Anxiety & Fear {Channeled}


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. My heart is full to see each of you here this evening. I am in a position to see the bigger picture of your lives and I am inspired to see how you each press on. I am in understanding how faith can become stagnant and life shows itself as meaningless.
You that have been long time believers in our Father and Michael’s Mission will find that you need to put work into your faith-foundation. There are so many phases we go through as agondonters and now that our Mission has had time to grow, many of our long time believers become somewhat stuck in the earthly mire while grasping for a branch of faith to hold on to.

We could take the Master’s spiritual practices for example: He always had time alone with the Father every day away from his brethren—just to take time to shed his earthly worries and allow the Father’s light to reach His soul. This is aligning your will to the Father’s will. This is help in the events of everyday living. The Master would pray with words in the mind, but also He took time to simply listen. I can tell you that when you take time to listen to Father your material ears may not hear it, but you take in information on a soul-level and there you understand.
It is difficult in this fast-paced world to set aside the demands of the ego and make effort to surrender. I can’t express how important surrender is in the spiritual life. To release earthly worries, desires, resentments and regrets is an opening to receive healing and new energy to face what is to come before you. You find it easier to do the right thing when you are strong in spirit.

When we think about the individuals we know that are so close to the Father, we find they have spiritual practices that keep their faith renewed and refreshed. We have taught for many years the stillness and its importance to receiving understanding from Father. We have taught the method of transmitting-receiving and how this is a gift to all, not just a select few. We have taught that the material life is fleeting and that experience with other mortals is extremely important as far as spiritual growth goes. We have always taught that. Live your mortal life to the utmost and keep your feet on the ground. Work, play and have a balanced life.
There is not need to look for the man behind the curtain. These are the exercises agondonters must practice to have a fulfilling relationship with Father and the celestials. We cannot say, ‘Oh, I have read the Urantia Book and I am done.’ Healthy spiritual lives always rely upon practices that keep it living, keep it from stagnating. Spiritual practices keep reminding us that almost everything has meaning and Father will always bring about an ultimate good. This is helping mortals to lessen their fear and strengthen their faith.

When we are faced with destruction and we can express our sorrow, our disdain, our despair, but we must keep pushing through the rest of the scenario by saying ‘this situation is now in the hands of our Father.’ How blessed are we to be in His wonderful family. We must take a positive outlook on even the most disturbing things. We must press on through the ugliness to our belief that Father brings about an ultimate good. With faith we can relax, we can let go of our fears and rest upon the fact that we are so loved and cared for.

We would do well to make effort to try to see a positive outcome in every situation. Even if you never see the outcome, you still have faith that with God all things are possible, with Him all things have meaning and we are on our way to Him. We are not to live in anxiety and fear, but to remain observant and know that Father is watching and helping our every move. He takes care of us better than anyone has ever taken care of us. If we are willing He will strengthen us to face any obstacle, but we must do our part in spiritually exercising our minds, every day practice. It is not for Him that you practice, no, it is for you to have a healthy communication with your Father.

This week I would suggest that every day, even if it is for just a short amount of time, do some meditation, some stillness. Make your prayers short and your surrender obvious. Let Father know you are still fully committed into doing all you can in this mortal vehicle. Also, take a little time for study or fellowship; it puts you in a frame of mind that assists you in everyday living. That is all for this evening. Mary sends her love, as do I and we will discuss this further next time. Our love goes with you.
Until next time, Shalom.

To Your Own Light Be True

Heavenletter #3965 Published on: October 3, 2011
God said:
Any tenseness you may have tells you that you are holding on. You are holding on to something. There is something you think you must need. There is something that you fear that, if you don't have it, you will be lacking. You are afraid that you won't amount to much unless you have it.
Whether it is money or a loved one that you feel dependent upon, you are intact. You are whole. Come to believe in yourself. You are a Divine Being solidly in My heart. Can this not be enough? At Thanksgiving time, you want all the trimmings with your turkey. I am telling you that We are complete. All else that you have held onto are trimmings. You may even value the trimmings more than Truth.
Trimmings are not essential. They are nice, yet not essential. There are two essentials. They are you and they are I. That's it. We are in it together for the long haul. We are the turkey and not the trimmings. It is not incumbent upon you to have the trimmings. Trimmings are, after all, only trimmings. Enjoy them when you have them, and enjoy just the same when you don't have them. Nothing outside you is the making of you. Outside matters may bolster you. They make you feel good, nevertheless, they are not the making of you. Or they may make you feel bad, and, still, they have nothing to do with you.
You don't need all the things you think you need. You do not need them. You can have them, but you don't need them. You and I are the making of you. You don't need all supports you feel you would be at a loss without.
Holding on is attachment. Attachments have to be let go of. The physical object you cannot let go of, you can keep, only you have to let go of your hold on it. You don't need it. You may depend on it, yet you don't need it. The same is true for people. Keep those dear to you at the same time as you let them go. Your loved ones are free agents, and so are you. Freedom is better than attaching. When you attach, your heart will get broken. What else would break your heart? Freedom does not. It is your attachment that you have to break, not your heart.
To be free, you must set others free. The more you release others from your clasp, the freer you are. You are freed from your own clasp.
Either you have attachment, or you don't. Half attached is still attached.
Attachment doesn't mean love. Holding on doesn't mean love. When you let go of being attached, you can love more. When you are attached, you may call your attachment love, yet love is not attachment. Attachment is not love. Attachment is a poor excuse for love.
So what is all this attachment to attachment you experience? You must think it serves a purpose. What purpose can attachment serve but to separate you from yourself? When you attach to another, you are forsaking yourself. You are holding on too tight to another. You have a strangle-hold on the one you presume to love. When you attach, attachments will break. Better you break off the attachment now and find easy-going love to give instead.
When you are attached, you become desperate. You become desperately in love. You become dependent upon holding on when, what you must do, is let go and become unattached. You do not need to ride on anyone's back. You are not a child who has to hold on to his mother's skirt or leg. When you are attached, you must let go so your loved ones can each be a free-wheeling being in their own light and you a free-wheeling being in your own light.