A Peaceful Mind

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 Heavenletter #4249 A Peaceful Mind , July 13, 2012
God said:
It is like you have a motor running in your brain. It is running all the time. You may say that that motor never gives you a rest. Beloveds, it is for you to rest the motor of your mind. It is for you to ease your mind. It may well seem to you that your mind is in charge, yet you are the tutor of your mind. Be easy with your mind. Let it rest. Give it some idle time where it can wander in Paradise.
You may have been too strict. You may have signaled your mind that it is to be ceaseless in its activity. You may have said: "Never stop thinking." Too often thinking means chattering, judging, and too often your thinking distracts you from love. Too often your thinking is the other side of the coin.
Your mind need not jabber all the time. Give your mind permission to slow down, relax, have a cup of calming tea. Treat your mind with the respect it deserves. Look at the blue of the sky. Listen to the bluebirds. They are of happiness. Still your thoughts. Lie by the still waters.
Your mind doesn't need to gun its engine. Let your mind be. Let it be thoughtful. Too much thinking, rushing-around thinking, constant thinking, crowded thinking, critical thinking, harried thinking stress you. Let your mind take a cruise every now and then. Let it sail upon the Ocean. Let it drink of life instead of running around, sorting, ordering, categorizing, peeking here, peeking there, getting out of its zone.
Give your mind some peace. Have a peaceful mind, not a racing one. Stir your thoughts patiently. Let your mind do what minds do without so much haggling from you.
What a mind you have! What a creation the human mind is! Let your thoughts be a joy to you. Let your thoughts come from love and not so much thinking, analyzing, figuring out, setting in motion. Let your mind be reflective in an easy-going way. Let your mind and heart be chums. Let your heart sing, and your mind follow. Let them be a team. Let both your heart and mind do their stuff. Let them be a joy to each other. Let them have a good time together. Let your heart be a joy to your mind, and let your mind be a joy to your heart. They are truly meant for each other. They are meant to get along equitably. They are meant to be on the same side. They are not meant to be divided. They are meant to be one champion team.
Let your heart and mind not compete. And, yet, let your heart be captain of this fabulous team. Let your heart call the shots. Let your heart warm up your mind. The mind is not meant to agitate your heart, nor is your mind meant to be agitated by your heart. They are a team of equals, and, yet, the heart is the captain who calls out: "Hut, hut!"
Let both be listeners and get along in harmony. There are to be no duels, no clashes, no back-biting, no outsmarting, no interference.
Both the mind and heart have their jobs to do. They can work side by side. They can love each other and work for you in an exhilarating way. Together, they can be your sponsors. Together, they can be your cheerleaders, and you theirs. Together, you and they can carry the world to the championship. Together, you and they can award the Nobel Peace Prize and all the prizes for Creativity and Delight to the thirsty world that seeks to champion love.