary ascension in whatever way facilitates them arriving at whatever arrival point is their ultimate desired intention.
The qualities of light and darkness have both been essential to the ability for the Earth to uplift itself and migrate to a new dimensional orientation within the galaxy.  This trajectory has been planned for tens of thousands of years in anticipation of the planetary alignment with the galactic center and the movement of the Earth into the photon band.  It is this high frequency energy field which the Earth is currently residing in which allows cosmic particles carrying substantial and fundamental information from vast galaxies, to enter the energetics of the Earth’s biosphere.
Also being received and carried by key members of the living library who carry fundamental ability to combine with these particles creating energetic keys which open further pathways of light and information entering the Earth-sphere.  There is an enormous, cosmic dance taking place, which supersedes involvement from the star families being of primary importance in a visible way in the news, on the Earth plane and acknowledged by the Earth’s government.  This is not an essential element of planetary ascension.  Earth’s government is an illusionary authority given power by the collective thoughtform held and amplified by individual people who do not trust their own ability to make decisions for themselves.
The desire to have the Earth’s government acknowledge the participation in planetary ascension, the very Fact of planetary ascension for starters—the presence of star beings in the process, is looking for means outside of yourself, for some endowed member of authority to come into alignment with what you hope to be true in your heart and therefore give you permission to believe in what you sense is your own inner truth.  Can you see how distorted this is?
Any being with a strong sense of self, with a profound inner knowing of the divine truth of their identity would not turn over their ability to determine their existence.  They would not give over their center, their source, of connection and knowing, to any other point of focus.  Nor need another point of focus to acknowledge or recognize their truths.
Calling Forth from Beyond the Veil

To call forth the lineage you carry you can begin by meditating and activating the cosmic DNA that lies either dormant, actively emerging or actively online within your energy field.  So if you lie quietly, grounded, in a place where you will not be interrupted, you can call forth your planetary connection.
Here are the instructions for a technique for calling forth from beyond the veil your star family connection.
Ground yourself

Lie in a peaceful, quiet place, where you are warm and comfortable and will not be disturbed.
Breathe deeply activating your spinal pathways with light and breath.  Breath moves energy throughout your body; focus gives direction to the energy.  Words give focus to energy.

State your desire to activate your cosmic DNA and to realize your star family connection in divine timing and as it pre-ordained by you and your higher self.  The more you merge with your higher self, which is ultimately the most important aspect of this entire process, the more access you will have to other versions in which your higher self is currently, simultaneously flowing—which includes your star family connections—because you have a presence in that family which can be located through the connection with your higher self.

Allow yourself to feel, sense and accept whatever ideas and information come forth to you.

Thank your star family for this communication and let them know when you intend to continue this communication again.

Living from a place of claiming what you know and understand expands your access to increased knowing.  To know more; live from what you already know.  Trust yourself and you will expand your perspective.
There is nothing better about a star family connection than an Earth family connection—they’re just different.  There is a sense that reuniting with your star family connection will feel great and provide an enormous sense of fulfillment and this is true, for this is about wholeness and greater awareness.  However, the ultimate shift into wholeness and greater awareness is merging with your I AM presence, your higher self.
Arcturian Codes of Light

Arcturian Starships are present along the Lemurian grid, currently participating in the harmonic upgrades which are allowing sound vibration to be incorporate into the body of the 144,000; the house of David.  Incorporating the vibration of source creation; the coherent organizing of the law of one into the DNA of the 13:13:13 soul group, the ascension codes.
This harmonic, which is not an overtone—it is a fundamental tone—from source creation, can be resonantly absorbed through conscious participation and focus upon the plane of peace.  Again, it is on the 5th dimensional plane that you are able to access this higher vibrational frequency which cannot be fully manifested in your physical body until your physical body ascends, but you can begin the energetic integration into your auric field and your other energy bodies as you locate in the 5th dimensional plane of peace, and choose to receive and incorporate Jacob’s Ladder.  (ascension codes)
Focus on Essentials; Stabilize and Participate in New Earth Co-Creation

It is important that you being to organize your thinking around the realm of the 5th dimensional plane of peace.  The emergent 5th dimensional earth is in place, can be connected with, incorporated and you can flow this into your energetic presence in the 3rd dimension.  This will greatly accelerate the available field carrying the ascension codes for the 3rd dimensional biosphere.  It’s really about Lightworkers who have the ability to access the plane of peace becoming a much stronger bridge to the 5th dimension.  A bridge to the 5th dimension in a new way because the harmonics of source creation are now being imbibed, if you will, by those who are present on the 5th dimensional plane of peace.  As one moves into harmonic alignment with this heart-line--this timeline of the Earth’s trajectory toward the 5th dimensional manifestation of the new earth—the new earth embodiment of the plane of peace—it’s increasingly important for Lightworkers to spend time in the 5th dimension as part of their daily meditation.
So, there are Lightworkers working on multiple levels.  Some are continually present and participating in holographic transmissions bridging incredible amplitudes of energy into the 5th dimensional plane of peace, and the 5th dimensional plane of peace is a convergence point in which energy from other dimensional beings and sources can be received.
So this ability to locate yourself in the dimension—the 5th dimensional plane of peace—and to energetically place your focus there, and call forth and ask to receive the full activation of all that is present there; to come into coherent alignment with the dynamically emerging energy field there.  It’s like giving yourself a daily tonic—accelerating  your unfoldment. Following this process with like an acceleration integration chamber (Pleiadian Lightwork*) is like a really powerful little duo to consider adding into your process every day.
So to recognize that many levels of beings are participating in this collaborative, expression of the impulse of source creation to fulfill this galactic cycle that happens every 26,000 years—this particular version of this galactic cycle which involves the Earth up-shifting to a new role within the galaxy and ultimately within the cosmos, is not the only shift taking place at this time.  And certainly the shift taking place on the Earth at this time is having broad implications for the entire cosmos.
The plane of peace is currently available to any who place their focus there.  The self-awareness and the clarity of what is present will expand as the individual who focuses there is able to receive the frequencies and the perspective to more fully comprehend the energetic of this plane in the same way that we do not perceive everything on the Earth—based on our ability to understand and acknowledge, and comprehend what is taking place—the same is true when locating on the plane of peace.  What is revealed is based on the harmonic resonance with what is present.  For those who are able to energetically accommodate high frequencies of multiple dimensions, there will be many things visible on this plane.
Star families are gathering in various communities on this plane and already beginning to create infrastructures that harmonize with the Law of One.  Infrastructures that relate to energy, dynamics of the flow of air and water, balancing of magnetics, things that relate the vibrational spin and the transformation of the core energetic of the planet, a re-establishing of the harmonics of the devic kingdom—the plant and animal kingdom--a harmonizing of the re-emergence of past civilizations which will be participating in the new 5th dimensional earth, the establishment of mystery schools to assist those who arrive here to expand their ability to participate.
So I am seeing how as we are able to participate in the plane of peace we can join with our star family there and be creating (it’s So cool) our new 5th dimensional earth experience.  It’s something like we’re kind of closing the gap between these…we’re here, we’re there—we’re creating it in the present time there, and it’s sort of like the Earth will catch up to that point and merge with it and we can participate in that.
So I would really divest your energy form the existing earth structures and just allow them to fall apart and be reformed as it makes sense.  And anyone who is to be working on the newness of those structures will be doing it.  And just trust that you are to fulfill your role and your purpose and to focus on locating yourself on the 5th dimensional plane of peace and allowing that to take place.
It’s really a super important time to just trust that this inner work is just vital and alive; and More real then what you may see with your eyes.  So of course you want to make sure you have food in your refrigerator and your clothes are clean and you can sleep, and enjoy nature and all these other things…and yet realize that a lot of the structures of the world, may at some point look fundamentally, entirely different, enjoy what is, but don’t be too attached to the form and the way things are happening.  Just focus on the essential qualities of life; on what you need to feel alive and creative and stimulated is really important right now because it is the essence of these things which is what you want to be continually focusing on, so that as the basic structure and nature of reality changes, the essential experiential qualities that you treasure and that bring your into fullest aliveness, will be very stable for you.
So it’s important not to focus on, “Oh, I need a great cashmere sweater from J.Crew,” but more to focus on, "I choose to experience the sensation of comfort, in a beautiful, luxurious way," for example—this might be a fundamental way of re-creating that, carrying the vibrational qualities of what is essential to your energetic blueprint Thriving; spinning in a radiant, harmonious balanced, expanded, unobstructed free flowing way.  You’re trying to conjure up the integrity and the coherence of your energy system, and realize that as you are doing this, the dynamics of the environment in which you are situated are being Hugely Fundamentally altered and transforming….I don’t want to say before your eyes, it’s really Beyond your eyes.
So, focus on the essentials.  Take time to participate in the 5th dimensional plane of peace.  Cultivate merging with your higher self.  And realize that there are multiple destinations that will be the outcome of the planetary ascension process for people.
And lastly, that your connection with your star family, is ultimately eclipsed by your Divine I AM Presence, but certainly key aspects of your cosmic DNA and your galactic DNA are here for a reason and can be activated and be more fully understood, by communing in focus with this connection—activating this connection through your focus and awareness—while in alignment with the 5th dimensional plane of peace.
*Pleiadian Lightwork are ancient mystery school teachings channeled by Amorah Quan Yin, and can be accessed via the book "The Pleiadian Workbook," or through working with Amorah.
Naeshira is a consciousness that is aware of the impulses of source energy to create and is an ambassador to the Great Central Sun, a keeper of the Records of Creation and attuned to the Soul of Creation. Channeling Naeshira is opening up to a direct connection with Source energy, through a field supported and protected by Archangel Michael. Naeshira is a higher dimensional version of myself.
Meredith Murphy
*The Terra Nova Transmissions: a specific focus within Expect Wonderful providing messages, emergent themes, updates and communication from the Archangel Michael and the Terra Nova (new land) Council.  Telepathic transmission through Meredith Murphy. *  © 2009-2011, Meredith Murphy, Expect Wonderful | Modern Paradise Publications http://www.expectwonderful.com – You are free to share, copy, distribute and display the work under the following conditions: You must give author credit, you may not use this for commercial purposes, and you may not alter, transform or build upon this work.  For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. Any of these conditions can be waived if you get the permission of the copyright holder.  Any other purpose of use must be granted permission by the author.  email: meredith@expectwonderful.com   *   

Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, first be aware, then willing; willing to choose to live in love, to live in the improv, to live as the master, to live as the beholder who steps back from whatever is going on and says, “I want to see this in holiness. I want to see the whole/holy picture; not to judge just one day or one interaction or one choice or one slice of time where I am now, but to see how all of this will weave itself into the most wonderful holy picture.”
Visit our website: www.Oakbridge.org  *    

HEAVEN #3853
Cheer the World
June 13, 2011
God said:
The importance of your staying positive cannot be overestimated. It is incumbent upon you to set the sites of the world. Your thoughts produce the world.
Let Us say, for the moment, that you are a manufacturer of bottle caps. As the manufacturer of bottle caps, you know better than to say negative things about bottle caps. You wouldn’t say they aren’t made right. You wouldn’t say that the bottle caps you manufacture are foolish. You wouldn’t say, “Bottle caps. Tut tut.”
And, yet, about the world, you say, “Tut tut.” About the world, you give dire prognoses. About the world, sometimes you throw up your hands. About the world, you may say, “There will always be wars.” You may say, “History repeats itself.” And by your very statements, thought mentally or said aloud, you try to establish that what you say is true. So, when history repeats itself, you can say, “There, I told you so. I could see it. I knew it. I predicted it.” “And I won,” your mind says vacuously.
From now on, please shed light on the world. The world is of Our making, beloveds. It is Our baby. If you do not speak well of Our baby, who is going to?
The world is your infant. How you nourish an infant makes a difference. The world depends upon how you think of it and what you say about it. The world will change according to how you think about it. There is the age-old topic of nature or nurture. The world which I gave birth to in love also depends upon nurture. The world depends upon your nurture.
Is it not well-known that how you think and speak of a houseplant makes a difference to its growth? If you want your houseplant to be blooming, you bless it. If you neglect or badmouth your plant, it will wither. You can’t possibly think that the world is less affected than a houseplant you picked up at the super market.
There are truly good things you can say about the world, and you must say them. Say them, or be quiet. Either cheer the world, or be mute, but it is much better to cheer the world.
Without the world, you wouldn’t even have it to find fault with! The world is not be your scapegoat. The world is your opportunity. You have an influence on the state of the world. You cannot fling the world aside for the sake of your own declarations.
The world is a living breathing entity. It is well-meaning. It has no choice but to reflect you. Give it something wonderful to reflect. Be the world’s best cheerleader. Lead the world on to victory. Consider the world your army, and so you give it its direction. Of course, the world can be an armed solider ready for war. Of course, the world can also be the loving Mother Earth it was designed to be. It is your call. You call the shots. Your thumbs up or your thumbs down make all the difference in the world. You are the designator of the world. You are the propagator of the world. You are the farmer who tills it. And you are the children who pick the fruit from its trees. Upon all of you, the world depends. It takes its cues from you. You are the mother of the world. You are its orchestra leader. You are its champion. You support the world. Find that which to admire. And so you bolster the world. There is much in the world to love right now. Love it.
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No Resume Needed:  You Got the Job

Access to our Soul's resume is not necessary to experience our multidimensionality. We already have the job.  We are already a recognized member of God’s family. We are given permission to experience our God-self without classes, certifications or years of studying and testing our understanding. None of that is necessary for our be-ing who we really are as a Soul who volunteered to experience humanity at one of the most wondrous moments in Earth’s timeline. Our volunteering is already a sign of our courage, our love and our hope and it emanates from our core. It is who we are, not who we are trying to be-come. When we can trust this, we can free ourself from all the programs, beliefs and “truths” that are in conflict with the Greatness that is within each of us.


Jill Renee Feeler

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