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1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  Council of 12: A Path To More Joy
3.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
4.)  Archangel Michael: The Way Of One Who Achieves Greatness 
5.)  Hear God's Love
6.)  The Ascended Masters Ask for Our Aid

Isis' Message of the Day -
"Where love rules, there is no will to power. And where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other."

~ Father of Modern Psychology, Carl Gustav Jung ~
 Love . . . the most powerful force in the Universe. It can wipe away tears, turn a frown into a smile. Give hope where there was none. It can turn enemies into friends. It can turn the darkness into the Light.
I AM ISIS a "Spritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones. Blessings to all. We love you. We wish you could see you the way we see you. Many of your doubts about your selves would float away as if they never existed. One way to ease your doubts is to take time each day to bring the feeling of peace within you, whether it is through meditation, a walk in the woods, playing with a child, etc. Once this peace fills your being, then go about your day and be a bringer of peace to others. Bless your hearts.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"
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Council of 12: A Path To More Joy
September Message
through Selacia
Note from Selacia:  "This message came from The Council of 12 on August 28. It addresses questions now being raised by many people who seek a path of more joy and purposeful existence. I asked The Council of 12 to speak to the desire that so many have to be of service during these times. They address how people can be of service, even in the midst of challenging extremes that no other generation faced." - Selacia 8/28/10 
You know that much is changing in the world. You have wanted things to change for a very long time. Your discontent with the world's status quo has been bubbling to the surface. It's been a long process. Your feeling of discontent may feel new, sudden, or simply bigger than feelings that you remember having before.

When you feel discontent more deeply than before, one reason is that you are experiencing the feeling with an expanded level of consciousness.

As you grow spiritually over time, you develop an increased ability to perceive the truth of your reality. You learn to see yourself more honestly. You develop a larger perspective of what it means to be human, and of how challenging it is to break free from past limited conditioning. At the same time, you become more sensitive and more open to new ideas. This means that you feel more, and that you notice more than you noticed in the past. This process of opening to more is a stage of awakening.

Understanding the Stages 
The difference between what you experience now, and what you were able to experience before in the earlier stages of growth, can in retrospect seem quite striking. As an example, imagine that before this stage, you viewed life in black-and-white terms, and information came to you second hand, often with a delay factor. News, by the time you received it, was about what had happened. The information at your fingertips did not have the gradations available now. There was less visioning of alternative futures, mostly because you had been conditioned to live in predictable ways. There was less to ponder, in part because you were exposed to fewer alternative viewpoints. With less current-time information to process, you often had an incomplete picture.
You will find it easier getting along with others in your life today if you remember that people are at different points along the path.
People everywhere are in a process of waking up. They will be at different stages. Some people who you encounter are still living from a black-and-white perspective. Other people are only in the beginning stages of breaking free from their conditioning. You will encounter people who haven't yet discovered the larger perspective that you now have. When interacting with others, therefore, keep in mind these variations in the waking up process. This knowing will help you to be more kind.

Being of Service
As you progress on your path of awakening, you naturally want to discover how to be of useful service to others. You want to be helpful and to find your own unique way to contribute. Sometimes this desire manifests in a general way and there is no specific focus. For example, you know that you want to play a key role in cocreating a more love-filled world. You have a passion for change that will shift human life back into balance.
To connect fully with your passion for change, you need to understand the specifics of what you want to change. You must have enough data to determine why you want to change things, too. You must find out what you really want to create to replace what you now have.
This idea of knowing what you want and why you want it sounds simple. In fact, it is simple, and yet in practice it may be challenging. A key reason for the challenge is that you are conditioned to look at life on a more surface level. The true understanding needed to fuel your passion for change is not found on the surface. You must go deeper in your contemplations. Your thought must go beyond the surface appearances.
Being flexible as you explore change will help you to live in more joy. In the coming months, as the pace of changes accelerates, the quality of flexibility will become increasingly important. Consider ways that you can become more flexible, and your life will go more smoothly.

You and Your Loved Ones
How flexible are you about your life? How flexible are your loved ones? How flexible can you be with one another? Your answer to this last question will provide a clue about how you will experience this next cycle of energy.
There is a direct link between the quality of your relationships and the quality of your life. That's because humans are social beings. What you learn from being in relationships fuels your spiritual transformation.
When you can imagine yourself in your loved one's shoes, you can connect with caring and compassion. Picturing yourself facing what your loved one faces, you can have an increased understanding of his or her motivations and feelings. This will help you to be patient and kind.
You live during unique moments on the Earth. No previous generation faced the sort of challenges and extremes that you do. Much is being decided about the future by the actions you and others take now. Sometimes it's not so clear how you are to proceed. 
Sometimes it's like a fog has appeared right in front of you, obscuring your path. When the path ahead is unclear, become still and ask that the foggy energy transforms into clear light wisdom. Ask for the awareness needed to optimally understand and act upon what is then presented in a timeless way.

Where You Are Now
Where you are, there you are. Can you accept where you are in this moment? When you can accept your current condition, you can discover how to embrace it. With this embrace, you can find a way to shift your experience of things you don't like. With this embrace, you can delight in any beneficial circumstances. Connecting with this delight becomes a spiritual spark that helps you to create more and more delightful moments. When you can move into a state of delight, it's easier to see the good in yourself and others.
When you can acknowledge your own goodness, life's challenges become less difficult. By focusing your mind on goodness, you can in fact generate an energy field of goodness.
Experiment with this idea here today. Invite your higher wisdom to help you create a mental picture of some good things. Allow ideas to come into your mind. External world examples could be a person helping a stranger across the street, and a global response of aid to people suffering a massive earthquake. Personal examples could include times when you adopted a rescue pet, or when during a crisis you found inner strength to be patient with someone. Come up with an example or two of your own right now. Imagine these things taking place and the goodness that comes from them.

Hold in your mind a vision of the goodness that exists within you and your outer world. Allow the potency of that vision to change how you look at your life.

As you connect with a vision of goodness, you can generate a more accepting nature. This helps you to be more accepting of whatever comes your way-good or bad. Acceptance is not the same thing as apathy. When you can accept something, you can become neutral about it. From a place of neutrality, your vision is clearer and you are able to respond in more positive ways.
Apathy, on the other hand, drains your energy and makes you indifferent. To express unconditional love in the world, you will need to connect with a genuine caring for yourself and others. Acceptance helps you to do this.
Consider one thing that you sincerely care about. Allow your caring to catalyze a warm feeling in your heart today!

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings.
We are The Council of 12
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Selacia: A channel for The Council of 12, is internationally known for her work in the inspirational/ transformation field. In her forthcoming 2012 book, readers will receive an understanding of their options during Earth’s pivotal years.  Selacia provides private sessions by phone to clients worldwide, helping them to navigate the 2012 window changes and to move into more clarity, joy, and empowerment. Known throughout the world for her work with The Council of 12, Selacia in 2000 brought the Council of 12's wisdom to the UNSRC's Society for Enlightenment and Transformation at the United Nations. She offers ongoing writings and teachings focused on healing and spiritual transformation. A gifted intuitive and pioneer in DNA intuitive healing, she offers regular seminars, DNA workshops, teleclasses and group channelings. Join Selacia’s mailing list at her website to be informed of seminars, worldwide call-in teleclasses, and global Council of 12 channeling events including the annual Wesak. To schedule a private session with Selacia:  Tel: 310.915.2884, E-mail: selacia@selacia.com Web site: www.Selacia.com    *   

Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, you are collapsing time. That is why you keep feeling every once in awhile that you are running out of time, and you feel that the days are going by faster and faster all the time and there’s not enough time to do everything you want to do. You are collapsing time because you are the makers of time, and you are the ones who have set the parameters of what the belief about time will be.
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Archangel Michael: The Way Of One Who Achieves Greatness 
Through Rev. Michelle Coutant
September 2010

Dear Ones,

At this time many of you are at a crossroads.  You have opportunities to raise your consciousness, to raise your vibrations to new heights, or you may stay with the status quo you have achieved and continue on in this way.  There is no right or wrong Dear Ones; it is a personal choice which each one of you must make.  It is a personal choice for each one of you as to how long you choose to remain in the lower vibrations.  There comes a time in your spiritual growth when you will reach a plateau, and it is easiest to take the path of least resistance, in this case remaining at the plateau which you have spent much time, much dedication and perseverance, in achieving, and reaching this level of growth.  We tell you, Dear Ones, that you must keep on reaching for the higher level.  You must polarize the higher level, you must begin to magnetize the next higher lever to you, even as you are achieving, integrating and bringing into balance and harmony, the level at which you now reside.  These levels also coincide with the initiations you must pass to continue to new levels of spiritual growth.

There is a time of integration, balancing, and harmonious acceptance as you settle at a new level of spiritual growth.  As you integrate new concepts, new truth, the old truth which was yours, is replaced with a new and higher truth.  This is the path of spiritual attainment.  One may call it climbing the spiritual ladder; one may call it climbing a spiritual mountain. It matters not, the words used for description.  You must understand that you will rise up the path, and you will fall back on the path, you will rise up on the path and fall back.  It is as if there is an ebb and flow in your integration, and you must stay focused as you experience the ebb and flow, so that you ultimately move up the path. You must remain in your dedication and your truth and your diligence.
We ask you now that as you achieve a new level of spiritual growth that you do not "rest on your laurels."  We know you are weary, we know you are tired, but we ask you, Dear Ones, to be the greatest and highest version of your Selves that you can possibly be. We ask you to persevere, to stand in your light, and to raise your light quotient to the highest level that you are capable of holding with ease and grace.  We ask you to continue on the path, once you have integrated the last segment of truth and wisdom and growth that you have attained.

Move forward once again, Dear Ones, reach up the spiritual ladder to the next step. The rungs of the spiritual ladder are not linear.  You may be on one step of the ladder, yet reaching up into the higher steps, the higher rungs of the ladder for much greater truth and wisdom. Allow yourselves this great movement, Dear Ones. Allow yourselves to step out of linear time, as you see it.  Allow your Selves to continue your path, expanding and ever increasing your wisdom and your truth.  You must go within your heart center as you become comfortable at a level of attainment. You will know when this time is. You will instinctively know that you have achieved a new level.  You must go within your heart center and be within the love of your Sacred Heart.  You must ask for the strength, the courage, the wisdom, and the vigilance, and the dedication to continue on.

Each level you achieve is as if you have polished yourself, as you are a shining diamond and you now shine just that much more brightly.  You are a jewel whose light has been dimmed, and now this light is being refined, and polished to the brilliant light that it shone upon its inception.

This is the way of the spiritual warrior, Dear Ones. This is the way of one who achieves greatness; it is the way of the one who achieves ascension, liberation, and integrated ascended mastery.  It is the path of wholeness, the path of completeness. It is the path leading to the All That Is, the God Source within you.  Each level you achieve brings you into a deeper connection with your inner wisdom and your inner Divine Self.  Each new level of growth you achieve brings you into a stronger and deeper integration of your God Self.  Each new level you achieve brings you into greater balance and harmony within your four bodies. You must seek and you must ask for integrated ascension. This is the way of the great ones who have kept on the path, never giving up, in the face of all adversities.
As you continue to lift yourselves up on your spiritual path the rewards become greater and greater, even as more is expected of you.  You are expected to light the path for others, as others have shown the way for you.  You are all teachers, and you each have been given gifts which are unique to you, to share with others.  As you awaken to your spiritual potential, you awaken to your gifts.  We ask you to share your gifts, radiate your light out to all humanity and the planet, and be the bright, beautiful, God Selves, which you came here to be, in all your glory.

We of the higher realms are here to assist you on your path to self mastery and your return to the higher realms.  You are never alone, we are here by your side in love and in joy.

I am Archangel Michael and I bring you this truth.
Michelle began her spiritual practice in 2002. She studied intensively, meditated, and extensively educated herself. She continues this practice each and every day. She fully immersed herself in the wisdom teachings of Archangel Michael, through Ronna Herman. She quickly became so dedicated to the joys of her spiritual journey, that she was ordained in March of 2003 as an honoring of who she is.
Michelle attained certification as a Medical Intuitive and Quantum Practitioner. She became a vibrational healer, practices healing touch, and also works within the human energetic matrix. She is a messenger for Archangel Michael and Jeshua, and also receives wisdom from the Ascended Masters & Teachers through the Akashic Records, and is a disciple of the Kriya Yoga spiritual lineage. www.transformingradiance.com  *  3472 S.W. Oar Court, Palm City, FL. 34990, USA *  Email:  michelle@transformingradiance.com   *    

HEAVEN #3567
Hear God's Love
August 31, 2010
God said:
There is no owing. There is only giving. There is no debt. Life is far greater than bookkeeping. Paying back is not the same as giving. You are on Earth to give. Giving breathes life. Paying back is more like the movement of an inch worm.
Look at it this way. When so much has been given to you, how can you pay it back anyway?
Come from the premise of giving. You are out of debt. You are not indentured to giving. You are free to give. You are free to have your heart alight on others’ hearts. You extend your heart in service to Me. You are one who gives.
You set the pace. You fill lonely hearts with love. You are the Santa Claus who hands out sweetness to the world. Your giving takes many forms. Sometimes it is a giving act to accept love from others. It is a great gift to allow others to give to you. It is a privilege to give to you. It is a privilege for you to accept love.
Please do not misunderstand Me. Accepting another’s love does not mean doing their will. Your heart accepts their offering of love and not their demands. Love has to be given and received and not proven. Love is sufficient unto itself. Love cannot be demanded any more than it can be owed. Nor must you demand that your love be accepted. You offer, and then you let go. The only rule to love is that it is free to be given and free to be accepted. There are no clauses and by-laws to love. Love is out of the realm of laws, yet the law of love is supreme.
The world is susceptible to change. Manifestation of love fluctuates in the world. Even manifestation of your love fluctuates, yet love is the only constant there is. My love does not fluctuate. Whether you’ve been good or bad in terms of the world, My love smiles on you. My love is not hit or miss. My love is not frivolous. My love is not mistaken. I have every right to love and to love you and to love you no matter what.
The world is not so understanding as I AM. I roll out the meadow of love, and it supports you. My love flows, and My love flows to you. Immerse in My love. Make it yours.
My love goes where you are. Wherever you are, wherever you think you are, you are wrapped in My arms of love. No matter what, you have a steady flow of My love. The world may say differently, but that’s the world for you. The world’s love can hit sour notes, yet never My love. My love is always on key. Come and get it! Unlimited love. Love that does not have to be earned. Love that does not have to be accounted for. There is no check and balances when it comes to My love. Did you think My love should be otherwise? Did you think that My love should be regulated?
My love is made for you. I always have you in mind and in heart as well. This is natural. I know no other way nor do I care to learn another way. There is a direct flow of My love to you. I never miss.
If that is so, how then can you ever feel unloved? Never mind the world, beloveds. The world is a slow learner. My love is regardless. The flow of My love is never stemmed. Not a particle of My love is ever missing. Do not be love-deaf. Hear My love. It is flowing to you now.
Dear Lady of the Light,
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The Ascended Masters Ask for Our Aid
by Jean Warner
Many, many times we have asked the Ascended Masters for help. Now they are requesting our help. Our sincere requests will give permission for the Masters, Angels, and the many light beings who are pulling for us, to continue aiding us in protecting our country. They have done much; they want to do more. We must not fail them.
Our country needs our help. Our constitution is at risk. Fear has invaded rational thinking, and our nation’s integrity is being questioned.
Allow mass focus to initiate Divine intervention.
Visualize the populace having clarity of goals and thought.
Picture our Constitution and Bill of Rights being honored and respected by all. 
See the controllers and manipulators being recognized for what they are. 
See truth being realized and lies exposed.
Visualize a just election process and those elected as honest, sincere and truthful.
Picture those representing our country as having integrity, foresight, wisdom, and concern for our nation, her citizens, Mother Earth, and the welfare of the world.
See our President protected and safe, as well as his family, his staff, and all government officials who are working for the good of the people
It is time for us to take responsibility.  We can manifest a peaceful world through our visualizations and intent. 
[Please forward.]

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